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Chapter 1

At end of the war, when Voldemort defeated by Harry Potter, with aid from Draco Malfoy, all surviving Death Eaters, including Lucius Malfoy, were rounded up and imprisoned. Due to large number, it was decided that ranking Death Eaters would become slaves. While offered conditional freedom, their powers were bound to their masters control. Harry Potter, as hero, was offered his choice. He chose Lucius Malfoy. Albus Dumbledore had secured Severus Snape's freedom with evidence of his spying.

Harry Potter, realizing that he would never have privacy and peace in the wizarding world, departed from England to tour the world. With him went Lucius Malfoy. Unknown to most, Harry had discovered that Lucius was his soul mate. He removed them from England and they settled in the wilds of Canada for some years. There, in privacy they explored their developing relationship and had some children. Twelve years after the war, Harry moved his family back to England.

This is the story of those children.

Eleven year old Davis Albus Potter looked at the letter in his hand. It was cream parchment and addressed directly to him. He looked up at his fathers, his green eyes wide.

Harry smiled at his son. "Your letter from Hogwarts has arrived. We'll have to go shopping for your school clothes and stuff soon."

Lucius looked at his son. He was worried about what the children would learn about him and his role in the war. He had changed from that cold man to a loving father. Harry would not let him raise these children in the manner that Draco had been raised. They had never seen the cold, arrogant Death Eater. He looked at Harry. "Time for the talk."

Harry nodded. "Tonight, after the other children were asleep."

Davis looked at his parents in some confusion. He hoped that this wasn't going to be a birds and bees talk. Little did he know. He was in for a major shock.

That evening, after ensuring that the other children were in bed, and asleep, Harry and Lucius sat Davis down. Lucius couldn't look Davis in the eye. He kept his eyes on the ground.

Harry took a deep breath. "You know that you were born in Canada."

Davis nodded.

Harry glanced at Lucius. "What we have to tell you now will be upsetting. Please do not explode until we have finished."

Davis nodded slowly, dread forming in his belly.

Harry glanced a Lucius who was studying the floor. "During the war, your father and I were on opposite sides. I was the hero for the light, the boy who lived, the boy expected to kill Voldemort. Lucius was one of Voldemort's leading Death Eaters."

Davis looked at his blonde father. Slowly Lucius exposed his left forearm to show the vivid black tattoo on it. Davis swallowed with difficulty. His precious father had been the worst of the worst during the war. He noticed cuffs on both his fathers wrists. "What are those cuffs?"

Harry glanced at his wrist. "It is how your father is bound. After the war, the surviving Death Eaters, the sane ones, were offered a chance at redemption. Their magic was bound and limited. They were sold as slaves. I chose your father because I had realized that we were soul mates and wanted him. I also wanted to reform him. When I realized that we wouldn't have the privacy to live in peace, I moved us to Canada and cut contact with almost everyone in England. Those I maintained contact with were sworn to secrecy."

Davis ran his hand through his long blonde hair. "I….." He looked at Lucius. "How high up were you?"

Lucius swallowed painfully. "I was one of the favoured, top death eaters, second to Voldemort along with Belletrix Lastrange and Peter Pettigrew. In public, I was an aristcrat of the wizarding world. I believed, when I joined, in what Voldemort wanted, a pure wizarding world. During his second war, I saw how things had remained the same and, yet, had changed for the better." Here, he paused, swallowing. "The irony of it is that Voldemort was a half blood who hated muggles and managed to do more to destroy the pure bloods than anyone else. We were fools to follow him. My punishment is to not be free. I am legally a slave for life, regardless of how your father and I bonded."

Davis was watching Lucius. He could see the pain all this was causing both his fathers. He did want to learn magic in a safe environment, which is why the family had moved back to England. He stood, wrapping his arms around his fathers. "No more tonight please. This is hurting all of us." He looked at Harry. "Are there books detailing the war and both your roles in it?"

Harry nodded. A quick smile flashed across Davis's face.

"Then I will read them for the details on the war. I love you both and I know that neither of you are the same men that you were back then." He stepped back. "I also assume that History is taught at Hogwarts. If I need either of your perspectives of any situation, I assume that I can ask you."

Harry smiled at Davis, then glanced at Lucius. "There is one more thing, Davis. Lucius had a son at Hogwarts when I was there. His name is Draco Malfoy. He is teaching Potions there now. I don't know what he is like now, but at school, Draco was a spoiled brat. The only thing Lucius did right back then was to prevent Draco becoming a death eater like himself."

Davis looked at them with wide eyes. "We have an elder brother?" Lucius nodded, amused at how like Draco Davis looked just then.

"I haven't seen him since the end of the war. Nor have I corresponded with him since we left England for Canada. He was raised to be the Slytherin Prince, the leading light of Slytherin society at the time. He was spoilt rotten, and harshly disciplined. At school, Draco and Harry fought often. Even I had goes at Harry then. Mind you, he got his own back by freeing one of my most valuable house elves publicly. (Harry smirked at the memory.) Draco led his year of Slytherin house as Harry led his fellow Griffindors. Both were Seekers on their house quidditch teams, Harry from his first year, Draco from his second. As smart as Draco was, as good as the grades he got, either Harry or Hermione Granger, another Griffindor, beat him in every subject, including potions which was taught by Draco's god father."

Harry spoke up. "I met Draco in Diagon Alley, where we'll go to get your stuff, when we were both being fitted for school uniforms and robes. I was the "poor" orphan, Draco was the poor little rich kid. He was obnoxscous, like my cousin Dudley, spouting off something about how good he was. When we got to the school, he offered his friendship to me in a manner that set my teeth on edge. I refused in a similar manner and we went to war. He and his friends against me and my friends. The only time he won was when Professor Snape, his god father, interviened if no one else was around. Or during most of 5th year. Professor Macgonnagel treated us the same. The head master would favour me."

Davis sat looking at them both. "Is there any way to find out who is teaching at Hogwarts now?"

Harry looked thoughtful. "Who signed your letter?"

Davis pulled out his letter from his pocket. "The Headmaster is Severus Snape."

Harry grimaced. "I'll have to contact Hermione then."

Lucius looked up at the clock. "Time for Davis to go to bed if he is getting his school supplies tomorrow."

Harry nodded.

Davis hugged them both. "love you, good night"

"Goon night, get some rest."

Davis headed for his room. There he added to the list of books that he wanted. Now he needed books on the war and his fathers roles in it.

After Davis had gone to bed, Lucius wrapped Harry in his arms. Harry hugged him back then went to write a difficult letter.

The letter he sent to Hermione read:

Dear Hermione,

We're back in the country so the kids can attend Hogwarts. Our eldest,

Davis, starts this year. I was wondering, who besides Snape was teaching

there this year. Yours Harry.

Hermione wondered who was writing to her this late. When she opened it and read it, she screamed. Her husband sat up from where he was sleeping. "What's that?"

"Letter from an old friend. Go back to sleep." Ron nodded and lay down again. Hermione tucked the letter securely into her diary and went to sleep as well.

Draco read the letter in his hand again. His son, Lucian Malfoy, had just received his Hogwarts letter. Draco was in two minds about sending him to Hogwarts, even though Draco himself taught there. Lucian was a confident young wizard, but, even today, there were repercussions against his family for his father's actions in the war. It was worse for Draco as no one could find his father. All Draco knew was that Harry Potter had bought his father and after a few years, had taken him and left the country. Draco knew that Lucian would face some crap about this.

Regardless, Draco had sent his acceptance. He, at least, had the comfort of knowing that he would be there to protect his son as he taught the junior years potions.

Harry, Lucius, Davis and the other three children, Lily, Remus and Sebasian were eating breakfast, discussing who was doing what for the day, when the wards alerted Harry to a visitor. Harry was surprised to see Hermione when he dropped them to allow the visitor in. Hermione immediately wrapped Harry in a hug. Harry was struggling to breathe when she released him, the hug was tight, her hair was loose and he was laughing.

Lucius watched in silence. The four children wondered who the lady was. Harry looked at them all. Pulling out a seat for Hermione, he looked at Lucius.

Hermione was surprised to see Lucius Malfoy and several children that were a mix of Harry and a Malfoy. She pulled out her letter. "Not much after over 10 years of silence."

Harry smiled at her. "Best way to maintain privacy."

"Where did you go?"


"You're back now?"

Harry nodded. "The children are beginning to turn eleven."

Hermione looked at them. The eldest was a blonde, green eyed boy, a true mix of his parents. She looked back at Harry, an eyebrow raised. "Draco also has a son beginning this year. His name is Lucian. This is going to make it an interesting year." Turning to Davis, "I am Hermione Weasley,(grimace from Lucius), and I teach Transfiguration at Hogwarts."

Davis bombarded Hermione with questions about Hogwarts. Hermione looked at Harry. "We need to talk more, preferably when all the children are busy." Harry nodded. Hermione looked at Lucius. "One must assume that you have changed. But be warned that many will still be looking for you for revenge."

"That is why Malfoy in not a part of their name."

Hermione nodded, hugged Harry and disappeared through the wards.

Harry turned to Davis. "Right, get your cloak, we'll be going directly." He looked at Lucius. "We'll be most of the day, as you remember." He kissed Lucius. Turning to the other children. "Behave for Papa please."

Angelic faces smiled at him. Lucius waved them out. Harry reset the wards to notify him if there were any problems. He apparated himself and Davis to the Leaky Cauldron. There he led Davis through to the rear access to Diagon Alley.

Shopping in Diagon Alley

Davis watched in wonder as the arch opened to the wonderful sights of a busy Diagon Alley. Adult witches and wizards in muggle clothing or wizarding robes were every where. Children in muggle clothing, small robes or school robes ran around chasing one another, catching up with each other or rushing their shopping to spend time with friends. He followed Harry to a dusty shop with a wand in the window. "Olivanders"

Entering they found old Mr Olivander waiting. "Young Mr Potter. Time already for your wand. Take care of it and it will last you a life time. Which is your wand hand?"

Davis smiled shyly at him and held up his left hand. Harry moved off to the side to wait, watching out the window at the passing crowds. Mr Olivander set the measuring tape to work while he retrieved a selection of wands. These he proceeded to pass to Davis one at a time. After about twenty, one wand responded with gold sparks and a gentle glow. Davis grinned at finding his wand at last.

"Thank you sir."

Harry turned around and paid for the wand. They then went over to Madam Malkin's robe shop. There Harry left Davis to be measured while he gathered Davis's potions supplies. Severus Snape was in the potion supplier was shocked when he realized that Harry was buying supplies for a first year.


Harry glanced at him and blinked. "Snape."

"First year supplies, Potter?"

Harry nodded. "My eldest, Davis, begins this year."

Snape frowned. "Oh joy, another Potter."

Harry smiled gently. "Yes, the first of five so far. Also the one most likely to give you all fits when he is sorted into Slytherin."

"Five? Where did you find a lady like Molly Weasley to give you all those children?"

Harry smiled at him. "I'm gay so my soul mate is male. And I found him on the battlefield. We live secluded to avoid problems from obnoxious reporters and ministry officials. In fact, we returned to England so Davis could begin at Hogwarts." Gathering up the supplies, he placed them in a bottomless bag and left.

Returning to the robe shop, he found Davis finished and waiting for the measured uniforms and robes to be brought to him. He paid for them and led Davis to Flourish and Blotts, the book store.

There they gathered up the texts on the list, then went hunting for more books. Amongst the extras was Hogwarts a History as well as a number of books on Voldemort, his Death Eaters, the war, several unorthorised autobiographies, magical first aid, extra potions (including one by the Weasley twins giving base formulas for pranks),. After paying for these, Harry led Davis over to the icecream shop.

There he sat down, putting down his bags, not noticing Draco Malfoy who sat two tables over. He smiled as he watched Davis head into the counter to look at the range available. There he noticed another blonde boy doing the same.

Draco glanced into the shop to see what was taking his son so long when he noticed Lucian talking to another blond boy at the counter. Both boys were similar in size and hair color. Draco was intrigued to see an unknown male who may be a Malfoy. This may be his clue to where his father was.

Davis walked up to the counter and stood waiting while another boy was served. He looked sideways at the boy who looked so much like himself. This may be his nephew.

Lucian sensed he was being watched. The only other person in the shop was beside him. Turning he looked fully at the boy standing next to him. His jaw dropped as he looked at Davis. The two were almost identical.

Davis held out his hand. "I'm Davis."

Lucian automatically shook his hand. "Lucian Malfoy." He waved towards the sidewalk tables. "I'm here with my father."

Davis glanced out to see a young Lucius sitting behind Harry. Spotting a similar pile of bags at their table, he asked "Going to Hogwarts?"

Lucian nodded. He gathered up his icecreams. "Talk out there."

Davis nodded and ordered his cones. He watched Lucian sit at the other table.

Harry glanced around as he watched Lucian sit. Only then did he realize that he was not alone.

"Hello Draco."

Draco looked properly at Harry. "Potter." He was watching to see where the other blond boy went. He was shocked when the boy sat beside Harry.

Harry, realizing where Draco was looking, decided that they needed to talk. "Draco, if you want answers"

Here Draco interrupted. "Answers! How in the name of all that is holy do you have a Malfoy child?"

Harry smirked slightly. "I currently have four children with another on the way, all of whom have Malfoy blood. If you have finished, I only have to get Davis an animal then we can go somewhere private to talk."

Lucian glanced at his father. He wanted an animal as well. Draco looked at the expression on his son's face before nodding. "Go over there (points to the menagerie shop) and chose one."

Davis looked at Harry to see Harry nodding. "Thanks dad." The two boys took off to look at what was on offer. Davis wanted either a snake or a kneazle. Lucian wanted his own owl. Davis found a solid white kneazle. Lucian found a snowy owl.

Harry regarded Draco after watching the two boys enter the shop. He pulled out a card. "Memorise this address. The house is under a fidelus charm. When you're ready, come find us."

Draco took the proffered card. After memorizing the address, he handed the card back.

"I'll see you later. I do need answers because of how the family trusts are set up."

Harry nodded. Harry stood. "It was a surprise to see you today." He turned and walked over to the animal shop and paid for Davis's kneazle. After Harry and Davis had left, Draco collected Lucian and his snowy owl and took all their supplies home.

Draco, leading Lucian, approached the wards surrounding the isolated manor. He waited until he felt them lower before approaching any further.

Harry stepped out to greet them. "Hello Lucian. Draco, I'm pleased you came."

Draco nodded. "I came to get my answers."

Harry led the way to a playroom. There they found four children playing under the supervision of a house elf. "If Lucian would like to join the children, they will be able to play and eat separately. We will adjourn to the study. There your answers await."

Draco watched silently as his son joined Davis and challenged him to a game of chess. Gesturing to Harry, he followed him to the study.

Draco entered the study and came to a stop when he spotted his father. He, while expecting to see Lucius, was prepared for how his father appeared. Lucius was wearing a light short sleeved rove which showed his slave status clearly. It also showed a fuller figure than Draco remembered.

Harry, crossing to stand beside Lucius, wrapped his arms around Lucius and kissed the side of his neck. Looking back at Draco, he was in time to see Draco flush, his eyes narrowing.

Draco thought about four children who were a mix of potter and malfoy and about the fact that Lucius looked content and possibly pregnant.

"I take it your bond is something other than master and slave."

Harry relaxed slightly. "Yes. We're soul bound as well. That's why I chose your father."

Lucius stayed silent, watching Draco. He needed Draco to accept this situation if they were to rebuild their relationship. However, if Draco reacted the wrong way, then Harry wouldn't hesitate to protect Lucius. Draco sat on a chair as he watched them. He had never seen Lucius look so happy, so content with his life. While he didn't like some aspects of the whole situation, he would do his best not to upset his father or Harry.

Draco looked up at his father again. "How many people know about this bond?"

Harry quirked an eyebrow. "Dumbledore knew. Severus knows. Hermione knows."

Draco nodded thoughtfully. He noted that Ron Weasley hadn't been named. "Who knows about the slave bond?"

Harry shrugged. "Most anybody who read the Daily Prophet when it occurred."

Again Draco nodded. As the nominal Head of the Malfoy family, he should have been informed straight away. But given how high profile one bond had been, he wasn't surprised that the other slipped past everyone.

"How many sibs do I have?"

Lucius spoke for the first time. "According to the law, none. Physically, there are four with another to come. You've met Davis, there is also Lily, Remus and Sebasian.

Draco looked at his father again. "When is that one due?"

Lucius looked down at himself. This baby is due in four months."

Just then a house elf, dressed in a little suit, entered. "Sirs, dinner is ready."

The three men moved to a small dining room. There Draco ate quietly observing the interaction between his father and Harry. He was also considering the implications of both bonds and the existence of sibs.

After dinner, they moved back to the study for brandy. Lucius poured for both Harry and Draco but poured a tea for himself. He then sat on the arm of Harry's chair. Draco finished his brandy in silence then turned to Harry.

"Thank you for taking care of my father. I would like to renew or relationship and allow my sons to know their grandfather. Also their aunt and uncles. I will, with your permission, spend time with Davis at Hogwarts. But I would like to spend time during holidays here with you and the children."

Harry nodded. Lucius looked a little put out that he wasn't asked but knew that, legally, he didn't gat a say. He also knew that, when Harry was around and outside the house, he would be treated as invisible.

"For tonight, why not let Lucian stay, and you return in the morning for a few days before you have to return to the school with your other son. If the children get along well enough, then, perhaps, they could stay until the train leaves.

Draco was startled. He hadn't expected Harry to offer so fast.

Harry smiled slightly at Draco's reaction. "Lucian must be enjoying himself or the nanny elf would have come for help. By now, (glancing up at a muggle clock on the wall), they should be about ready for bed, if not already in bed. Tippy probably put Lucian in with Davis for the night."

Draco followed the two men to the playroom to find it empty. A quick look into the attached bedrooms found that Harry was right. All the children, including Lucian, were sound asleep. They moved back to the foyer. Draco hugged his father tightly, then shook Harry's hand.

"I'll return in the morning with Severus, my baby."