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Author's notes: Just a little (emphasis on the little) something I thought needed to be added to 'Fair Winds and Following Seas'. :P Hope ya'll enjoy!

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They both looked up at the coin, knowing that it held the rest of their lives. Time seemed to slow down for a moment, and suddenly it sped up again, and the coin fell in Bud's hand. They both leaned forward eagerly, and Bud just smiled. "Sorry Colonel. It's heads."

Mac looked up at Harm, a large grin spread across her face. "I just am no good at these coin tosses." She said, laughingly. She sighed and leaned further into his arms as he placed a gentle kiss against her forehead. "It's okay I suppose, since I get a handsome Navy Captain out of the deal."

They turned back to their guests. Jen smiled happily, and rushed forward to give Mac a hug. "Oh ma'am, I'm so happy for you both!" She squealed. Everyone just laughed as the Petty Officer stepped back, a large smile on her face.

Harm turned to Mac slowly, reaching into his pocket while he did it. "Well, since it's official now, I think it's the right time to give you," He pulled out a small velvet box from his pants, and popped it open, revealing a beautiful diamond ring. "This." He murmured, placing the ring on her left hand.

She sighed happily, looking at the ring on her finger. "I love you Captain Rabb." She murmured, leaning forward to lightly kiss his lips. Before their feelings got away from them though, she leaned back carefully. She looked at the General, and smiled softly. "I'm sorry about leaving the position open, but," She looked up at Harm. "Some things are more important right now."

The General smiled. "Understood Colonel." Mac leaned her head against Harm's shoulder again, and smiled up at her fiancée. "Of course, I suppose that that title is no longer correct."

For a moment, a sad look crossed Mac's face. But she felt Harm's warm lips lightly graze her shoulder, and his arms wrapped securely around her. She nodded in agreement. "From here on out, I'm Mrs. Sarah Mackenzie," She paused for a moment, stealing a glance with her future husband. "Rabb. It has a nice ring to it, don't you think?"

The group nodded, and smiled at the happy couple. They'd been through a lot of ups and downs, but somehow, everyone had made it through the storm. And now, a new life was just beginning.

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