Author's Note: This is the collection of drabbles I've done/will do at animorphs100 on Livejournal. If I do other (and, odds are, longer) drabbles, I'll add them to the collection. (For those of you who don't know, drabbles are like mini-fics, limited to only 100 words in length.) Hope you all enjoy them. This one was for the Meetings challenge.

Girl Meets Boy

He was a Fashion Disaster, Rachel thought, deciding that sweater was at least two sizes too big. The jeans? Way out of date. Hand-me-downs for sure.
She picked up the rest of the mess. Some math homework and what looked like a bad sci-fi novel. Poor guy had 'loser' written all over him.
He took the junk out of her hands, and right then, Rachel could've sworn she saw a bruise on his cheek. Her eyes widened.

Noticing her look, so did his, and he turned his face away. "Thanks, um..."
"Rachel." He smiled. "Jake's cousin, right? I'm Tobias."