LOTS of BB/Rae fluff with a little Star/Rob

the song I used is 'someone's watching over me' by Hilary Duff

What to do?

The next couple days weren't good. Because of the sudden appearance of the new member and the shocking news they were told, they'd lost track of the caribou migrations. The small rabbits and birds they found were not enough for 6 hungry wolves. Unlike the other packs, the Titans had no real territory. As Luna told, they were lucky they hadn't run into the pack that 'owned' this part of land. As Luna explained, was called the Flat Lands and this was Flat Tundra Pack's hunting grounds. The Titans had no choice but to stay where they were.

At the present, Luna was showing the Titans around. They only went as far as they dared. Star decided to stay back. She said she was to tired to keep up and wanted to catch up on some sleep. But her eyes still twinkled to Raven, reminding her she had news to share. With a quick nod of her head, Raven loped off after the other wolves who had already left.

Hey Rae, how's the headache?

Raven looked up when Gar's voice entered her thoughts. Last night she had told him she was slower and not as active because she kept getting headaches from so many people entering her mind.

Much better, thanks. I think I've come up with a solution too.

Oh? Tell me.

Most people who can read and speak into minds are born with it, but it's not impossible to teach...would you be up to it?

You bet! I'm sure the others would be too! How long do you think it'd take to learn?

Awhile, that's for sure, but if your all willing and concentrating, I think we might be able to squeeze it done a little bit.


Then, Gar saw the most amazing thing. Though he could not see it as he would if they were still humans, Raven smiled. At him. Gar's heart had flown away.

Suddenly, Raven's smiling eyes changed. Instead, worry and surprise filled them. Gar was so intent on Raven, that he didn't notice when Stone stopped walking in front of him to sniff at a bush. Gar crashed right smack into him. Both of them tumbled down a small slope in surprise. They landed with a 'thud' that sent little puffs of snow into the air around them as the other three wolves ran to catch up...

What a minute, snow?

Gar opened his eyes instantly. This wasn't right. It was supposed to be late spring, where did this snow come from? Looking at his friends reactions, he could tell they were wondering the same thing. Only when Raven gave him a nudge, did he realize he was still tangled with Stone, who was struggling to get up with Luna looking down worriedly at him.

When Gar was up on his paws again, he faltered a little. At first, he thought no one had noticed but Raven's next comment changed his opinion.

Walk much?

Her eyes were sparkling, which Gar knew that just meant she found that funny. He gave her a playful shove and went to stand beside Robin who was looking back up the slope. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Raven shake her head and trot to catch up to him. His heart, which seemed to be back in it's right place, gave a little flutter.

Robin was still staring up the slope...toward the Hollow. Turning to Raven, he spoke urgently, grabbing her attention,

I feel like Star's in trouble. We all need to go back.

Nodding slowly, she turned back to Gar and repeated the message. Gar nodded, and set out back up the slope, the rest following.

Catching up, Raven brushed her fur against Gar's to get his attention. When she did, she spoke her fears to him quietly,

I've heard a lot about how love can do strange things, like give a lover the instinct to tell when their partner is in trouble or hurt even...

Gar understood her without finishing. He sometimes felt like that about Raven herself.

By now, Stone and Luna were catching on that something was wrong, Robin was walking so fast that they all had to jog to keep up.

When the were closing in on the Hollow, all the peaceful aura they had just walked through seemed to vanish. The air was chilling and getting chillier...if not scarier. Raven pressed herself closer to Gar's side as the dark hole that was the entrance appeared at their paws. Without hesitating like the others, Robin disappeared down.

When all were down into the home they had come to care so much about, all eyes directed to Star. She was looking down but sitting facing them, almost as if she had known they were coming, and she probably did as she spoke in a voice quite unlike her own.

Six singles will become three,

The Eyes that See All has arrived

Those who save will have to save themselves

And all truths will be revealed.

Star looked up. A shiver ran down every living things spine at the sight of her sightless eyes. She spoke again but in a different voice yet again.

What ever you do, do not give up,

The only way the All Seeing Eyes can win

Is if all he wants is given

A certain bonded will bring the cure

A special child like no other

More are on the way.

Star regained control then... and collapsed onto the floor. Robin was instantly at her side.

Later that night, everyone was still worried. They were grouped together closer than usual, a sign that they were all either wary or afraid of what was to come. Star had regained conscious but refused to talk. Robin was at her side constantly, bending to her every will if she wanted. All she did was lay there, paws tucked neatly under, and stared straight ahead.

Shaking his head at everyone's behaviour, Gar spoke to Raven so they could all hear,

Rae, sing us a song.

Surprisingly, Raven didn't argue. She knew the perfect song. She only knew the chorus though. Taking a deep breath, she sang out in a clear, beautiful voice.

So I won't give up

No I won't break down

Sooner than it seems

Life turns around

So I will be strong

Even if it all goes wrong

When I'm standing in the dark

I'll still believe

Some one's watching over me.

Looking around her now, Raven smiled. They had all fallen asleep. Resting her head comfortably beside Gar's, she breathed in his scent and nestled of to the land of dreams herself.


longest chapter I've ever written...hope you enjoy! I'll put more action in next week