by Jasmine Starlight

Full Summary: Before the Yondaime met his untimely death, what if his hopes came to pass? Naruto, his legacy, would be treated as a hero. In line to become the next Hokage, but where does that leave Uchiha Sasuke? A look into a future that could have been. Sasu/Hina

A/N: This is my first Naruto fanfiction. Deal with it.

Should Jiraiya summon snakes and Orochimaru vice-versa?


"Oi, Dobe!" Naruto shouted loudly, as he ran up to Sasuke, who turned and looked at him irritably.


"You suck!" Naruto exclaimed as he was dragged around by a large mastiff, Sasuke rolled his eyes and gritted his teeth, Only have to deal with him until I make Chuunin. Then you can be on a team with three other people. That won't be Naruto. Until I make Chuunin. Chuunin. Chuunin.

After that spectacular display of intelligence, Kakashi-sensei had them deliver groceries to an old lady, pick weeds, baby-sit at the Academy, and clean up someone's apartment.

On the days before that they had: found a cat, milked a cow, trimmed hedges, planted flowers, and fed horses.

This was not was Sasuke envisioned when he pictured being a ninja. Of course he'd always envisioned himself as a Jounin and therefore never even considered what it would be like to be going on Genin missions.

But in spite of that, Sasuke had to deal with Sakura and Naruto's incessant flirting, it was incredibly irritating. Especially since Sakura had to spend all her time being coy and demure. Honestly, if Naruto hadn't been attracted by her feminine wiles (or lack thereof) why would he be now?

People were idiots.

Currently, they were returning to collect their mission fee and another cat that had gone missing. Sasuke was beginning to have a profound hate of any and all animals that could run away from home.

"That stupid cat is getting what it deserves." Naruto mumbled as the feudal lord's wife smothered it with lipstick kisses.

"If you hadn't scared it away then maybe we wouldn't have had to spend all day looking for it." Sasuke murmured under his breath.

"What was that, Dobe?"

"You heard me, Temee."

"What do you know? You're just a stupid Dobe." Naruto mumbled back.

"Right, who got attacked by the cat again?"

Naruto glared at Sasuke, who was more than happy to return the favor, Kakashi sighed.

"Now, Kakashi's 7th unit's next mission is baby-sitting Yoyju-sama's boy, grocery shopping at the neighboring town. Digging up potatoes at--"

"No! No thanks to all of those! I want to do a more exciting mission. Choose something else!" Naruto said as he cut off the Hokage.

For once in his idiotic existence he might have a point.

I knew he was going to do this soon. Kakashi-sensei sighed again.

"Baka! You're still a novice ninja! Everyone needs to start with the easy missions to gain experience!" Iruka exclaimed from his seat next to the Hokage.

Sasuke smiled slightly, heh, he called Naruto stupid.

"But! But! We've only been doing dumb missions lately!" Naruto let out a small puff of air as Kakashi-sensei brought his fist down onto his head.

"Cut it out."

"Naruto, it looks like I have to explain to you how missions work. Again." Sarutobi said tiredly. "A lot of clients come to this village everyday, requesting things from babysitting to--"

"Assassinations!" Naruto finished for him.

I wonder…

Sarutobi sighed and began speaking again, "On the request list, a variety of requests are placed on it, and they are separated into ranks according to difficulty."

"A, B, C, D!"

"You just became Genins recently so D rank missions are good for you."

"I had tonkotsu ramen yesterday, so I'm going to eat miso ramen today." Naruto said from his place on the floor.

"Listen!" Sarutobi barked.

"You always lecture me like that, jiichan."

Sarutobi let out a small laugh, "If you insist, I will allow you to take a C-rank mission. It's to escort a certain person."

"Honto? Who is it? The feudal lord? Or a princess?" Naruto asked excitedly.

"Don't get so hasty. I'll introduce him now. Can you come in now?" Sarutobi asked as he looked toward the door.

As it slid open it revealed Tazuna, an alcohol induced flush displayed prominently on the bridge of his nose, "What? They're all kids!" he exclaimed as he entered the large room, bottle in hand. He took a large gulp from his bottle.

"Hey, is the smallest one there with the idiotic face really a ninja?" he asked.

Naruto laughed heartily, "Who's the smallest one with the idiotic face?"

Sasuke snickered, as he and Sakura moved slightly close to Naruto to indicate their height, "I'm going to kill you!"

"Don't kill the man you're supposed to escort, idiot."

"I am the bridge building expert Tazuna. Once I have returned to my country, I will have all of you protect my life with yours while I complete the bridge."


The sun shined merrily as Team 7 set off toward Wave country the next morning, "Alright! Let's go!" Naruto declared as he ran ahead.

"What are you getting excited for?" Sasuke asked boredly.

"Because I've never gone outside the village before." Naruto said as he surveyed the grounds outside of the gates of Konoha.

"Hey, will kids like these really be capable of this mission?" Tazuna asked brusquely as he pointed at Naruto's hyper personage.

Kakashi laughed, "I, a Jounin, will be accompanying you. There's no need to worry." Naruto scowled.

Kakashi ignored him, as this was normal behavior for the loud boy and kept walking; Team 7 spent the better part of the morning and into early afternoon when they came to a large stream with a wooden bridge, when they crossed it they made their way past a small puddle.

They continued steadfastly toward their destination when the attack came, there were two in thick black cloaks wielding claws at the end of their arms.

Chains erupted from the claws and wrapped around Kakashi tightly, the two attackers tightened the chains' hold until they constricted and Kakashi was annihilated, Sasuke, Sakura, and Naruto felt a very similar feeling of dread fill them.

"Kakashi-sensei!" Naruto cried out in anguish.

As the pair set their sights on Naruto, more chains appeared, he stood paralyzed by fear.

What the fuck is he doing? Isn't he supposed to be a prodigy? Sasuke thought incredulously, as he sprung into action, nimbly withdrawing a kunai and a shuriken in quick succession.

He accurately threw the shuriken, dissecting the chain that seemed to connect the two shinobi together, pinning it to a nearby tree, then he threw the kunai to lock it in place.

The anonymous shinobi struggled to break free.

Hey! Isn't he supposed to be a Dobe! Sakura thought dimly as she stood in awe and fright as Sasuke jumped into the air and attacked the enemy. But the pair detached their chains and broke free.

They once again, targeted Naruto, but this time the pair split up and attacked Tazuna as well, I…I have to do it! Sakura thought as she moved in front of the old man, "Stay back, mister!"

But the clawed arm that was supposed to tear at her flesh never made contact as Kakashi-sensei dispatched both of them in short order.

What a show off.

Naruto hurriedly looked at the place where Kakashi had supposedly "died."

"Kakashi-sensei used kawarimi no jutsu." He murmured.

"Naruto! I'm sorry I couldn't help earlier but I didn't think you'd freeze up." Kakashi said as he lugged the two shinobi away.

Naruto scowled fiercely, "There was poison on these guys' claws." Kakashi said motioning toward the cuts on both Sasuke and Naruto.

"If you knew they were here, why did you let the kids fight?" Tazuna asked suspiciously.

"I needed to know who they were after, our ninja team. Or someone else." Kakashi said sagely as he tied them to a tree with their own chains.

"Our mission was to protect you from armed robbers and gangs, if you were being targeted by other ninja groups this mission would have been a high B rank one."

"Let's quit!" Sakura pressed, "We'll need to go back to take care of their injuries anyway."

Sasuke quietly and discreetly, took out another kunai and precisely enlarged his cut and let the blood drip onto the ground, "I'm fine." He said quietly as he put away his weapon.

Damnit! How come that Dobe didn't freeze up like I did? Or even Sakura? WHAT THE FUCK! How come I always have to be the one who's different! It isn't fair! Naruto thought angrily as he eyed the kunai dangling from his nerveless fingers. "No quitting!" he declared as he loudly stabbed his own hand with a kunai.

"It's nice how willingly you did that, but if you lose anymore blood you could die." Kakashi said as his visible eye curved into a smile. "Seriously, stop." Kakashi said as he moved forward with bandages, Sasuke ignored that and took out his own.

Kakashi moved onto Naruto without skipping a beat, "Nani! You have such a serious look on your face? I'm alright, aren't I?" Naruto exclaimed anxiously.

His cut is already healing; it's the Kyuubi.

Kakashi sighed and wrapped Naruto's hand anyway.


Eventually they reached a small boat that was to take them to Wave Country; there was a thick fog obscuring nearly everything in sight. "Tazuna-san, I need to ask the identity of those chasing you, otherwise our mission ends when we reach land."

"Looks like I have to tell you, it turns out that a super dangerous man is after my life."

"Who?" Kakashi asked seriously.

"A wealthy shipping magnate, a man name Gatou. Officially he runs a large business corporation. But secretly he sells drugs and other illegal items, using ninjas and gang members to take over countries and businesses. He's a very nasty business man. About a year ago he set his eyes on Wave Country, through financial and violent means; he quickly took control of our shipping routes, which is the life of an island country. Gatou has a monopoly on the shipping routes and the only thing standing in his way is the bridge I'm trying to build."

Tazuna pause to catch his breath, "If you knew shinobi were after you, why didn't you explain it in the mission request?" Kakashi asked.

"Wave Country is super poor, even the Daimyo has no money. Of course we have no money either which is why we can't afford an expensive B-rank mission. Well…if you quit the mission when we reach the shore then I will definitely be killed before I even reach my home. Don't worry about it, my cute 8 year old grandson will probably cry uncontrollably. Yeah and my daughter will live a sad, sad life hating Leaf ninjas forever and ever!" he finished.

"But it's not like it will be your fault or anything." He added.

Kakashi remained silent, "Well, I guess we have no choice, we will continue to protect you."


Once they had disembarked from the rowboat they were once again, walking through a forest, this time Naruto pointedly avoided walking next to Sasuke, who was stuck walking between Sakura and Kakashi.

He sprinted ahead and searched for signs of movement, there was none and so he kept moving, "What are you doing, Scaredy Cat?" Sasuke asked irritatedly.

"Scouting for enemies, Dobe and I am not a scaredy cat!" Naruto insisted in his usual loud way.

"Right." Sasuke said patronizingly.

"I'm not you Dobe!"

"…" Sasuke continued walking.

"Don't ignore me!' Naruto almost bellowed, Sakura tensed nervously, she had never seen Naruto-kun like this before.

But Sasuke, in perfect form continued ignoring Naruto, to the point where aforementioned Uzumaki blindly sent a kunai at him; missing of course landing instead in a moving bush.

"Someone's there!" he exclaimed completely forgetting about his earlier tension with Sasuke. Naruto ran into the bush, with Sasuke and Sakura not far behind.

"Congratulations, you stopped a bunny." Sasuke said as he dislodged the kunai from its resting place in the trunk of a tree.

Kakashi-sensei sighed again as Naruto apologized to the white bunny, White? That's its winter coat. It's summer already. That means that it's been in a cage to use it for kawarimi. So they're already here.

"Everyone get down!" Kakashi yelled loudly as a large projectile weapon came hurtling toward them before thudding into a tree, "Hey! Well, well if it isn't the Hidden Mist's Missing-nin, Momochi Zabuza-kun, eh?"

Missing-nin? Naruto moved forward, Kakashi halted him, "Stay back, you're in the way."


"This one's on a whole other level, it will be a little tough unless I do this--" Kakashi placed a hand on his crooked hitai-ate.

"You appear to be Sharingan Kakashi…sorry, but hand over the old man."

Sharingan? What the hell is that?

What are the talking about? He's strong!

"You guys, surround and protect Tazuna-san. Do not enter the fight. That's the teamwork here." Kakashi revealed his Sharingan eye.

"Oh? I already get to see the famous Sharingan? I'm so honored."

"Sharingan, Sharingan! What the hell is that?" Naruto demanded loudly.

"Sharingan is a power borne in the eyes and released in the pupils, a kind of dojutsu that can read all types of genjutsu, taijutsu, and ninjutsu and can defeat them." Sasuke said his voice oddly morbid.

"Exactly and what's even scarier is that you can read your opponent's techniques and copy them." Zabuza said ominously as a thick fog approached them rapidly, "When I was in Hidden Mist's assassination squad, I kept a handbook. This is what it said on you: the man who has copied over a thousand jutsu, Copy Ninja Kakashi."

Is sensei really that strong?

What's going on here? Sharingan only appears in a select few in the Uchiha Clan, Itachi couldn't have missed one.

What's going on here? The intensity of this power is insanely high. Two jounins fighting each other, I feel like my life is being squeezed out of me. I'd rather die than get through it. The kunai in Naruto's hand began to shake.

"Naruto, don't worry, I'll protect you guys even it kills me. I don't let my comrades die."

"We'll see about that."


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