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Kagome sat in her and Souta's bathroom that Wednesday with only a towel around her body; ready to complete another ploy to help Yasha fall in love with her. She knew that there was a mutual attraction between them and decided to play off of that attraction one more time before having him get to know her more personally; she wanted him to fall in love with her inside and out.

She had been woken up earlier by an 'omph' outside of her window. Quietly and cautiously she made her way over to it to find Yasha starting to rise from the ground: He was wearing sweatpants, a white tank top, and running shoes. Kagome surveyed the situation and determined that he had just started to jog around the shrine before a large rock hidden by grass got in his way.

Thinking quickly, Kagome had left the window and walked out of her bedroom to the bathroom in the middle of the hall that she normally only shared with Souta, but now also shared with Yasha. She had taken a quick shower but was sure to use her more flowery, nicer smelling body wash and shampoo.

Now she sat in the bathroom and waited to hear footsteps come up the stairs. After Yasha was finished with his jog, she assumed that he would come to take a shower, and that was when she would make her move.

After about 5 minutes of counting dots on the ceiling, Kagome heard the footsteps she had been waiting for. As soon as the footsteps she noticed could be heard right outside the bathroom door, she swung it open and feigned tripping over the person on the other side.

Unfortunately she hadn't calculated into her plan the fact that Souta woke up about this time so that he could finish up last minute homework assignments before going to class. The result was Kagome tripping up her younger brother, bringing them both to the ground.

"Watch where you're going Kagome! You can't just walk outta the bathroom like you own the place!" Souta yelled as he rolled his frustrated sister off of him and walked into the bathroom, slamming the door quickly before she could make her retort. She yelled "jerk!" at the bathroom door before the real object of her desire came up the stairs.

"Kagome? Are you…" Yasha had seen Kagome sprawled on the floor from the bottom of the stairs, but hadn't noticed that the towel she was wearing had tumbled down to her waist until he came to the top. A deep blush colored his cheeks as he caught himself glancing below her neck, and he quickly turned around.

Kagome saw his embarrassment before she registered that she was half naked. She realized that when she yelled at Souta through the door, she had dropped the hand holding her towel up in order to push herself up into a sitting position on the floor. 'Well, not exactly what I planned, but at least it had the same affect.' She thought. Her own cheeks colored lightly and she stood up, once again covering herself.

"Eh…sorry for the eyeful Yasha. I ran into my brother on the way out of the bathroom. You can turn around now."

"I don't think that's a good idea." He mumbled, not expecting her to hear. "I'm just going to slip into my room. Uh…sorry." He answered, quickly edging past her into his room and closing the door.

Kagome frowned and went into her own room to change. "Not a good idea?" She thought out loud. Suddenly his meaning dawned on her and she giggled, blushing again. He probably hadn't meant to let her on to the fact that he had been aroused, but in his haste and embarrassment, he had let it slip.


The rest of the day was uneventful...in fact the rest of the week was uneventful. After the incident in front of the bathroom on Wednesday morning, Yasha had started to make an extra effort avoid the poor, still plotting Kagome. She would occasionally try to catch him off guard in the house or constantly raise her hand to ask questions in class, but it seemed to all be in vain.

On Thursday and Friday Yasha had left for the school before Kagome had even cracked an eye open to hit her snooze button. On Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday in class he would pick everyone but her and then announce that there simply wasn't enough time to answer everyone's questions. Then after school he would grab a quick dinner and lock himself up in his room for the night under the pretense that he was working on his dissertation.

In other words, Kagome was pissed. It was the epitome of a backfired plan.

She could understand that he might be embarrassed about seeing her in the condition he did, but he had some nerve if he didn't think she was embarrassed about it as well. The difference between the two feelings of embarrassment being that Kagome had learned from the Feudal Era that it was best to leave embarrassing or generally troubling situations in the past and enjoy what was happening at the moment, where as Yasha had a tendency to dwell on the past...especially a past where you've seen an attractive young woman half naked.

Friday night was spent going over notes, homework, and college acceptance letters, but by Saturday Kagome was determined to get Yasha's attention back on her. It was only a question of: how?

Fortunately for Kagome at her disposal she had an arsenal of family members, a very persistent boy with a crush on her that liked to pay frequent visits, and three very loud best friends. Yasha didn't stand a chance—but then, neither did Kagome.


Kagome woke up on Saturday morning still trying to come up with a concrete plan to woo Yasha. When she had finished her morning routine she headed down the stairs with the wheels still rattling around in her mind. The stupid wheels had yet to come up with any sort of good ideas.

She walked into the living room planning to watch some television shows (10:30 was too early for lunch and too late for breakfast. Damn the Feudal Era for messing up her internal clock and thereby making her wake up earlier than noon for the rest of her life), however, the scene in the living room was much more interesting than a TV show.

Yasha sat bound to one of the armchairs wearing only his pajama pants and a gag. He noticed Kagome walk in and almost tried to ignore her before realizing that she could help him in his predicament. He started to squirm, making muffled sounds through the gag and motioning as best he could for her to come over and help him.

Kagome would have admired his shirtless form if the sight of him hadn't been so hilarious. She stared at him for a moment before falling to the floor in a fit of laughter. In fact, she was laughing so hard that she didn't notice Yasha begin to make more frantic movements/noises or the figure looming in front of her closed, tear (happy tears) ridden eyes.

With a yelp of surprise, Kagome's hands were bound and in another instant before she could react, her feet had been bound as well. She started to thrash about before, with some effort, her attacker attached her hand and feet together with a third shoe lace.

"Souta, you little twerp! Let me go right now!"

"I don't think so spy. You will cooperate or be executed."

"I'm going to kill you when I get out of this! Just wait until I tell Mom what mph...pfrt barth!"

"That gag should keep you quiet so you can think about your decision."

Kagome gave her brother a death glare that would balk even Batman before trying to wiggle out of her restraints.

"Don't waste your energy trying to escape! Those knots are unbreakable unless you've been trained to untie them...and you said I would make a horrible boy scout."

Kagome screamed behind the gag and tried harder to break free before having to cease her actions due to rub burns. She settled down slightly and seethed at her now laughing brother, thinking of all the ways she could torture him when she was free.

Once Souta had regained control of himself and gotten back into character he jogged behind the couch and picked up water gun. He walked back over to his prisoners and held the water gun in Yasha's face.

"Alright, it's time for you to either declare your loyalty to me and become my faithful servant or die as a traitor."

"Pmph lim om." Yasha replied.

Souta chuckled before reaching up and taking off Yasha's gag. "What was that prisoner?"

"Fine! I'll join you! Just let me go!"

"If I let you go, you will be my servant?"

"Keh, fine! LET ME GO!"

Souta gave Yasha an evil laugh before replacing the gag. At Yasha's surprised and disgruntled look, Souta said, "That was too easy! I know that you're in love with the spy, who is actually your evil kingdom's ugly queen; you would probably just help her as soon as you were freed! No one double crosses the great Prince Souta!"

Yasha tensed up and blushed a little at Souta's suggestion that he was in love with Kagome and Kagome resumed her thrashing about at the suggestion that she was ugly. This time, however, the old shoe lace Souta had used to tie Kagome's hands snapped and she grinned as evilly as she could with the gag in her mouth.

Souta had now gotten over his amusement of watching Yasha's pink face to turn and see his sister's happy yet evil look.

"What are you so happy about, Queen of the Uglynites?"

In one swift movement, Kagome thrust herself forward with her hands in an attempt to tackle Souta. Souta was taken by surprise at first but quickly gained the advantage since Kagome's feet were still bound.

He managed to pry himself from her grasp and started to frantically spray her with water.

"No one leaves my dungeon alive! Prepare to die!"

Kagome pulled off her gag and started to hop after her brother who was laughing at her efforts and still covering her mercilessly with water.

"Wait till I get my hands on you! I'm going to murder you!"

"Not if you can't catch me!" Souta gave her a few more sprays of water before running up the stairs and into his room quicker than Kagome could hop to the entrance to the living room.

She growled and then noticed muffled cries behind her. Hopping back through the living room she came up to Yasha and removed his gag.

"Does he do that often!" Yasha said with a much meaner and more pronounced growl.

"No, the little jerk hasn't pulled a stunt like this since Mom grounded him for a month for turning the kitchen into a war zone complete with egg mines and whip cream atomic bombs."

Yasha's angry demeanor dissipated as he contemplated whip cream atomic bombs. He smiled and chuckled at Souta's imagination and ingenuity. Kagome saw Yasha chuckling and giggled to herself as well. She had to admit that the twerp was creative.

"He's super annoying, but he's a good kid overall. I love him, and I wouldn't have him any other way." Kagome said with a smile. "Besides, it just gives me a reason to come up with a more ingenious plan for revenge!"

Yasha laughed at Kagome's comment and thought about how he admired her and Souta's relationship. "An adult and a preteen who manage to put aside their age difference and maturity levels to have crazy immature fun with each other. Why couldn't she be more mature about this? Or get seriously angry about what happened? Why does she have to be so wonderful about everything? I bet she's great with kids..." Yasha was snapped himself out of his thoughts with a blush. Kagome didn't notice as she was trying to come up with ways to destroy Souta before she too snapped out of her thoughts and remembered that Yasha was still tied to the chair.

"I'll go get some scissors from the kitchen to cut you loose. Hold on a sec." She flashed him a smile and went to take a step to turn around, forgetting that she was still bound by her ankles. She tripped up and fell careening sideways and stumbling hard into Yasha's lap, elbowing him in the stomach on the way causing him to grunt in pain.

Kagome grabbed Yasha's shoulders and pulled herself up farther on his lap meaning to apologize but freezing when she realized how close they now were. He turned his head and found her face inches away from his own. His mind went back to the night they went out to see a movie, when he had been admiring her full lips. Not able to contain himself any longer, Yasha leaned in to claim those lips as his own. However, somebody somewhere (A/N: cough me cough) just couldn't make things that easy.

Kagome could feel Yasha's breath on her mouth and started to close her eyes when the door slammed shut effectively startling her. She yelped and fell backward off Yasha's lap and onto the floor.

"We're home!" Kagome's mother called. "Is anyone awake yet?" She walked to the living room entrance with a bag full of groceries in her hands. She quickly surveyed the living room situation before saying, "Yasha, dear, why are you tied to the chair? And Kagome! Why is there water all over my living room? You're soaked!"

Kagome's grandfather walked by, also carrying a bag of groceries, and muttered, "Kids these days," before walking back towards the kitchen.

Yasha opened his mouth to answer, but Kagome beat him to the punch. "Souta attacked us and held us prisoner! Bring me the scissors so I can cut this last shoe lace and go beat him to a pulp!"

Kagome's mothers gave her a look and Kagome added, "...please?"

Kagome's mother chuckled and walked into the kitchen. She came back with a pair of scissor and cut the pair loose. "Now, Kagome, no beating Souta to a pulp. He'll have to clean up this water mess and then I'll decide what other punishment is necessary. From what I can tell, neither of you is damaged."

Both Yasha and Kagome said "but!" at the same time and Kagome's mother cut them off with a laugh.

"Besides, this is the most time you two have spent together since Tuesday! Maybe you should go out and cool off while Souta cleans. And no revenge, Kagome! You know what happened last time; I still find traces of that goop around the house from your little chase when I clean."

Kagome humphed and went upstairs to change. When she came back down she found Souta cleaning up the living room under the watchful eye of their mother. He looked up and stuck his tongue out at her and she gave him a look that said 'it's not over yet'. Their mother sighed and told him to continue his work.

Kagome walked into the kitchen where she found Yasha riffling through one of the bags looking for something to snack on. She wondered mildly how he had gotten ready and changed so fast (not taking into consideration that she may have just been slow) before she walked over to him and grabbed his hand, dragging him towards the door. "We can eat lunch some where else, right now we need to plan our revenge." Kagome said matter-of-factly.

"But, I thought—"Yasha started, but was cut off by Kagome yelling, "Mom! We're going to go find something interesting to do! Be back by supper!"

"All right dear!" Kagome's mother called back.

Yasha sighed and gave up trying to figure out the girl that through him his keys, grabbed her purse, and was now continuing to pull him out the door. In his embarrassment he had ignored her for three days, and he was just now realizing how much he missed her presence during that time.

Kagome was too preoccupied half talking to Yasha and half to herself about the many forms their revenge could take to notice that his previously limp hand had slowly intertwined its fingers with her own.


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