The scene changed as the magic effected took hold of the situation. The walls widened, making the cave twice as big. The battle was to begin in seconds and Raimundo still didn't have a battle plan. Get the ring of Wuya, use it to help Kimiko … that was more or less it for now.

Raimundo slammed his fist into Wuya's face. She fell back, still not sure of her own plan. As she fell, a rock fell from the hovering collection above them. She quickly rolled over, dodging the falling rock. However, before she could get up, Raimundo was flying down through the air towards her head. She kicked back and Raimundo landed on her raised feet. She kicked out and he fell back, sliding towards the edge of the platform they were fighting on.

He slipped off the edge and was holding on by his fingers. He quickly pulled himself up onto his hands (like you would getting out of a swimming pool) and slid onto his stomach, trying to pull his way back onto the platform. He pulled himself up and along.

He was almost completely back on the platform when a boulder fell from the hovering collection, right where his head would've been if he'd pulled himself fully on already. He gasped and quickly grabbed the boulder to help pull himself up right. Before he could get back to his plan, Wuya had thrust the palm of her working arm up into his nose. We staggered backwards and barely had time to duck as Wuya aimed another punch at his face.

Raimundo grabbed her arm and swung her over towards the edge of the platform.

"Wind!" He called and a gust of wind so strong flew at Wuya, that she had to dig her fragile nails into the ground.

Wuya instinctively went for the ring … but froze. If she used the ring, it might separate her and Kimiko and she would automatically lose the showdown. This was what Raimundo had been hoping for. He may not have a complete battle plan, but that much was certain; he wanted her to have no option but to separate herself from Kimiko.

"Sun-chi-lantern!" Called Raimundo, "Water! Tsunami strike!"

Water filled the cave for a moment. When the level fell, Wuya was already back on her feet, swaying slightly. The blood loss was getting to her now. This meant she was getting weak and the weaker she got, the more chance Kimiko had of breaking free.

"Seismic Kick earth!" Shouted Raimundo.

The ground shook violently and Wuya fell to the ground. She staggered back up and Raimundo prepared to attack her again. He grabbed either side of her head and pulled her face into his knee before punching her under the chin and hitting her in the stomach. Wuya staggered back, barely able to stay upright and yet Kimiko still wasn't breaking through.

Blood trickled from the corner of Wuya's mouth. She wasn't falling and yet she wasn't winning. It was all she could do to stay upright and yet … what if she just lost? Less pain and yet … seeing the look of satisfaction on Raimundo's face if he won would be unbearable. Plus give up all this youth? Not likely. She would have to stay in until she found a way to win.

Raimundo dodged another falling rock and thrust out his palm. A blast of wind hit Wuya, throwing her backwards. This time she didn't get to her feet. She stayed on the ground, her breath rasping.

"Just … give … up." Said Raimundo, drawing breath as the fight was taking his energy as well.

"And … then … what?" Gasped Wuya, "Cease … to … exist?"

Wuya rolled over and lifted her top half up onto her working arm.

"If … I lose … I … die …" Said Wuya.

"Isn't that better than living with this pain?" Asked Raimundo.

Wuya stared at him. She realised that he knew that he was hurting Kimiko as well and that if Kimiko did break through, she would be in terrible pain and possibly danger, but he'd be there to help her, heal her and make her life better … but nobody would do that for Wuya. She'd have to live with the pain. There would be no one to heal her. She was alone.

"There's a good chance that Kimiko's body will be damaged in places beyond repair and she'll need help, but if you're in her body," Raimundo shook his head slightly, "No one's going to help you. You're on your own with nothing but the pain and the knowledge that you put two people in hell in your last days."

"I … don't … care." Said Wuya.

"And what happens when you do end up in front of God or whoever you believe in? If you even believe in someone," Raimundo said, "You're gonna end up below now aren't you? You'll know what hell feels like," his face hardened as he continued, "you'll have to live with the knowledge that you destroyed two people's lives just because they were happy while you were trapped inside a charcoal corpse … just because they put you there so they could live with each other without the thought of you haunting them with every step … but you couldn't even let Kimiko have that could you? You couldn't let us have that. All we wanted was to forget all about you," He picked her up by the throat, "so we did have to look at your ugly face ever again."

Wuya's face suddenly softened.

"Raimundo?" Asked Kimiko's voice softly, smiling gently.

Raimundo already knew it wasn't her, but Wuya playing games with his head and yet he couldn't stop himself from letting go. Wuya fell to the floor, gasping for breath.

"Silly boy!" she laughed.

Raimundo backed off staring at his own hands. For a moment there … he was actually considering killing her. He didn't care if Kimiko was in there as well; all he wanted was to kill Wuya, whether that meant killing off Kimiko as well or not. Yet … a part of him … not a large part, but still … a part of him knew that Kimiko wouldn't care. She wouldn't be happy about it as such, but she would know why he had done it … and that was good enough for him. He was fighting to win.

Wuya spat on the ground as she struggled to her feet. She smiled, preparing to make another joke, pushing him to breaking point, but her face was suddenly struck by Raimundo's fist. She fell back. Raimundo grabbed her hair, lifted her up and threw her across the cave and more rocks fell down around them. He kicked her side and lifted her up again.

By now, the last of both Wuya's and Kimiko's strength was gone. They were unconscious. Raimundo held her in his arms for a moment and then … very slowly … he walked across the cave … and dropped her over the ledge.

Raimundo looked down at something he had grabbed at the last moment and called:

"Ring of the Nine Dragons … Reversing mirror!"

There was a blinding flash of light and they were back in the cave. Kimiko was hovering above the ground, encased in a black shadow. It shimmered and suddenly let out a high pitched scream … before disappearing.

Kimiko's limp body fell to the ground. Raimundo ran towards her, praying that she was still there. More rocks feel from the ceiling. The cave was going to collapse any second and he had to get her and Dojo to safety.

"Hold on kid!" Called Dojo's voice and Raimundo was suddenly lifted off the ground.

Raimundo had super-sized, picking up Raimundo and Kimiko as he went. He flew through the cave, weaving in and out of the falling rocks. Raimundo slid along his back to where Kimiko was lying. He touched her hand and lifted it gently into his own.

"Come on Kim … wake up … please …" He whispered.

Kimiko's pale face was plunged into darkness as they sped along the black passage way. When they came out the other side, the entire mountain fell behind them into a heap of rubble. Dojo landed on the ground and Raimundo climbed down, pulling Kimiko with him.

For half an hour, Raimundo sat beside Kimiko. She still hadn't woken up and her breathing was shallow. He ran a hand over her forehead. A tear fell from one of his brilliant green eyes.

"Kimiko … I love you." He said quietly, "… you can't die … I can't live without you."

He closed his eyes as the pain filled his heart. He was ready to die himself. If Kimiko was gone then there was no point in living anymore.

A soft hand went up to his face and he bit his lip. He continued to let the tears fall from his eyes, knowing that Kimiko was going to die …

"Rai?" Came a soft, strained voice, "Why are you crying?"

Raimundo opened his eyes and stared down at the figure smiling up at him from his arms. Her face was bruised, blood had stained her clothes and her breathing wasn't quite normal, but Kimiko was smiling at him.

"Kimiko?" He asked, blinking hard.

"Raimundo," She said, tears starting to pour down her own bruised cheeks.

He pulled her up and embraced her tightly, not wanting to let go as tears fell from his eyes, flowing down his cheeks and soaking into his shirt collar.

"I thought you'd gone," He sobbed.

"I felt so lost," Sobbed Kimiko in return, holding on tight around his neck.

"I found you," He said softly, "I'll always find you!"

Their lips connected softly and Raimundo stood up, supporting Kimiko. He held onto her, as though he was never going to let go. Kimiko broke the embrace, staring into the eyes she loved so much it hurt.

"They're all gone." She said softly.

Raimundo nodded and looked down at his feet.

"But they … they were helping you." said Kimiko, putting a finger under his chin and lifting his head.

"They were helping you." Said Raimundo.

He walked away and looked across the fields towards what remain of the temple.

"I don't know if what Wuya said about me was true," He said.

"I don't care." Said Kimiko, "Either way, we're both here now … and I … I love you."

Raimundo smiled gently down at her as she stood by his side.

"I love you too." He said, "So, Dojo, where are you going to take us now?"

Dojo slithered beside them.

"There's still Shen-gong-wu left and there's always Jack Spicer." Said Dojo, grinning.

"Jack Spicer?" Said Kimiko, "Sounds fun."

"Yeah," said Raimundo, turning back towards the field as Kimiko did the same.

The breeze rippled their clothes and hair as they stood at the top of what was left of the mountain; the last two chosen ones. The two remaining Xiaolin dragons. Raimundo smiled to himself as he decided.

"Yeah, that does sound fun."


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