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Kimiko rolled over to face Raimundo, lying next to her in the bed. He was sleeping peacefully, a faint smile playing over his lips. His arm was across her, holding her tight. Kimiko rolled over again and locked her fingers in with his and held both hands tight to the material across her chest. She could feel his warm breath on the back of her neck.

For some reason, she couldn't sleep, but she felt comfortable with his hand locked in hers. She closed her eyes, trying to sleep, but before she knew it, she was in the caves. There was fire surrounding her. She could feel it burning her entire body. She screamed, but it wasn't her voice she could hear. It was croaky; an old voice.

"Kimiko…Raimundo…" she sobbed, as countless faces flashed across her eyes, "please…don't let me die like this…please…HELP ME!"

The fire closed in around her. It was burning her eyes, drying them out. Her flesh was burning away and her hair was curling up in the flames. The last thing she saw before she fell was the figure of someone being supported by someone else, and a tall, largely built person, carrying someone smaller. They were walking along the passage way.

They stopped for a second and looked at the person supporting their friend. However, the person didn't turn back, but carried on walking as though they hadn't heard. With the last of her strength she pushed a part of herself along the corridor into the heart of the girl and…Kimiko let out a heart-wrenching scream.

"Kimiko?" asked someone, shaking her shoulders.

Kimiko blinked. There was morning light shining through the window onto Raimundo, who was sitting up, his hands on her shoulders, trying to wake her up. He looked very serious and very concerned.

"I…I'm fine…" said Kimiko hoarsely.

"Strange, I thought that screaming in your sleep was unusual," said Raimundo.

Kimiko sat up and stared at him. He raised an eyebrow. She looked down, staring fixedly on the pattern of her sun-top pyjama shirt.

"I'm okay, really." She sighed.

"No," said Raimundo.

Kimiko looked back at him; her eyes took in the scars on his chest as they rose to his face.

"You haven't been fine for a while now," he said, "It's been half a year since we beat Wuya, and it's like she's haunting you…"

"She's not!" said Kimiko, getting out of bed and straitening out the creases in her pyjama trousers.

"Kimiko…you don't have to lie to me," said Raimundo, "I…I know what's like…she's still in there. She's pulling you apart from her grave!"

"She didn't have a grave," said Kimiko stretching.

"You know what I mean," said Raimundo, getting out of bed.

He stared at her. Kimiko didn't look him in the face, but stared down at his track-suit trousers.

"I want…" he began, drawing her attention to his face, "You know you did the right thing…right? You did what you had to. You shouldn't have shown her mercy, that would've been a mistake. She didn't deserve it."

"I know, but…nothing," said Kimiko, "Come on, let's go get some breakfast."

Raimundo didn't argue, but still looked concerned as he walked over to the wardrobe.

"Good morning Kimiko," said Omi.

Kimiko gave him a small smile and a wave as she sat down. Raimundo glared at Omi.

"Why don't I get a 'Good morning'?" he asked.

"You did not offer one!" said Omi.

"Neither did she!" she Raimundo, sitting down.

"I thought it would be polite to say it to her first," said Omi.

Clay laughed as Raimundo continued to glare at Omi across the table. Kimiko grinned and took Raimundo's hand.

"I'll say good morning to you instead," she laughed.

"That'll do," said Raimundo, giving her a quick kiss, before grabbing the nearest plate and piling it up with food.

"You look tired Kimiko," said Clay, sitting down next to Omi.

"I'm fine," said Kimiko, wishing she could come up with a different response for once.

Raimundo spluttered something through the mouthful of food he was trying to swallow. He started chocking.

"Chew Raimundo." Laughed Kimiko.

Raimundo swallowed and took in a deep breath.

"I said," he gasped, "Apart from the screaming."

"Screaming?" asked Clay.

"Nothing!" said Kimiko, elbowing Raimundo as he grinned at her, "I'm fine."

Crap, the same response again. Maybe she could take a language class or something…

"Kimiko, perhaps you should move back into your own room if you're having trouble sleeping," said Master Fung, walking into the room.

"What? No, I'm okay," laughed Kimiko.

"So would I be, getting to lie next to me every night," laughed Raimundo.

"You're so full of yourself," said Kimiko, punching him in the stomach, making him cough again.

"Do you mind?" asked Clay, "I'm trying to eat. I don't want hear about what goes on in your rooms,"

"You're just jealous because you can't get a girl," laughed Raimundo, his hand locked in Kimiko's.

"You got the only girl in the place," replied Clay.

"Uh, hello, I'm sitting right here!" said Kimiko, "Do you mind not discussing me?"

"Well hurry with your breakfast, you have training to do," said Master Fung.

"Aw, Master Fung. I think my old wounds are opening up again, Ow," said Raimundo, putting on a fake, weak sounding voice, "I can't do any work today…"

"I think I preferred you when you couldn't remember your name," said Kimiko, smiling at him as he glared at her.

"Training starts in ten minutes, hurry up." Said Master Fung, turning away.

Dojo jumped up onto the table, looking up at them sulkily. There had been very little Shen-gong-wu action recently, so he had very little to do. He was becoming increasingly depressed and very moody.

"Dojo?" asked Omi, "Would you like some breakfast?"

"No thanks," said Dojo quietly.

"Do you want some tea?" asked Clay.

"No thanks," he said again.

"Do you want to come and watch us train?" asked Raimundo, "We'll let you join in."

"Really?" asked Dojo excitedly.

"Course, you are our Shen-gong-wu detector," said Kimiko, "We need you to stay in shape!"

Dojo considered this for a moment and then snaked up Omi's outstretched arm onto his shoulder.

"Let's get to it!" he said, pointing towards the door.

They all stood up apart from Raimundo.

"What about breakfast?" he asked.

"Now Rai!" said Kimiko, pulling him up.

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