Gem: New story because I'm brain dead on all my other ones. This one is also AU. It technically takes place where I live but there's still magic.

Here's how the schedule works.

Period and Time

1: 7:30-8:23

2: 8:27-9:14

3: 9:18-10:05

Lunch A 10:09-10:47

4: 10:51-11:38

5: 11:42-12:29

6: 12:33-1:20

7: 1:24-2:15

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"Hey Gem! Wait up!" yells Garnet.

I stop and look back. Garnet's on of my best friends and a white mage just like me. Though I do envy the fact that her hair reaches her butt. Mine just makes it down to the middle of my back. We're the same age and have had countless people mistake us for sisters. Probably because of the hair color and our soft brown eyes.

"So what's up?" I ask as she catches up.

"Didn't ya hear? Zidane wants me as his girlfriend!"

"Yer kiddin' aren't ya? I can't believe my cousin asked you out. He always seemed to act like he was better than you."

The bus came and we got on and sat in the back. Since we were juniors and currently the oldest people on the bus, not counting the driver, we could pull rank like that. None of us actually cared about the whole pulling rank thing though.

"You gonna sleep again this mornin'?" asked Rikku.

Rikku was always peppy and I have no idea how she does it especially at seven in the morning. Her long blond hair is always pulled into a messy ponytail that somehow looks good on her. Not that I swing that way of course. Her hair also makes her bright green eyes seem even brighter.

"A'course I am. Now let me sleep."

I close my eyes and listen to the quiet chatter of my friends. Yuna and Tidus had hooked up over the weekend. Rikku had mutually broken up with her boyfriend, and they were still friends. Yuna is Rikku's cousin, and they're almost best friends with each other. It's sometimes scary how close they are. But then again, I'm in no place to talk because I'm close to my own cousin.

Yuna definitely has the shortest hair out of all the girls because it barely reaches her chin but it's really soft. I've done her hair a few times when she needed it back. The best part that we all love is her two different colored eyes. A pretty green eye like Rikku's and a startling blue one. Like me and Garnet, Yuna's also a white mage. It comes in handy sometimes.

Tidus is Yuna's girlfriend and an awesome friend of mine. He's well built and has the prettiest blue eyes I've ever seen. Add to that very messy blond hair and he looks amazing. I know at least one girl who's jealous of Yuna. But we can't help our group and their mentality.

I wake up enough to look at Lulu. Lulu is an interesting person and also happens to have the most rational head on her shoulders. We have no clue how long her hair actually is because we've never seen it down. She normally holds it up with two chopsticks and that's it. I know that she's managed to creep quite a few people out with her patented red-eyed glare. I also know that she's hiding one of her magic dolls up her skirt. I don't think I've ever seen her wear pants except in Gym. Did I forget to mention that she's a black mage? But back to me harassing her about Wakka.

"Hey, what's goin' on with you and Wakka? He was starin' at yer rear the other day."

Wakka hangs out with us sometimes, mainly when our boyfriends aren't around. We make him feel awkward since he's currently single but I'm fairly sure that he has a giant crush on Lulu. One of these days I'll try to get it out of him. I also have yet to figure out how he gets his fiery-red hair to stand straight up with no gel whatsoever. Yuna and I petted it one day just to find out. Oh, I forgot to mention that Yuna, Rikku, Tidus, Wakka and Lulu are in my grade too.

Wakka was waiting for us as we got off the bus. He had a car and his license already so he could drive to school.

"Did ya all see there's two new kids here? Think they'll appreciate someone to show them around, ya?"

"Most like. Marcus!" I squeal and run to give him a hug.

"How long have they been going out?" asks Yuna, then, "Tidus!"

Wakka looks strangely uncomfortable but we drag him with us to our lockers. I notice Lulu looking at Wakka and poke Marcus to see if he notices. He does and then grabs my books for me. That's the main reason I love him. He's a modern day gentleman. Heck, he even opens doors for people who could be his grandmother.

"Um…excuse us but could you lease tell us where locker 2069 is?" asks a young blue-haired blue-eyed girl. Standing next to her is a red-haired boy with red eyes. Given the placement of their lockers, I'd guess that they're juniors.

"It's right here," I say pointing at the locker next to mine. Then I notice Marcus and the new boy staring at each other.



"What the hell is goin' on?" I ask and then receive a weird look from Yuna. "What? I normally say hell."

Marcus has finally come out of his trance and turns to us.

"Blank, when did you come here? I haven't seen you in around five or six years."

"Mum decided to move here and regrets not being able to keep you in California all those years ago."

"Marcus, you never told me you had a brother," I say sweetly as I snuggle up against him.

"I'll tell you tonight, 'kay?" he replies.

I respond by snuggling closer.

The bell rings and we all head off. We learn that the girl's name is Ruby and she comes with all of us to Database/PowerPoint. All the guys have Gym so they walk us down to the middle hallway downstairs.

Maybe I should explain who all is in our group. There's me of course, my boyfriend, Marcus, my cousin, Zidane, his girlfriend and my best friend, Garnet, Zid and Marcus's friends consisting of Cinna, Wakka, and Tidus, and my friends consisting of Lulu, Rikku, and Yuna. Yuna and Tidus are going out and something is developing between Wakka and Lulu. Today we added Ruby and Blank into our group and they seem quite happy with that.

You probably have no idea what my cousin and the rest of my friends look like. Well, let's start with Zidane. He's almost exactly like Marcus in personality. We're very close and have been since we were born even though he's a year older than me. Like Tidus, he has messy blond hair that never stays put and bright blue eyes. He also has a monkey tail and I still have no idea where he got one. The rest of our family doesn't.

Marcus is next. He's my boyfriend and like I said before, very sweet. He can pull off the long haired look very well. I like his hair because it's also soft. He's a year older and I met him through my cousin. Marcus is a bit bigger guy but is a giant teddy bear underneath. He's also like a brother to Zidane.

Cinna and Zidane go way back. They drifted apart for a bit but now that they're in high school, they're really good friends. I think the year difference affected them in middle school which made them drift apart. For some odd reason, Cinna likes to shave his head but it also brings out just how dark his eyes really are. I'm hoping to goodness that he never gets a concussion. You can't tell where his irises end and pupils begin.

"Do what you've been doing every day," says our teacher, Miss Kattana.

"Which is…?" Ruby asks.

No one answers that and Lulu pulls her to the front of the class.

"Miss Kattana, Ruby's new here," says Lulu.

She leaves Ruby there and comes back to our area. We spend the class working on our projects until the bell rings. We then all separate for our next class, math. Lulu, Yuna, Zidane, Garnet, and I are all in AP Calc AB. The rest go to Trig/PreCalc. (a/n AP is advanced placement. Calc is calculus, AP Calc AB is year one of college Calculus, Trig/PreCalc is trigonometry and pre-calculus))

"Dang, forgot we had a test," says Zidane.

All us girls sigh and grin. The girls had studied, but I was nervous.

(Between 2nd and 3rd period)

"How'd you think you did?" asks Garnet as we walk back downstairs. (a/n How'd is how do. Yes, I talk weird. I'm quite aware of it)

"I'm not gonna talk about it," I say. "I might jinx myself."

"I could do that for you."

"No thanks Lu. I don't wanna have some other mage I don't know revivin' me."

Marcus and I are the band dorks of the bunch. He and I are low brass people except that's where we differ. I'm a baritone horn or euphonium player. I go by whatever the music says. Marcus plays a trombone. Though somehow the baritones managed to get kicked out of the low brass. That still makes me wonder what exactly they did.

We didn't talk at band camp but ended up sitting next to each other in class. One day he worked up enough courage to talk to me and did so after class.


"Hey. You seem upset. Wanna talk about it?"

"Close but no cookie," I tell him. "Annoyed. Very annoyed. At guess who? Mike."

He laughs some and tells me not to worry.

"Can I ask you something while we're back here?"

Here is where I store my instrument. Basically, we're in a practice room behind our director's office.

"Shoot," I say.

"Well, I…uh…really like you even though I haven't really talked to you recently."

I grin and hug him. He seems surprised and then relaxes. It's the end of class so I can do that.

End Flashback

Soon after that we started to go out. We kept it quiet so very few people knew. Most they knew was that we were good friends except for Zidane because he and I are so close.

We grab our stuff and then start talking about the limo plans.

"Who's in charge of it now?"

"I think Athene is. I got too busy so I handed it back to her."

Athene is another good friend of mine. She's in my grade and some mornings I hang with her.

We shut up as Uncle Nicky comes in. He's our director and hasn't been real pleased with us recently. We don't call him that to his face though. Thankfully, almost everyone behaves and class goes smoothly. The bell rings, and we rejoin our group.

"Is Uncle Nicky still mad?" asks Zidane with a big grin as we stop at the senior lockers.

"Nope. Actually he wants to know what we're eatin' for breakfast," I say with a small laugh.

We then head on to the junior lockers. We can spend a while doing this since for us, it's lunch time and our table is saved.

"Hey Gem."

"Hi John," I say as I high five him. I think he likes me but I already have Marcus.

"He's a nice kid. Why don't you talk to him more?" asks Rikku.

"I agree with you but he's also a jock," I reply. "C'mon. Let's move. We'll finish this conversation at lunch."

My lunch table is very enjoyable especially with the crazy but lovable band people at the next table. (a/n band people are nuts! Trust me. I'm one of them)

I sit close to the exit and allow my left arm elbowroom. Marcus is on my right, then Garnet and then Zidane. Across from me is Nicole, yet another friend of mine. She's also extremely shy and I've spent the last three years trying to get her to open up more. She does have an amazing wit though. To her left sits Yuna, then Tidus, then Wakka and Lulu, and Rikku's on the end with her ex-boyfriend, Eric, across from her. Ruby sits down next to Rikku and Blank next to Eric. We switch seats once we finish our lunches. Our books are set next to Ruby and Blank so that we can easily talk during lunch. Cinna won't join our group again until Euro because he has the second lunch. (a/n AP European History. It's a junior only class)

"Who all's going in the limo?" asks Yuna. Our limo plans have been going since around February or March.

"There's me and Marcus, you and Tidus, Wakka and Lulu, and Rikku and Eric in one. Athene and Tim, Constance and Logan, and Katherine in another. Our little mornin' group will meet over at my place at four and then it's over to Constance's for the limos," I reply.

"Can we join your group?" asks Ruby.

"I'll talk to Athene but it shouldn't be a problem."

Lunch continues and then onto figuring out bizarre Physics homework. We all normally finish lunch in less than a half hour so that left us about fifteen minutes for homework. The bell rings and all of us except for Nicole head to Physics.

We get the answers to the homework and realize that half of it makes no sense. The time passes quickly and we figure out where we went wrong.

The juniors won't see the seniors until seventh because our next two classes are for juniors only. Cinna meets up with us at our lockers and waits as we grab our stuff.

"What's the teacher like?" asks Blank.

"The bigger question is, is she there?"

"Yeah, she is. Or are you blind to the world because yer desperately in love with my companion here?" I ask as I throw an arm around Yuna's shoulders and grin evilly at Tidus. Yuna's giggling and I can hear more behind me.

""Hey!" he yells only to get interrupted by Wakka.

"…Is for horses." (a/n Those lines are stolen from a friend)

We all laugh and grab our books. The class is small enough to allow for a classroom and a home set of books. The AP exam is soon or rather sooner than we think so we've been moving through the book. We discuss the homework questions thoroughly so it takes the whole period.

Next class is English. Tidus and I drag Ruby and Blank to the front of the class and introduce them to Ms. Mario. We know that she's going to get married soon and it seems like all the girls are excited for her.

We learned that we had to write a dumb ballad on Huck Finn and it was due the next Friday. I managed to write mine and sadly, it's the best piece of poetry I've ever written. (a/n yes, it does stink!)

Might as well show you it.

Huck was very keen

And he did not want to be seen

So he paddled over to a town

In a woman's gown

Huck walked a lonely path

Not wishing for a bath

All he wanted was some tidings

And then he would do his biddings

Huck met a kind dame

Who's arm was lame

He could swing a bat

And proved he could hit a rat

Now his cover was blown

And he wished he could've flown

Out of harm's way

And into the bay

The woman proved kind

And offered to help him out of his bind

She gave him some tips on how to be a girl child

So that he wouldn't appear so wild

Bring the thread to the needle

And scream when you see a beetle

You'll fool almost everyone

And have a lot of fun

Miss the rat

And prove that you can't bat

Everything will be fine

And no one will whine

This is all she said

And it stuck in his head

He also learned that he'd become bait

And was about to learn his fate

People had spotted his fire

And he was a know liar

He headed towards home

And then jumped in the river foam

Huck paddled away from the town

And tossed off the gown

He doused the fire

And is remembered as a liar.

That was a bad poem and we all laughed as we read each other's start in Study Hall. As usual, a dumb underclassman was trying to flirt with me. I have a boyfriend for Pete's sake! I watched Marcus get up, look the kid in the eye, and tell him to shut up. My group went into a fit of laughter and the kid got so mad.

"He's red as a lobster!" gasped Yuna.

"Redder!" yelled Tidus.

"He's a hot pressure valve!"

That was Rikku's statement, which didn't help my fit of laughter.

Lulu and Wakka looked calm but both were shaking with silent laughter. The rest of our group except for Ruby, Marcus, and Blank had run down to the bathrooms since they were laughing that hard.

"Is this typical?" asked Ruby.

"Oh, hell. This i'n't half of it," I said. (a/n i'n't means isn't)

"Half the time we go to the library because it's calmer there. But this is still funny. Marcus, you'd make a good bodyguard," said Rikku.

"Hey! Quit flirtin' with my boyfriend!"

"I agree," added Lulu.

"Me too!"

"Quit stealin' my boyfriend!" I yelled at Rikku, Lulu, and Yuna.

The other side of the classroom was now staring at us like we were nuts. I heard a quiet 'No wonder they avoid us' from someone on the other side of the room. This random argument lasted all the way home and even the people on the bus were staring at us.

Everyone had come over to my house to try and do Euro homework and then all the girls were going shopping. Our Euro homework was finished in record time and we drove up to the Mall. (a/n I'm not kidding. That's what the local mall is called)

For the heck of it, we tried on prom dresses and laughed when stuff fit funny. We ran into the guys who wouldn't tell us what they were up to. But all the girls knew that the guys had gone suit shopping.

"Time to go," said Lulu at eight.

"Yeah. Probably a good idea," Yuna replied. "We're staying over at Gem's place tomorrow, right?"

"Yup. Don't forget movies and sleeping bags."

"What are we doing with the sleeping bags?" comes Zidane's voice over my phone. We'd called him to tell him our plan and to have him let the boys know about it.

"Yer dumb," I told him. "Remember when we were little and we'd unzip several sleeping bags and make a bed and blankets with them?"


I grin and the girls start laughing as we walk out of the mall. Tomorrow will be another day.

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