Selenity's Solution

by Jasmine Starlight

Disclaimer: The innocent can never last. Wake me up when September ends. Like my father's come to pass. Seven years has gone so fast. Wake me up when September ends. Here comes the rain again. Falling from the stars. Drenched in my pain again. Becoming who we are.

WARNING: This is an AU. The content may not be suitable for all readers. The relationships are created to suit this plot line. Deal with it.

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Full Summary: That night on October 31st, 1981 was forever imbedded in magical history, baby Harry Potter survived the killing curse, while his parents were killed. What if there was another child living in the Potter household? The story of the forgotten Potter.

Dedicated to SachiNyoko who inspired me to dust off my notebook and finally write this.

I had to twist the events of Prisoner of Azkaban a little because Sirius was exonerated.



"Another year." Rei sighed as she stepped into her compartment on the Hogwarts Express, she found her friends in all the familiar places. Heero was reading a book, Draco was writing something in what looked like a leather bound journal, and Blaise was lounging.

"Thank God you're here these two are about as interesting as watching grass grow." Blaise said imperiously.

"How was your summer Blaise?" Rei asked with a smile, sitting down next to her friend.

"Boring, I didn't even go to Spain. I spent the long and short of it with my dreadfully boring uncle on his dreadfully boring estate just outside of London."

"Wow how boring that must have been for you." Rei remarked as she shed her cloak.

"Oh shut it. What did you do?"

Rei rolled her eyes, "I really wish you would read my letters Blaise."


"My summer was possibly more boring than yours. I went to the Ministry with Sirius, cleaned Grimmauld Place, and played Quidditch with Ginny." Rei was not oblivious to the way that Draco's eyes flicked up from his book when she started speaking.

"Grimmauld Place?" Heero asked from his corner of the compartment.

"The Black Family Ancestral Home." Rei said with a shudder, "That place gives me the creeps. And the portrait of Mrs. Black is a nightmare. And Kreacher—that little monster."

"Sounds fun." Draco remarked as he closed his book and put it away.

"Surely it can't have been more fun than Wales this past summer I wager." Rei returned tartly.

"Want to bet?"


All through the Sorting Draco scribbled furiously in his journal, much to Rei's surprise.

"Is there something wrong with him?" Rei asked Blaise in hushed tones.

Blaise's exaggerated shrug was her only reply.

"Look. We have a new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher." Blaise remarked, looking at a shabbily dressed man sitting between Flitwick and McGonagall.

Rei directed her gaze to the sandy haired man, something about him seemed—off. She was about to turn her attention back to the Sorting when a vision accosted her.

"You'll never get a date with Lily if you keep that up."

"But Snivellus was asking for it!"

"I really doubt he asked you show everyone his gray underpants, James."

"But Moony, how else will entertain myself?"

"Reading a book? Quidditch? I hear that knitting is all the rage now."

"Rei? Rei. Rei?"

Rei snapped out of it to find Heero looking at her oddly.

"What?" she said dazedly.

"I've been asking you to pass me the salt for the past five minutes." He said in what Rei construed as annoyance but with Heero's limited emotional range it was hard to tell.

"Oh. Sorry." She said blankly.

"Rei. The salt."

"Sorry." She handed over the offending condiment and tried to grasp the remnants of the experience but it was like trying to catch fog. It was slipping through her fingertips. She smothered to desire to growl in frustration and returned her gaze to her plate.

"I bet that he's worse than Lockhart." Rei heard Nott remark to Draco, the world around her felt distant like her head was enveloped in layers of cotton.

"No way. It's not possible for someone to love himself more than that twat did." Prem Patel replied, both of them laughed at this. Rei's mouth suddenly felt parched and as she reached for her goblet she noticed her hand was trembling. Quickly she gripped her goblet and took a tiny sip.


"I think that Dementors are a little unnecessary." Sirius remarked to Remus as he met with his very old friend in the Hog's Head.

"It was out of Dumbledore's hands. The Ministry insisted on it especially with Bellatrix and her ilk on the loose." Remus said practically.

"Azkaban is no place to put criminals who enjoy pain. Maybe we should take a page out of muggles' book and institute solitary confinement." Sirius said gravely, looking out the window.

"An interesting sentiment to be sure. But barring that, the Dementors seem to be the next best thing to the Ministry."

"As if. Who's to say that the Dementors are even on our side? It's not as if they're actually biddable. That incident on train proved that." His friend replied bitterly.

"Dumbledore has to pick which battles he fights. Especially with the attempted breach of the castle last month."

"The castle's defenses prevented that."

"We don't actually know if whoever was trying to get in had help or not."

"Are you saying that someone inside of Hogwarts is helping her?"

Remus looked out the window, from where the pub was located he couldn't see the Shrieking Shack but it was as much a part of him as any appendage he had and he instinctively knew where it was in relation to wherever he was on the grounds.

"Wouldn't be the first time."


"Please tell me it's not June." Rei moaned as she came to.

"You're in luck. It's still Thursday. But the rain's stopped." Draco remarked cheerfully in a rare moment of gregariousness.

"At least I don't feel like my limbs are made of lead."

"It's the little things isn't it?"

"What happened?"

"We were at the Quidditch game, remember?"


Rei was huddled on a bench in the Slytherin section of the pitch, wedged between Heero and Blaise, with Draco on Blaise's unoccupied side. In their first year they'd all been able to fit on it comfortably but apparently that was not the case anymore. But it didn't matter today; it was a biting early November day and the wind made it feel like January so having to squeeze together wasn't so terrible.

It was one of the first games of the season, Gryffindor v. Hufflepuff. Even though Slytherin wasn't playing it was tradition to go and root for anyone who opposed the red and gold. While Rei didn't share these sentiments; it was a rare opportunity to see Harry as she used to know him. Unguarded and unbiased.

So she sat and shivered and chattered. It was tolerable until it began to rain torrentially. But still her housemates and their multi-colored classmates weathered the storm until the winner was decided.

Blaise was talking about their Potions experiment when Rei felt the atmosphere change. The air while never balmy felt even more biting and icy than before. As if she was under water she turned her head toward the field and saw three cloaked figures floating there where there hadn't been before.

Her heart must be slowing because Rei felt all the blood drain from her face before her eyes rolled in the back of her head.

"Sailor Moon! No!"

"Ayaaaa!! Sailor Mars. How could you? What am I supposed to do without you? Rei—Mars don't leave me. I can't—can't do this alone…


The two were silent as Rei weighed her recollection before Draco had a chance to say anything or nip off. The Infirmary doors opened to admit Snape and her godfather.

Draco's expression soured immediately and his posture straightened.

Rei watched the two men enter tiredly.

"You called him?" she asked wearily. Snape refrained from rolling his eyes, it was juvenile.

"Well Ms. Potter I can hardly cover up the fact that one of the students in my charge has had a nervous episode when there were at least three hundred witnesses, now could I?" his question was sarcastic, his tone was not.

Was that worry in his voice?

"No one else had an episode." She said in a way that someone else might have taken as plaintive.

"Your brother fell off his broom." Draco said in a way that told Rei he was trying—not very hard—not to sound gleeful.

"But he's not in the hospital wing."

"Well since your brother was spared major injury by some quick charm work Madam Promfrey had no reason to allow him to linger."

"But he had an "episode", didn't he? That's why he fell off his broom right?"

"He recovered quicker. After the incident on the train." Sirius said, speaking for the first time.

"What incident on the train?" Rei asked.

"He didn't tell you?" Sirius asked in surprise.

"Apparently not. You can fill her in on her brother's past experience in dizzy spells after she's been released from Madam Pomfrey's care."

"I don't appreciate you telling me how to take care of my goddaughter. Snivellus."

"And I don't appreciate you acting as if Dementors are a matter of little consequence when a student's welfare is concerned. How very Gryffindor of you ignore danger when it's staring you right in the face."

"Still the same old slimy Severus." Sirius returned with equal venom.

"I do believe that you have overstayed your non-existent welcome. My student needs to recuperate. And you need to leave." Snape said with an iciness that rivaled the North Pole on its worst days.

Sirius looked as if he was going to protest this but one look at Rei's pallor proved more important than his ego.

"Write me alright?" Rei nodded and Sirius was on his way out when Snape called his name.

"Oh and Black?" Sirius turned his head.

"It's Professor Snape to you mutt." Sirius rolled his eyes and scowled.

Rei and Draco shared an awed look.

"I'm afraid that Ms. Potter really does need to recuperate Mr. Malfoy. It would be best if you returned to your dormitory."

"Yes Professor. I'll see you tomorrow." Draco said as he took his leave.

Rei's mind was spinning. Snivellus? Snivellus? Snape? Severus? SeverusSnapeSnivellus?

"Quiet tonight aren't we." Snape said as he hovered over her bed.

"I actually would prefer the green mamba at this juncture." Rei muttered as she looked up at Snape's face. It was not as if a corner of his mouth lifted up but merely looked as if the action was not impossible.

"At least it isn't June." Snape replied.

"There's always that."

It was silent for a moment. "Professor?"


"How come I was the only one who fainted—except for Harry?"

"Do you know what Dementors do Ms. Potter?"

"Not really. They guard Azkaban don't they?"

"They have the power to eat souls for lack of a better word."


"It's true. The Dementor's Kiss is administered when the Ministry feels there is no other course of action. They also have the added effect of making you feel as if happiness is no longer possible. As for the reason why Potters are especially susceptible to them—well I assume it would have to do with the untold amount of horrors that you two have experienced already. Most of your classmates' fears seem pathetic in comparison to what a Dementor must make one of you feel."

"Is there—I mean—can you fight them?" Rei was surprised at how weak her voice sounded.

"The Patronus charm is the only known spell that has any effect on them."

Another pause.

"Can you teach me it?"

"It's far beyond the Ordinary Wizarding Level and much too difficult for a 3rd year." Snape said somberly. "I think it is time for you rest. Eat the chocolate that Madam Pomfrey left on the end table and you should feel better."

He turned to leave, robes swishing ready to stalk off and make sure errant students weren't roaming the hallways.


"Professor. I heard screaming. I heard a woman dying."

Professor. I heard screaming. I heard a woman dying.

Professor. I heard screaming. I heard a woman dying.

Professor. I heard screaming. I heard a woman dying.

Professor. I heard screaming. I heard a woman dying.

Professor. I heard screaming. I heard a woman dying.

The words seem to bounce around inside Severus' head. How in the blue blazes' was he supposed to say no to that? It should be Black and not me in this position. Snape quashed the urge to snarl. But you chased him off. A voice that sounded suspiciously like Remus Lupin reminded him annoyingly.


Madame Pompfrey hadn't released her until after lunch and more chocolate. Rei sighed as she adjusted her uniform tie and grabbed her books, of course her first class back would be Double Potions with Gryffindors.

This is some kind of punishment for guilt tripping Professor Snape into teaching me the Patronus isn't it?

She refused to run to Potions and was lucky to slide into her customary seat next to Draco just after the bell rang. Catching his sideways glance she smiled weakly and hoped she didn't look as weak as she felt.

The class started with a bang as Snape strode in all flourish and black. He flicked his wand and the chalk began writing on the board behind him.

"Today we will be learning how to brew restorative draughts; I doubt that any one of you knows the names of any."

Hermione's hand shot up immediately, Snape studiously ignored it and focused on the Slytherin side of the room. Rei knew what was coming.

"Ms. Potter. Care to enlighten your classmates?"

"The Mandrake Draught is a restorative one." Rei said, sitting up a little straighter under his severe gaze.

"Well I suppose you would know that one. Now can anyone name the properties of the…"


"I don't think that your memory is strong enough." Snape remarked as he leaned against a wall in an empty Charms classroom.

"How do you figure that, Professor?" Rei asked weakly.

"Well since you are certainly pronouncing the incantation correctly. And that you are definitely making the correct wand movements. There really is no other solution as to why you cannot produce an adequate Patronus."

Rei rubbed her face and repressed the urge to cry. This was the hardest thing she'd ever tried to do in her entire life.

Snape flicked his eyes to clock and stood up straight. "I think that it is time that you returned to your dormitory since you look like death warmed over."

She thought about protesting Snape's decision but then she really thought about it and decided that more failure wasn't something that she needed to eat right now.

Even so it didn't mean that she was feeling terribly crummy about not being able to produce a Patronus when it was probably the only thing that would stand between her and getting her soul sucked out and the severe embarrassment of fainting in public.

With her eyes burning she moved to pick up her bag and was half way to the door when Snape spoke.

"Do not get discourage. You have made more progress than you. Remember that this is a spell that is incredibly difficult to master. Some wizards never do. And it is certainly about the level of a 13 year old girl. Even if she is Harry Potter's sister."

Rei felt intensely awkward; was she really that transparent? To everyone? This was kind of shameful.

She turned around to thank Snape when he was pushing a chocolate bar into her hand.

"Eat it and then straight to bed. You'll need your strength for class tomorrow. I'm very interested to see if your Mandrake Draught is up to snuff."

Rei swallowed the lump in her throat and smiled. "Thank you Professor. For everything. I'll see you tomorrow." She was in the doorway when Snape spoke again.

"You will master this charm Ms. Potter. Of that, I have no doubts."


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