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Summary: When Drake sneaks out to a party he's not supposed to go to and alcoholic beverages are involved Josh takes care of Drake. Drake wants to pay Josh back but Josh is mad at him and wont speak to him because Drake hadn't told his parents. Then if things couldn't get worse Drake gets in to even more trouble! Will Josh help him out? Or will he let Drake get what he "deserves?"

I've Got Your Back

"Please?"Drake begged for the fifth time. In the Parker/Nichols living room Drake is on his knees looking up at his mom and it's Friday afternoon. "Drake your not going to that party and thats final!"yelled Audrey(Drakes mom).

"Please mom please! If you let me go to this party I'll never use your toothbrush to clean in between my toes again!"said Drake.

"You used my tooth brush for what?"cried Audrey in horror.

Mr.Nichols came in brushing his teeth. "Honey I used your toothbrush today. I couldn't find mine!...It takes kind of odd." He said and walked back into the bathroom.

Audrey had a look of horror stuck on her face. "Drake."she said. "Mom please let me go to the party. I'll do anything."Drake said.

"Drake your not going to that party."said Audrey. "Why not?"Drake whines giving her puppy dog eyes. "Drake all those friends of yours are older than you. Some of them old enough to drink. I know how older boys and girls are. They do drugs and I don't want you getting pressured into that."said Audrey.

"Come on Mom! I'm more responsible then that! You know I wouldn't do something that stupid.."Drake said crossing his arms.

"Oh Honey I know you wouldn't. But peer pressure is a hard thing to deal with.."said Audrey. "Mom if your really worried Scottie and his older brother will be there"said Drake.

"Thats supposed to be reassuring?"she asked. "point."said Drake. "Look Drake your not going and thats final!"said Mrs.Nichols."Fine."snapped Drake angrily stomping up the stairs.

"I keep telling you he's bad!"said Megan. "Josh!"yelled Audrey. Josh runs in wearing an apron and holding a duster and wearing head phones. "What are you doing you boob? Your not grounded! Is he?"asked Megan.

"No he's not."said Audrey looking amused.

"I like cleaning thank you very much."said Josh.

"Your father and I are going away for the weekend. Be nice to your sister. And watch your brother."said Audrey planting a kiss on Josh's forehead than doing the same to Megan. "You will watch these two for me wont you?"she asked.

"Oh Yes mommy. I will."said Megan tossing Josh an evil smile. Mr.Nichols comes in giving Josh and Megan a hug. "Where is Drake?"he asked.

"He's upstairs in his room. He's upset because I wont let him go to that party with his friends and Scotty's older brother."said Mrs.Nichols. "He will get over it."said Mr.Nichols and the two left.

Megan smiled darkly. "Well Josh, were going to have a lot of fun this weekend."she said smiling darkly.

" BACK DEMON!"cried Josh tickling her with the duster.

Megan laughed. "s-stop your tickling m-me!"she said laughing.

"HA HA I FOUND THE DEMON'S WEAKNESS!"said Josh triumphantly chasing Megan around the house.

Meanwhile Drake played his guitar sitting on his bed. "It's not fair."he said to himself. "She treats me like I'm a little kid. I wouldn't do something stupid like that."he said playing his guitar louder. He decided to go down the stairs and see what torture Megan was inflicting on Josh and watch.

He went down the stairs and saw the two sitting side by side laughing holding their sides. "Are you two actually getting along?"Drake asked.

"Of course not you boob."snapped Megan standing up. Her face was red from laughing. "I am going to my room."she announced and went upstairs. Drake sat next to Josh.

"Bummed out because you can't go to that party?"asked Josh.

"Yeah."sighed Drake.

"Well Mom is right. You shouldn't go to that party. It's not a good place for you."said Josh.

"Yes Mr.Mom."said Drake.

"Drake don't be like that. Look we'll have lots of fun tonight and I'll make you forget all about that dumb old party!"said Josh. Drake felt a little better.

"Okay what are we going to do?"asked Drake.

"Well-"said Josh and he ran upstairs. He came back down with yarn. "I thought it would be cool if I taught you how to knit! We can make sweaters!"He said.

"Your joking right?"asked Drake raising his eyebrows.

"Nope. We could knit all night! ALL NIGHT!"said Josh delighted. Drake shook his head.

He was saved by a loud knocking on the door. "You stay here Josh I'll get it."said Drake.

He opened the door it was Scottie. "Hey Drake. Just came to make sure you were coming to the party."said Scottie.

"Aw man. I can't. My parents said I couldn't go."said Drake looking at the ground.

"Where are your parents?"asked Scottie. "Oh there gone for the weekend."said Drake.

"This is gold dude!"said Scottie.

"Eh?"said Drake.

"You can go to the party with out them ever finding out!"said Scottie.

"No can do. Brother Hubbard in there will flip."said Drake.

"Who?"asked Scottie.

Drake sighed. "Josh! It was a joke man. You know that old rhyme about Mother Hubbard? Well Brother Hubbard get it?"said Drake.

"Your brother was in a nursery rhyme?"asked Scottie.

"Never mind. Let me make it simple! Me Drake. Brother Josh wont let Drake leave!"said Drake talking like a caveman.

"Sneak out."said Scottie with a shrug.

"Sneak out?"repeated Drake.

"Thats what I said didn't I?"said Scottie. Drake considered this.

"Look your parents are gone and we know how much of a deep sleeper Josh is it will work perfectly."said Scottie.

"Great man. I'll be there!"said Drake.

"Good man...be where?"asked Scottie scratching his head.

"At the party."said Drake.

"AH COOL! Your coming to the party?"cried Scottie excited.

"Shut up Josh will hear. Just GO!"said Drake pushing Scottie out the door and closing it. He turned around and was face to face with Josh.

"I'm not letting you go to that party Drake! Even If I have to stay awake all night! I have eyes like a hawk."said Josh.

"Don't worry man I'm not going anywhere."said Drake.

Josh squinted at him trying to tell if Drake was lying or not. "Really?"asked Josh.

"Really really."said Drake.

"Good!"sighed Josh in relief. "Want to knit?"asked Josh.

"No. But you can knock yourself out!"said Drake.

Josh went into the living room. Drake went into the kitchen and grabbed a bag full of cheetos. "Hello Beautiful."he said to the bag and dug his hand into it. "Man if I told Josh gullible was written on the ceiling he'd look up."said Drake laughing to himself. He would get to that party no problem.

He frowned. He couldn't take his hand out of the bag. Drake pulled but was not successful. "MEGAN!"he yelled. Megan appeared laughing.

"Oh that never gets old!"she said.

"What kind of glue did you use?"asked Drake pulling harder.

"Oh it wasn't glue at least not all glue. It's cement and glue."said Megan.

Drake scowled.

"Better get your hand out before the cement dries."said Megan and she started laughing as Drake struggled to get his hand out before the cement dried. Megan cackled and ran off. "JOSH!"Drake yelled.

Two hours later.

"Finally we got your hand free from the cement. Where did Megan get cement anyway?"Josh asked.

Drake looked at his hand which was sore and red. "Who knows. This is Megan were talking about."said Drake.

"We need to get her back."said Josh.

"Huh?"said Drake.

"we need to out prank the prankster!"said Josh a determined look in his eyes.

"How are we going to do that Josh? She's the master of evil."said Drake.

"Remember my mid evil mini catapult?"Josh asked.

"Yeah I was using it to fire gum into my mouth the other day why?"Drake asked.

Well we set that up in front of her door. We put water balloons on it full of glue.Eventually she will leave her room. We are both there waiting. One of us with a bag full of feathers and the other fires the catapult once the door opens and then the one with the bag pours the feathers on her!"said Josh.

Drake blinked. "You think it will work?"he asked smiling devilishly.

"Brother I know it will work!"said Josh. We will get our revenge. REVENGE!"said Josh.

"Shh Here Megan comes."hissed Drake.

Megan marched down the stairs staring at them. "I see you got your hand free Drake."said Megan with a grin.

Drake glared.

"I'm going over my friend Sarah's house. I'll be back in about an hour."she announced and left.

Drake looked at Josh. "Setting the catapult in front of the door will work too."said Josh.

"Alright I'll fill the balloons with glue."said Drake.

"I'll get the catapult."said Josh laughing evilly.

"Don't do that."Drake said.

"alright."sighed Josh.

About forty five minutes later the two are waiting at the door. Josh ready to fire the catapult and Drake waiting with a bag full of feathers. "This is going to be great."said Drake.

"I know."said Josh. He gave Drake a camera to take a picture after throwing the feathers."This will be perfect for blackmail!"

"No kidding."

"Shh... Someones coming."said Drake laughing. He opened the bag full of feathers that they had gotten from random pillows that weren't needed. There was a knock on the door.

"Why on earth is she knocking?"Drake asked.

"Maybe the door is locked. Just open the door. I'll fire than you throw and then take the picture."said Josh readying the catapult.

Drake opened the door backed up and Josh fired the catapult. The figure screamed as she got hit with five water balloons full of glue. "uh Drake?"said Josh.

"Take this!"yelled Drake dumping the feathers over the figure. "Smile pretty Megan!"said Drake and he snapped a picture with the camera. Then he looked in horror. The figure covered in white feathers was to tall to be Megan.

"erm it's not Megan."said Josh.

"Ya think!"cried Drake.

"Drake."The person drawled.

Drake gulped. It was the voice of the teacher that hated him Mrs. Hafer. She stepped in and it was indeed Mrs. Hafer.

Josh squeaked. "Mrs. Hafer! This is a slight misunderstanding!"

"Slight?"asked Drake.

Mrs.Hafer glared at them. "Um... Mrs. Hafer what are you doing here?"asked Drake.

"I hate you."

"I know."

"I came because my daughter wanted to give you this."Mrs. Hafer said handing Drake an envelope covered in feathers and glue.

"um...thanks."said Drake putting the sticky envelope on the table.

"Well um Mrs.Hafer why didn't your daughter Kelly come?"asked Josh.

"She is at her friends. I was supposed to hand this to Drake in class today but wasn't there because of an un-expected meeting. So I thought I would drop by and give it to you."said Mrs. Hafer.

"Um...what did it say?"asked Drake.

"It was an invitation to her Birthday Party this Sunday. A very special Birthday Party. Her sweet sixteen. And for some strange reason she wants you to go...It must be a sign of the Apocalypse. Anyway you must go because I want my daughter to be happy. You will not mess up her birthday party or I will shatter everything you hold dear, and your life will be nothing but melancholy."

Drake blinked.

"You don't know what melancholy means do you?"

"does it have to do with melons?"

"You will go to Kelly's birthday party and you will not mess it up and you will get her a great gift and make her happy. And if you screw this up I will fail you!"yelled Mrs.Hafer.


"FAIL YOU!"she cried.

"Yes Ma'am."


"Um we thought you were someone else."said Drake.

She glared at them. "I am leaving. I hate you Drake."

"I know."

Mrs. Hafer left ranting about how she hated Drake.

Megan walked in. "Who was the giant chicken?"