She sat in her math class. She looked forward but her doodles revealed her wondering mind. When she first felt it she was sure that she was imagining it. As her lower back tensed, she took in a sharp breath. Her first instinct was to run and find Cohen.

Summer stood awkwardly and grabbed the hall pass. She wore maternity jeans and a loose satin tank that she had before worn as a dress. Exiting she heard an eruption of noise. She moved down the open corridors to quad, where Seth had made a regular habit of napping during his study hall.

She stopped at the top of stairs. He wasn't alone. Mara sat with an open binder, laughing and tossing her hair. She couldn't believe it. He was flirting with another girl while she was swollen and huge from his baby. Summer turned around and silently walked to a bathroom. She ran water and splashed her face as she began to sob. Tears softly cascaded down her face. She blotted at her eyes trying to prevent her makeup from smudging.

The door opened and Summer looked up expectantly. A young freshman walked in a stopped, surveying the scene. Summer tried to smile, but sobbed loudly instead. The younger student opened the door and left, hoping to find a less occupied facility. " Screw you," Summer yelled at the door, "haven't you ever seen a pregnant girl before?"

The muscles in her lower body again tensed and she braced herself against the sink as she waited for the release. She wiped her eyes and smiled at herself in the mirror to make sure that she looked presentable. She entered her class and sat down creating a new buzz in the class.

Physics provided no opportunity to speak to Cohen. As soon as she had made it to the class, seats were assigned and tests handed out. She tried to focus on the test. When her back tightened she took a deep breath and tried to remember about kinetic energy.

The bell rang at the end of the period and Summer still struggled on with the test. She finished it to the best of her abilities and hurried to the last class of the day.

By the time the last bell rang, Summer had broken a sweat. She didn't even bother going to her locker. She hurried to the Range Rover. She was the first one to arrive. She placed her bag on the ground and took a deep breath as she leaned against the door. Ryan unlocked the car and walked over. "Where's Seth?" Summer shot hotly.

"He is staying after for help in math," Ryan answered, picking up her bag and opening her door. She got in the car and sighed deeply. They drove home with the radio playing softly. Ryan stopped the car at the beach and got out.

"Ryan, what the hell?" Summer yelled, sliding out of the car.

"I thought that you could use some fresh air." Ryan said standing in the surf with his shoes in his hand.

"I need a lot of things right now," Summer whined, " I don't think fresh air even begins to cover it." She slipped out of her shoes and left them on the ground and then ran down to the water to let her feet be submersed. The contractions had temporarily ceased and it felt good for her feet to squish in the wet sand. She forgot about Cohen, and the baby for a minute and just relaxed and smiled—a real smile.

Ryan picked up her shoes and sat down to watch Summer in the water. His phone rang and he looked at the id. He smiled and whistled for Summer to come back. She turned around and flicked him off. Ryan chuckled and walked back to the Range Rover with her shoes. Summer walked back to the car and cursed colorfully as she crossed the scalding black top. "You bastard," she said opening the door. Ryan dropped her shoes down and smiled.

Ryan grabbed Summer's bag and they entered the house. She pushed open the door " when is Cohen getting home?" she asked Ryan.

"I'm already here," Seth said stepping from behind the stairs.

"We need to talk," she said through gritted teeth.

"Surprise!" At least 25 people called.

"What the hell?" Summer laughed as balloons fell out of the air.

"It's a shower," Seth unnecessarily explained.

"So is this what you were doing with Mara?"

"No we were having sex, this I did with Ryan,"

Summer hit him and walked into the living room to become the center of attention.


2 hours, and 11 contractions, later the house was free of guests. Seth lay on the couch asleep. "Get up ass face"

"Wh-what?" he stuttered groggily.

"We have to go."

"Go where?"

"To the hospital,"

"It's time?" Seth shouted, excited " Did your water break?" He asked pushing her to the side to look for a puddle.

As if on cue, another contraction hit. For the first time since they began she let her pain known. She whined, supported herself with Seth's arm, and let her nails sink into his skin.

"Holy shit! It's happening" Seth yelled. He sat her down onto the sofa and ran up the stairs. He returned moments later with a suitcase. " I had it all packed just in case."

Ryan walked into the living room with a slice of cake. "You okay?"

Summer shook her head and whined some more. "Ryan, man go into my room and grab my camcorder. It is in the case all set with extra tapes." Seth directed.

"No one filming this birth," Summer shouted. "I will not be filmed down there."

"Fine, fine," Seth soothed, slinging the suitcase over his shoulder. He ushered her to the car and started the engine. "Ryan you coming?" He yelled through the open window.

Ryan emerged seconds later with the camcorder. Seth backed up and headed to the hospital. "Here," Seth said, tossing him a cell phone, "first call Dr. Winston, she should be #2 on speed dial. Then call Marissa, then my parents."

"Dr. Winston wants to know when the contractions began,"

"Tell her they started during 5 period, What time is that?" Summer asked.

"You have been in labor this whole time?" Ryan and Seth asked.

She nodded and gritted her teeth as another contraction came. "She wants to know how frequent."

" Frequent enough," Summer spit, "Shit, like every seven minutes now."

"Seth slow down," Ryan shouted, shutting the phone. The car slammed to a stop as a group of kids crossed the street.

"God damn it! Do you need me to drive?" Summer asked.

"Chill, I got it." Forty, painfully, minutes later they were at the hospital in LA.

Ryan parked the car as Seth and Summer went to check in.

"She's having a baby!" Seth announced, upon arrival at the front desk. Summer buried her head in her hands.

"How are my favorite teens?" Dr. Winston asked. She sat behind the desk and sipped a coffee, dressed in salmon scrubs.

"How can you be so calm?"

"Take a deep breath, and follow me," She said, "I did most of your paper work but I need a couple of signatures," She tossed a clipboard to Seth. She motioned for Summer to sit in a wheel chair and then attached a hospital bracelet.

"Come on, we have to move fast if you still want an epidural."

Summer changed into a gown and got into the stirrups. Seth prepped Ryan about the camera.

The Anesthesiologist came in and examined her. " Catherine, I don't think that we have enough time. She could start pushing now if she wanted to."

Dr. Winston took his place in front of Summer's legs and reached her hand up. " Wow, the next contraction I am going to have you push." A nurse came and hooked Summer up to several monitors.

As the contraction began, Summer reached her hand out for Seth. He foolishly gave up his hand and received a vice-like grip. "Push, push, push…okay release," Dr, Winston coached.

"Ryan, are you getting this?" Seth asked.

"You better not be filming this," Summer yelled.

"Okay push, push, push, we're going to count to ten and you're going to push until ten."


Twenty minutes later Summer had given birth to a beautiful baby girl, weighing in at 6 pounds 3 ounces. "She's prefect," Dr. Winston said placing her onto Summer's chest.

Summer looked up at Seth and began to cry. He kissed her deeply and picked up the baby.

"Summer she is so tiny," he cooed.

The baby began to cry and he handed her back to Summer.

"I love you," Summer said, and kissed her.

"What's the name?" Dr. Winston asked holding the birth certificate form.

"Hannah Sofia," They said in unison. It was the first time that anyone else had heard their chosen name.