by Jasmine Starlight

Full Summary: Before the Yondaime met his untimely death, what if his hopes came to pass? Naruto, his legacy, would be treated as a hero.Iin line to become the next Hokage, but where does that leave Uchiha Sasuke? A look into a future that could have been. Let me know about couplings.

A/N: This is my first Naruto fanfiction. Deal with it.


It was a time of mourning in the village, after sealing away the Kyuubi into a small child, the Yondaime passed away.

Leaving behind that child as his legacy, he would be a hero, and he would have the Sandaime and the entire village to watch over him.


The funeral for one of the greatest shinobi in Konoha was a very melancholy day indeed, the whole village turned out to pay their respects and say goodbye one last time.

Hatake Kakashi stood frozen, staring at the Hero's Stone, staring at the name of his sensei, who had been the greatest hero of all.

Peripherally he heard the crying of a child, as he turned numbly, he saw the child, Uzumaki Naruto, bawling as a Chuunin attended to him.

Stiffly, he made his way toward the pair, the Chuunin seemed to be crying as well, Kakashi wished he could feel their pain, their regret, all he felt was numb.

"Iruka," he said to the Chuunin, his voice hoarse and tight, "Let me."

Before the dolphin had time to say anything, Kakashi had taken the Uzumaki out of his arms and the child quieted down, Kakashi took note of the hair and the sky blue eyes, which were confused and startled. As he lifted up the child's tunic, and saw the mark of the Kyuubi, that was what the Yondaime had left behind, and Kakashi swore to protect it.

But while oaths were being made for this child, another lay forgotten.


Sasuke pondered going back to class.


And decided not to.

Not like he had any parents to really bother him about it, the villagers avoided him like the plague, and Iruka-sensei was teaching the class, so technically he was scot-free.

What to do?

He could hit the onigiri shop and stock up his fridge for the week, or he could go wait at the hill Shikamaru and Chouji watched clouds on until class was out.

Shikamaru never did anything in class anyway, Chouji probably needed to restock his potato chip supply, Shino was, well Sasuke didn't know what he was as Shino was unnerving, and Kiba was in class.

That was new.

Maybe he should go home and study his jutsus?


He briefly wondered if Neji was doing anything, and then crossed him off his list, Neji would be with his sensei and that was that.

Maybe some of you were wondering why an Uchiha and a Hyuuga would associate with each other.

Well, in Sasuke's case he was just bored and Neji, well, he liked pissing off the Main House, and that's how they became friends, not so much friends, as much "hn-ing" partners, but on occasion they sparred, usually to settle a difference in "hns."

Touching, isn't it? It wasn't as if their friendship, if you could call it that wasn't beneficial to all parties involved, Neji was unknowingly teaching Sasuke how to use the Sharingan.

So maybe their friendship wasn't a friendship at all, merely more of an alliance of sorts. At the moment Sasuke couldn't be picky when it came to "friends."

They were more like shifty allies. Sasuke and Neji knew that if they friendship could be discarded for a more beneficial one, it would be done.

And unknowingly, Sasuke was teaching him the weaknesses of the Byakugan, and Hinata?

Well, the Hyuuga heir, never one to follow a trend, so instead of fawning over Uzumaki Naruto-kun, she had an isty bitsy crush on Sasuke, maybe one day she would even talk to him!

For now, she settled with what she had.

What does she have you ask?

A conversation.

A mere morsel of verbal intonation, but precious to Hinata none the less. She was hoping to lose her stutter by the time she had enough courage to talk to him.


But, back to Sasuke, he was still thinking about what he should do, when the academy finally let out.

Yawning, he walked up to the Hokage's monument, after finding an ideal place to sit, he took out a bag of chips and opened it.

Then he waited.

And waited.



Waited some more.

Was Chouji going deaf?

Fortunately, said Akimichi was barreling up the hill, and if Sasuke squinted into the distance he could make out Shikamaru's pony tailed, lazy legged body meandering after him.

Placing the bag a safe distance away from his person he returned to sitting lazily, so he hung out with Shikamaru a lot, he didn't really care about familial differences, he had parents, Sasuke did not, and that was where that conversation ended.

It was like telling Ino she was ugly, or talking about Chouji and that word, or asking why Kiba had those red marks on his face, or asking why Naruto was such a fucking asshole.

Some things weren't meant to be poked and pried at.

That last one was Sasuke's opinion, but you probably already figured that out.

Shikamaru took his usual seat next to Sasuke as Chouji devoured his prize.

"Feh." said Sasuke by way of greeting.

"Che. Iruka-sensei's out for your blood because you never came back from lunch break, again." said Shikamaru fiddling with his topknot, absently.

The crumpling of a bag signaled Chouji's entrance into their conversation, "You have to come in tomorrow, it's the day when the Genin teams are picked." said Chouji, taking out a fish onigiri and handing it to Sasuke, who spilt it in half and threw it at Shikamaru.

"What does it matter if I get a Genin team?" asked Sasuke, bitterly.

"Matters to me." said Kiba as Akamaru jumped out of his hoodie and onto Chouji's lap.

"Who cares if it matters to you, dog breath?" said Sasuke folding his arms across his chest.

"I care, fag-face, who will be the most annoying one on any given team, if you don't come tomorrow? You're the one who smells, I could scent you from all the way down the hill."

"You would." said Shikamaru.

"Maybe if you kept your nose out of my business, we wouldn't have this problem. You're the fag, che! Hanging out with Naruto-kun all the time!" retorted Sasuke.

At this Kiba had nothing to say and Shikamaru took out a small notebook with two columns, scratching his chin boredly, "Let's call that a tie, shall we?" as he placed one slash under the column marked Sasuke and another under the one marked Kiba.

Chouji sniggered, Akamaru yipped, and Shikamaru sighed.


"No way, Forehead-Girl! Naruto-kun does not like vegetable miso!"

"He does too!" argued, Konoha's resident charming forehead.

"Che! How do you know that?" returned Yamanaka Ino.

"I saw him eating it, Ino-pig!" exclaimed the roseate girl loudly.

Several patrons ignored the loud exchange between the two frenemies and continued browsing the store's selection of plant life.

Several just sighed and left, there was a candy shop right next door anyway.

"So, what does that prove?" retorted the blonde.

"That he likes vegetable miso!" bellowed Haruno Sakura.

"Whatever." replied Ino, losing interest in the conversation entirely.

"Who do you think Naruto-kun will be placed with once they choose Genin teams?" asked Sakura, changing the subject adeptly, as she twirled a lock of her sakura colored hair.

"Me of course!" replied Ino, with renewed vigor.

"You? No way! I'll be on his team!" declared Sakura, victoriously.

"A big forehead like you? In your dreams!"

The conversation continued in this vein for awhile, until the drawn out argument was interrupted by the entrance of one Uchiha Sasuke, Konoha's Dead Last Nin.

The girls stop their conversation momentarily to stare at Sasuke, who went to peruse an arrangement of daffodils and tulips.

They ignored Sasuke and continue their pointless argument.

"I'm going to be on his team! Me! Me!" chirped Sakura smugly.

"In your dreams!"

"And in your nightmares." sang Sakura.

Their argument halted once more as Sasuke, who had decided on a bouquet of white lilies, walked up to the register.

Ino automatically started the argument once more as she rang up the item and wrapped it in cellophane.

"He's mine!"

"No way!"

"It's alright if you admit defeat now, Sakura-chan, I won't think any less of a forehead like you." Ino sneered.

"I'd say the same to you Ino-chan, give up!"

Sasuke rolled his eyes and tapped his foot impatiently, and the bell atop the door jingled merrily as another customer entered.

This time it was Konoha's Number 1 Rookie, Uzumaki Naruto.

"Could you hurry it up?" asked Sasuke impatiently.

"Urusai bakayaro! Naruto-kun is in my store!" said Ino dreamily.

Sakura, never one to be outdone, "My Naruto-kun!" she exclaimed loudly.

"Hello? Anyone home?" asked Sasuke irritatedly. "HELLO!" he almost bellowed, in Ino's face, alas it was not to be, she was too far gone.

And Sasuke, once again was ignored.

Until Naruto came up behind him, his normal irritating smirk plastered on his irritating face.

Sasuke wanted to wipe the floor with him, and use his hair as a mop and his blood for cleaner.

"Are you on line?" he asked Sasuke disdainfully.

"Yes." Sasuke ground out between clenched teeth.

"Why isn't the line moving?" asked Naruto.

"Because that stupid girl is too busy fantasizing about you to do anything." said Sasuke.

Naruto smirked and cut in front of Sasuke, "Ino-chan!" he wailed pathetically.

Ino woke from her Naruto induced stupor, "Yes, Naruto-kun?" she asked sweetly.

"Could you ring up the dobe's order so I could buy something?" he asked disarmingly.

Ino nodded and threw the flowers at Sasuke, who in return threw the money at her, in exact change.

Several of the coins hit her and left red marks.

"Don't mind him, he hasn't had his nap yet." said Naruto soothingly.

Sasuke made a disgusted noise and fled the shop, leaving Naruto to the feminine wiles of Ino and Sakura.


Sasuke annoyedly, made his way to the Hero's Stone, it was that time of year again.

The Hero's Stone had been the monument to dead nins lost in wars or on missions, but the people Sasuke was visiting weren't actually on the stone, but on a smaller one, designated to those killed in the Uchiha massacre.

Every year, on this day he came here to replace the flowers and clean the monument.

It was not something he really enjoyed doing.

Most of the time he ran into Iruka-sensei, who usually visited the stone around this time of year, which was the only reason Iruka-sensei hadn't hauled his sorry ass back to class.

Sasuke hated rhyming.


Breathe in. Breathe out.

Hee. Hoo.

Hee. Hoo.

Hinata's hands were shaking and she had to lean against the tree she was concealed behind for support.

This should be a piece of cake.

Just walk up to him.

Walk up to him.



To him.

Oh, hell no!

Hinata's knees were clacking together. She couldn't do this.

She didn't have Ino's personality or Sakura's wise knack for cunning stratagems.

She barely even had a personality for Kage's sake!

She was just that girl with the Byakugan and the white eyes and she was a Hyuuga and she never said a word.

That was her.

Not her in a nutshell.

That was her. Period.

Hinata wondered if there was a jutsu that could grant her confidence, personality, and better looking eyes.

Then she remembered Sasuke only paid attention to people with skills.

Kunai throwing skills, katana skills, explosive tag skills, taijutsu skills, advanced Bloodline skills--- wait didn't she already have that?

Maybe she had a chance!

Or maybe not.


Technically my first Naruto fic but second Naruto post.

Light my fire.