A/N: Well, this fic is a story about what happened on one of Pichu's birthday's!

Chapter 1

It's Pichu's birthday! All the smashers, except Pikachu and Pichu, are at the mansion and are preparing for this great event. Pichu doesn't even know about the party all the other smashers are planning for him! Pikachu and he were sent to get some pizza...Sadly, Pichu forgot it was his birthday (!) and thought the pizza was justfortherandomheckofit. Most of the smashers preparing are happy, but there are those select few that...well, aren't really enjoying themselves.

"Ugh! Why do I have to be part of this!" said Bowser, angrily carrying ballons over to the dining table and setting them down with great force, which sounded like the table itself broke.

Bowser would rather be fighting or out conquering some city, than celebrating some electric mouse's birthday. Of course, Mewtwo and Jigglypuff are exited, they are wrapping all the presents. Ganondorf's having fun spraying streamers in everbody else's faces (tends to do that every time a special celebration comes around). Captain Falcon, being the fastest character in SSBM, is the best at doing random errands, helping around with the other characters. Fox and Falco, who are also pretty fast, quikly went to local stores around the area to gather vital suppiles. Yoshi's busy eating the food that's meant for the party...Marth and Roy are setting up the banner that says 'Happy Birthday Pichu!'. Link and Youg Link are busy guarding the entrance so that no one will trespass while everybody else has their guard down. Mario, Luigi, Peach and Zelda are the ones cooking and cleaning in preparation. Mr Game & Watch, being the 2-D figure he is, is helping with any decorations done on paper, like the cards for each present. Ness is carefully lighting all the randomly set candles throughout the mansion. DK's helping Ness with the candles. The Ice climbers are making sure all the decorations are in great order. Kirby's the one gathering balloons and was dismayed at the fact Bowser slammed the 'innocent' balloons on the table. Dr. Mario's there just in case if anybody will get injured during this hectic time. Samus's busily decorating the doorway with randomly colored tinsel.

In the kitchen, Peach, Luigi, Zelda, and Mario are working hard while Yoshi's lazily eating the party food...

"Yoshi! Stop eating the food! It's for the party!" yells a very irratated Peach.

"But if I'm part of the party, I'm allowed to have some food, right?" Yoshi asks, right before he stuffs half an apple pie in his mouth.

"Ugh!" Peach says with great dismay as she straightens out the table cloth, which happens to be covered with the words 'happy birthday' all over it in different colors. Suddenly, Ganondorf comes into the kitchen and sprays all five smashers (Yoshi, Peach, Luigi, Mario, and Zelda) with blue streamers...

"HAHA! Gotcha!" Ganondorf yells happily as he races out of the room to avoid the angry smashers.

"GANONDORF! WHY THE HELL DID YOU DO THAT!" Zelda yells with great anger. Link hears Zelda say that and races inside to help her. Yoshi actually enjoyes that and lickes the streamer material off of himself...Not a very good idea. Peach was ready to blow up, and Mario and Luigi just stood there in shock.

"Are you guys okay?...AHAHAHAHA!" Link said, rolling on the floor laughing right after he sees that sight.

"Oh, thanks LINK! Your really helpful!" Zelda says sarcastically as she takes a towel and starts to clean herself up. Peach slowly takes a towel to clean herself up. If one more thing happens to her, she will seriously blow up...not literally (Unless of course, Link throws a bomb at her...)

Link finally stands up, crying from laughing to hard, only to meet a very angry Zelda.

"LINK! Ugh, so are you gong to make yourself USEFUL or not?" Zelda yells, experiencing the start of a bad day.

"Hahaha...Okay, okay! Sorry. Here let me help." Link says as he also takes a towel and helps Zelda.

"Finally..." Zelda mumbles under her breath. Link hears that, but decides not to make any comment on it. She is right...

Captain Falcon comes in and says "Anyone in need of help in here?"

"That was a...well, intersting way to say that!" Mario says (A/N: I'm not having either Mario or Luigi speak with an Italian accent.).

"What? HEY! What's wrong with the way I say that!" Captain Falcon yells.

"Nothing. And yes, I do need a little help because LINK isn't the most helpful person around HERE!" Zelda says, as she and Link finally finished getting all the streamer stuff offa her.

"What do ya mean?" Link asks, "Now I'm helping you!"

"Yeah, NOW your helping me!" Zelda replies.

"Now, now. Can't we all just get along here? Today is a special day! It's Pichu's birthday! Do you think Pichu would be happy to know you guys were arguing on his birthday?" Captain Falcon says with much confidence.

"No..." the other smashers reply in unison.

"Do ya think he'd mind if I ate all the food?" Yoshi asks with much hope in his eyes. Everybody just stares at him and reply "YES!", all in unison. You could tell they are all annoyed, especially Peach. Luckily, that statement isn't bad enough to blow Peach's top...


"Where'd the really pretty gold wrapping paper go?" asks Mewtwo, who is busily wrapping all the presents for Pichu, "I could have sworn I set it down next to the fireplace!". Jigglypuff, who is also helping with the presents, replies, "Maybe it disintegrated!"

"Thanks alot! That really brightens up my day! C'mon, I needed that to wrap my present for Pichu!" Mewtwo says, frantically looking around for the wrapping paper. "Hey, what did you get Pichu, Jigglypuff?"

"Oh...well, it's a surprise!" Jigglypuff says as she puts the presents together in an orderly fashion. "You?"

"Well, what the heck! It's a surprise!...heehee." Mewtwo says as he is wrapping a present with silver and bronze colored wrapping paper. "Ah! Here's the pretty golden wrapping paper! It didn't disintegrate. You owe me jigglypuff!"

"Why? I didn't bet that it did!" Jigglypuff replies.

"You were thinking it! Remember, I can read your mind if I feel like it..." Mewtwo explaines. Jigglypuff lookes shocked at that statement, for she forgot abot that little detail...

Fox and Falco suddenly come bursting through the door with many needed supplies. They bought more decorations, more streamers (which they would have to keep away from Ganondorf), and of course, more food (which they would have to keep away from Yoshi). Keeping the food away from Yoshi proved to be an easy task because, after eating the streamers, he had to go to the doctor...Dr. Mario! Keeping Ganondorf away from the streamers on the other hand...well, let's just say, wasn't easy.

"GIVE ME MY STREAMERS! I NEED THOSE STREAMERS! " Ganondorf says insanely as he is trying to grab them from Falco.

"Ganondorf! Calm down! Can't you make yourself useful here? It's Pichu's birthday and all your doing is making things worse!" Samus says, very annoyed while she was trying to put up the tinsel.

"That is exactly what I am here for!" Ganondorf replies, still trying to grab those streamers.

"Yeah, whatever you say, Ganondorf." Falco says, constantly guarding the streamers.

"Hey Marth! How are you guys doing with the banner?" asks Fox who is carrying more glitter for the banner if it was needed.

"Very well, actaully!" Marth replies, "Were almost Done. All we need is to put the exclamation point at the end."

"Yeah. This is actually quite entertaining." Roy says as he is finishing up the exclamation point.

"How is this entertaining?" asks Marth, who is a little bit confused.

"It just is, okay?...Done! Now, can we have the red glitter Fox?" Roy asks as he put the colorful glue substance down.

"You CAN! That doesn't mean you MAY have it!" Fox replies. Before Roy or Marth could react, Fox quickly replies "Yes you MAY!" and he hands the red glitter over to Roy.

After Bowser slammed the balloons on the table (A/N: I know! this is a little bit delayed...), Kirby comes rushing in to see what happened (A/N: This occurs a little after Cap. Falcon entered the kitchen).

"NOOOO! WHAT DID YOU DO BOWSER!" Kirby yells, starting to look angry.

"I just SLAMMED the balloons on the table. You got a problem with that?" Bowser replies, staring at Kirby. Kirby will not be intimidated by Bowser, however.

"YES I DO! YOU ALMOST KILLED ALL THOSE INNOCENT BALLOONS! WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM!" Kirby yells (again). The two smashers just glare at eachother. After a few moments, Captain Falcon says "Um...should we get involved or stay outta this?". He looks over to the six smashers who were there before Kirby and Bowser came in.

"Best to stay out of it" Luigi replies, "Hopefully they won't go too crazy and destroy the table itself".

Both Bowser and Kirby hear Luigi say that, nice and clear. Suddenly, they stop glaring at eachother and stare at Luigi. That one word, crazy, stir up both Bowser's and Kirby's anger.

"Good luck..." Mario says to Luigi who is in a pretty bad position here...

"Where the heck is Link?" Young Link says to himself. It can get quite boring standing guard alone. Fox and Falco came a few moments earlier, but they didn't stay. Suddenly, a strange car drives into the parking lot.

"That's odd," Young Link says, "I don't recongnize that car!" Two strange figures quickly jump out of the car...

"Hey DK, can you put that really fat candle right here?" Ness asks, "That would light up the room really good." DK comes over with...well, a really fat candle and sets it on a coffee table in the livng room where Mewtwo and Jigglypuff are wrapping the gifts.

"Hey guys. How is life going?" Jigglypuff asks as she signs a card made for Pichu.

"Pretty good actually," Ness replies, "and you?"

"Very well! It is sooo much fun wrapping gifts! You should try it sometime." Jigglypuff replies.

"I may do that someday," Ness says, grinning, "but for now, I think I'll stay being the candle lighter." Ness looks at the candle and suddenly does a PK Fire attack on it. The candle lights up greatly and the table does not burn, luckily.

"So, where to next, Ness?" DK asks. DK sort of enjoys this job, sort of. Carrying candles around can get quite boring after a while...Not as boring as Young Link's job though...

As Marth and Roy are finishing putting on the glitter on the banner, Mr. Game and Watch comes by and is quite fascinated. Mr. Game and Watch has just finished making the cards and such for the presents. He was heading over to where Mewtwo and Jigglypuff were but is a little TOO fascinated by the banner.

"Ooh! Nice banner. May I make a suggestion? Instead using the same glitter for all the words, why don't you change colors! That would make it lookd more interesting." Mr. Game and Watch suggests.

"Um...That's kinda hard to do," Roy says to the 2-D figure, "Were almost finished. All we have is the CHU of Pichu and the ! left."

"It's not that hard!" says Mr. Game and Watch, an expert on 2-D objects, "Just mix the glitter together! Here, I have some blue glitter, you can make the word 'Happy' purple, Leave Birthday red, and do the CHU of Pichu and the ! blue!" Marth and Roy like that suggestion and go to work on it. Mr. Game and Watch, glad that he was able to help, wanders over to where Mewtwo and Jigglypuff are and give them the cards.

"Yes! Finally done with the present wrapping!" Mewtwo says, looking very happy about that fact. (A/N: this is before Mr.Game and Watch comes in)

"Um...Mewtwo, there's a present behind you that still needs wrapping." Jigglypuff says.
Mewtwo looks behind himself, "Darn it! Okay, ONE more present til were done." and with that, Mewtwo wraps the present as quickly as he can. Jigglypuff gathers the presents together and counts them. "Twenty three. Perfect!" Jigglypuff states excitingly as she watched Mewtwo wrap the final present. When he is done, he puts it next to the other presents. Now they are all done and the two characters can relax. That is, until Mr. Game and Watch comes in with the cards. Mewtwo and Jigglypuff sigh in unison because they do not want to do anything else for a while. Luckily, Mr. Game and Watch gladly puts the cards with the presents correctly.

"Great! We finished the banner Roy. Now, all we have to do is put it up." Marth says as he carefully taks the banner and decids where it should go.

"Wait. You guys should wait a few minutes before you put that up," Samus says, "I'm putting up the tinsel now."

"Okay" they both say in unison (again, I know) and walk off into the kitchen...

Young Link watches as the two strange figures approach. Both of them are carrying really big hammers. Young Link took out his sword ready to defend the mansion when he heard something behind him. He turned around only to be blinded with streamers.

"GANONDORF!" Young Link yells as Ganondorf races into the mansion, snickering. Ganondorf had successfully annoyed about everyone with his streamer attacks. The two 'figures' come up to the entrance of the mansion only to be greeted by an elf swinging his sword blindly around.

"Whoa! Young Link! Calm down, it's only us, the Ice climbers!" says the two Ice climbers. Young Link stops abruptly, glad to know the two figures coming from the strange car are friends, not foes.

"Where did you guys go? I didn't even see you leave!" Young Link says as he starts to wipe the annoying streamer substance off himself.

"Oh, we left to get more balloons," Popo says as he and Nana are carrying balloons, "Kirby asked us to."

"Nice. Well, you can go inside now if you want." Young Link states and the two Ice climbers go inside with the balloons. They also head right into the kitchen...

Somehow, Fox and Falco got caught up in a conversation with Ness and DK. They are havng an intersting talk about fire.

"Lets see...ah! Fire: Destruction of nature. Okay." Falco says as he is reading a very small dictionary, "That's all it gives!"

"I told you not to buy that 'dicitonary', Falco!" Fox sarcastically replies.

"Shut up! I still think this little dictionary is awesome!" Falco states with a little anger.

"So," Ness says, trying to stop a fight that may come in the future, "Hey! We only have one more candle to go. Let's go to the kitchen DK!"

"Finally! The LAST ONE!" DK says enthusiastically. Fox and Falco decide to follow Ness and DK to the kitchen because they have nothing else to do...

In the kitchen, (before anyone else arrived), Bowser and Kirby are staring at Luigi, Mario, Peach, Yoshi, Zelda, and Captan Falcon are standing there, waiting for something to happen. Amazingly, Fox, Falco, Marth, Roy, Ness, and DK arrive in the kitchen at the same time. They do just as the others are doing, watch and wait for something to happen.

Mr. Game and Watch comes next. Since he is 2-D, he is able to slowly cross along the wall without making any ruckus.

"What's going on?" Mr. Game and Watch whisperes to Yoshi. "What do ya think?" replies Yoshi, not sarcatically. Mr. Game and Watch doesn't reply out loud but by the looks of it, he thinks that Luigi is in BIG trouble. He is right, and he just watches and waits (again...). Now, the only ones that are not in the kitchen and are in the mansion still are Samus, Dr. Mario, Mewtwo, Ganondorf, and Jigglypuff. Not for long...

After Samus has finished decorating the doorway, she realizes that everything is quiet...too quiet. She goes out to where Young Link is.

"Do you have any idea where everybody is?" Samus asks.

"No idea. I've just been siting here being BORED this whole time. Whaddya mean?" Young Link asks, slowly taking out his sword.

"The mansion is so...quiet. Do you want to see what is going on?" Samus asks as she is heading back in.

"Sure!" Young Link replied, still carrying his sword. The both go to where the action iss going to take place, the kitchen.

"Does it seem quiet to you?" Jigglypuff asks Mewtwo. After finishing the presents, Jigglypuff and Mewtwo were having a conversation about clouds (Yes, clouds!).

"Hm...Now that you mention it..." Mewtwo stops abruptly. Using his psycic powers, he tries to figure out where everybody is and what is going on. After a few moments, he is successfully able to figure it all out and the two Pokemon go into the kitchen..

Meanwhile, Pikachu and Pichu are walking in the local mall.

"Hey Pikacahu," Pichu says, "What time is it?"

"4:47...Almost 5:00!" Pikachu replies. He knows that the party is suppposed to start at 5:30.

"When does the mall close?" askes Pichu who looks around to see if there is anything else to do just in case if the mall closes at five.

"5:00. Ya know, we should head out soon...oh yeah! We also need to get the pizza." Pikachu states. Pichu and Pikachu walk over to a nearby pizza store. It is like a dream come true for Pichu...

This pizza place not only sells pizza, but there are a ton a arcade games there! Pikachu dreads this moment because he knows it wili be really hard to get Pichu off those arcade games...and it takes at least 45 min to get back to the mansion...

"I WANNA GO ON ONE! LET'S GO!" Pichu yells as he starts to run over to a car racing game. Pikachu knows that if he doesn't stop Pichu, they will never leave. So Pikachu grabs Pichu and tries to prevent Pichu from going to the arcade game, but to no avail.

"I WANNA PLAY! WAAA! LET ME PLAY PIKACHU!" Pichu screamed...he is starting to get into one of his temper tantrums. Pikachu tries his best to explain to Pichu that the two of them need to go home...but that is futile.

"Pichu! The mall is going to close soon and----" Pikachu starts to say but is interrupted by the wailing Pichu.

"NO! WE STILL HAVE LIKE...TEN MINUTES! IT DOES NOT TAKE ME TEN MINUTES TO PLAY! LET ME PLAY!" Pichu screams again. Pikachu has no choice but to let Pichu go. "YAY!" Pichu yells as he runs over to the arcade game.

"I guess I'll go get the pizza then...Oh! I hope we won't be late!" Pikachu says as he wanders over to order the pizza.

When Jigglypuff and Mewtwo arrive, the other smashers have been standing there waiting for like 2 minutes straight. Jgglypuff does the same thing when she enters. Mewtwo, however, wants to be different so he goes between Luigi and Bowser and Kirby.

"Why are all you standing here and staring like idiots?" Mewtwo asks, all the smashers turn to stare at him, "For what reason are you guys staring at eachother?"

"He called us crazy!" Kirby says, pointing at Luigi.

"Well, you all are crazy for just standing here like this! How did this start?" Mewtwo asks, his voice being very serious.

"Well," Kirby starts, "It all started when Bowser came and slammed these innocent balloons on the table!"

"They are not innocent!" Bowser yells.

"Shut up!" Mewtwo says abruptly, "Now, let's just hear Kirby's side of the story first!"

"Ahem, as I was saying, before I was RUDELY interupted," Kirby starts (again), "After Bowser slammed the balloons on the table, I came in and we were starting an argument. Then, Luigi said 'Best to stay out of it, hopefully they won't go too crazy and destroy the table itself'. Since then, we have been staring at eachother."

"All just for that reason..." Mewtwo says, about to laugh histerically, "AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That is one of the DUMBEST things I've ever heard! AHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

Suddenly, all the smachers in the room except Kirby, Bowser and Luigi are laughing histerically. Not for long. Witout any warnig, someone jumps into the kitchen from like, out of nowhere and starts spraying everyone with streamers. Yup, Ganondorf. Then, he runs as fast as he can to avoid the angry mob pursuing him...

At 5:03, Pichu finally gets off the arcade games. The manager of the mall wants to get as much money as he can (heehee) so he let pichu stay for a while longer. Pikachu is relieved when he sees Pichu climb down from that car arcade game.

"Are you ready?" Pikachu asks Pichu.

"Yup! Ah...I just LOVE arcade games!" Pichu says with a HUGE grin on his face.

"I couldn''t tell" Pikachu says, sorta sarcastic. Pichu runs on ahead and exits through the...well, exit doors.

"At least he'll be happy on his birthday!" Pikachu says to himself and a random employee standing nearby, "I can't wait til he knows what we all have planned for him! He is going to be soooo happpy!" Pikachu races over to the doors, carrying the pizza the best he can. Pichu is standing there waiting for a cab to come. Pikachu walks slowly over to where Pichu is and is thinking of what a great day they are going to have. First, Pichu would have to open Pikachu's gift (Pikachu decided), then eat the wonderful cake Peach and Zelda made. After that, he could open the other presents and enjoy all the ice cream. Maybe Pikachu could even help Pichu use his presents (heehee). Pichu is still standing there as Pikachu approaches. The two hear a sound.

"Yes! A cab is finally going to come! Can't wait to get home man!" Pichu says very exited. But the sound isn't a cab. Suddenly, a gigantic bird comes diving down. It pickes Pichu up and starts to fly away at a high speed. Both Pikachu and Pichu are surprised at this sudden attack and they each do a thunder attack. Unfortunately for them, this bird is immune to all electric attacks. Before Pikacu can do anything more, the bird gives out a very high pitched blood curdling shriek and flies off at a high speed.

"NO! PICHU!" is all Pikachu can say...a great day suddenly came to a horrble end...

A/N: So, what did you think? Good? Bad? I'm open to any suggestions! Heehee, hoped y'all enjoyed it.