Title: Hungry?

Author: Shacky20

Rating: M

Summary: Post Hunger Artist - Nick got caught looking and Greg wants to share his lunch

Warning: Nick/Greg SLASH If it isn't your thing, them don't read

Disclaimer: Nope, nothing's changed, they still aren't mine. Just like to play with them sometimes


Nick's watching Greg as he sucks those long noodles, when he should really be making fun of Greg for acting like a kid trying to slurp up spaghetti. What grown man still eats that crap? But of course his mind is not focused at all on making fun of the man, his mind was completely elsewhere where Greg's eating choices were concerned. Inside his head all Nick is thinking about is watching Greg suck down those long noodles, his lips puckered so tight around the long strands. They way he hollows his cheeks out as he swallows them down. And now he's putting that fork back in that cup, and slowly opens his mouth to let them slide down that throat of his. All Nick can do is stare as Greg chews his lunch. He's is sure now that the Lab Tech is doing this on purpose, the way he's making those little noises as he's eating. And now there's a little drop of chicken broth barely hanging on his pouty lower lip. There is no way that the Texan is thinking about that drop of broth. And he is definitely NOT thinking about taking his thumb and sliding it along Greg's bottom lip and then tasting it for himself because it was just in Greg's mouth. But the thought of chicken broth mixed with Greg is so tempting he can barely resist.

No sir, he not thinking about that at all, there's a case, right, he's working on a case. Remember the pretty girl, model, because it's just Greg eating noodles and OH GOD, there goes that tongue, that gorgeous pink tongue to swipe off that golden liquid from Greg's lip, and now Oh Lord he's swallowing. How is he supposed to concentrate on work when Greg looks so damn sexy doing something as simple as eating. He's trying to act natural, have a conversation, but it's getting more and more difficult. So naturally when Greg walked away he couldn't help but look. He knew he shouldn't, but he just couldn't help himself. He usually wore that damn lab coat which hangs to his knees so no chance to see how those jeans hug his ass nice and tight, and just a small peek. Well OK, maybe not a small peek, maybe a lingering stare, but he can't blame himself. And what a mighty fine ass it is in those slightly worn ever so tight jeans. So, this isn't even his fault, it's Greg's. This is all his fault for eating those noodles in front of him, what the hell was Greg thinking. Nick looked and shook his head at his own weakness. And it isn't like he hasn't been throwing himself at me? There's no way that could all be in his head. He couldn't have been imagining those looks, the way the Tech could undress him with his eyes. Maybe that was just all wishful thinking on his part. Who the hell knows what goes on in the head of Greg Sanders? Oh Shit, he didn't just look back here, did he? He couldn't have seen me, staring, um peeking. If he did Nick knows the Tech wouldn't just let it go, so how was he going to get out of this one.

Greg knew Nick was leaning awfully close to him, all of a sudden very interested in his lunch. So, he took the opportunity to check another theory of his, that Nick Stokes did indeed want him. Greg made sure the CSI got a great view of his mouth, and he also make sure to take painstakingly slow bites of his lunch. He kept discreetly looking over at Nick to see where his eyes were focusing on. Greg was getting tired of this back and forth game that has been going on between the two the past three years, since Greg came to the lab. He was beginning to wonder if his incessant flirting was going unnoticed. He was starting to believe that he would have to throw himself across the lab station wearing nothing but his lab coat to get Nick's attention. But he was sure he caught Nick staring at his ass as he walked down the hall. Maybe the teasingly way he was eating had the desired effect on the CSI that Greg was looking for. Or maybe he had been wrong about Nick all along, but he didn't think so. The attraction was there, the way Nick would lean into him, and Greg could feel the heat off Nick's body. And that smell, God that smell, it always got under his skin. It wasn't colonge, or soap, he didn't know, but Nick always smelled so damn good. He was surprised he hadn't already grabbed Nick by the collar and laid one on him in front of the whole Crime Lab. He couldn't keep on like this, Greg wanted answers, he wanted Nick, and deep down he believed that Nick wanted him to. Now he just needed to find his answers.

Greg waited patiently in the Lab, watching the locker room closely. He saw Warrick, Sara, and Nick, head in there about fifteen minutes ago knowing the case had been wrapped up. Greg thought it was strange to have the victims own skin under her fingernails, but he never imagined what had actually transpired. Word had traveled fast once the CSI's figured out what had actually happened to that poor girl. So, now he was waiting, trying to make himself look busy. Sara had walked out about five minutes ago, and now all he needed was for Warrick to leave to finally make his move. So, he cleaned up his lab station, again, stacked up extra files, already put his lab coat up. Now, if he only knew what to say. He knew he caught Nick checking him out when he walked down the hall, but why. How could see bring it up without giving away too much information or giving himself away. He wanted to know if there could be more, but he wasn't willing to risk their friendship over it. Not one minute later Warrick ambled out of the locker room, and Greg knew this was his chance and he wasn't going to miss another one.

"Hey Nick, how'd the case go?" Greg asked already knowing how the case went, but wanted to keep his tone casual.

"Hey Greggo, good work there with the DNA, helped out a lot. That poor girl was so messed up dude, can you imagine doing something like that to yourself? I don't think I'll ever be able to look at another magazine cover the same way again." And OK, maybe Greg had read him the wrong way if he's staring at magazine models.

"Well, if staring at magazine covers of girls is what you're in to. Some of us have better things to do."

"Oh really G, what are you in to, besides college cuisine?"

"Well, I consider myself a man of many tastes, and talents. It all depends what you're looking for?" Greg kept slowly walking closer and closer to Nick as he talked, and his voice was getting a little softer as he spoke. He could see the curiosity in the CSI's eyes as he got closer to the object of his intentions.

"I don't think you know what I'm into Greg." Nick stated back with a stronger accent to his voice and a spark in his eyes Greg was sure wasn't there before when he was talking about the case.

Nick was now standing against his locker, lost in Greg's voice. Did it always sound so low and husky, or was he imagining it. Just like he was imagining that Greg was getting awfully close to him. The next thing he knew, Greg was standing right in front of him, about six inches in front of his face.

Greg inched even closer to the older mans face, and leaned in and took his chance. "So Nick, what are you in to, besides a nice view of my ass? Not that I mind, I kind of like that fact that my ass can draw you attention." And Greg decided then and there that whatever humiliation he may suffer for this later was well worth it to see the look on Nick Stokes face right now. A mix between shock, panic, and a look of underlying lust in his eyes. So, Greg decided the more aggressive approach was obviously working, so he put one hand next to Nick's head against the locker and pressed against Nick.

"What does it matter to you what I'm in to Greg?" Nick played back.

"Just call me a curious observer. So, what gets to you besides my jeans?"

"Well, since you are so interested" and in one swift move, Nick swiped Greg's arm down and spun him around, and before he even knew what happened, Greg was pinned against the locker, with Nick leaning into him. "Maybe I enjoy watching you eating. They way you sucked down those damn noodles, making those noises, licking your lips with that tongue, you'd be surprised what I'm into Greg."

"You never know, maybe were into the same things?" Greg bit his lower lip with a soft groan as he grabbed Nick's denim jacket and pulled him in close as he could to him and whispered, "You know, I'm also a big believer in sharing, do you want some of my noodles Nick?" He lowered his mouth right next to Nick's ear, and he couldn't help but shiver at the feel of Greg's got breath against him. " Did it turn you on to watch me suck those down? You know I can do other things with my mouth that might interest you."

To prove his point Greg ground his hard cock into Nick's obvious erection, and the CSI let out a moan through gritted teeth. "So, you weren't just being a tease, because I don't like teases Greg."

"Your calling me a tease, after wanting you for three years, after all of the flirting. I was practically throwing myself at you, and you call me a tease, maybe I just wanted to get a reaction out of you."

"You wanted a reaction Greg, you got it." And with that Nick closed the small space between them kissed Greg hard, letting him know exactly what he was thinking. But Greg couldn't think for long, then he felt Nick's tongue slide into his mouth, and lost himself in the feeling.

This kiss was purely about lust and wanting and three long years of waiting for his lips to touch his. God it was everything Greg thought it would be and so much more. He took his chance in case Nick realized what he was doing, and where he was doing it at, and grabbed Nick's ass and pulled it towards him.

"Well Stokes, I do believe that I'm not the only one who can fill out a pair of jeans." He said as he once again ground his erection into Nick's. "In several places."

"Do you always tease when you eat your lunch Greg, because that isn't very nice, in fact, that's just plain dirty."

"Did it work?" Greg inquired as he quirked an eyebrow and slid his hot tongue from Nick's neck to his ear as he worked his earlobe for several seconds. Nick let out a small plea, begging for more, but then remembered where they were.

"What the hell do you think? Now the only question is, are you just playing games, or are you willing to share more than your lunch?" And then Nick reciprocated the feeling and roughly sucked the tender skin behind Greg's ear. He got his answer as Greg grabbed his head and pulled Nick right in front of his face.

"Nick, I'd share anything with you, and I can do more than suck on noodles. If I say so myself, you'd be amazed at my talents." Nick was quiet, with only a steady stare in Greg's eyes, and Greg thought maybe he'd gone to far, but got his the answer he had been waiting for three long fucking years to hear.

"My place is closer, and if we don't get out of here now, I'm gonna throw you across this bench and fuck you for all your worth, so unless you want to get us fired, let's get the hell out of here."

That was all Greg needed to hear and grabbed his jacked. "I'm right behind you, Oh, and nice jeans Stokes."