Title: Dessert for Two?? Part 3 of the "Hungry Series"

Pairing: Nick/Greg CSI SLASH!!

Rating: Is there anything higher than a M, because if there is, this would be it……

Disclaimer: Owned by CBS, I just like to play with them sometimes…..

Summary: Takes place after "Breakfast Anyone", Part 3 in the "Hungry Series". It's the boys' first night off together since the events in "Hungry", and Greg has been having a chocolate craving……

It was their first night off together since that fateful morning. All Nick could remember was Greg's mouth, licking his lips and sucking those noodles, and something about getting caught looking at Greg's ass. But it was worth it because Greg finally called him on it in the locker room which led to that wonderful morning. And the best sex of his life. His fantasy finally come true. He couldn't even remember how long he had wanted Greg, but now he was making up for lost time. It has been a busy week, Nick and some hot rod racer wannabe's and Greg had a dead poker player, that was nothing more than an accident. Death by Chocolate Greg had said it had been, and ever since then Greg had been wanting chocolate.

Nick liked chocolate as much as the next person, but he also liked to stay in shape so he watched what he ate. Greg on the other hand was never one to watch his waistline, like he needed too. A week, it had only been a week since they had been together, but what a week. They had spent all of their off time together, mostly at Greg's place, sometimes sleeping, sometimes not. OK, usually not, but it was so new and wonderful and more than he had hoped for. But tonight was different, he could feel it. Greg had left a message for Nick on his machine for some reason. Maybe because he didn't want to give himself away at work, or maybe because he had something special up his sleeve. Nick never pretended to know what went on in that brilliant mind of Greg's, that was one of his many attributes. That was one of the many things he loved about Greg, but that little secret he kept all to himself. He replayed it again, all the message said was

i"I see we both have the night off, let's make the most of it, you bring yourself, at 8 tonight, and I'll supply the dessert."/i

Nick grinned from ear to ear at hearing the message, remember the breakfast they shared only a week ago. He couldn't look at a banana without getting half hard. Thinking of Greg,watching Greg on top of him, Greg fucking himself, Greg cumming all over his hard cock. God, he was already hard as he rubbed himself through his jeans, and damn it was gonna be a long day.

The message said Greg was supplying dessert. That thought make Nick's cock twitch again. Dessert, he couldn't imagine what Greg had planned for him tonight for him. Actually he could, his mind starting imagining the wild things only Greg could think up, and he knew he better, grab a bite to eat, a shower then, catch some sleep. Hopefully it was going to be a long night.

Only that didn't go as planned either. With his stomach now full and Nick rinsing the dirt of his job away, his thoughts of Greg finger fucking himself kept flashing through his head, his voice ringing in his ears.

i"God Nicky, you make me so hard, so fucking hard." /i

Greg finger fucking himself on top of him, looking down into his eyes with so much lust. He couldn't help himself, Nick had to touch himself, he wouldn't last the day, or he would cum as soon as he touched Greg. More images, Greg stroking himself for Nick to watch.

i"God Yes, you make it perfect Nick, only for you. Waited only for you."/i

The more Nick imagined the harder he got, the more desperate he became for quick release. He knew just where to pull, twist, stoke his cockhead. Moaning Greg's name over and over again, with Greg's voice answering his pleas.

i"Here is what I do Nicky, I start by running my hand down my aching dick because after being around you all night I have to have a release when I get home, I ache for it." /i

"God Greg, I ache for you too, I wanted you so long." He spoke to no one but the voice in his head. He was now holding himself up by one hand on the tile, the other tightly wrapped around his aching cock, with thoughts of Greg again, fucking him from behind. How it felt thrusting into Greg's hot tight ass. If he closed his eyes and listened he was almost there, in that moment again. His hands gripping Greg's hips as so tight he knew he would leave marks, but nothing ever felt more right, more perfect.

He remembers what he was whispering in Greg's ear.

i"This is what it is liked to be fucked Greg, taken. This is what I have though about each time you bent over one of your damn microscopes, and leaned in so close smelling so damn good. This is what I thought about every time you spouted off your theories and all I could think about was those lips wrapping around my cock."/i

Truer works were never spoken, and he could feel the tingling beginning, knew the familiar feeling, and could he Greg begging for me in his mind.

i"Yes please come in me Nick, I want to feel you pulse around me, please, Oh God Nicky can't hold out much longer, too good." /i

That was all it took, Greg begging for Nick to come, if only in his memories, and Nick was cumming shouting Greg's name. Feeling the hot cum cover his hands. Thoughts of Greg always filled his mind, but with the promise of tonight's date with Greg, maybe he could finally sleep with his release. He washed himself off, then stepped out toweling himself dry. He looked up at himself in the mirror, and even knowing what he'd just done, he couldn't hide his grin. Greg had plans for him tonight, and he couldn't wait to see what the imaginative Tech had planned for him . He grabbed his boxers and crawled into bed, sated for now, but still dreaming of Greg's hands wandering his body, thoughts of the promise of tonight filling his dreams.

Greg couldn't help but bounce around his apartment all day. He got what he needed on the way home, so all he had to do now was waste twelve hours until Nick arrived. He grabbed some breakfast, and realized he was dead on his feet. So he crawled into his bed. After several hours of much needed rest, and feeling much more energized for this evenings activities he went to work. He stripped the sheets off of his bed, putting on fresh ones, nothing but the best. Then after putting the flat sheet on, he went into his linen closet and pulled out one of his older sheets laying it on top covering the whole bed. He thought this would make it much easier after playtime. Just toss this into the washer before jumping back into the bed, hopefully with Nick. He even cleaned his apartment. Washing the dishes that had piled up in his sink, straightening up his living room, although he didn't plan on spending much time there. He checked his watch, not much longer now, so he went to his freezer and pulled out their dessert, wanting is a little softer, easier to play with.

He checked himself in the mirror again. God he must have it bad, it hadn't prepped for a date in years. But this was different, this was Nick. The man he had wanted for three years, and now finally had. He almost screwed up their first time by saying the wrong thing.

i'Greg really wasn't speaking, more like complying. "Harder Nicky, more please, never go good, only you Nicky, never wanted anyone like you." He almost let those fearful words "I love you so much Nicky" slip out but those would be saved for another day. Not yet'/i

Thank God he didn't say that, not yet. Not the first time, but this past week had been like a dream come true. He took the schedule and having a night off together as a sign, so he was going to grab at it and do his damnedest to make sure Nick wanted this as bad as he did. He thoughts were just coming back to the present when the door bell rang.

"This it Sanders, don't blow it."

Greg opened it the door to a grinning Nick Stokes. God was it possible for one man to always look so damn good. Tight black t-shirt, snug fitting jeans, and when did Nick start wearing boots like that. Let alone that jacket he had on.

"Well are you going to invite me in or do I have to stand out here for this special treat you have planned for me?" Nick said with a knowing smirk.

Greg raised an eyebrow appraising his snack for the evening.

"Oh, I think you better come in, what I have planned I don't want to share with anyone." And with that he grabbed Nick, and hauled him inside.

Greg quickly yanked him inside and went to work quickly on his lips and his jacket.

"I would have told you to show up naked, but I thought that might cause a problem. Wouldn't want you getting attacked on the way over here. I don't share my new toys with the other kids." He stated matter of factly as he licked a hot stripe from Nick's collar bone to his ear.

"A new toy, huh? Is that all I am to you G?" He said grabbing Greg around the waist thrusting his already hard cock against Greg's groin, enjoying the cry that fell from Greg's lips.

"Oh, I never share my toys, and I never put them away, I always cherish the things I'm given." As he ground back against Nick's cock, getting a similar reply from the CSI.

"Now tonight, my rules. First off, I want you to go the bedroom, then I want you to strip. I'll be in soon, I have a special dessert a want to share with you, I've had a craving all week for some chocolate."

"So am I the only one who gets the special treatment, or are you going to share?" Nick questioned while once again, rubbing his hard dick against Greg's.

"Oh I think we'll both come out on top tonight." Greg teased as he grabbed Nick through is jeans, and Nick was already thanking God he got himself off earlier or he would have come from the heat of Greg's touch alone.

"Now go," and he swatted Nick on ass as he pushed him towards the bedroom, "and clothes off, and I know there is an extra sheet on the bed, it's there for a reason, I'll be right behind you."

Nick could hardly wait to see what Greg had in store for him, so he didn't question when Greg told him in no uncertain terms to strip and lay there naked on his bed, and wait for him. He couldn't believed how turned on he was at he thought of being ordered to strip by Greg, and he had no problem complying with the command. But he couldn't help but wonder what the extra sheet was for. As he sprawled out naked on Greg's bed, waiting, smelling, wanting, and wondering.

He didn't have to wait long because at the doorway stood Greg, a very naked Greg, actually a very naked and aroused Greg. He was holding something in his hands though, a pint of ice cream, chocolate ice cream.

Damn, and he thought noodles were sexy.

"I had a chocolate craving, and I felt like sharing, are you in the mood for some dessert Nicky?"

"I've been in the mood since my phone call this morning G." Nick couldn't help but let his eyes roam over Greg's lean body, still spying the marks on his neck from the other day.

"Good, because dessert for two can me so much fun." Greg said and he made him way over to the bed, straddling Nick in the process. "And especially on hot nights like this, thought maybe it could cool you down some."

"G, you are doing anything but cooling me down." Nick stated as he looked up into Greg's eyes again. There is was again, the lust, the passion, and almost love but he wouldn't let himself think that. And the next thing he knew, he felt a cold stripe going down his chest. Followed by a warm tongue licking the trail left behind of the cool chocolate. God, he felt so warm, and right.

"Nothing tastes better than chocolate ice cream Nick, especially when sprinkled with just the right ingredients." Greg put a finger full into his mouth then latched onto Nick neck. Nick couldn't help but buck up at the cool touch of Greg's lips, then followed by the warm wetness of his tongue. It was a feeling like he had never experienced before. Greg was something he had never experienced before, and he loved every new facet he discovered.

"But nothing tastes better then this." And Greg took another finger full and smeared the melted chocolate ice cream down Nick hard cock. The cold was almost too much, but when Greg engulfed his cock with the warm wet mouth, he gasped. What a beautiful sight, watching Greg suck ice cream off of his hard cock, it was almost too much to take.

Greg was literally licking him clean, then he looked up at Nick, licking his lips. "Didn't want to leave any behind, wouldn't want you to be sticky now. You want a taste Nicky?" And there it was again, that gleam in his eyes, teasing Nick, and he craved it.

"Well, I was invited over here for dessert. I would love a taste." Nick voice was thick with his accent, Greg noticed the more aroused Nick became they heavier his accent became, and he loved it.

"Don't want to keep my guest waiting then." Greg took two of his fingers and dug them into the cool ice cream, holding them just above Nick's lips. He took the hint and opened his mouth, his pink tongue darting out to lick the melting drops off of Greg's fingers. When they were clean, Greg repeated the action, this time smearing the chocolate sweetness all over Nick's lips, and leaning down and cleaning it off with his tongue. He opened his mouth right above Nick's letting their lips join the in sweet goodness so they could both share.

Greg pulled away, licking and teasing, and Nick loved it. "Do you want some more Nicky?" Greg once again put his fingers into the quickly melting ice cream, but this time ran the cream down over his own hard cock, a look of ecstasy crossing his features. He crawled up Nick's chest. All Nick could do was stare at Greg cock, covered the chocolaty cream and lick his lips.

"Don't mind if I do, I do happen to like chocolate myself?" Nick swiped his tongue out taking a little lick of Greg's cockhead, just teasing, licking the wonderful taste off. And he never knew nothing could taste better than Greg, but Greg with chocolate ice cream, was the most delicious thing he could have imagined.

"Take more Nicky, please take more." Greg was begging but he couldn't help the desperation in his voice.

"As long as you're sharing G, cause I would love some more." And with that Nick took more of Greg into his mouth. Licking the taste of Greg's sex, mixed with chocolate. He was holding onto Greg's hips, trying to control Greg thrusts. He could tell Greg was enjoying fucking is mouth, but he didn't want anything over too soon, he was enjoying this too much. Greg's gentle moans and gasps were letting know how much pleasure Nick was giving him. He craved that feeling, it was more addicting than anything he ever had before.

Greg gently pulled out of his mouth, almost a regretful look on his face. "As much fun as that was, I want another bite." He worked his way back down Nick's chest, lingering at his nipples, hands stroking his balls. He worked his way back down towards Nick's cock again, licking, teasing, but going further down this time. He took the ice cream and spread the cool treat along Nick's balls and tight hole.

"Damn G, cold. What the, oh God, so good, feels so fucking good Greg, don't stop don't ever stop please." And was that him begging? He didn't care.

Nick flinched at he cold, couldn't believe what Greg was doing to him, what he was letting Greg do to him, but it felt to good to stop. He would never imagine how incredible Greg's tongue lapping his balls would feel, licking off every drop of the sweet tasting cream.

"OH God Greg, so good, so fucking good, more, please more. So incredible." And just when he though it couldn't get any better, Greg started tasting his pucker sweetened with chocolate ice cream. Greg kept licking and lapping, he couldn't get enough, couldn't taste enough. Never thought Nick would taste so good.

"More Greg please. I want you in me, please." Greg could hardly stand that pleading tone in Nick's voice, so he probed Nick open with his tongue, and Nick bucked up into the sensation. He couldn't remember the last time someone had does this, never like this, but God it had never been this good.

"So good Greg, you feel so fucking good, fuck me please. I want to feel you inside me, God please."

Greg was surprised at Nick's request but pleased, he was hoping but wasn't sure if he ever could, if Nick would want him too.

"Are you sure Nicky, don't want to rush you." Greg asked, wanting to make sure, he wanted inside Nick's tight, hot ass so bad, but he wanted to make sure.

"God G, your tongue felt so fucking good, want all of you, please?" Nick couldn't believe the sound of his voice, but this is what Greg brought him too. And he felt he could with Greg, he wanted Greg to claim him as he claimed Greg last week, he wanted to belong to him. Show Greg he wanted him and much as Nick had wanted to fuck Greg last week. Nick wanted to be taken, owned by Greg.

"God Nick, I've wanted you for so fucking long. I've wanted to fuck you for so long Nicky, make you feel so good." Greg reached up to his night stand to grab the lube his was hoping to use tonight.

He poured some into his fingers, and started plunging them into Nick, as he bucked into the sensation. It had been so long, he didn't even remember, didn't matter now, cause it was Greg. Greg was going to take him.

"Yes Nick, I'm going to take you, make you mine, just like I belong to you, only you, how long I've wanted you. Feel good Nicky? Wait until my cock's in you, gonna fuck you so good Nicky." Greg voice dripping with desire, and three years of anticipation.

"Please Greg, I'm ready, take me, want your cock in me now, fuck me. Please fuck me, take me like a man does G." And with that Greg lubed himself up and stared down at Nick, panting and flushed underneath him, every fantasy come true. Grabbing his cock and trying to hold himself, long enough so he wouldn't cum as soon as he entered Nick.

"Oh yes Nicky, gonna take you." And with that in one quick stroke he entered Nick, as far as he could, both letting out a moan. Nick couldn't remember ever being taken like this before and it didn't matter now, all he wanted was here, even if he was sticky with melted chocolate ice cream.

"Fuck, so good Nicky, feels so good, so tight, so hot. I've wanted to be in you for so long." He couldn't help himself, he had to set his pace faster, he couldn't stop himself. He had no control over his body. He could feel Nick wrap his muscular legs wrap around him, pulling him in harder, further than he ever imagined.

"More Greg, harder, faster, fuck so good baby, I never knew you wanted me, if I'd only known. Love to be fucked by you. Oh God G, can't stop, faster. God please more."

By his begging tone, Greg could tell how close Nick was. He loved it, seeing Nick like this, all for him. And he wasn't going to disappoint.

Greg wrapped his hand around Nick's achingly hard cock, squeezing with his thrusts.

"Yes, that's it baby, cum for me now. I want to feel you pulse for me, I want to taste you Nicky. Yes baby, that's it, cum only for me." Greg felt like he owned Nick at that moment in time, and he cherished the feeling.

He kept thrusting into Nick, concentrating on Nick's pleasure helped him stave off his oncoming orgasm, watching Nick writhe underneath him, begging, moaning, pleading for him.

"Oh God G, yes, gonna cum." He could feel it, feel the tingling start again, but more this time, more intense with Greg inside him, buried up as he brushed up against his prostate again. Greg twisting his head one more time, and the pulsing began. Greg could feel the warm cum rushing out of Nick.

"Yes, Fuck, OH GOD! Greg, God so good, never been so good, sweet Jesus Greg. Can't stop cumming." And he couldn't between the thrusts into his ass, and the hand wrapped around him, squeezing every last drop form him, Nick felt like he was cumming forever. All he could do was lay there spent on the bed as he finally came down from his intense orgasm. He could feel his warm wetness covering his stomach and chest, his felt so emptied, but full at he same time with Greg still buried inside of him.

He was brought back to his reality by a cold sensation on his stomach, in contrast to his warm cum that covered his torso. Greg wasn't doing what he thought he was. Oh God he was.

"So beautiful Nick, so fucking beautiful when you cum." Greg was mixing the melted chocolate ice cream with his warm cum, and Jesus, he was, he was tasting him mixed with ice cream.

"God Nick, you taste so good." Then Greg leaned over him, Nick now had his legs spread open for Greg, knees spread and feet flat against the bed so Greg could get an even better angle. Then Nick watched as his tongue darted out and Fuck, he was licking the mixture of his cum and ice cream off of his chest. That sight alone make his already spent cock twitch again.

Greg sat up as well as he could, and started thrusting again in Nick, faster this time.

"God baby, so good, you taste so good. You wanna taste baby, you wanna taste me." All Nick could do was nod, he never would have believed this, but the thought of Greg mixed with ice cream sounded like the most delicious thing in the world to him.

Greg ran his fingers through more of Nick's cum and put his fingers up to his lips and began to suck on Nick's warm hotness again.

"God Nick, if you only know how good you tasted, so fucking good" Greg started thrusting into Nick harder and faster, and God Nick couldn't stand it. The sensory overload was going to kill him.

"Please Greg, I want to taste you, cum for me please. Cum on me G, I want to taste you too, please."

There was no way Greg could refuse that, and he had been holding out for so long now he thought he was going to explode when he finally came.

"God Nicky, so close, gonna cum on you baby, let you taste me. Fuck me, so good Nicky. Do you know what you do to me?" Nick had an idea, and his half hard dick again let him know what Greg could do to him, even after 30.

"Then do it baby, cum on me, I want to feel you on me."

Greg quickly pulled out of Nick's tight ass, and Nick sighed at the loss, the emptiness. He watched Greg, who was pumping himself hard and fast again on top of Nick. He loved this sight, loved watching Greg, could never tire of this.

"Fuck Nicky, gonna cum on you, Yes, GOD OH Fuck!" as he threw his head back screaming Nick's name. He continued to stroke himself gently, he seemed to keep squirting all over Nick, and Nick thought it felt so good, feeling Greg's warm wetness covering him.

"God Nicky, so good, you always make it so good. But I have something better for you." And Greg reached down and found the melted ice cream, and took two fingers and poured the melted ice cream onto Nick's stomach, and combined the mixture of his cum and the chocolate ice cream.

Nick just watched in amazement. He'd never seen anything so sexy or erotic in his life. Nothing ever compared to Greg.

Greg took a loaded finger and lifted it to Nick's lips, "Open Wide Nick."

Nick did as commanded and opened his mouth, letting Greg place his finger on his tongue. As he wrapped his lips around Greg's fingers, to suck it. He had never tasted anything more delicious in his life, Greg's sex and chocolate, all mixed as one, on Nick's body.

"Damn Greg, that's good, is there more?" Nick's eyes were the color of chocolate Greg decided at that moment.

"That's the wonderful thing about this dessert Nick, there is always more where that came from." He repeated his earlier motion, and ran his finger across Nick's stomach. Mixing the two flavors together again, letting Nick open his welcoming mouth and sucking it off again, feeling it down to his cock.

This time Nick smeared his fingers in the treat, and brought his fingers up to Greg's lips.

"Taste yourself G, you're the sweetest thing I've ever had." And Greg's heart skipped a beat, and no, those we not tears forming in his eyes. He slowly opened his mouth and let Nick place his finger inside, he licked Nick's finger clean. He remembered what he almost said the first time, and he promised himself he wouldn't make that mistake again.

"Not bad, but I like your little soldier's better I believe. We have quite a mess here don't we?" Greg was trying not to look at the big brown eyes starting up at him or he might break that promise.

"Yeah, but I couldn't have thought of a better way to spend my night off, although next time, I pick the flavor, of ice cream that is." They both laughed at Nick's little joke.

"I have an idea, how about he both go jump in the shower and wash ourselves off, I think we both could use a little cleaning up." Nick couldn't agree more.

"I think that's the second best idea you've had all day G." And they both jumped up and took off for Greg's bathroom. Once Greg got the shower nice and hot they both stepped in.

Nick took the washcloth and poured some soap on it and started scrubbing down Greg's lean body. Greg didn't think he ever felt so cherished before. Nick took such gentle care of him. Once his body was once again clean, Greg returned the favor, and started washing Nick down.

"So, do we get to do this every night we have off?" Nick asked with enthusiasm, but Greg wasn't going to get his hopes up. He just turned Nick around and ran his head under the stream to wash the cum and ice cream out of Nick's hair, not thinking of how it got there.

"Well that depends, and how fast you get tired of me Stokes. I don't know if you do relationships or this is just a fling for you." Greg didn't mean to, but he let out too much information. He knew he did, by the way he felt Nick tense under his fingers.

After Greg had finished rinsing his hair, Nick grabbed Greg and kissed him. Not the frantic kissing of before, but the slow, tender, tongues brushing each other, kisses that seemed to last forever. Then he turned Greg around and put him under the stream, wetting his hair down, placing shampoo in his hair and starting massaging his scalp as Greg had done to him. He never realized what I loving act it was.

"Is that what you think this is Greg, a fling?" Nick asked, genuinely curious. He didn't know if that was how he can across or maybe if deep down Greg was really that insecure.

"Well Nick, I don't know, but it's cool either way. I don't want to you to feel obligated because of a few…."

Nick cut him off before he could say the words by putting his finger up to Greg's lips.

"Then I must not be coming across very well. Maybe this will answer your question." He leaned in again for another searing kiss, more desire this time, more passion. Greg backed away first and looked at Nick, and looked down an the water going down the drain, afraid if he looked up his eyes would betray him.

"I love you G, don't you know that." Nick said without hesitation, or without question.

Greg looked up quickly, surprised by the words that Nick had just spoken.

"You what, you love me?" Greg could barely register the works Nick had just told him. Nick let out a small chuckle.

"Yeah, G, I love you, have for a long time." And Greg face and eyes lit up.

"God Nick, I love you too, so long, I've loved you so for long." And Greg dived in for another kiss. His arms wrapping around Nick's body. Stroking his back and roaming everywhere he could touch. These kisses were as tender as the others, but grew in intensity and desire.

Bodies pressed together, wet and slick and sliding. Arms wrapped around each other, tongues tasting, lips nipping and exploring. They couldn't touch enough, full body contact was hardly enough. They couldn't touch in any more places if they tried.

If the first time that night the sex was about getting off, this time was about love. Feeling, sharing, knowing there was more. They slid their bodies together, slowly, almost in slow motion, savoring each delicious moment. They brought each other off together in the shower one more time. This time more slowly, this all about feeling, giving, and love, finally he could say it.

"Love you Nicky, love you so much, wanted tell you for so long." God he felt him he had been weight lifted from him, Nick loved him, Nick Stokes loved him.

"Tell me again Nicky, say it again." Greg pleaded to his lover.

He grabbed him tighter rubbing their hard cocks together faster, "Love you G, love you so much. Have for so long, wanted you long, wanted to hold you. Wanted to make love to you." And with those final words they brought each other to orgasm one more time. As they stood under the shower the holding the other until the water ran cold.

"I guess it's time to get out of here before we catch cold." Nick said looking at Greg, a new spark in his eyes.

"Yeah, come on." He leaned over and turned the shower off. They stepped out then Greg grabbed a towel and started drying Nick off, then Nick did the same for Greg. Nick leaned in for another kiss.

"Do you have any idea how long I've been waiting to tell you that?" He wrapped his towel clad body around Greg, holding him close.

"I think so, probably as long as I've been waiting to hear it. Is this really happening, for real?" Greg questioned again.

"Oh yeah, this is for real, and we have one hell of a messy bed to prove it. Guess we better change those sheets if we plan on getting any sleep tonight."

Greg sauntered over to the bed, and quickly removed the sticky top sheet uncovering the readily made bed.

"See, I was thinking ahead, you bed awaits Sir," and Greg brought Nick to his freshly made bed, dropping both their towels and climbing in.

"Are you sure I'm not dreaming cause this sure feels like a OUCH!"

"Will you quit asking that or I'll bite something else next time." He turned Greg over to look right at him, "I love you G, and I plan on sticking around for the long haul. That is if you want me."

"Oh I want you Stokes, and who says I don't like biting." Nick laughed at that and pulled Greg close again. They lay there, Greg's head on Nick's chest, just listening to his heartbeat while Nick played with his hair. He wasn't going to question or wonder why Nick had chosen him, so he would just savor this, and be thankful everyday that one day, he had dared make that choice to call Nick on it. Or maybe send the President of Ramen Noodles a Thank you letter as he drifted off to sleep.

That's all Folks…. Hope you enjoyed, and have a little dessert more often……Shacky