Selenity's Solution

by Jasmine Starlight

Disclaimer: The innocent can never last. Wake me up when September ends. Like my father's come to pass. Seven years has gone so fast. Wake me up when September ends. Here comes the rain again. Falling from the stars. Drenched in my pain again. Becoming who we are.

WARNING: This is an AU. The relationships are created to suit this plot line. Deal with it.

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Full Summary: That night on October 31st, 1981 was forever imbedded in magical history, baby Harry Potter survived the killing curse, while his parents were killed. What if there was another child living in the Potter household? The story of the forgotten Potter.

Dedicated to SachiNyoko who inspired me to dust off my notebook and write this.



"I've come to bring them to their aunt and uncle. They're the only family they have left now."

"You don't mean—you can't mean the people who live here?" cried Professor McGonagall, jumping to her feet and pointing at number four Privet Drive. "Dumbledore—you can't. I've been watching them all day. You couldn't find two people who are less like us. And they've got this son—I saw him kicking his mother all the way up the street, screaming for sweets. What's left of the Potters live here!"

"It's best for him." replied Dumbledore firmly. "They can explain it to Harry and Rei when they're older, I've written them a letter."

"A letter?" repeated McGonagall faintly. "Really, Dumbledore, you think you can explain this in a letter? Those Muggles will never understand! Harry is a legend! There will be books written about him! Every child in the wizarding world will know his name! Famous!"

"Exactly, famous for something he won't even remember! Can't you see how much better off he'll be, they'll both be, growing up away from all that until they're ready to take it?"

"Yes, you're right of course. How are they getting here, Dumbledore?"

"Hagrid is bringing them."

"Are sure that it was wise to entrust a matter of this magnitude to Hagrid?" asked McGonagall.

"I would trust Hagrid with my life." replied Dumbledore sagely.

A loud rumbling sound had broken the silence around them. It grew steadily louder as they looked up and down the street for some sign of a headlight; it swelled to a roar as they both looked up to the sky—and a huge motorcycle fell out of the air and landed on the road in front of them.

The large man that rode on the motorcycle dismounted, carrying one small bundle.

"Hagrid," said Dumbledore sounding relieved. "At last. And where did you get that motorcycle?"

"Borrowed it, Professor Dumbledore, sir. Young Sirius Black lent it to me. I've got them, sir."

"No problems were there?"

"No sir—the house was almost destroyed, but I got to them out all right before the Muggles started swarmin' around. They fell asleep as we was flyin' over Bristol."

Dumbledore and McGonagall bent forward over the bundle, inside there lay two babes, one a boy and the other a girl, both fast asleep, the girl sucking vigorously on a locket, clutched tightly in one chubby fist. The boy had a curiously shaped scar under his tuft of black hair, like a bolt of lightning.

"Is that where?" asked McGonagall tentatively.

"Yes." said Dumbledore. "He'll have that scar forever."

"Couldn't you do something about it?"

"Even if I could, I wouldn't. Scars come in handy."

Dumbledore took the children in his arms and turned toward the Dursleys' house.

"Could I—could I say goodbye to them, sir?" asked Hagrid. Suddenly Hagrid let out a howl like a wounded dog. "S-s-sorry," sobbed Hagrid into a large spotted handkerchief. "But I c-c-can't stand it—Lily an' James dead—an' poor Harry an' Rei off ter live with Muggles—"

"Yes, yes it's all very sad, but get a grip on yourself, Hagrid or we'll be found." Said McGonagall whispered patting Hagrid on the back soothingly as Dumbledore laid the bundle on the front step of number four.


Rei Potter whispered a "shush" at her brother and partner in crime, Harry.

Harry looked rebellious for a moment but decided that food was more important than an argument that would possibly wake their relatives.

Following his sister out of the cramped pantry next to the kitchen that they shared, he tip toed into the kitchen and silent as a mouse opened a cupboard, he paused perhaps to still the beating of his heart before he extracted a box and marauded several granola bars from it.

Making his way over to his sister, who was confiscating several travel sized water bottles, he grabbed her hand and they hid under the table and waited.

Like clockwork, a thundering of footsteps came down the hallway, as their cousin Dudley, came down for his midnight snack, even though Dudley was in a semi-vegetated state as he did this (Rei had once stuck a pin in his leg) the pair would not chance being caught, for even at seven they knew the consequences of their actions.

Rei shuddered involuntarily and Harry squeezed her hand in reply.

Call my name and save me from the dark

Bid my blood to run before I come undone

As Dudley's footsteps receded down the hallway, Harry handed his granola bars to Rei and she stole out of the kitchen. Harry waited patiently for her return, they had both learned long ago that two heads were better than one, as Harry waited for his sister to finish stashing their food, he studied his dirty fingernails.

When he heard the pitter patter of bare feet ghosting across cheap linoleum, he ventured out from under the table, then they rummaged through the cupboards in earnest, taking only what could be hidden under the loose floorboard, hidden by their twin army cots.

As they snuck back into their meager sleeping arrangement, their work was still not completed as they had to take inventory.

Even though they had no paper to write on or pens to write with, the inventory was taken by smudging the dust under their cots, which for the most part was left untouched, taking two granola bars and one water bottle, Harry passed one to Rei and opened the water bottle.

They silently chewed their "dinner" and hid the wrappers under another loose floorboard, lest Aunt Petunia find remnants of the food they'd been stealing, while she happened to be "cleaning", Harry preferred to call it, "The Ugly Horse Face Sticking Her Horse-y face in places where it had no beeswax being."

But they were stunted in as many ways as possible already, they didn't need bruises to hide under their ratty clothes, before they started the first grade that fall.

More like they didn't need Uncle Vernon to be pounding them as well, Dudley was quiet enough to deal with thank-you-very-much.

Rei often wondered if all nieces and nephews were treated as such, like criminals, maybe then parents shouldn't be blown up and leave little children behind who would be bullied by their fatter and mean cousins.

Harry often wondered what it would be like to give Dudley a wedgie in front of his gang.

Sometimes, Harry's train of thought meandered toward revenge, and often carried a violent streak he dared not show in to his "relatives."

But it was nothing tae kwon do couldn't fix, right?

Of course Harry would only be sent to tae kwon do if the lessons were non-refundable and Dudley refused to go anymore and if he found a way to pay for bus fare.

Harry didn't have enough money to buy the cheapest lemon ice from the ice cream man.

It's not like the Dursley's were generous, especially to children they considered a drain on their perfect family.

Harry at least knew that their family was far from perfect, perfect families would never favor one child over the other to the point of starvation, there would be enough toys to go around, good toys too, not broken ones, everyone would sit at the dinner table and talk nicely, they would say "please" and "thank you", that never happened in this household, it was always. "Gimme. Get me. Let me. Pass me."

Most of all the perfect family would never leave nieces and nephews locked in a storage pantry even if they were supposed to be treated that way.

Harry had foggy memories of a red haired woman standing over him and smiling, and a black haired man with glasses too.

Maybe they were his parents, who had been blown up and left their kids in the care of the Dursleys.

Harry hoped that where they were, they were getting wedgies from nasty cousins for dying and leaving him and Rei behind.


At nine, the pair were dispatched to do any and all chores that the Prissy Prim Rose (Aunt Petunia) couldn't or wouldn't attend to.

"Wake up! Up! This very second!" came her shrill voice, the only alarm clock they had ever known, penetrating through the thin door.

Harry groaned and got up, "Mind the bacon! Can't have it burn again, now can we!"

Rei, was handing Harry his glasses, wiped clean on her shirt, twas way to big for her anyway, Harry likewise handed her part of his sleeve to tie up her hair.

Harry's shirts fit better without sleeves anyhow.

They were that big.

As they entered the kitchen, the TV was blaring, as per usual, this time about some convict who had escaped prison, Rei happened a glance up at the TV while flipping the fried eggs, there was something about the inmate that sparked a memory, a sort of dream vision.

"Of course Prongsie, boy, I'll be your best man!"

"I didn't even ask you yet, Pads."

"Don't even need to ask."

"Who should I invite to the wedding?"

"You, me, Rem, Pete, Lils o' course, Sev, Akio, Setsuna and Belly."

"That's a pretty short list."

"All the integral people will be present, even with some unnecessary ones."

"At least you didn't erupt into profanity at the mere thought of his initials."

"I'm getting better."

"Or Setsuna's shock collars are working."

Rei was awakened out of her reverie by the eggs hissing at her, demanding to be flipped, hastily she maneuvered the spatula under them and turned them over.

Setsuna. That name, it meant something.

Rei knew it, felt it in her bones, like a bludger knew its next target.

Now she was making up analogies to explain away her own freakishness, what was a bludger?

She knew she didn't make it up out of the blue sky.

It had to have come from somewhere, but where?

Rei dared not voice that question, The Blob (Uncle Vernon) and the Prudish Prune (Aunt Petunia) would not tolerate anything of the sort.

And Rei didn't have the energy or the will to tune out the belt or the shrill screaming that would ensue.

So as Harry took their daily two slices of bread and walked into their pantry, Rei followed dazedly.

They were surprised to note an owl, perched on a shelf, preening itself.

Harry scratched his head in confuddlement.

The only way it could have gotten in was through the ground level window, which was grimy and stuck.

How had the owl unstuck it?

Disregarding that, Rei took the letter tied to its leg and ran her fingers over the waxy parchment paper.

Who used parchment?

Looking at Harry, they shared a glance that told all each other needed to know, in only the way people who have been living in such close quarters for such a long time can.

Harry closed the flimsy door and folded up both of their cots and pushed them under the door.

Leaning against them to be sure, Harry sank to the floor, Rei took a seat next to him and together they opened the crimson wax seal.

Wetting his dry lips, Harry began to read:

"To Harold and Reiko Potter:

I am writing you to inform you of the escape of your guardian and godfather Sirius Proxycon Rigel Andronicus Black. Aforementioned prisoner has escaped from Azkaban Prison For The Criminally Violent and or Insane. You have been forewarned, the Department of Magical Law Enforcement will be monitoring your current residence: Number 4 Privet Drive, Little Whinging, Surrey, UK. Any magical activity will be reported as you are residing in a Phase 3:Non magical residence. Any sign of wizardry will be appropriately dealt with by the dispatch of Stunners and or Aurors. Have a nice day.

Reginald Nott,

Dept. of Magical Law Enforcement

Civilian Dispatch Sector.

Ministry of Magic

P.S. A locket in the possession of one Reiko Potter has magical tendencies, beware.

"Magical Law Enforcement?" asked Rei quizzically.

"What's this about your locket?"

"I dunno, maybe it's a joke." suggested Rei.

"I hope so." muttered Harry apprehensively.

Rei sighed, "Wait, there's something else in this envelope."

Her slender fingers fumbled with the second letter before finally pulling it free.

" To Harry and Rei:

By now I expect you'll be living with your Muggle relatives, but first and foremost, I need to introduce myself, I am Sirius Black, your godfather, the one who escaped from Azkaban, I needed to send you this letter before anyone from the magical world contacted you.

It is true that I have been imprisoned but you need to know the truth. The real truth about what happened to your parents. I know they told you it was me to betrayed them, but its not true.

I was falsely imprisoned for a crime that cost your parents their lives. The real traitor still runs free. I needed you to know that; I will understand if you wish not to keep contact with me. I was imprisoned for nine years of your lives, although not by choice, the owl will wait for you to respond, if you wouldn't mind terribly, give it some toast or bread.

Sirius Black

Harry and Rei regarded the letters apprehensively.

Rei was the first to break the silence that hung between them, "What are we going to do about this?" she asked quietly.

Harry was silent, "Well, we could respond to it." he suggested tentatively.

"How will we hide the owl until then?" asked Rei worriedly.

The owl, sensing what was happening, flew out the window and perched on an oak tree that grew in the Dursley's yard.

"Well, that solves one problem." said Rei tiredly.

"What about the official letter?" asked Harry.

"Well, they're probably not expecting a reply." said Rei pensively.

"This is too much." said Harry.

"I agree with you there." said Rei.