Well………hi there everyone!

This is a Inuyasha fanfic…………..SessOCC…………….in this fic sess and everyone else in Japan speaks English just because I have no clue how to speak any Japanese so yeah……………I do know French though…………….but that's not important

Megan's POV

Five minutes until I can finally get out of this hell hole!

I glared at the clock, as if my mood would make the minute hand move faster…………damn………..it's not working. Figures.

"Miss Evans!"

My bright green eyes snapped back to the front of the class where my Science teacher Mr. Barnes had his stupid meter stick pointed in my direction. It's like it was permanently attached to his meaty little hand. I smiled innocently into his big blue eyes that were surrounded by a pair of huge gold rimmed glasses……..he looked like Harry Potter's Uncle .

"Yes Mr. Barnes?" I asked.

"Would you care to pay attention? Or should I send you to the principle's office?" he smirked as if he had just said something remotely intelligent.

"No Mr. Barnes," I mumbled.

He nodded.

"As I was saying. During tomorrow's camping trip we will experience first hand the amazing happenings of the weather patterns of the mountains."

Oh shit. Not the camping trip. Not again!

Every year since grade nine I would be stuck in this class and every friggen year Mr. Barnes would take us on this 'educational' camping trip to the mountains just outside of Victoria. Last year we went up there to study bugs, and the year before that clouds. CLOUDS! Why the hell couldn't we study them from the school roof?

"It will be a one night trip this year, and the tent groups will be as followed," he continued, "Tanner Dennor, Chris Ellis, Mike Link, and Travis Kermy in tent 1. Michelle King, Kylie Preston, Tori Jackson, Kim Chang in tent 2. Brandon Kellen, Jared Wist, James Kaye in tent 3. Jaimee Hubert, Megan Evans and Chelsea James in tent 4."

God please kill me now.

Jaimee Hubert and Chelsea James?

Someone must truly hate me up there.

It was just my luck to be stuck with the school's two biggest gossips. Jaimee and I use to be best friends in grade school but then she turned bitch on me and started to hang out with Chelsea.

The bell went off just then and I bolted for the door, dragging my black backpack behind me.

Pushing through the crowd of students I finally got to my locker and put in the combo.

Checking my self quickly in the mirror I fixed my long brown curly hair which I had inherited from my mother. Tired eyes stared back at me and my make-up was starting to wear thin from the full day.

Thank god school's over.

The next day my mom tearfully said goodbye to me as I made my way to the bus that would take me on two days of camping hell.

"Do you have everything that you need?" my mom asked.

I had packed everything I could into my backpack. Three changes of clothes (you never know what could happen), bug spray, a bag of trail mix, a kit-Kat bar, first aid kit, makeup necessities, a pair of boxers and long t-shirt to sleep in, flashlight, water bottle, pocket knife, hat, and mp3.

And of course. Duck tape. I almost never go anywhere without a small roll of it. You never know when you will need to do a quick fix job. Either that or tape someone's mouth shut.

"Yeah I think I got everything mom. See you tomorrow." I smiled and climbed onto the bus.

"Megan over here!" my best friend Kylie called from the back of the bus.

I sat down next to her, put on my mp3, and waited for the hour bus ride to be over.

"Welcome to the great outdoor people!" Mr. Barnes yelled out later that night after dinner.

We hat cooked hotdogs over the fire. I hate hot dogs. So I ate some trail mix and a hot dog bun.

"Well it's 10 o'clock so time for bed everyone!"

There was sniggers and groans from around the camp. I rolled my eyes. Mr. Barnes always assumed that we had gone to sleep when in reality half the class always went to a secluded area to make-out or drink.

Last year I had gotten caught so this year I would so not be taking part.

"Megan?" Chelsea asked about and hour later.


"I left my sweater at the fire pit, will you come with me to get it?" she asked softly.

"You're 17 years old get it yourself," I mumbled.

"Come on! I hate the dark and there might be bears!" she whimpered.

I groaned and got out of bed, grabbing my backpack. Normally I wouldn't take it but I really don't trust leaving it with Jaimee all alone.

"Thanks so much," Chelsea beamed as we made our way through the dark."

I am such a helpful citizen. Not.

"Yeah," was my reply.

Just as we reached the fire pit I felt a cold drop of water on my cheek.

"Shit it's gonna rain!' I exclaimed.

Chelsea wrapped the sweater around her head just as it began to downpour.

Lucky bitch, my hair was gonna be so frizzy by morning.

She shrieked and ran ahead of me desperate to get out of the rain.

"Loser," I mumbled.

I continued walking back, cursing the whole world and this stupid camping trip. Why the hell couldn't I live in Saskatchewan? They don't have mountains, which means no camping trips. Unless of course they camped out in fields…………

Suddenly a blast of thunder startled me and I lost my footing. I screamed as I fell over a ledge and tumbled ten feet to the floor where I hit my head, and everything went black.