Chapter One: What is the Meaning of This

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Jounouchi pulled his scarf around his neck tighter, he was freezing, and it wasn't helping that it was snowing harder and harder by the minute. He was coming home from the Kame Game Shop, he had lost track of time. This wasn't the first time this had happened, and every time he came home late his father complained and harassed him, some times even striking him. Jounouchi decided to cut through an alleyway to make the trip shorter, he wasn't in the mood to have a beer bottle hurled at him. Jounouchi turned the corner and began to walk into the darkened alley.

Jounouchi stopped dead. In the middle of the alley laid a large mass. He approached it with caution, he was frightened, yet curious all at once. He stopped yet again when he had a clear view of exactly what this 'thing' was.

"A . . .a body. .. there's a body here . . ."he thought as his body began to shake a bit.He was terrified of morbid things, especially the dead. Jounouchi shakily went to his knees and stared at the lifeless form before him. He reached out to the figure and pulled their jet black hair from their face.

"It's a woman . . ."

Jounouchi placed his hand on her tiny wrists, she had a very faint pulse.

"I can't leave her here . . . she's still alive. I would never forgive myself if I left her die here."

Jounouchi took the woman into his arms, it was then he realized she was covered in blood. Possibly her own or someone else's. He headed for his apartment complex with the mysterious woman in his arms.

He finally reached the building. He managed carrying the woman's body to the third floor and down to the end of the hallway. He reached apartment 301 and carefully and quietly opened the door. He expected his father to be sitting on the couch or passed out on the kitchen floor.

Jounouchi entered the living room, his father was not in the apartment.

"Must have gone out to drink . . .."

Jounouchi laid her on the old beaten up couch gingerly. He was exhausted from carrying her so far.

He sat on the floor next to the couch and stared at her. He had so many questions he wanted to ask her. He could tell she wasn't from Japan, and wondered of her origins.

Hours passed as Jounouchi pondered about this situation he had gotten himself into.

The woman began to stir a bit and suddenly sat up in a panic. . . .

To be continued in Chapter two! I know this isn't that great . .but I'll try to make it my best.