Hellhomer pt.5

A/N: I'm sorry it took so long, but this is the final chapter. I'm thinking of calling my pen name Shadow Pumpkinhead the next time I go on Fan You can still e-mail me at the same address, but I like to see more good reviews. And now the conclusion.

It's been hours since Bart taught Homer the world of Street Fighter II. Now Homer is ready to take on Satan for the fate of the world.

"Remember what I taught you, Dad," said Bart, as he and the others walked to Satan's fortress. "Use the secret character in case of an emergency."

"Got you, Son," replied Homer. "I'm going to kick Satan's red butt."

As they came to Satan's home, the prince of darkness stood there looking at the townspeople. He smirked, as he stood waiting to challenge Homer.

"Are you ready, Homer?" Satan asked.

"Bring it on, Red Guy," Homer replied. "I'm going to beat you with my secret character."

"Homer!" Bart elbowed Homer in the ribs to shut him up.

"Do that again, Boy, or I'll strangle you," Homer growled at Bart.

"You're not supposed to tell him about the secret character," Bart whispered.

"D'oh," Homer grunted.

"I decided not to play you in Street Fighter, but I'm going to let you have you earth back," said Satan.

"What!" Homer is shocked.

"You see, one little girl told me that having Hell on Earth would be boring, and she's right. So, you win," replied Satan. "Little Lisa told me lots of things like birds singing, rainbows, animals, and the antics of Krusty the Klown. I believe that the world isn't ready for Judgment Day just yet."

"What is the real reason?" Homer asked Satan.

"I can't stand that Flanders with all his religious banter," replied Satan. "Having him in Hell would be boring anyway."

"Amen to that," smirked Homer. "Before you return to Hell, can you do me a little favor?"

"Sure, what is it?" Satan asked.

It was another day with the Simpsons, as our favorite family is sitting in the front room watching TV; Homer had finished his can of beer.

"I can't believe what you told Satan, Homer," Marge frowned at her husband. "I liked that we got the earth back for ourselves, but what you got Satan to do was stupid."

"So I had Satan send Selma and Patty to Hell for a month," replied Homer, "and brought Maude Flanders back from the dead. What's wrong with that?"

"Mom, zombies," said Bart, as the family looked out of the windows to see zombie versions of their friends and neighbors moaning and groaning outside.

"That's what I don't like about these Treehouse of Horror stories," said Marge, as she took out a shotgun. "They always have twisted endings."

"Just shut up, and shoot some zombies," replied Homer, as he drank another beer, and Marge fired at the zombie hordes.

The End