Of Love and Dungbombs

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Ok Half Blood Prince was awesome! I managed to get through the whole thing in three days. My excuse? I had to pack so I couldn't read all day. Anyways I read it all without spoilers and was surprised to find out the ending which is a lot more than I can say for Ashleigh she knew everything that was gonna happen before reading the book. shakes head

Chapter 6 – And She Kissed Him Back

Diagon Alley was full of people that day, with students bustling in and out of shops buying school supplies. George had already abandoned the group after finding Katie in Madam Malkin's and Mrs. Weasley had decided to duck into the bookstore, leaving the three at Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlor, where they joined Neville and Luna at a small table out front. Ginny, happy to have someone to talk to (she had been giving Harry the silent treatment all morning), immediately began to tell Luna all about her summer. Luna, of course, cutting in occasionally to mention things that were completely irrelevant to the conversation (or any conversation, really.)

Ten minutes later, Luna was still rambling on about something or another and to be quite honest, they had given up paying attention not long after she had started talking. "So anyways that's what they are saying." Luna finished.

"And just who are they exactly?" Ron enquired, lifting his head slightly off his hand where it had been resting during Luna's speech. Ginny and Neville both sighed, knowing that Luna had been hoping that someone would ask her that. Both Ginny and Neville hung out with her enough to know that this would take awhile.

Harry snuck a glance and Ginny, brainstorming ways he could get her to forgive him. Suddenly it came to him. It wasn't the best plan but maybe she would at least hear him out. He stood, causing everyone to look at him, and announced that he and Ginny were supposed to meet someone soon. This was, of course, a lie (as Ginny immediately started glaring at him), but it was a lie Luna was oblivious too and although Ginny didn't want to go anywhere with Harry, she also didn't want to expose the lie encase Luna got offended that people were "trying to escape." She gave Luna and apologetic shrug.

Sure, she could have taken off once they were out of sight but Ginny was a little curious about what Harry was going to say. And she did hate being mad at him. Though, that wasn't going to be enough to make her forgive him. Ginny was stubborn. She held grudges longer than most people even if she hated herself for doing it.

"And just where are you talking me?" Ginny whispered urgently.

Harry gave a small smile. "You talked to me."

Ginny rolled her eyes and snapped "How else am I suppose to find out where we are going?" Harry apparently did not have an answer for that and just kept walking.

A little while later, they arrived at small, muggle park with beautiful flowers, lots of trees, and a small pond in the middle. There were a few wizard kids (they could tell because of the absurdness of their apparel) playing on the swings and one on the slide (muggle stuff) but other than that they were alone. Harry couldn't quite decide if that was a good thing. On the one hand, if Ginny were to get mad and cast a Bat Bogey Hex on him there would be no one to save him. But if things went according to plan, it would definitely be a good thing.

Harry sat down on a bench between two trees. Ginny didn't.

"Aren't you going to sit down?" he asked, gesturing to the spot beside him. Ginny shot him a look which Harry took to say "Are you kidding me?"

He stood back up. "Look Ginny," Harry started. He was beginning to feel nervous now.

He walked around to where she was standing in front of the pond. She didn't even bother to look up at him. It took him a minute to decide quite what he was going to say (he hadn't thought that far ahead.) But before he knew it, the words were tumbling out of him, although slightly jumbled.

"I'm really sorry that the feelings you I hurt. But I didn't mean to. I didn't mean what I said. Strong, Beater, George is. I just didn't want to get him mad but I know I shouldn't 'f said that. When it's not true, especially, and-"

"I don't believe you."

"Well you should! 'Cause it's the truth" His nervousness was quickly replaced by the desire to convince her. "I wanna be with you, Gin."

She jerked her head up and looked him straight in the eye. "Oh yea? Prove it." She instantly blushed realizing what she said but Harry was already walking toward her.

And suddenly, without knowing he was going to do it, without even thinking about it, he kissed her. It was soft and didn't last very long, but it was wonderful in its own way because she kissed him back.


Back at the house, Hermione was sitting on the couch reading her schoolbook. Fred, across from her, doing…well nothing. Except drumming his fingers. Apparently that breakthrough of his wasn't much of a breakthrough as he had long since given up and was now, as it seemed, trying his best to annoy Hermione, who had so far not even looked up at him. This is going to be harder than I thought.

"The moon calf is intensely shy creature that emerges from its burrow only at a full moon. Its body is smooth and pale grey, it has bulging round eyes on top-" Drum, Drum, went Fred's fingers on the small table beside his chair.

"-of its head and four spindly legs with enormous flat feet." He stretched, a big yawn issuing from him, and accidentally knocked a glass of water over with his arm.

"Mooncalves perform complicated dances on their hind legs in-" He was whistling now. Why can't he shut up? Doesn't he know people are trying to read? Drum Drum Drum. In time with the whistling.

"in isolated areas in the moonlight." He's stomping his foot now. ARG. THAT'S IT!

"BLOODY HELL FRED, WOULD YOU PLEASE JUST BE QUIET!" Sure, she blew her cool, but hopefully he got the message.

"Now, now Missy. I will not have anyone cursing in my household." He informed her with an all too serious look on his face.

She raised her eyebrows "Your household?"

"Well seeing as I am the only male in this house at the right now, I am in charge at the present time."

"Oh really?"

"Yes really." He said, puffing up his chest in an attempt to seem superior. "Which means I am in charge of you. What do you think about that?"

"That-" She paused to chuck a pillow at him. "Is that I think."

"You threw a pillow at me." He said as though he was thoroughly scandalized.

"So what if I did?" She did her best to give a Malfoy like smirk.

He grabbed the nearest pillow to him and threw it at her. "That's what."

"You didn't!"

"I did."

"You are so going down." She declared, quickly abandoning her book and advancing on him, pillow in hand.

Twenty minutes (and a pretty intense pillow fight) later, Hermione head up to her room to get her coat as they had decided to go for a walk. Once in the room she was sharing with Ginny, she tidied up some books that were on her bed and some clothes from the floor. "He really isn't as bad as people say." She thought to herself. "And he is good looking… Oh god. I can't believe I just said that but he is. I mean the way his hair is short – but not to short - , his freckles that march across the bridge of his nose, his eyes the color of… wait… I don't know the color of his eyes."

A couple minutes later she was heading back in the hallway and Fred was coming up the stairs. "Just checking something." He told her. Probably making sure his room hadn't blown up or anything. She laughed to herself and took a step to decent the stair, and before she knew it, the all too familiar feeling of falling. But she didn't fall. Fred hadn't yet left the hallway and managed to grab her arm as she fell forwards. Because he had to quickly pulling her toward him, she almost fell backwards again but instead landed quite safe. In Fred's arms.

She looked up at him, clearly embarrassed but she couldn't quite figure out what the emotion on his face was. His face was red too but not in the same way. His eyes were closed. And it looked as though he was biting his lip. All too soon though, she understood why. He was trying not to laugh at her! Again! The nerve! And now he was laughing!

"Fred, I hardly think that was funny." She scowled at him.

"I can't – believe - you fell – for – it – again" He managed through his laughter.

She looked down and that's when she figured it out.

"An enchanted floorboard! I fell twice – almost three times and you didn't bother to tell me!" A howl of laughter issued from the red head beside her. 'FRED WEASLEY! I could have been hurt! Badly!"

"I hardly think that's possible when I'm around." He joked, still laughing pretty hard.

"Ooh! I'll get you for this." She said storming back down the hallway.

"I'm so scared!" He yelled after her, his words dripping with sarcasm

"You will be."

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