TitleThis year's love

Author: Chacha

E-mail: PG-13

Category: Jake & Hamilton

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Summary: It's about J/H go find out!

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Author's Note: Thanks for all the readers out there, hope you enjoy. This one is for you Susana and Shabana. Let's just keep Jake & Hamilton's endless love!

Am I dreamin' or stupid?
I think I've been hit by Cupid
But no one needs to know right now

Hamilton dragged Jake to her room; he had to half-carry her since she was not able to walk steadily. She had drunk too much that night at the party that Bella invited them to. He had asked her to go with him since both of them were going solo. They went together but he ended up worrying about her. She was a little bit out of it, when she started to blurt out some things like "Hey, HAMilton, you wanna dance...how sweet of you to have invited me tonight…" He just grabbed her by her arm and took her to her room.

He felt a little guilty for having let her drink that much. He was also afraid of going with Jake to her room, the idea of the two of them being together alone in the middle of a night scared him shitless. Spending time with Jake was nice. However, he could not get that damned kiss out of his mind and he wanted to do it again, to see if it felt the same way.

"Come on Jake, help me here," He told Jake "We're finally in your room," He said putting her gently on her bed.

She rolled over and thrashed about in her bed, slurring, "I'm sorry…I'm sorry Hamilton…" Profusely apologetic, she begged, getting up with difficulty from the bed to pitch forward into his arms. Hamilton was confused, Jake was talking over his head; he could not understand a thing of what she was saying.

Jake was as beautiful as ever with that new T-shirt, she was attired in and that sat well on her, bringing out her mesmerizing hazel colored eyes. He was covertly admiring the pretty face of hers, long eyelashes dark against her pale cheeks; her nose was shiny under the ray of moonlight coming through the window.

'He is so beautiful, why does he always do this to me? God I just wanna…NO, I can't. I threatened him and I can't do this to him…Jake, why now of all times…? Why in God's name are you doing this to me…I can't stand more than that…It's killing me inside…I'm getting soft here; I'm tired that's why can't think straight. Yeah I'm sure that's it… Oh, God I'm totally losing it. I have to get outta here before I do something stupid…'

Hamilton pulled back and broke away from Jake's grasp to turn to the door when she seized hold of his arm,

"No, not just yet, HAM…"She stated, stressing the three letters of his name, not wanting to let go of him. He looked back at her gloomily.

"You sooooo…don't know Hamilton…" He looked at her questioningly 'What is he talking about?'

"Wha…what? You're completely out of it. You don't even know what you're saying." Jake walked over to her stereo and turned the CD player on, when the song started to fill the silence.

Together--midnight in summer
The air's so much warmer

"Jake, I can't believe you listen to this kind of music!" He sniggered.

She drew nearer to him again, struggling to pull her jacket off as he helped her to. She smiled at him and went on "If only you knew…you have noo idea …," She laughed, swaying her body in time to the music.

Hamilton did not know what to reply and waited for Jake to carry on, feasting his eyes on her careless grace. He reached out and made a lunge for her, just in time, to catch her as she staggered over to him, and he found himself pulled along; his arms wrapped around her.

Falling in love under starlight
Holding on so tight--together

Looking deep into her eyes, he saw a strange glint in them.

'Gosh, he is radiantly beautiful… how could a GUY be that fragile, that small, that smooth and so cute…!' carried away by the music, at that very moment, he unconsciously tightened his arms around her waist pushing her closer to him. Sensing her breath and scenting her sweetness, he did not want to let go of her, noticing to himself how extremely skinny she actually was, It felt good, warm and so right.

I won't leave you lonely tonight
I want you to hold me all night

It's gonna be alright

I won't leave you lonely tonight

Being soft on Jake and feeling drawn to her, he couldn't resist, in a moment of weakness he reached to brush the bangs away from her eyes and contrary to all expectations, he crushed his lips on Jake's and kissed her. Just one soft kiss; tasting the same feel he got that first time their lips touched.

Pulling back gently with her eyes heavy with sleep, Jake just rested her head on his shoulder, whereas Hamilton remained entranced by the innermost feelings rushing through his veins, his mind was in turmoil. He could not move, could not even speak.

Imagine--the air filled with jasmine
The breeze blows with passion
You and me dance with desire
The moon is on fire--imagine

Hamilton, deeply shocked by what he had just done, was more worried about what was going to happen and how he was going to deal with it later when Jake was going to come back to consciousness.

Jake was going limp with tiredness on Hamilton's chest; he could tell she was asleep. He half-carried her to her bed, laid her down gently there and wrapped her up in a blanket then left, tottering out of her room.

Which will you go for

Which will you love

Which will you choose from

From the stars above

Rather than go home he made his way to the lake. He sat on the end of the dock gazing out into the still surface of the lake on which a shaft of moonlight was dancing. All by himself, he was thinking 'I know I'm not gay, but kissing Jake has made me feel for him', 'Once I'm near him; all those indescribable feelings come rushing back; oh God I can't even verbalise it, and that definitely proves the reverse!', 'But our friendship is more important to me.' Raising his eyes heavenwards, he wished upon a star he could have an answer to his question or rather find the question he was attempting to answer.

Which will you answer

Which will you call

Which will you take for

For your one and all

And tell me now

Which will you love the best.