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Chapter 3

Yugi woke up the next morning, utterly confused about the dream he had last night. 'What was that all about? That boy looked like me. Even had the same name but he lived on the moon and I know in my whole entire life, I never visited the moon or was the Lupine Prince.' he thought before he spotted the note sitting on the nightstand. He picked it up and opened it.


I have left someone to watch over you. You could be in grave danger with the bracelet you have on. Make sure no one of evil intentions finds you or I may not be there to help you again. His name is Gris and he will not harm you in any way. I hope to see you again one day.

Night Wolf, Vigilante of the Wolves of the Four Moons' The note read and Yugi smiled.

'I wish I can thank him again but who could possibly be after me and this bracelet.' Yugi thought as he looked down to the Gold Moon Bracelet. 'There must be something about it. I hope I can find out what it could be.' he thought once more as he got up and went to look for Gris.

Downstairs, Gris was holding a silver tray holding a bowl filled with cereal and a glass of orange juice. He was about to head upstairs when Yugi came towards the stairs. /Ah, there you are, Yugi. I was just fetching some breakfast for you./ Gris said as he walked upstairs. He nodded with a smile and took the tray from Gris.

"Thank you, Gris." Yugi said. They headed up to Yugi's room and sat down on the bed. Yugi started to eat his cereal before looking to Gris again. "So, why did Night Wolf leave you here to watch over me? I thought that he had more things to worry about other than me." Yugi questioned.

/He does but you're special in your own way. That bracelet you wear is a sacred item to the Wolves of the Four Moons. It was something the Silver Wolf granted him and the Crimson Moon Wolf so they can find their lost loved one once more since he was to be reborn once more but his memory of his past was erased so he wouldn't know nothing about it. They are still looking now but they also have the Equine King to worry about./ Gris explained and he nodded.

"Who is the Equine King?" Yugi asked before he finished up with his cereal and took a sip of his orange juice.

/The Equine King is the codename of Pegasus, the King of a distant planet that no one knows of. It was said to be made especially for him, that's why no one knows of it. He came to the moon prince's palace once in the past and asked for the boy's hand in marriage but he declined and in his jealous rage, killed the moon wolves which you know now as the Wolves of the Four Moons but they came back because of the prince's love for them.

/He came back once more on their wedding day and killed off the prince so the moon wolves wouldn't have no one to protect and came to earth, hoping to find the prince's reincarnation.

/Using the five items of the moon will help him succeed but the Wolves of the Four Moons won't let him achieve that goal if they can find the items before him. So far, from what I know, they have two along with Pegasus. The Scarlet Phoenix and Sapphire Dragon is looking for the Red Moon Pendant which only leaves the bracelet. The vigilantes want to protect you as much as they can so you won't be taken by him and be mistaken for the prince unless we're sure that you could be him./ Gris continued and he nodded once more, recalling the dream he had the night before.

'He may be right, the moon prince looked like me and if he's right, I'm the reincarnated prince and the Wolves of the Four Moons are looking for me. But they don't know I'm him until they are sure by using the items. I know I can't do much but I will do anything I can to try and help them out.'

He looked down for a second before turning back to Gris. "Gris, if the moon items are sacred, shouldn't certain people be able to see them?" Yugi asked and he nodded. /Yes, anyone of Cosmos royalty of the six planets from the ancient past are able to see them along with the moon prince who was granted the ability once he was of age to learn of his past./ Gris said.

'Then it is true, I am the moon prince or as of now, the Lupine Prince.' Yugi thought before getting up. "Thanks for telling me this, Gris. Now I know who to watch out for. Anyways, I best be heading to school and you should come with me just in case something happens." Yugi said and he nodded as he got up as well and they both left out from the game shop.

When they made it to school, Gris stayed outside while Yugi headed inside and to his locker. He opened it and found a box wrapped in gold paper sitting inside. He pulled it out and opened it, taking out the note.


I want you to have this. It's something special that will tell us if you are in any danger that Gris cannot handle. We want to do everything to protect you now that you have the Gold Moon Bracelet. We will always watch over you, Yugi. If you wish to see us, just say so and we'll be there.

P.S.- We took you out from the rest of the school year until everything with Pegasus and the finding of our prince is done. We wish to not involve anyone else as much as possible.

Night Wolf'

Yugi placed the note away and took out the item that rest on the scarlet velvet in the box. It was a pendant with a charm in the shape of a howling wolf. The gold chain was connected to a white gem that represented the moon. He smiled at the gift given to him and placed the pendant on before leaving. He told Gris of what happened and he nodded as Yugi climbed onto his back and he headed off back to the game shop.

In another part of the city, Bakura and Crimson were out to find the Gold Moon Bracelet once more. Bakura was still wary about whether he was right about Ryou being the Neptune Prince. 'I still don't want to find out. If I'm right then Pegasus can forget about me ever helping out again if it means I'll have to kill him.' Bakura thought before the jewel started to glow softly.

"Crimson, the jewel. Its glowing. That must mean the bracelet is nearby." Bakura said and Crimson came over as well. "Where is it pointing to?" he asked. He moved the jewel around him until it started to glow more. "That way. Looks like Pegasus will get his little moon prince soon." Bakura murmured as they started to make their way towards the game shop.

Yami looked up when he felt magic breezing by. 'That can only be Pegasus' magic. He must've made a tracking device to track the bracelet. From what Aqua told me, the boy he helped holds it now.' he thought before he got up and changed into his wolf form before running towards the shop, hoping to reach it before whoever is going after it gets there first.

Gris sat in the room as Yugi started to clean up a bit. He too felt the magic breezing by and it made his fur stand on end at the thought of who was coming to try and take the bracelet, and maybe Yugi with it. 'I have to keep myself alert so Yugi won't be taken.' Gris thought. 'Hopefully Yami or Aqua gets here to drive them off. I heard about Pegasus' lackeys and I won't be able to take them all on my own.'

"Well, that takes care of this room. Come on, Gris. Let's head downstairs." Yugi said and he nodded as he followed him downstairs. when they got down there though, Gris felt something was about to happen and grabbed onto Yugi before heading into the kitchen.

The window was busted open and Bakura jumped in. He sniffed around lightly before taking the jewel out from his pocket and saw it was glowing more brightly than before. "The bracelet's in here somewhere. Search this place high and low. We're not leaving without that bracelet and we best not have any problems." Bakura said and Crimson nodded as they started to search.

Yugi was quiet as Gris made his way through the kitchen and towards the back door. "Who are they?" he asked quietly. /They're the Black Cobra and Bronze Jackal. They're here for the bracelet so we best get moving and find the Night Wolf or Crimson Moon Wolf to take care of them./ Gris said and Yugi nodded, remembering what Ishizu told him about them.

Gris left out the back door and leapt onto a nearby roof. Back inside the shop, Bakura noticed the jewel's glow was starting to fade. "Whoever has the bracelet is leaving. Come on, we can't lose them." he said and Crimson nodded as they both ran out and followed them.

They continued on their way and soon saw another figure coming towards them. Gris was prepared to defend Yugi but saw it was a white and crimson wolf. /Crimson Moon Wolf! I'm so glad to see you. We need your help. The Black Cobra and Bronze Jackal has some magic that is locating the bracelet and I can't keep away from them for too long. If I didn't encounter you, Yugi would've been taken at the most with the bracelet./ Gris said.

Yami nodded. "Thank you for watching over him. The Night Wolf should be somewhere around here so look for him and he'll watch over Yugi for you. I might need your help to track these two down if they run off." Yami said and he nodded as he ran off and Yami stood on the roof, prepared to fight Bakura and Crimson when they get here.

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