Summary: (In-Complete) The jewel is completed and the well seals, trapping Kagome in her time. After 6 months of grieving, a school project brings her hope as well as InuYasha's reincarnation. Now, Kagome must find a way to win his new heart. InuxKag

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Kagome lay down on her bed and stared off into the white expanse that was her ceiling in a futile attempt at sleep. Tonight was one of her slowly diminishing bad nights, where she would think of what she had lost.

It had been 6 months already since her three year adventure in the Feudal Era had ended, and the well connecting her to the world she held so dear had finally and relentlessly closed for good. She had often wondered what would happen when the jewel was complete, and as it turns out, fooling around with a time flux is not something you can just continue to do for the rest of your life.

When the last piece had been gathered everything played out like the end of a fairy tale should. They had finally defeated Naraku with many injuries, but fortunately, no casualties. The group took his large piece of the jewel, and that had ended their quest. A few weeks later Kagome had purified the now whole jewel and offered it to InuYasha, who in turn declined to make a wish stating that if she was content with him being a hanyou, he could be content with himself as well. As a result, Kagome had wished for the death and destruction caused by Naraku to be undone.

Her wish immediately took effect and the jewel turned to dust, never to plague the world with its powers again. When it was gone she became so ecstatically happy that she threw herself in InuYasha's arms and gave him the most passionate kiss she could muster.

To her surprise and delight, he had returned the favor.

Thinking that she had everything she could ever want in life, Kagome took InuYasha's hand in hers and headed back toward Kaede's hut on a path that would take them past the well. When they reached said well, she told InuYasha to give her an hour back in her time to tell her family the wonderful news. He protested, naturally, but she gave him a swift kiss and pulled the enchanted beads from around his neck. This had effectively shocked InuYasha enough to let the joyful Kagome escape back to her time.

Had she given it a second thought, she might have pondered how the restoration, use, and destruction of the Shikon Jewel would affect her time portal, but in the mist of her immense euphoria she hadn't.

Now she was stuck helplessly in her own time. That was the last time she had seen InuYasha, and was quite certain she would never see him, or any of her feudal friends again.

The first month had been the hardest on her. For once, her grandfather hadn't had to come up with an extravagant excuse for her absence. He simply told her school that she had lost some dear friends, and would need some time off to recuperate and put her emotions in order. During that month she had gone out to test the well twice a day, cried every night, and had to be force fed food by her mother. Towards the end of the month, however, she had given up hope and trudged back to her everyday life, similar to the one she had before she had ever been pulled down the well.

With some extensive testing and study in the months that followed she had some how managed to pull up to the level her other classmates were at, and now prepared herself for college. Her friends were amazed to find that she had managed to pick up all the material in such a short amount of time, but Kagome had only done so in order to keep her mind off of the other era, and what use to lay on the other side of the well.


The next day in class, Kagome went over to sit with her three ever hyper, ever chipper friends. They giggled and spoke around her as she put on the best pseudo smile she could muster and nodded every now and then. After a few minutes their teacher came into the room and silenced the class with a few, "Now, now, let's calm down class. Hush, now, it's time to start." Once everyone had settled down he opened up a large bag he had carried into the room and elected a few students to help him pass out the packets of paper inside.

"Alright class! With only another month of schooling left for our Seniors (A/N: I don't remember how Japanese schooling goes, so I'm calling students in their final year before college seniors) I thought we could have a little fun with the curriculum. We're going to spend the next month going over the myths of Feudal Japan. Instead of taking a nonfiction historical approach, we will be reading, reviewing, and doing projects on some stories I've found about ancient youkai that supposedly inhabited Japan during that era. One story even includes a young girl from our time and how she could travel back 500 years through a magic well."

Kagome was too stunned to even gasp.

When the stories had all been dispersed, she got over her initial shock and stared blankly down at the five packets before her.

Two of them spoke of the adventures of a group of monks led by a powerful monk named Ungai. One had spoken simply of their encounters with a few specific youkai that had given them a bit of trouble and the other had spoken of an incident with the only youkai who had ever defeated them; and the strange girl that had followed the youkai even after they had saved her from him. The former ended with the group's reevaluation of what it was to be good and evil, and a discussion on the possibility of humans and youkai coexisting peacefully.

One explained the Shikon Jewel; how it had been forged, the powers it held, and essentially its legacy.

Another had gone into the origin of the myths and spoke of the youkai, monks, and mikos in terms of powers, origin, strengths, weaknesses, how they began, and how they ended.

The last story was the largest packet as well as the one that hit home. It was about an unnamed girl who passed through a magic well and found herself face to face with a cute white haired boy with dog ears. It spoke of their adventures and travels with a fun group composed of a perverted monk, a kitsune, and a taijiya (oddly enough with her small transforming youkai cat) all with reason to destroy an evil hanyou named Naraku.

Kagome flipped through the last story finding that it roughly had everything from the moment she discovered the well, to the moment it sealed for good. Tears began to brim her eyes as she tried to concentrate on what the teacher was saying.

"...and yes, you can do these projects on your own. Please come up to my desk after class and write your name under the story you would like to review and do your project on. If you are planning on doing this with a partner please put both your names on one line. Now, let's begin with the origin of these myths. Some say that..."

When the school day ended Kagome was pushed with the rest of the class to the teacher's desk to sign up for a story. Her friends had already paired up with other students, but she decided that it would be best to do the project on her own anyway, incase she should burst into tears upon reading whatever was selected. Kagome signed up for the fourth story, assuming it would be a more general overview not specifically mentioning any of her former friends or incidents she may have observed or participated in.

Finally once she was able to push back out of the crowd, Kagome headed back to the shrine letting a few tears escape down her cheek.

When Kagome arrived home she silently walked up into her room, thankful that her family too involved in their own activities to notice or inquire about the sad look she wore on her face. She closed her door, set her back pack down, and sat at her desk.

"I might as well get this over with," she thought. "The sooner I finish this assignment, the sooner I don't have to think about it least I'm guaranteed a good grade. I practically lived in the era for three years after all."

Kagome reached in her bag, pulled out the packet that she had chosen, and began to read. Everything in it was more or less information she already knew, being a miko herself and traveling with her unique group. She managed to get to the end of the packet with only a few tears shed and not so much as a sob.

Then she came to the last page...

"Most myths never say what happened to the youkai of this era as they are merely stories set to entertain; however, there are a few very old transcripts that all mention the same end to these creatures. Not only do the transcripts match up in time period, but they match up in exactly what had plagued the youkai population. According to these transcripts the youkai suffered a massive outbreak of a disease that specifically targeted youkai genes. The disease basically attacked them from the inside out until they had deteriorated completely.

This not only explains why there are no bones or evidence of the creatures, but also why there aren't any left today. There are no other explanations as to why the youkai ceased to be, so if the youkai had been real, I imagine this disease would have been their fate.

The most interesting thing about all of this is that there are no transcripts or stories of the youkai that date very far past the supposed period of their death. It's almost as if the stories stopped because the youkai had died out. Every myth has to have some root, and with these myths the evidence seems to point to there being no myth at all. Maybe the youkai really did exist? I suppose we'll never know.

While some may believe that if the youkai had been real: they're extinct now, so why do they matter anymore? I say they do matter. They may have lost their powers, but they could very well still be among us. As you have read, the Buddhist monks believed and still do believe that they will be reincarnated once they are gone. Why not the youkai as well?

Your mother could have been a youkai, your aunt a miko, your grandpa a Buddhist monk; even you could have been an ancient creature of power. So, in conclusion, while the youkai may be bodily extinct, I say their souls live on in any one of us; whether fiction or real, we all have some hidden power with in us. It could be strength of will, ambition, or a youkai, miko, or monk's soul. I find that both enchanting and empowering, and I hope you do as well."

At this point Kagome had no idea what to think. So much was dancing through her mind. She was torn between being in anguish and pain with the knowledge that InuYasha was dead and being hopeful that youkai souls could be reincarnated and that he could somehow find her again.

Maybe it was the fact that she had already been in pain for six months, maybe it was the way the essay ended speaking of the possibility of a reincarnated miko soul being inside of her—as if it was a sign: that night, Kagome chose hope.


She woke up the next morning in a daze, still not quite sure of herself. Even if InuYasha or any of her feudal era friends had been reincarnated, how would she even begin to look for them? They could be anywhere in the world, not to mention different ages and completely different people. She being the prime example: she was nothing like Kikyo, even though they had shared the same looks. Then a thought crossed her mind that almost made her crack a smile.

What if InuYasha had come back as a woman?

Heading to school that day, Kagome felt like a little bit of her large chip had been taken from her shoulder. She finally had something to hope for, even if it was a very miniscule hope, it was still more than she had experienced in six months of grieving.

"Maybe things are starting to look up again." Kagome thought out loud. There's only so much bad karma a girl can take before the good karma starts to kick in; and according to Kagome, she had a lot of good karma due to her.


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