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Summary: Set after finale Season 1. Summer and Seth. I am not really sure where the story is going,

He'll Be Back

Chapter 1

She sat in the bathtub with her clothes on. The water that had been hot, was now cold. Her lips were tinted blue. Her brown eyes were red from crying. There was a knock and she turned towards the door. She pictured Marissa running to comfort her but she knew that Marissa wouldn't have know the extent of the problem from the vague message she had left on her cell phone.

Earlier that morning after she had found the letter she had called. The phone rang three times. " This is Marissa's cell. I am not picking up right now but I'll call you back soon as possible." BEEP! She froze and had taken a deep breath, holding tears back with the back of her throat. " Hey, Coop it's me. We really need to talk. Where the hell are you? Call me back." She had released the tension and a loud sob was emitted. She cried on her bed for a few hours. When the tears stopped she went down in her big empty house and made herself tea. She then turned on the water and sat on the closed toilet cross-legged sipping her tea and staring off into space. The bath had been steaming and she set the mug on the marble counter and sat fully clothed in the water. Her tears started again and she had turned on the shower CD player to drown out the sound.

The knock broke though the silence that had developed after the CD had ended. The door opened and she took a sharp breath in anticipation. A small woman with black hair pulled into a tight bun looked into the room. She backed out fast and muttered apologies in broken English. Summer shook her head. In Newport housekeepers were not to be seen. They were dropped off in a large van at the gate at the beginning of each neighborhood and they walked off in the 5 am dawn to their houses. They were then gone before 6pm, out of the way before dinner.

Summer stood up and her clothing dripped huge waterfalls back into the tub. She pulled off her shirt and jeans and threw them across the room into the sink. She then stepped out of the tub, released the drain and wrapped her self in a large plush red towel. She walked back to her room one door over, and sank to the stool in front of her vanity. She looked at her self in the mirror and again began to sob. She looked at her crying form in the glass and a look of anger flashed in her eyes. Look at what Cohen had done to her. She was a mess. She had let him into her heart and he had seen her vulnerability and had attacked. Hitting her where it hurt the most.

She had been left before. Not by guys, she had done the leaving, but by someone more important, her mother. Seth had known that she cared about him, she had flown out to Vegas and rescued his cheating ass from prostitutes and he still took off. She turned from the mirror and picked up the box set of the Valley from on top of her TV and pulled her purple blanket off her bed leaving black sheets exposed. Times like this required the big screen plasma that was down stairs.

The next morning she woke up and smiled, briefly forgetting that he was gone. Her face fell with the realization and curled back up in bed. The phone rang 45 minutes later and Summer picked it up off the night stand.


"Hey Sum," Marissa sang in a cheery voice, " we're going to the beach, I am picking you up in about an hour,"

"See you then," Summer said with out much enthusiasm. She hung up the phone and got out of her bed and started to get ready.

True to her word Marissa was at Summer's with in the hour and honked her horn. A minute later Summer came out wearing sunglasses a beater and red shorts. She had even taken the time to straighten her hair and put it up.

" So how are your mom and Caleb?" Summer asked with a grin.

"God, new rule, let's never talk about them again," Marissa said. They drove to the beach and found a good spot to set up their chairs.

"So where is your lover boy?" Marissa asked with a grin.

"I hope he is dead!" Summer said and tears formed in her eyes behind her shades.

" I never called you back, is this part of the drama?" Marissa asked confused.

" He got on his god damn sail boat and left me,"

" NO," Marissa said shocked.

"Yeah. He left me a note, a note saying he loves me and he doesn't know when he'll be back." Summer vented, " What does he expect me to wait for him? He doesn't deserve that."

" But you love him too, "

"Shut up,"

"Whoa, god don't yell at me, I am having a hard enough time here," Marissa related.

Marissa fumbled around in her beach bag and pulled out a bottle of water.

"Here you look like you could use this," she handed it to Summer. She opened it and took a deep swallow.

"Coop!" Summer said gagging.

"Are you complaining?"

"Nope," Summer said taking another long swallow of Marissa's 'water'.

After a few hours of tanning and letting the alcohol burn off the girls packed up as the sun began to set. Marissa pulled up in front of Summer's house.

"He'll be back you know," she told Summer.

"I know I'm not scared, I am just angry and confused," she said, " If he loves me, why am I not enough to keep him here?"

Marissa shrugged and Summer got out of the silver Jeep. "Thanks for today, it was fun."

"Here" Marissa threw her the bottle through the window and blew her a kiss, " Night,"

"Night" Summer said as the Jeep drove off.

She walked down her driveway and at the front door looked at the bottle and opened it. She bent down and on the perfectly manicured grass she pour out the bottle. She went inside and decided that she was just going to have a normal healthy summer. As if it was a possibility in Newport.