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Chapter Eight: Home at Last (Epilogue)

As Remus drifted slowly back to consciousness, he was first aware of the noises of activity around him.

"When do you reckon he'll wake up?" a voice (Harry?) asked.

"Who knows," someone, undoubtedly Moody, judging by the gruff voice, answered.

"It's gotta be sometime soon," a female voice that must have belonged to Tonks said optimistically.

Without opening his eyes, Remus answered them. "How long have I been out?" he asked them, his voice even more hoarse than usual.

"Remus!" Harry and Tonks shouted, rushing to the side of his bed, not even bothering to answer his question.

"You're up, are you?" Moody asked humorously. "We thought you'd died."

Remus bit back a groan as he opened his eyes. He cleared his throat before answering with, "Well, judging by the pain, I'm still quite alive. I think death would hurt a lot less."

He smiled as Tonks said, "Remus Lupin is alive and as sarcastic as ever."

Remus blinked several times to clear his blurry eyesight as he surveyed the general state of his body. All in all, he wasn't badly injured. After all, being a werewolf, he had looked much worse.

"How are you feeling, Remus?" Tonks asked as she helped him sit up.

He winced slightly as he was helped into a sitting position. His ribs and arm still hurt, and he was still quite tired, but all that would pass. "I'm all right," he answered, smiling. "I'm a little tired and sore, but it's nothing that a little more rest won't fix. Speaking of which," he said, remembering his earlier question, "How long have I been asleep?"

"Two days, Professor," Harry said, sitting down in the chair next to Remus' bed.

"Two days?" Remus repeated, sounding slightly shocked. "What's happened in that time? Does The Order know you're all right, Harry?"

"Calm down, boy," Moody said, smiling slightly at Remus. "As soon as we knew you were all right, I assured the members of The Order that Harry was fine."

Remus sighed in relief. "Well, know that I'm up, we can all go back to Grimmauld Place."

Tonks, Moody, and Harry all rolled their eyes. "Remus," Tonks said. "Two days ago, you could have been killed. You just woke up and now you want to go get yourself released from St. Mungo's?"

"You're crazy, boy," Moody said, almost affectionately, but seeing the determined look on Remus' face, the three sighed in reluctant accession.

"All right, Remus," Tonks sighed. "We didn't want to tell you, because we thought you'd tell us to get you out of here, but the medics said that as soon as you're ready to leave, we can bring you home."

Feeling relieved (he hated hospitals), Remus pushed the sheets off of his body. It was the first time anyone in the room had gotten a good look at him since their arrival at St. Mungo's. Everyone winced at Remus' appearance, but said nothing.

Remus' torso was covered in bruises and scratches. A bandage had been wrapped around his cracked ribs to aid the healing despite the spells and potions that had undoubtedly been used on him. His broken arm had been bandaged as well, and placed in a sling. Remus looked up and noticed that everyone else in the room was also staring at him. He raised an eyebrow at them, smiling crookedly. He shook his head, grinning, and said, "Believe me, I've had worse."

Once again, his companions rolled their eyes at him, though they looked less worried than they had a moment earlier.

Slowly, Remus swung his legs out of the bed and onto the floor. He gently eased himself into a standing position, mindful that he didn't move to quickly. Remus was well acquainted with injuries and knew it wouldn't do any good if he pushed himself before his body was ready.

He smiled. Well, standing wasn't too difficult. "Now let's try walking," he told himself. He took a step without much difficulty. He took another. "This isn't too bad," he told himself, but as he took another step, he stumbled and almost fell. Tonks and Harry rushed to his sides, steadying him. "Remus, you big oaf," Tonks joked. "You of all people should know better than to rush your recovery."

Remus grinned sheepishly as Moody brought his cloak to him and Tonks helped him into it.

"Now," Tonks said, straightening the front of his cloak in a mock-motherly fashion that reminded Remus distinctly of Molly Weasly, "Let's get you back home."

"Home," Remus thought, feeling relieved. "We're going home."

With the help of Tonks and Harry, Remus walked out of the hospital, his friends on each side to catch him if he fell.

"This is truly all you need in life," he thought to himself. "Good friends to help you through tough times." He grinned as he amended his statement. "Well, that, and a good bar of chocolate."

James, Lily, Sirius: The Dark Lord had taken them all from him.

He had thought his world was over when they had left him, but Voldemort hadn't taken everything from him. He still had a few good friends who cared for him, and he would never let anything happen to them. Remus felt lucky to be returning home with such good friends. In fact, at that moment, Remus Lupin thought himself to be the luckiest man in the world.

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