The Point of No Return

By: OtakuSailorV


She knows she must be insane to think of him as a safe refuge. There is simply no other explanation for her actions now as he leads her down by the hand into the darkness that was the dungeons below.

A candelabrum is in the other hand and he watches her intently while she sees nothing during their descent. She isn't aware of anything anymore; it's as if she is in a trance. The reason for why she is here is not even known to her; she keeps stepping down slowly following after him.

It's dark and dank, but she still perceives nothing as they walk by flowing rivers of water contained within two walls of thick stone. This is the place he calls 'the point of no return' for this is the place where his mind games are the most rampant and potent, and none have ever found their way out on their own.

She has dared to go to the point of no return, dared to catch the eye of a high-ranking Demon Lord.

This place is where he takes her and keeps her, as his mortal little doll. She doesn't remember anything of the outside world and wants nothing but him here, and that is how he has designed it. He creates and fills her world now, and she is aware of nothing else.

Thank you to robin's-hope for giving me the idea for this one. thumbs up

This is based on the song called 'Point of no Return' and comes from The Phantom of the Opera soundtrack. I don't know how many times I re-wrote the ending to this, it seemed like I just couldn't get the feel for what I wanted to say. Finally I just erased everything and started over from scratch. It feels as dark as I wanted it, but no I'm worried that I let them get OOC. Gah!

This is my first time writing a one-shot this short, and taking this sort of POV tone as well. nervous laugh I hope I did ok for the first time.

Thanks for reading this far and I'm still considering doing a third with another song I like from this play. Hehe. Thanks again to robin's-hope again! You're awesome!

Ja'ne everyone!

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