Title: Perfection

Chapter: 1 – Drabble

Author: Rekino

Warnings: none. Implied… situation… -coughs-

Pairings: Neji x Tenten

Disclaimer: Naruto is not mine…

Summary: She wasn't perfect, but Neji thought otherwise. Gift drabble for the NejiTen LJ community

He pushed her on the bed, attacking her with ravenous kisses.

She wasn't beautiful. She was attractive, yes, appealing in her own way, but her beauty wasn't an equivalent against others.

She arched up against his touch.

She wasn't strong. She would put up a façade, a mask. She would act tough but inside she was sensitive.

She gave a low moan.

She wasn't God. She was human. She would get sick and bleed.

She smiled.

She wasn't perfect but to Neji, she was the only woman in the world who was in likeness to a Goddess.

She was his.

Fin. Drabble.

It's short. It's a drabble; they're supposed to be 100 words. I had this in my head out of sheer boredom while I was lounging in the tub… I actually think more there.

This is a gift drabble for everyone in the NejiTen LJ community XD ! You definitely have to join if you're a NejiTen fan. X

Yes. Anyway, that's all.

Xx Rekino