This is another DP story that I will do that no one thought could be done. Plus, it's a cross over that no one ever expected. SO enjoy!


The Halfa's Guide to the Ghost Zone


It is an important and wonderful fact that not everything is as it seems. For example, if you ever bumped into a young boy named Danny Fenton, you would assume that he was a normal 14 year old freshman with weird parents.

But if you were one of his friends, and you got to know him a LOT, you would discover that there was more to Danny than his clumsiness and his strange parents. You would see that he was actually Danny Phantom, a 14 year old half ghost superhero. Plus, you would also know that only his friends Sam and Tucker kept his secret. And apart from the other FULL ghosts in the ghost zone, no one knew his true identity… well almost no one.

Now getting to another point, "The Halfa's Guide to the Ghost Zone" is a wholly remarkable book. Better selling than "74 More Things to Do with an Ectoplasmic Energy Blast", it has already surpassed the Encyclopedia Specter as the standard repository for all knowledge of being a ghost of just if you're stuck in the green hell-hole that is the ghost zone. It has surpassed "Specter" for two reasons. One, it's slightly cheaper, and two, it also has the words "Don't Freak" in large friendly glowing print on its cover.

But the story about how this book got into the hands of Danny is what is being told to you now. It begins with a bet…

Ok, let me know if I copied something from a certain book or not. The story I'm writing has nothing to do with "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy". So read and review please!