Author's Note: For trelali, who wanted a Rachel-Marco friendship drabble with the premise: "Because I said no," plus a bossy Marco.

She was doing the Puppy Dog Eyes. I hate it when she does the Puppy Dog Eyes. "Marco, can't we--?"
"No," I crossed my arms and tried to look tough. Not so easy to do when you're only like... maybe the same height as someone, by the way.
"Puh-leeze?" Now she was flashing me that grin. Not the 'oh, I'm about to something reckless and violent that'll get us all killed' grin, but the 'gosh, I'm an awfully cute blonde girl, aren't I?' grin. Which might've worked before I dated a lot of pretty blonde girls.

Okay, it still kind of worked. A little. But don't tell Rachel or Tobias that.

"No. You can't just enslave a species like that. Isn't that what we fought a war for?"
Rachel rolled her eyes. "I'm not enslaving them, they want to follow me. Besides, they're Helmacrons, who'll miss them?"
I tried to puff out my chest. Keyword, tried. "Rachel."
She just grinned. "Marco. Come on, I came back from the dead! Don't I deserve a cult of little midgets? I so deserve midgets."