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life couldn't be any better. Ron was going to graduate, The love he had held for Kim was out in the open, life was good. It was the hottest day of June and Ron was happy the day was coming to a close and to be in the nice air conditioned walls of bueno nacho. The dance had been the beginning of his lucky streak and his love for Kim was out in the open and noting could break them apart. It wasn't till he was half way through his food that he realized Kim had fallen asleep over her history book with out as much as looking at her food. Ron stared at her for so long that Rufus had finished off what was left of Ron's and most of Kim's. he was about to wake Kim up but he never got a chance cause wade broke Kim's peaceful slumber. with a groggy look on her face Kim reached in her bag.

"what's the sitch?"

"darcen was spotted off the coast of India. reports suggest that he stole the rail cannon off the US battle ship that was testing it in the north Atlantic"

"any thing else?"

"yhea, latest scans show a high amount of electromagnetism in the suspected area and locals have reported hearing strange sounds similar to explosions."

"you got a ride set up for us"

"yeha middleton air port has a 747 passenger plane is set to take off in 20 min. you can bail out and make a east entry satellite surveillance shows that's the weakest part of the island"

"where on it"

as they made for the exit Ron picked Rufus ,who was in distress from the overeating, and stuffed him in his pocket. as they stepped out into the scorching summer air they where reminded of the reason they went inside in the first place. as Ron watched Kip strap on her helmet he was kind of lost in how much he loved her. From her long flowing red hair, to her green eyes he just couldn't take his eyes off her. it wasn't till she started talking that ron snapped out of his Trans.

"Ron we gotta get going or where going to miss our ride."

"What? oh ok. gotch ya Kp."

and with that they here off. Ron started using his scooter a lot more since the twins game it some improvements. speeid'n down the road Kim had looped her arms around his waste. He loved being close to Kim. her skin was so soft which was amazing considering all that she had been through. it took all his might to tell Kim to rest, but once Kim set her mind to something nothing could stop her. They didn't call her "the girl who could do anything" for nothing. pulling up to the plane Ron realized that Kim had fallen asleep on his back. Ron felt terrible but he knew that if didn't wake her up she would never forgive him.

"Kp, Kp, come on we got to the planes taking off"

"ok . why don't supper villains ever try to take over the world on a weekend when I can sleep in?"

"beets me kp." Ron said as he just slumped in to the seat next to her. as she started going over the satellite photos of the island Ron and her got in to an argument over how they should enter the island. Kim thought they should enter through the west and Ron just wanted Kim to slow down before she snapped.

"Ron, you worry to much. ill be fine. I've just been a little busy lately that's all with finals and the missions, and with collage coming up soon..."

that's all she got out cause Ron took a hold of her hands and ever so gently kissed her lips. it was prom night all over again. he loved her so much he loved her so much that he didn't know what he could do with out her. she stared in to her eyes and did the bet he could to remain quiet as he could be as she rested her head on his chest and fell asleep, he almost fell asleep him self but the pilot cam on the PA.

"well be over the drop point in 5 min"

"sorry KP we got to go"

"I don't wanna go I want more of this" she said as she adjusted her head.

"so do I kp but we can let dracken get away with what ever "take over the world" plot he's cooked up now"

"don't worry Kim well have more of this. lets just get through this and well have as much of this as you want I promise."

they strapped on there parachutes and opened the cabin door.

"catch ya on the ground sweet heart"

now you would think that he could control his thoughts considering that he is about to jump out of a plane but all he could think about was

"did she just call me sweet heart?"

speeding toward the ground at god knows how fast Ron probably would have hit the ground if Rufus hadn't bit his leg. even in the most frighing conditions he couldn't stop staring at Kim. They hit the ground with a "thump"

"you know KP, with all the stuff wade dose you think he would find a way to make these landings a little more comfortable"

Kim pulled out her kimunicator.

"ok wade where in"

"head west once you get in i wont be able to contact you because of all the electronic jamming."

"got ya wade, wish us luck"

he stuck close to her not just cause he wanted to make sure she was ok but wanted to make sure we he was close to he in case they where attacked by some spiders, and this forest was probably crawling with monkeys. through he was scared out of his wits like he always was but the most profound thing was the smell of strawberry's. it wasn't till Kim stopped walking and he smashed in to her that he realized that the smell was Kim's shampoo.

"well have to get over that wall"

"Ron why go over when you can go through"

"i thought this was suppose to be a cover op?"

"since when has that ever made a difference. well be in and out in 30 min"

kim took a good piece of c4 and a detonator and hooked a bomb to the wall. the explosion was just enough to knock a hole in the wall. when they finally made it to the other side of the wall. they where surrounded by all the left overs dracken had from his former plots. syntho drones, battle droids the works. they where all about to rip in to them when a voce that was all to familiar came shrieking in, the voice of dracken.

"Kim Possible, i was wondering what was taking you so long what was the hold up?"

"we had to change planes in Denver"

"ah just as sarcastic as ever but im all of your wise cracks wont stop me this time. with the modifications I've made to this rail cannon I can attack a target any ware in the world and there's nothing you can do about it."

"ok first off i will stop you and second why would you think this time is any different?"

there was about fifteen seconds of ocward silence dracen ordered his army of evil left overs to attack

as usual Kim took care of the goons while Ron turned off what ever contraption the bad guy of the week had cooked up. He watched Kim thronging her punches left and right and he didn't realize till just now that not only what she did was hard work but was an art. she moved like a ballet dancer across a stage giving a award winning performance. for the god knows what time Ron had to be snapped out of his trance. Kim had just thrown a syntho drone less than ten feet from where he was standing.

"Ron some time this year would be nice"

"im on it"

by the time Ron had gotten to the control the cannon was already powering up, and dracken had escaped by a chopper flown by shego while he yell his famous "your not" exit line. there was no instruction manual so he, joined by Rufus who had just popped out of his hiding place in Ron's pocket, and started pushing buttons, after a few minuets of franticly pushing buttons they realized that the controls where locked and they knew they wouldn't be able to get through to wade so Ron got up and started to push the cannon twords the building. if he couldn't stop the thing he might be able to slow it down. pushing and pushing he barley got the cannon in position and start to run before it went off. debris was falling every were. through the dust and chaos he say that a huge piece of concrete heading towards Kim. for the first time to day he didn't have to think he just ran. he ran faster that he ever had be for. he crashed into Kim like a football tackle in slow motion. he was afraid he would her Kim but beeing hurt was better than being dead. then it all went black. the last thing he remembers is seeing kim stare at him in horror and then...nothing.