Episode 1

"And...Cut! OK guys take a break!"

Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura walked off the stage together panting. They had spent the whole morning shooting the fight scene. The director had made them redo the fight scene over and over again until it was perfect.

Sasuke wiped the sweat on his forehead and turned to Sakura. "So, Sakura you wanna run lines with me?" He gave her his best smirk.

Sakura quickly turned away from him. "In your dreams, Sasuke!"

"But don't you have a crush on me?" The smirk had left his face and now it was a look of desperation.

"Oh Please. That's only in the Anime!

"Why doesn't anyone want to run lines with me!" Sasuke yelled.

Suddenly Gaara appeared out of nowhere. "If you want Sasuke I'll run lines with you!"

"Umm...It's OK I actually work better...uh...alone." Sasuke quickly tried to get as far away from Gaara as possible.

"Well if you change your mind just ask me!" Gaara yelled after Sasuke.

"I'd much rather run lines with you Naruto. What do you say Naruto?" Sakura turned the blonde haired boy and smiled sweetly.

"Run lines with Sasuke. I just remembered something I had to do." Naruto didn't wait for Sakura's reply and made his way to the other side of the set. There she was the girl that made him feel all warm and fuzzy inside. The one that he had been admiring for the longest time. Her name was Hinata. She was standing next to the food table helping herself to a sandwich. Naruto made his way to the table too.

"Hey. Naruto." She greeted calmly.

"Umm...uh...Hi..." Naruto hated himself. Whenever Hinata was around he always started to blush and forget whatever it was that he wanted to stay. It was now or never everyday he had spent his time admiring her, he had to do something.

"You were pretty go this morning at the fight scene." Hinata said coolly after swallowing a mouthful of sandwich.

"Uh...Thank you...Ummm..there's something I want to ask you...I mean It's OK if you don't want to...I just...Well ummm...Do you wanna..." Naruto was cut off somebody had entered the set. Silence filled the whole set and everyone's head turned towards the door. He was here. Rock Lee.

"Hey Lee." Hinata greeted as he walked pass the food table. Lee was probably the most popular guy on the whole set. Almost all the girls had crushes on him.

"Yo..." He answered in a smooth cool voice.

"Lee can I brush your eyebrows?" Sakura rushed over and looked at him with pure adoration.

"Wait a minute Sakura...I'm going to brush Lee's eyebrows!" Ino appeared out of nowhere she ran next to Lee and looked at him with heart shaped eyes.

"Hey I'm going to do it!" Sakura replied angrily.

"No me!" Ino insisted.

"Please ladies don't fight over me!" Lee said but it was obvious he was enjoying himself.

"You girls can brush my eyebrows!" Sasuke offered.

"Why would anyone want to brush your eyebrows?" Sakura retorted.

"Tell me then! What does Lee have that I don't have!" Sasuke asked Sakura angrily.

"Those two strong eyebrows of course!" Sakura answered dreamily.

"And those tantalizing eyes!" Ino added.

"Lee are those eyebrows ready?" Sakura asked. She had a small eyebrow brush in her hand.

"I'm the one that's going to brush Lee's eyebrows!" Ino pushed Sakura aside.

"I am!" Sakura shoved Ino to the side.

"Why doesn't anyone want to brush my eyebrows!" Sasuke yelled out of rage.

Suddenly Gaara appeared out of nowhere. "If you really want someone to brush your eyebrows. I'm willing to!"

"Uhh..it's OK...ummm...I gotta be somewhere...bye!" Sasuke quickly tried to get as far away from Gaara as possible.

"Well if you ever need anything ask me!" Gaara yelled at Sasuke.

Sasuke made his way to his dressing room. He stood near his wall mirror and examined his face. Sasuke tried to picture himself with thicker eyebrows. Maybe if he grew his eyebrows the girls would like him better. Would it be a good idea to grow his eyebrows he wondered to himself.

Will Sasuke and grow his eyebrows? Will Naruto ever tell Hinata how he feels? Who will brush Lee's eyebrows?

Tune in next time...