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A story set after GSD episode 28. I wondered what it could be like for Athrun and wrote something up, don't know if it'll stay like this or will I add more. Depends on the series…since they are starting to get on my nerves.



Emerald green eyes looked around in hopes of finding the woman he called out for. He only meant disappointment as he found himself in living quarters on the Minerva. He had had a rough battle out over the waters and his best friend was the one to tear him into pieces. It had only been a few days since battle, many lives were lost and yet there was one that was almost taken him…

"Cagalli," Athrun Zala whispered her name in hopes that she would just appear before him. But it would not be so, her brother's words rang in his head. He was scolded by his best friend Kira Yamato, about what Cagalli had been going through. Athrun sighed and ran his fingers through his hair as he stood up. He would not get any more sleep that evening.

Athrun turned on his computer console and began looking through files. He looked for anything that could lead him to the location that Archangel was located. He needed to talk to them again, he wanted to see her…he wanted to know what she was going through. Why he could have been so blind?

Cagalli Yula Athha by name sake was the rightful leader of Orb, and she was doing everything in her power to protect her people from dying. He told her to go home and annul the treaty with the Earth Alliance Federation and yet there she was on the battlefield trying to protect the country she loved and the ideas. He didn't know if he had made the mistake in what he said at their previous meeting or was she wrong for risking her life on the battle field and making the chaotic…but isn't war already a chaotic situation.

Still the words Kira shouted at him and when he tore his Gundam to pieces, he knew that some of his words were right. Cagalli cried for her people, she cried about the whole wedding situation…and he was partially to blame. If maybe he had returned sooner maybe Cagalli would have not agreed to the marriage and she would have stayed in Orb…if he didn't rush off to PLANT like he did maybe Yuuna Roma Seiran would not have made his advances on her…

There were too many what if's and what could have been, what should have been done, and yet they still made the decisions they did. Athrun went up to PLANT, Cagalli in his absence agreed to the marriage, whether or not that she fully agreed to the treaty…in the long run she was out numbered but the other council members. Cagalli was a strong willed woman and yet she still not have the power to be a politician…she is too honest.

Cagalli was a sincere woman and she acted with her heart and true emotions. She did not back down from anyone but lately her spirit had been worn thin due to the fact of her being the head representative. It would take out the fight in anyone and yet she kept on going when she had nothing left in her. Athrun sighed heavily, he wanted to be near her…it had been too long she he held her in his arms….but would she accept him now that he had reenlisted with ZAFT?

There were no time for questions he began looking through the logs, anything for sign that Archangel was near by or in a remote location for him to just get in touch with them. He quickly then sent out a message and trying to make sure it could not be traced unless he wanted it to be. He then began his drastic search for the one woman that held his heart, but would she break it now due to their current situation?

He would not make any hesitations, it was in her hands…it was in the hand of Cagalli on what she would do with his heart. He would leave ZAFT again if it meant being with her, but he had to be certain of a few things first. Athrun stopped, there were always complications…was he really the one that put them there. When he reenlisted it meant that he could not leave ZAFT after what had happened…would there even be a chance after the war was over….when would it be over?


"Captain there is a message coming in," Miriallia Haww announced as it caught the attention of the bridge crew that was currently there. Murrue Ramius quickly turned her attention to her as the other two men on the bridge as well turned their eyes on the young girl.

"Who is it from?" Murrue asked with a curious glare.

"It says that 'I wish to see the princess if she is willingly to meet her once knight. Please meet me at the island we once met tomorrow at noon.' That is all," Miriallia said simply and Murrue tilted her head to the side.

"Do you think it would be Athrun?" Murrue asked simply and then Arnold Newman made a remark.

"Why would he want to see her, he almost let her die during the last battle," Arnold said simply with a shrug.

"Unless he has a guilty conscious after all he was her body guard for two years," Dalida Lolaha Chandra II said with a smirk. "I mean, Miriallia here dumped Elsman."

"HEY!" Miriallia said playfully. Newman and Chandra shared a laugh as Murrue just smiled at their playful manner. Though Murrue saw that twinkle in her eye, she did have some kind of feeling for the blonde coordinator that helped them during the previous war. He had chosen to stay and help their side and knew there had to be something more.

"The more pressing matter is should we even bother telling Cagalli," Murrue said simply halting the comebacks and stabs at making each other laugh.

"It is her decision to make in the long run," Miriallia said simply.

"I'll go tell her then," Murrue stood up and left the bridge. "Do you know where she might be?"

"I think she is in her quarters talking with Kira," Newman said simply.

"Alright, keep things under check till I return," Murrue quickly made her way to find Cagalli. She began wandering down the hallways of the ship and wandered how she would break the news to Cagalli. How would Kira take it? He had become protective of her the past few days and Cagalli had fallen into depression about the events the previous days.

She reached Cagalli's quarters and knocked softly and Kira appeared in front of her. Kira smiled at her and she noticed Cagalli sitting off in the corner back of the room. Murrue entered slowly and Cagalli turned to face her after trying to desperately wipe away her tears and Murrue took notice that Cagalli was no longer wearing her ring from Athrun.

"We got a message and we believe it is from Athrun, he wants to meet Cagalli on the island they first met," Murrue said plainly and Kira's smile fell from his face. Murrue could see that he was far from being satisfied.

"Why does he want to meet?" Kira asked flatly and Cagalli looked as she was conflicted in her feelings.

"I can't say, the message just stated that he wanted to see his princess and at noon at the island." Murrue said simply, "let me know the decision soon…"

"I'll go alone," Cagalli stood up.

"Cagalli…" Kira looked at his twin sister with concerned eyes but knew that this was something she had already decided. "Are you sure?"

"Yes, I have to know for sure where we stand," Cagalli said simply. "If he and I are meant to be together, just like you and Lacus."

Murrue smiled as Kira blushed, he had grown much but at the mention of the pink princess he would become flustered. Kira was still very innocent in that sense and yet when it came to his sister he was wise beyond his years. It was a wonder how he could be two different people yet it was within the same body.

"Then we'll depart tomorrow morning, we might not arrive exactly at noon at the location but it will have to do, a man should always wait," Murrue said with a wink and Cagalli nodded. Kira smiled as the women shared a moment of understanding. Kira however would be prepared for anything that would happen if there was a chance this was a setup by ZAFT and they were using Athrun.

Kira and Murrue left Cagalli alone as she then sat down. She saw some paper and a pen to begin writing a letter to Athrun. She did not know what the words that would appear on the pages but it would be there and also she would place the ring within the pages of the letter. She sighed as she let all of her emotions write onto the page and once she ended it…the ring Athrun gave her slipped into the envelope. She sighed heavily, she would shed no more tears for Athrun, and they were now reserved for those who died in Orb. She then stood up and began changing to sleep and picked out an outfit for when she would meet Athrun.


"Cagalli Yula Athha…Strike Rouge, Launching!"

The bridge crew stood there watching as she launched off to meet Athrun. They had arrived some time after the clock struck noon but they would watch with hope that this was not the end. Kira was waiting in freedom just in case something were to happen while Cagalli was on the island with Athrun, it was odd…Kira remembered when Athrun had told him on how he met Cagalli. Athrun was the one with the Gundam and now Cagalli was the one with the mobile suit.

Strike Rogue landed and Athrun was wearing his ZAFT uniform. He was anxious and had waited several hours for Cagalli to arrive and there she was. She was in a simple white dress as she came out of the Strike Rouge. Athrun was surprised she was wearing a dress but held no object and was glad no perverted boys were looking under her dress. It was a spaghetti dress and pure white with color of green that matched Athrun's eyes… Athrun remembered that he was the one that bought that dress.

He turned his face away from her, the pain of words Kira had told him only haunted him more. He loved Cagalli more than anything and yet they were standing on opposite sides of issues of the war. She was trying to protect her country and yet he was fighting the people she was trying to convince to go home. He would not show his pain, he would be damned if she saw the pain he was going through. However Cagalli was letting it show and when he looked up her left hand ring finger was bare and his heart stopped.

"Athrun," Cagalli was standing in front of him. He looked at her hand wide eyes and she knew he noticed and handed him the letter that was in that hand. "Take this…"

Athrun took it with sadden eyes and Cagalli knew this had to be done, they were on opposite sides. "What is it that you wanted to talk about?"

"I wanted to know how you were doing," Athrun said simply and his shoulder sunk. "Kira said that you were struggling about the whole situation…"

"It is no longer your concern about my actions, you made it clear the moment you walked away from me," Cagalli said with bitterness in her voice and it did not go unnoticed by Athrun.


"You are reenlisted to ZAFT which means that I have no place in your life, makes me wonder if I ever did…" Cagalli said sadly and Athrun looked at her in shock. He did not know what to do at this point. He realized he had pushed her away from him and it was killing him.

"I'll be fine if that is what you are wondering," Cagalli said simply. "I'm not going to let my tears flow unless it is in the mourning of those who have lost their lives."

Athrun shook his head no but then opened the letter he wondered what it could have said to make her act this way. Cagalli noticed that he opened the letter and let it speak for itself. Athrun found the letter was the pouring of all of Cagalli's feelings over the time period that he was not by her side. It was crushing him at some of the empty words that were written into the pages. He looked up when he felt the ring slip into his hand. Cagalli was shedding tears and Athrun was fighting a losing battle with himself.

"I think there is nothing left to say, good bye." Cagalli said as she took her leave and Athrun now saw what Cagalli saw when he walked away from her. He would not let her walk away he dropped the letter into the sand and twirled her around into his arms. He held her tightly and Cagalli gasped in surprise. However the two were being watched by the Archangel crew on the bridge and Kira saw it on his monitor. The Minerva was watching as well from a distance and did not know what to think.

Talia just smiled but did nothing. She turned off the monitor as the crew was getting eager to see what would happen next. It was like an interesting drama that no one could find out the ending of and how ironic that Murrue Ramius of the Archangel did the same thing and the crew members had the same reaction.

"Forgive me," Athrun said simply as he cried. Cagalli didn't know what to say but she knew they could never be again if he stayed with ZAFT. Cagalli shed her own tears as she wretched her away out of his embrace.

"You chose where you belong, I must go back to where I belong," Cagalli said simply. "Give the ring to someone you can love and be with, since I can't be the one you really need now."

"No…" Athrun held onto her arms. "We can figure something out, when this is all over…"

"WHEN IS IT GOING TO BE OVER! You are on the side with ZAFT and no matter what they decide you must obey their orders!" Cagalli shouted as she fisted her hands by her sides. "It's like you can return to Orb now, even if I allowed you to, you would not be happy. It makes me wonder if you ever were happy with me the past two years."

"Cag…Cagalli…" Athrun was in shock at her response.

"You were so quick to reenlist to ZAFT and not even bother to contact me, I almost got married to man I would never love, and yet here you are telling me that when this is all over we can figure something out?" Cagalli got out of his arms. "You have that Fake Lacus Clyne; you can have her since I can't make you happy!"

"No!" Athrun then firmly pressed his lips against hers. Tears flowed like a river as he would not, he refused to let her go. But Cagalli would not have any of it. "Cagalli… please…"

"If you want me, then give me that ring if something can be figured out…but only if you really want to be with me and not some promise you made," Cagalli said as she ran off to her mobile suit but was stopped. Athrun had caught up to her and placed the ring back on Cagalli's finger.

"Just in case I don't come back," Athrun said softly but it was heard by Cagalli. Her back was towards him but she felt the ring slip on her finger. "We'll get married when this is all over, I'll be the one you stand with at the alter. No one else, so you promise to stay alive…you are more important to the world than I am."

Cagalli didn't turn around to look back, for if she did she would not have the strength to board her mobile suit. However she did hear, "I'll wear this ring that I was saving for that occasion on my right hand…" Cagalli couldn't resist and look to see Athrun placing a band on his right ring finger, "This is our promise, when this is all over."

"But…" Cagalli was cut off as Athrun kissed her and this time she was more willing to comply.

"Wait for me…" Athrun then placed a quick kiss on her lips and ran off to his craft. Cagalli didn't know what to think, but slowly made her way to her suit but…she took a look at Athrun's departing craft and wondered could they really make it work? ZAFT's once beloved Hero and the representative of Orb? Cagalli shook her head as she quickly made her way back to the Archangel and in due time events would reveal themselves.


Well here it is…hope you liked it. See you around people!