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Hospital Wedding and Norman's Recovery

Later that night, Felix wheels himself back into Tara's room with a weak smile on his face. Behind him, the Hospital Chaplain walks in along with Jane, Kim, Ron, Bonnie and Hirotaka, along with Monique Thompson and Brick Flagg in tow. Felix thinks back to earlier in the evening.

Two hours after Street and Sand Hawk left to deliver the restraining order, he had decided to go ahead and marry Tara. So he waited until she was sound asleep, their son cradled in her arms. As he wheeled himself out, he saw Nicole and asked her to keep an eye on them, that he was going to take care of something. Nicole nodded in reply and smiled, knowing he had something up his sleeve. Felix then wheeled himself down to the Hospital Chapel and spoke with the Chaplain about performing the ceremony in Tara's room. The Chaplain agreed with a smile on his face and Felix then left to make the phone calls to his dearest friends.

He called Ron and Kim's house first, hoping they'll be in. He had gotten the answering machine and, sighing, had left a message inviting them to the wedding. He then called Bonnie's place, hoping she'll be in, and gotten the answering machine as well. Out of desperation, he called Monique and Brick, hoping they'll be in. To his delight, they were. He invited them to the wedding at the Hospital and started the wheeled pacing of the hallway after he hung up the phone.

Kim, Ron, Bonnie and Hirotaka arrived fifteen minutes later, apologizing that they had a hectic work schedule and wouldn't miss this for the world. Monique and Brick had arrived ten minutes after they did and Felix and the others then went and got hold of the Chaplain and they then started their walk to Tara's room.

Back to the present, Felix wheels himself over to Tara's bedside and gently shook her awake. "Tara, time to get married, honey." Tara opens her sleepy eyes and sees Felix's grinning face, still slightly bruised. He then says, "Hello, sleeping beauty."

Tara smiles in reply and says, "Hello, prince charming. What do you mean it's time to get married?" She then leans upward and sees all of her dearest friends in her room, ready for the happiest time in her life. They all wave hello and smile at her, knowing she's having a hard time and they just want this to go as smoothly as possible.

Chuckling, Felix adds, "I even asked the Chaplain to baptize our son after we're wed, Tara." Turning to Jane, he asks, "Mom, did you say something about a name for the baby?"

Jane smiles and replies, "Yes. Norman Jesse Renton. As a reminder that heroes are not only born, but alsocreated, molded and loved. A solid name anyways. We have Street and Sand Hawk to thank for that."

Tara nods and says, "It's too bad they couldn't make it. Because of them, I'm having one of the happiest days of my life."

Kim giggles and says, "Matter of fact, Street and Sand Hawk sent a message to you through us." Ron grins and limps toward Tara's bedside and hands her a note.

She then reads it out loud. "Tara, as much as we'd like to attend your wedding, we cannot. Sorry if we sound cold, but it's necessary to protect the city and it's residents. At times even the world. However, think of us with kind memories and never forget that we do care. We just show it differently. Your friends, Street and Sand Hawk, War Bird, Ninja and Base." She looks up and nods.

She then says, "I wouldn't have it any other way. As long as they are out there, fighting the good fight, this world has a chance." She smiles and says, "Let's get this wedding going. I just hope we can give them a picture of this day. They are the ones most responsible for it."

Ron says, "I think there's someone missing from the party. KP, any ideas?"

Kim mulls and says, "The Mother of the bride." On cue, Mrs. King walks in, smiling sadly. She then goes to Tara's bedside and looks down at her.

She then sighs and says, "Tara, I'm sorry about what I said. You were right about Street Hawk and how the Police can't do the things he's able to do. I now understand that he doesn't do it for money or glory. He does it to save the citizens of the city and the planet."

Tara is taken aback and she asks, "How? What happened to cause your view-change?"

Mrs. King smiles gently and she replies, "Let's just say I was encouraged by some very influential people, people that are very special and nutty." She then thinks back to earlier in the evening.

She had just drunk her fifth helping of Scotch and was pouring another when she heard a distorted voice. "No matter how much of that sludge you drink, the pain you are suffering and the pain you caused your daughter will not go away." She looked up and saw four dark-clad people, three wearing helmets and one wearing a ninja mask. She started to stammer when another voice rang out.

"Why are you so down on us? Don't you understand that the crime rate is ludicrously high in the country? Do you think we do this for the heck of it?" Mrs. King shook her head no and another voice came out.

"Very straight, we don't. At times, the Police will be on time to assist, but when they get on site, they soon find themselves out-classed by the crazies we come across. That's where we come in and do what we do. Most of the time, we manage to stop them without much collateral damage, to civilians and property. But when it's done before we get there, the Police don't hold us responsible. I really don't understand why you don't like us when the Police has come to terms with us."

Mrs. King angrily replied, "It's because you are not the Police. You just come in, pretty as you please, and you stomp the criminals silly, leaving the Police to clean up the mess. I really don't see why Tara likes you guys so much. You're nobodies."

She then heard another voice, this one not distorted. "I'm sorry you feel that way about us. But, please, do not take it out on your daughter in this fashion. You can badmouth us, just not around her or the baby. Do you think you can handle that?"

Mrs. King can only nod grouchily as the four people walked out the door. After they leave, she started thinking about what they had told her and started to understand where they were coming from on that front. She then started weeping bitterly and went to to the bathroom to freshen up. When she got done, she came out of there, resolving to make amends with Tara and maybe, just maybe, accept Street Hawk and his colleagues.

Mrs. King comes back to the present and says, "I'm so sorry, baby. I should have understood what you were trying to tell me about Street Hawk. Did he find Mr. Tuttle?"

Jane replies, "Yeah, they found him. He's still alive, just going through a lot of heavy emotions right now. War Bird, Sand Hawk, Ninja and Street Hawk all found him, alive, but hurting on both the inside and outside. He was brutally assaulted, shot in the leg and tortured. But, needless to say, his unfinished business has been concluded. He caught Street Hawk's predecessor's killers. He has closed the last case from his previous experience."

The Chaplain then smiles and starts the ceremony, Felix taking Tara's hand and wearing a smile on his face. Tara smiles back and mouths, 'I love you, Felix.' Felix nods and listens as the Chaplain recites the marriage vows and has Felix and Tara repeat after him. Ron then hands Felix the ring when cued and Kim hands Tara the other ring on cue. As they slip the rings onto each other's fingers, they look at each other and smile, love and devotion in their eyes.

The Chaplain then says, "I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride." Felix leans in and gives Tara a massive kiss, wearing the same smile that Ron had when he and Kim had gotten married and gave her their first married kiss.

The Chaplain says, "Now, we do the Baptism for the child of Mr. and Mrs. Felix Renton. Do you have the name for the child?"

Tara smiles and says, "Felix, would you be so kind as to tell him the name? I was partlyasleep when your Mom told you the name."

Felix nods and says, "Norman Jesse Renton. After a friend of my Mom and a hero to him." The Chaplain smiles and nods at the name.

He brings out a vial of Holy Water and Bonnie gets a cup from the bathroom. She then hands the cup to him and says, "I hope this helps."

The Chaplain smiles and says, "That will be quite all right, young lady. Thank you." He pours the water into the cup and steps up to the cradle, Felix and Tara right with him. Tara lifts him out and holds him gently yet snugly. The Chaplain smiles and says, "I hereby Baptize you, Norman Jesse Renton, in the name of the Father, the son, and the holy spirit. Amen." He dips his fingers into the cup and does a cross onto Norman's little head.

At that, Norman Jesse Renton cries a solid cry and Tara and Felix chuckle and hold their newborn son, as a married couple and new parents, their child named and Baptized.

In his Hospital room, Norman Tuttle is listening to Jesse's message to him again when he hears a knock at the door. He then cuts it and says, "Come in." The door opens and he sees Ron, Kim, Bonnie and Hirotaka. He says, "Hi guys. I guess you're pretty upset with me right now."

Kim replies, "Not so much now. After all, Jesse Mach was like a brother to you. The Courts did not punish his killers enough, so you had to close his last case for him. But, I'm telling you right now, from here on out, leave the field to us. You're clearly getting too old for this." Norman chuckles and sees Hirotaka smiling.

He smiles back and says, "You're Hirotaka, Bonnie's Fiance. What do I owe the pleasure of your company to?"

Hirotaka bows and replies, "I would be most honored to be allowed to join your team, Norman-san. Seeing as I know about Ron-san, Kim-domo and Bonnie-domo, I feel it's fitting you have another member on your team. I found out about Bonnie by accident when she was talking about Mankey."

Norman smiles and holds out his fist. Hirotaka smiles and slams his in and Norman says, "Welcome aboard, Hirotaka. As soon as I get out of here, we'll mold you for your racing suit. I gather you've selected a name for yourself."

Hirotaka nods and replies, "Ron-san named me Ninja. Quite fitting, really." At that, they all start laughing and hug one another, welcoming a new member into the team and welcoming a current member back home.