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Well, here it is, one of the "Apprentice" fics that I've been talking about…well, it's sort of an Apprentice fic, but at the same time it's not…whatever. I can't explain it that well, so you'll just have to read. Hope you like it! Enjoy…

Chapter One: Average Morning:

His head was throbbing and he could barely see straight. How many nights on end had he spent awake, stressing over this obsession? He felt sick, and yet he couldn't bring himself to give up…not just yet…

With a sigh, Robin, the famous and infamous leader of the Teen Titans brushed aside a few extra papers that cluttered his desk, returning once again to the newspaper clipping he had so often consulted at times like these:


"You tell me…"

What time was it? 3:00am? 4:00am? He couldn't believe he had spent so much time on this...he should be asleep like the rest of his friends. Why couldn't he be normal like them?

"Well, normal within certain reason," he murmured, allowing himself a small smile. But he was still pretty sure that none of them were still awake like him. On the other hand though, they didn't have to deal with this.

'Neither do you,' said a small voice in his ear, but Robin ignored it.

The other Titans would be awake soon, starting with Cyborg in about…Robin glanced at the clock on a nearby table…two hours from now. His friend insisted that it was the only way he'd be able to make the "perfect" breakfast. Personally, Robin didn't think that Cy could stand another lecture on the "wrongness of using meat" from Beast Boy.

Then Starfire would wake up and take a shower, singing one of her planet's folk songs at the top of her lungs…amazingly enough, while she was doing this, she was sometimes able to shatter coffee cups in the main room. Robin had to wonder if that was one of her powers, waiting to be discovered.

Beast Boy would follow, taking one look at his clock and smelling the scent of bacon in the air, and freak, before running into the kitchen, screaming his had off. Finally, last but not least, Raven would slink out from her room, cat-like, edging around Beast Boy and Cyborg (still bickering) to make herself a thick mug of herbal tea.

And then he would have to emerge, still completely drained from another night of searching. But he wouldn't tell his friends. He would just plaster a bright, fake smile on his face and act like he was fine, ready for another day of fighting criminals and evil monsters. His life was just one big lie…


It was so quiet at night...nothing stirred but wind, sweeping over the buildings and the homes of civilians. The darkness suited him, but the ongoing silence haunted him…possessed his mind like nothing he had ever experienced.

He should enjoy the early morning hours, before he was forced to return to his lair, and begin to plot…

A brightly glowing shape flickered in the corner of his eye-the giant 'T', which loomed over the rest of the city. He'd learned to hate the sight of it after only mere weeks. Who would have thought that nothing but a bunch of children could present such a problem to someone like him?

…Who would have thought that a little boy, only fifteen, would have the ability to stand up to him, to defy him with friendship and other disgusting morals like that? But the impossible happened everyday. He, of all people, should know that feeling, because to put it quite simply:

He was the impossible. Everything that he did, every moment of his life-it was all beyond the limit of "normal."

But it didn't matter. Time was so very precious, and he was one of the people who were careful enough not to waste it uselessly.

So Slade stood atop the skyscraper, watching and waiting for the first signs of sunrise…Alone.


Robin groaned softly and ran his fingers through his hair in frustration as he surveyed the mess in front of him. He could really use some help right now. But his friends were…

He wanted to tell them the truth. He really did! But…

They just didn't know what it felt like to be pressured…

Cyborg gave a huge yawn, before he leaned forward and turned off the Gamestation.

"Well, y'all, after exactly 1oo video game tournaments against BB, I think I'm ready to call it a night!"

Starfire looked slightly confused.

"But if it is already night, why must we call it that again? Are we not obvious the stating?"

Raven rolled her eyes but said nothing as she closed her heavy book and glided off to her room, Starfire and Beast Boy following. Cyborg turned to him.

"So, man, you going to sleep or what?"

"I don't know," Robin muttered, though he struggled to hide the smile threatening to creep up on his face. "I think I'll stay up for a few more hours-"

Cyborg punched him playfully in the arm.

"I don't think so, oh fearless leader of ours. You don't look so good."

Robin returned the punch, while inside he attempted to stifle the sick feeling in the pit of his stomach.

"Jeez, who do you think you are, my older brother?"

Cyborg laughed.

"Go to sleep, Rob."

Robin assumed a look of mock surprise.

"Don't you trust me?"

"Man, 'course I do…I know you though…"

"No," Robin whispered sadly. "You really don't…"

To be Continued…

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