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Someday You'll Know


The trees' leaves swayed gently at the zephyr that passed. Cloads soared above ground, creating a calm atmosphere at the planet below them. The sun shone brightly as the day began with a joyful tone and yet as all the peace continued on outside the Hogwarts' grounds, one girl thought of it all as melancholy and melodramatic.

Hermione Granger, the current Head Girl, lay down on her bed watching pass the window to peer through the outside world. Her hair more tussled than before, her eyes puffy and red as she had wept all night, and her body tired and wary. It had already been a fortnight after Draco Malfoy announced that he was engaged to Pansy Parkinson. Tears once again threatened to spill as she reminisced the awful memory. She turned her back against the window and looked at the pile of books on top of her table. She hadn't touched any of her beloved books since then. She sighed.

She stood up from her unkempt bed and walked towards the table, taking one book in her hands. Her fingers grazed the fine outlines of the cover of "Love Of Divination, Love Potions". She had considered making a Love Potion for Draco but thought better of it. He'll love me for who I am, she thought. A brave, loving Gryffindor.

She plopped down to her favorite silver armchair and suddenly remembered Draco's blue-gray eyes that have silver specks whenever he's feeling some kind of emotion. She winced as her bare skin touched the silk of the fabric on the chair. Her body tensed but calmed down as she sat herself comfortably. Her delicate hands that held the book opened it and her fingers traced some of the words as she read through the paragraphs.

"On brewing a Haritus Love Potion, it takes considerable length of patience," she murmured as her mouth curled upwards into a small smile. "It takes a whole seven months to make it and leaving two months of waiting for it to mix. The ingredients are as follow." She read through it all and shook her head.

"I'll never brew it in time anyway," she said, standing up and stretched. "He'll get married after Graduation." A frown appeared on her face and her forehead creased.

She sauntered forth to her bathroom and grabbed her towel on the way. Her small feet brushed the fur on her floor as she sashayed inside the bath. She undressed slowly due to her still sleepy state. She yawned as she turned the knob of her tub. The water flowed out of the faucet in a fast motion and Hermione watched it as it did so and as soon as she started it, her tub was already full. She scowled as she turned it off and got inside. Life is like that, sometimes you don't notice that life had already passed you by.

Her fingers played with the side of the tub, spraying some drops of water on the rubber duck that stood by her side. She smiled as the rubber duck quacked when she reached out and grasped it. As soon as her smile came, it vanished as she saw the door of the bathroom suddenly open with a forceful push. There stood Draco Malfoy half naked with clothes on hand, shocked. His hands went limp and his clothes fell from his hands. She figured that she must have forgotten to lock the door on his side also.

"Granger," he said softly, acknowledging her presence.

Hermione let out a strangled sob. "Draco..." Her voice faint, but Draco couldn't ignore the longing in her tone. He nodded and turned his back on her, closing the door behind him but not before he heard her say, "Don't leave me."


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