Hi everyone,

So it has been forever since I have done anything for Lytare. And very recently I read over it, and I have changed a lot in the (good god) 6 years since posting the first chapter. Both in my ability to use proper spelling and grammar (mostly), as well as my general storytelling, and writing style. I would love to continue the story, but at this point find myself unable to rewrite this version, or continue it in any way. So in exciting news...

I am writing a NEW Lytare, it will be set Post Deathly Hallows and Pre epilogue, Harry and co will go back to Hogwarts for an 'eighth year.' I already have the first few chapters written and am going to look them over a bit more before posting them as a whole new story:

Lytare 2.0. Or something, I haven't quite decided on the title yet.

Hopefully you will enjoy it as much as I am enjoying writing it. Lots of fun.

Keep your eyes on my user page for more info, and updates!

Thanks everyone!