The Next Generation 5

Foreword: This chapter is about the circumstances of the slave/soul bond of Lucius Malfoy to Harry Potter. There will be nothing about the children in it. I, also, am in no way involved in anything remotely like slavery, so therefore, this chapter is pure imagination.

AN2 In this chapter Harry claims Lucius from Azkaban Prison.

AN3 This chapter has suffered greatly from writer's block in that it wanted to go off in a direction suitable only to the most hard core graphic site and I didn't want that for this story.

Harry sat on the bed beside Lucius watching him rest. As he did so, his thought slid back to when this life began.


Harry read the mail as he ate breakfast. An advertising leaflet caught his attention.

Come One - Come all


Today at noon

Diagon Alley

Outside Gringotts

The Ministry, with the approval of the Wizardingot, under the excess prisoner provisions of the law,

is holding an auction of all proven Death Eaters not sentenced to the kiss.

It is the view of the Ministry that these Death Eaters should now provide compensation

for their crimes which does not affect their families. Those that are Head of Family will

have this status revoked and their heirs become Head of Family now.

These Death Eaters are now sentenced to slavery until they are dead and will never be free to walk

our streets and country.

Only those not related by blood to the Death Eater may purchase them.

Members of the following families may not, under any circumstance, purchase a slave:

Malfoy, Parkinson, Nott, Goyle, Snape, Crabbe, Smythe, Riddle, Gaunt

Black, Lestrange, Avery, Pettigrew, Greengrass, Rosier, Wilkes

End notice

Harry sat staring at the notice lost in thought. Absently he finished his coffee and stood. Decision made, he acted. Grabbing the floo from above the fireplace, he called "Arthur Weasley."

Stepping through, Harry straightened and dusted himself off. Holding out the special notice, he greeted Arthur. "Which Death Eaters are on offer?"

Arthur swallowed slightly, nervous, before replying. "Those that were already imprisoned before the last battle."

Harry raised an eyebrow. "That includes Lucius Malfoy, I presume?"

Arthur nodded. He was a little nervous about Harry's reaction to the news that one of the more powerful and nastiest was to walk out of prison.

Harry quietly nodded back. "I want Malfoy."

Now Arthur was really nervous. "Why him?"

Harry quietly scanned Arthur's office for listening devices and charms before replying. "He may be my soul mate."

Arthur was shocked. Soul mates were rarely found. If this was true, then Harry could be deeply hurt if anything happened to Lucius Malfoy. He nodded and reached for the paperwork.

After filling out the appropriate forms and having Harry sign them, Arthur led the way to the transport point to Azkahban Prison set up for this purpose. There he led Harry to a waiting room where Harry waited nervously for Lucius to arrive. Arthur went and arranged for the bindings on Malfoy to be placed and tightened before having him brought to Harry.

Lucius Malfoy stood proudly between the guards as he was stripped to nakedness, his hair cut short and the slave regalia, including a pair of small shorts and a loose hip length tunic, placed on him. He was then led to the waiting room where he was forced to his knees. A hand to the back of his head forced his face to lower his vision to the floor.

A man stood in front of him, black dragon hide boots shining brightly. Lucius swallowed as he felt the spells binding his magic tightly within his core with the only access granted to the man in front of him. He felt the effect of the slave bonds on himself and shuddered as the last of his freedom slipped away from him. From now until he died he was a slave, a non person with no rights, not even the right to defend himself from his master should his master want to abuse him.

The guards left leaving him with his new master. He looked up when he heard the door open.

"Come". Following his master, wearing only the slave regalia, out of the prison, he catalogued what he could see. His master was shorter than him but powerful. His master had a head of messy black hair. His master was wearing dragonhide boots with denim jeans, a woolen cable knit pullover and carrying two cloaks.

Outside the prison, standing barefoot mere inches from snow, shivering in the cold, he looked up as his master turned to face him. Lucius almost fainted. Standing in front of him was Harry Potter.

Harry swung the full length cloak around his own shoulders before handing Lucius the short cloak. Lucius put it on and secured it to the collar that he wore. It proved to be inadequate in that it did not close nor did it have any warming charms on it.

Distracted, he didn't see Harry reach out to grab him. The next thing he felt was the disorientation of side along apparation. When he was able to focus again, he found himself standing beside Potter in an entry way, marble flooring under his feet, oak paneling on the walls. Standing in front of them were two house elves.

Harry removed both his own cloak and Lucius's cloak and held them out. "Wobble put these away please. Dobby, provide refreshments in the small palour." Harry led the way to the little parlour.

In there, he indicated that Lucius should stand to his right. Once Harry sat, he turned and regarded Lucius.

Lucius stood waiting as his new master stared at him. He knew precisely what had happened to him and was struggling to control his emotions until he was in private. He stood there waiting. One small comfort was that he wasn't required to kneel, at least not yet.

Harry sat thinking. He had felt a bond form and wasn't sure it was a complete master slave bond or something slightly different. He helped himself to a cup of tea as he sat there. Lucius hid his impatience. "Dobby."

Dobby popped into sight. "Yes Master Harry."

"Take Lucius to his room then retire for the night. Lucius, follow Dobby. Do not try to harm him in any way. You will retire to your room for the night and remain there in the morning until I call for you."

Lucius silently followed Dobby out into the hall. Dobby led him to the rear of the house and upstairs to a very small plain room equipped with a shelf and a pallet. With a snap of Dobby's fingers a small tray appear holding a tall glass of milk and holding a plate of sandwiches. By law, this room was to be Lucius's. By law, this was where he would spend any free time unsupervised, although there were charms on the room which would prevent him harming himself or anything or anyone else. By law, the room contained nothing which could be turned into a weapon.

Harry, in the mean time, had flooed to Hermione's home. He wanted to know how to test the bonds and find out its boundaries and limitations.

End flashback

Hary smiled down gently at Lucius, who had woken and rolled over to find Harry sitting beside him. Harry leant down and kissed him gently. "I'll have Dobby bring you a tray for dinner. Stay here and rest." With that Harry stood and left, Lucius relaxed back against the pillows.

Final AN This is short but I am so frustrated with it and am putting it up now before I dump the whoe story. There will be more in the future but it is taking a lot more for me to write it as I want to than I thought it would.