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It had been 2 weeks since the accident. The Titans were fighting a villain when they were ambushed and each hit with a red ray of light. One by one, they were turned into animals. Not just any animal though.


The villain got away before the Titans got over their shock and the Jump City police, mistaking them from husky's, shipped them away. Now they were in the last place the ever wanted to be.


Now on to the present...

Where are we?

Raven awoke to a land where it seemed the sun and moon were both up in the sky at once. Then she remembered. Looking down, she stared at her dark grey, almost black, paws. Other movement around her kept her from staring another minute. The other wolves were waking up. Beast Boy, or Gar, as they now referred to him now that he couldn't change to any animal, was stirring in his sleep next to her. Star and Robin were snuggled across from her. And Stone (Cyborg) was already awake, gazing out to the horizon.

Raven struggled to her paws. She was unused to using four legs to stand and everyone could tell. Gar was used to it as he used to use this body before and Star, Robin, and Stone had trouble has well but they used to play around on their hands and knees when they were kids. Another part of childhood Raven really wished she had had.

Gar was awake by now and got up to sit next to Stone and wait till they could go hunt. While they were wolves, Gar was leader. Or alpha male has Raven had read about. Robin and noticed straight away that he could not lead the team in this way so he handed the responsibility over to Gar. As surprised as Raven was, Gar was a good leader. He knew when to hunt and when to sleep and everyone agreed he was being much more mature.

Gar gave a single bark and set off across the tundra with Stone following. Raven hesitated. She looked back to Robin and Star who were still sleeping and wondered what to do. Should she join in the hunt or should she stay, watch over those two while they slept or wake them up. Raven thought the last one made most sense but she was unsure.

She heard a short howl and looked back to Gar and Stone. They had stopped. Raven kept her focus on Gar, waiting for an order, but he just gazed back at her waiting for her to make the decision for herself. Raven turned, gave each sleeping wolf a nudge and ran to catch up to the two on the horizon. When she reached them, Stone gave a loud bark of approval and wagged his tail. Raven trotted up to Gar's other side and looked up into his eyes for he was taller. His eyes were soft looking at her and he gave her a gentle nudge between her eyes. Then he walk on.

Raven and Stone followed behind. She could feel Stone watching her. She made sure to not make eye contact with him. She could sense that his own eyes were sparkling and she knew why. Gar had been doing that a lot. Watching over her and sleeping near her. He was always the one to rush to her aid when she was hit by a hoof of their prey. Stone had got on right away and Robin was starting realize what was going on though Star was still oblivious.

Later when they returned to where they had slept the night, they had had their fill and Stone and her were carrying a hare each in their mouths. That was one thing Raven was defiantly not letting Gar do for her. And that was do her share of work.

Robin and Star were up when they arrived back. Raven wandered away after she gave Star the arctic hare she had carried. Star's eyes were bright with news she had to share but right now Raven didn't want to hear it.

Around noon Gar sounded a call for a gather. The other three were already sitting around him and they were all waiting on her but she didn't care. She sat down in the space left for her and kept looking at the ground. She was waiting for a now familiar probe in her mind. She was the pack's voice. Sure they all communicated with gestures and sounds but they all relied on her and her alone to speak words. Raven was 5 voices in one.

Within seconds, she felt Gar voice enter her mind.

Please tell the others that we need to find a cave for the winter. We'll search until I give word and that we all need to stay close.

When no other words came to her mind, Raven delivered the message to the eagerly waiting three beside her. Gar could tell that Raven had spoke his message when Star started squirming in her seat and the other males looked back toward him. What worried Gar the most was that Raven was still gazing at the ground.

He knew Raven liked her privacy so he didn't question further. Turning, he started across the tundra at a run. His pack mates followed closely behind. He'd talk to Raven later...

It took them longer the he liked but when Robin finally found a cave big enough to hold at least three of them, Gar was relieved . Raven made a quick deal with him that if he and the guys brought back enough meat for two, then she and Star will make the underground cave big enough for six wolves, and then slipped down into the darkness with Star close behind.

A couple hours later, Gar and the guys brought back a caribou leg for the girlsWhen Robin placed the leg down, Gar called down into the opening. Star's head poked out. She was covered in fresh dirt. She barked happily when she saw them and called down to Raven to come up for dinner.

Star moved away from the opening and sat down beside Robin to touch noses and share scents. Raven's figure arose out of the cave in the same manner as Star. Covered head to toe in dirt and grim. Stone's sides shook to show that he was laughing and Raven gave him annoyed look and shook herself right under his nose. Stone gave a yelp and a sneeze and ran behind the wolf couple a little ways away.

Raven looked at Gar, who was the only one left near the cave. She sensed that he wanted to talk about the way she'd been acting but when he tried to place his voice in her mind, she walked back down into the cave. Gar followed.

The cave was huge! It was almost twice as big as it had been when they found it. Raven was sitting in the darkest corner, watching him. He walked over and touched noses with her, still gazing in awe around the room. She gave a silent yawn and curled up in a ball. Gar sat beside her for awhile, wondering if she was just resting her eyes for a minute then heading up to eat her dinner. She didn't wake up.

Gar layed down right next to her so that their fur was touching and began licking her ear. The movement awoke her and she drowsily lifted her head. Gently but firmly, he placed his voice inside her head and asked her when she was going to have dinner. She just looked at him sleepily and placed her fragile head back down on her front paws. Gar was persistent though and he kept nudging her and telling her that she needed food.

She didn't wake up again so Gar mentally gave up and began grooming her dark fur. His own grey fur still had a green tinge to it and made him glad that at least he wasn't all green, but he still wished for normal wolf fur like all the others. Robin had a almost pure white coat and Star was a variety of greys, whites, blacks, and browns. Stone was a mixed bunch of brown and black. But Gar loved Raven's fur the most. Just as he had loved her human figure before. In his mind he did not battle and lie to himself that he did harbor feelings for the dark beauty.

Raven was by far the darkest of all the wolves. Her fur was all black with a grey diamond on her forehead were her charka had been before. A perfect rare beauty.

Gar's train of thoughts was put on hold as the rest of his loyal pack members came filtering through the cave entrance. Gar nodded his head at each wolf as the lay down to rest. Star and Robin curled up near the entrance while Stone walked to a wide space and lay down. Then he flipped over on to his back and as time passed, small snores could be heard over in his direction.

Satisfied that all his pack was at peace, Gar lay down his head on Raven's back and went to sleep himself, wondering what would happen tomorrow...