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Title: Unexpected Results 7/7
Author: PadfootLivesOn or Spamy
Paring(s): HP/DM
Rating: M

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Notes: The story starts of in October 7th year. It's all going to be mostly from Harry perspective.

"Blah" speaking
Blah Harry's thoughts


6 years later…

"Daddy?" Harry groaned. Not again.

"Daddy? Daddy!" Harry sighed, he opened his eyes and looked at his 4 year old twin daughters. Madison and Allison.

"What is it Madi?"

"We had bad dreams again. Can we please sleep with you and father daddy?" Harry sighed again. This was the fourth time this week that they had come in here saying they had bad dreams. He heard Draco groan next to him.

"Is it Madi and Alli again, love?" Draco asked.

"Yeah they that bad dream again." Draco sighed too. He didn't know what kind of bad dreams his daughters were having and they refused to talk about it. So he couldn't help them. He felt helpless not being able to help his daughters with their problems.

"Oh come on. Get in you little monsters." Draco said.

They giggled and climbed onto the bed and crawled to the middle of the bed and laid down under the covers next to their fathers.

"Ok Madi, Alli. You guys have been having bad dreams all week. Won't you guys tell what you dream about?" Harry asked. Allison and Madison looked at each other and then shook their head in no.

"Please girls. We want to know what's bothering both of you. You know you can't sleep with you daddy and me forever. We want to help both of you, but we can't do that unless you tell what's wrong. Now tell us about your dreams." Draco said looking lovingly at his daughters. They were silent for a while. Madison was the first to say something.

"We h-have bad d-dreams about d-daddy?" she said pointing at Harry.

"What do you dream about your daddy? Draco asked and waited patiently for one of them to answer.

"We have bad dreams about daddy dieing when he is going to have the baby. And the daddy will leave us." Allison said. He lips was quivering and looked like she was about to cry.

"We a-are afraid that daddy is going to die when he is going to have the baby and that it is going to be all our fault." Allison said.

"Why would you think that if I was going to die and that it would be your fault?" Harry asked in confusion. They now both had tear running down their faces now.

"Madi and I heard you and dad talking in the kitchen. We didn't mean to honest. We heard dad say that if daddy was not careful he or the baby might die, because when you had me a Madi, you almost died daddy." Allison said crying.

"We didn't meant to hurt you daddy. We don't want you or our brother or sister to die." Madi said also crying.

Harry and Draco both stared at them in shock. They hadn't been aware that the girls had even been listening. What shocked them even more was that they had been able to understand the conversation. He was actually in no real danger at all. He and the baby were perfectly healthy. It was just Draco being fussy. The last pregnancy had gone trough some complications, but that was because, he was having twins. Having twins was a very rare occurrence in Male-pregnancies and were very dangerous. He had in all truth almost died, but in the end pulled through and his twin daughters were born. So naturally Draco was scared to have an other baby, but Harry insisted and saying that he wanted another one and Draco eager to please his husband obliged. This pregnancy however was going great. He was now 7½ mounts pregnant with baby number 4 another little boy and he was loving it.

"Madi, Ali. Listen to me. It was not your fault that daddy almost died. Never for one second think that it was your fault. I promise that daddy is going to be alright. I won't let anything happen to daddy." Draco said.

"But you said-"

"I'm sorry I scared you both girls. I was just being over-protective of daddy. You know how I like to fuss about everything. I promise I won't let anything happen to him." Draco said looking at his daughters with a serious and stern gaze. His eyes were showing nothing but the truth. The both nodded. Draco smiled and wiped their tears away and kissed them each on top of their head.

"Are you sure your not going to die and leave us daddy?" Madison asked quietly.

"I promise sweetheart. I wouldn't ever leave you two or Draco or Alex. You couldn't keep me away from you guys. I love you guys to much." Harry said lovingly.

"You promise?"

"I promise. I'll pinky sweat it. You guys know I never break a pinky swear." Harry held out his pinky finger, the both wrapped their little finger around Harry's.

"Dad? Dad! I can't find Madi and Alli their-" six year old Alex said barching into the room but then stopped when he saw the girls and breathed a sigh or relief.

"Oh there you are. You guys weren't in your room, when I went to go check on both of you. Don't scare me like that."

"We are s-sorry Alex, but madi and I had a b-bad dream again." Allison said.

"Oh no not again." he said and walked over to the bed and climber in top of the bed and lay down between Allison and Madison

"What is this? A slumber party? Draco said.

"Hush dad! Are you girls alright. Did you finally tell dad and daddy about your dreams." Harry smiled at his son. Alex was really over-protective with the girls. He was very proud of his son.

"Yes we did Alex and you were right. Father and daddy promised that nothing was going to happen the baby or to daddy." Allison said shyly.

"See I told you so, You know better then not to listen to me. I would never lie to you girls."

"We knew now. We are sorry Alex" they both said in unison. Alex laughed and hugged his sisters and pulled then closer and snuggled in the bed with them.

"Well now that, that's solved. I think it would be a wonderful idea to go back to your own bed and sleep there." Draco said.


"Come on dad let us sleep here."

"Can we sleep with you dad?" they all said at once. Harry laughed. Draco looked at him pleadingly for some type of help, but Harry just grinned and shook his head. Harry knew Draco just could say no to them.

"But guys-"

"Please dad?" they all said in unison and gave him the sad puppy eyes look. Harry sniggered softly. Draco shot him a look, but Harry just continued to smile.

"Oh alright, but don't make a habit out of it. You guys are sleeping in your own room from now on." Draco said in mock-seriousness. They all grinned and snuggled deep into the covers together. Alex turned to Harry and said,

"You were right daddy. Dad just can't say no to us." he said grinning.

"Oh is that what your daddy told you?" Draco said, but as looking at Harry questionly.

"I said no such thing. Don't listen to a word that Alex says." Harry said nervously.

"I'm not lying. You said-" Harry put his hand on his sons mouth to stop him from talking. Harry smiled at Draco who just smirked back.

"Be quiet now Alex and go to sleep." Alex sniggered slightly and then lay down and cuddled closer with the girls. Within minutes they three children were asleep.

"What have you been telling Alex? I can too say no to them." Draco said pouting and crossed his arms.

"Well no Draco honey, you can't. These sweet children of ours have you wrapped around their little fingers." Harry said sweetly.

"No they don't."

"Yes they do dear and you love it. You love to spoil them." Draco went to say no again, but then stopped and thought about what Harry said and smiled.

"Okay maybe they do, but that doesn't mean you have to tell Alex about it." Harry smiled at him lovingly.

"I know that, but I love tell our kids your weaknesses. You are a goner when they give you those sad puppy eyes." He said laughing. Draco huffed and crossed his arms and pouted again. Harry sniggered and reached out and gently caressed his husbands cheek.

"You know you love it. Our children are absolutely nuts about you. You love to give them almost anything they want." Draco grinned and looked at Harry.

"I know. I love these children to death. I would do anything for them."

"I know you do and I love you more everyday for it." Draco smiled at him leaned our and brought Harry into a passionate kiss.

"I love you too, baby." Draco said when the broke the kiss. Draco put his hand on Harry's swollen stomach and lightly rubbed circles on it.

"I can't wait for this little one to get here. I just love our children. It's good that we are having an other boy. Alex is going to love him."

"I know he will, he loves the girls to death. I can just imagine how protective he's going to be of his little brother." They lay there in silence of a while when Draco asked something Harry didn't expect.

"Love are you happy with the way things turned out?" Harry thought for a second.

"I am actually. When I first found out that I was pregnant with Alex I was angry, sad and disappointed in myself. That I was stupid enough to let it happen the way that it did, granted I didn't know men could get pregnant, but honestly for a while I was dead scared on raising a child by myself at 17. I didn't know if I was ready for that. I still loved Alex though. Nothing could have ever changed that. In a way he did bring us together and I couldn't be happier. I have the best husband in the world, the three most beautiful children in the world and one on the way." he paused.

"Draco I honestly never thought I would make it this far in my life. I thought I wasn't going to survive the battle against Voldemort. I never thought I would be alive to be able to get married have children. So in a way I'm glad it happened. Alex gave me a reason to fight. I killed Voldemort protecting my…our son."

"So yeah I am happy, very happy." Harry finished smiling. Draco laughed and shook his head .

"A simple yes would have been fine, love."

"Ah but you see I am anything but simple, love"

"Yes that is absolutely true. I have no idea why I put up with you." Draco said teasing. Harry playfully punched him.

"Because you love me you git." Draco smirked then leaned over and whispered into his ear,

"Yes I do and don't you forget that." and then nipped at his ear playfully. Harry bit back a moan and pulled back.

"Don't do that Dray, you know how it affects me. Our children are in the room." he said blushing. Draco chuckled.

"Well let's go to bed then baby. You'll need all the rest you can get. I can't believe baby number 4 is going to be here soon. I am so excited." Harry smiled at Draco enthusiasm. They shared a brief kiss and then laid down and snuggle up against his children, Draco did the same. They entwined their fingers while still hugging their children.

"Goodnight baby." Draco said.

"Night Love." Harry said back.

He fell asleep snuggled up together with his children and his love. His life…no their lives were complete.


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