The characters in "The Trap" are base on the Walt Disney's "The Parent Trap" starring Lindsay Lohan. The Characters Hallie Parker, Annie James, Nick Parker, Elizabeth James, Chessy, Martin and Charles are the property of Walt Disney. All rights belong to Walt Disney. The story line of "The Trap" was created by the author.

Short trivia:

The movie "The Parent Trap" which starred Lindsay Lohan was written by David Swift, Nancy Myers and Charles Shyer.

The characters Hallie and Annie were named after Nancy Myers and Charles Shyer's daughters, Hallie Myers-Shyer and Annie Myers-Shyer. Hallie Myers-Shyer and Annie Myers-Shyer also had roles in "The Parent Trap". Lindsay Lohan's brother Michael Lohan also played the lost boy at camp.

The Trap

Chapter One

Late summer in London England the eighteen-year-old Annie James was parking her car in Oxford University's parking lot. After stepping out of the car, Spencer Prescott, a student who was dressed in a slobbish manner, watched Annie at a distance as Annie was putting her purse over her shoulder. As Annie walked towards the building Spencer walked quickly to catch up to her. Minutes later Spencer failed to see Annie going into the bookstore and lost track of her.

As Annie was getting her books for her classes, Colby, Annie's boyfriend walked up to her. When Annie saw Colby walking up, she greeted him with a kiss and a hug. They were in the bookstore for several minutes before checking out.

Spencer spotted Annie and Colby as they were leaving the bookstore. He then walked up to Annie and said "So you didn't leave."

Annie looked at Spencer in a curious manner and asked, "I'm sorry, but who are you?"

Spencer looked at Annie in a curious manner. He then said, "I'm Spencer. We met yesterday at the airport."

Colby looked at Annie and asked, "Did you go to the airport yesterday?"

Annie looked at Colby and slightly shook her head.

"Hallie, we talked for almost two hours," said Spencer.

"Spencer, I'm not Hallie."

"You lied to me as to who you are?" asked Spencer. Colby showed a gesture as being amused. "Am I missing something?"

"Spencer, my name is Annie. The woman you were talking to yesterday is my twin sister Hallie. Hallie left yesterday for Harvard."

"I feel like a twit," said Spencer.

"You shouldn't. Even our friends can't tell us apart."

"Just look for the letter on the locket they wear," said Colby. "Of course you can't go by that when they trade places and switch lockets."

"We only did that to you once," said Annie. "Actually we didn't even do it to you; you just got caught in the middle."

"I know," said Colby. "You told me that Hallie just wanted to catch Henry being unfaithful to her."

"It worked. Henry made a pass at Hallie when she was pretending to be me."

"Is Henry Hallie's boyfriend?" asked Spencer.

"Hallie dumped Henry that same night," said Annie.

"A woman as beautiful as her… and you too of course… I'm mean, Hallie probably has a serious boyfriend since Henry." said Spencer.

"Hallie was in a serious relationship with a football player from Harvard, but the bloody fool killed himself just before Hallie's freshmen year ended," said Annie.

"He committed suicide?" asked Spencer.

"No-no, it was nothing like that," said Annie. "Scott, Hallie's late boyfriend thought he was this hotshot pilot. I'm sorry to speak ill of the deceased, but the silly twit was trying to do stunts in an airplane that wasn't design for it and crashed his plane just a short distance from where Hallie was standing. Hallie was a complete mess. She wouldn't eat; she wouldn't sleep. As depressed she has been since the end of her freshmen year everyone was surprised that Hallie wanted to return to Harvard."

"I thought she seemed a little down at first, but as I started talking with her she seemed to cheer up some," said Spencer.

"What do you mean she seemed to cheer up?" asked Annie.

"When I sat down beside her she seemed to have been bothered when I would talk to her, but then I noticed the suspense book she was reading and I started to talk to her about her book. I then told her these lame jokes I know and she cracked a smile. She tried not to, but I eventually got her to laugh."

"You made Hallie laugh?" asked Annie.

"Yes; after she finally talked to me, we talked and laughed for close to two hours. I was just about to ask her for her number when I was called away for a second. When I returned, Hallie was boarding the plane."

"Spencer, are you taking classes here?" asked Annie.

"I am."

"What courses are you taking?" asked Annie.

"I start my second year of pre-law."

"That is what Hallie and I are taking too. Of course Hallie is taking her classes at Harvard. Spencer, would it be possible for me to see your schedule?"

"Sure," said Spencer. He then took out his schedule from his pocket and handed it to Annie.

Annie took a few seconds to compare her schedule with his. She then said, "This is great."

"What is great?" asked Colby.

"Spencer, you and I have a lot of the same classes," said Annie.

"Why is that great?" asked Spencer.

"Spencer, you are the only one who got Hallie to laugh since Scott's death. If Hallie didn't like you, you wouldn't have been able to get her to laugh, so I'm thinking you can help Hallie to recover from her depression."

"Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Hallie in the states?" asked Spencer.

"That is just a small matter that should be easy to overcome."

"Annie, what are you planning?" asked Colby.

"Although Hallie and I are going to two different universities we are taking the same courses. We did this on purpose so we can help each other if we needed it. So I'm thinking that Hallie and I can switch places this year or at least this semester. It wouldn't hurt either one of our grades, and if I'm right about something Hallie will recover from her depression."

"Both of you can be expelled if you get caught," said Colby.

"I'm not sure how, but so far the only person who found a way to tell us apart is our mother so I don't see what can go wrong," said Annie.

"Annie, you are commuting to school, so your mother will bust you," said Colby.

"Not necessarily. We can fool our mother as long as we don't spend too much time around her."

"What about us?" asked Colby. "If you do this we will be apart this year."

"Colby, I'm sorry, but if this helps Hallie to overcome the depression she fell into then this is something I have to do. I promise I will make our time apart up to you."

"This means that much to you?" asked Colby.

"Hallie has been my best friend since we found each other seven years ago and she is suffering so if I can help her I'm going to do it."

"Annie, I will support you," said Colby.

"Thank you." Annie then gave Colby a kiss.

"Annie, what do you mean since you found each other?" asked Spencer.

"Spencer, that is a long story. I know, have lunch with Colby and me and I will tell you all about it. I will also tell you about Hallie's likes and dislikes."

"Annie, why are you doing this?" asked Spencer. "I mean you just met me and you are planning to help me with your sister. As far as you know I can be a dangerous man."

"All I'm doing is making it to where you two are in the same university."

"You're also planning to tell me Hallie's likes and dislike."

"Okay that is true, but if Hallie dates you then that is between her and you. I'm not going to tell Hallie that we met until she is already here or she might get wise to what I have planned and not switch with me. So if you come to lunch with us I will tell you about Hallie and me."

"I will on one condition," said Spencer.

"What is that?"

"That I buy lunch for you and Colby."

"You got yourself a deal."

A few minutes later Colby, Annie and Spencer were walking up to Colby's car. After getting in the car and getting comfortable, Annie started to tell Spencer about her and Hallie. Annie continued to tell the story long after they were done eating. After finishing the story Annie took her cell phone out of her purse and dialed Hallie.

Hallie had just sat down in Harvard's cafeteria with her breakfast when her cell phone rang. Hallie reached into a purse identical to what Annie has and pulled out her cell phone. Hallie looked to see who was calling before she answered.

"Hey, what's up?" asked Hallie as she answered.

"Hal, I need your help," said Annie.

"What is going on?"

"Colby and I have decided to take a break from each other."

"Annie, what is going on between you two?"

"Oh, it's nothing like that. We just feel that our relationship is too… too humdrum. We're not breaking up or anything like that, but we do feel as if we need time apart to take a breath."

"How are you going to take time apart when the both of you are going to the same university?"

"That is where I need your help."

"How can I help?"

"Hallie, you and I are taking the same courses, so I was thinking we can switch places for one semester."

"What? Are you serious?"

"Hallie, we can do this. No one can tell us apart and Colby supports the idea."

"Mom figured out how to tell us apart."

"Just stay busy and avoid mom as much as possible until we switch back. Hallie, this would mean a lot to me. Please."

"Actually walking around campus does kind of bums me out. Everywhere I look I'm reminded of Scott."

"So will you do it?"

"I'll do it."

"Okay, I will have Colby drive me to the airport to buy a round trip ticket."

"So I can meet you at the airport call me before your plane take off and let me know when your plane will land. Oh and wear that black wig. Identical twins meeting for a short time in an airport might raise suspicions."

"I will. Bye."

As Annie was putting her phone away Colby asked, "You are really going through with it?"

"I am," said Annie. "Hallie did mention as to how she was bummed out while walking around campus. So I really believe this will do Hallie some good."

Annie returned home to grab a few things. Colby then drove Annie to the airport.

A few hours later Hallie and Hallie's roommate Kristina Carpenter were walking into the airport.

"Hallie, what is so important at an airport that you practically begged me to bring you?" Kristina then whispered in Hallie's ear. "Is this about drugs?"

"No, it's nothing like that," exclaimed Hallie. "My sister is landing here from London. She will be here for a short time before her next flight leaves for California. I needed to meet her because she is bringing me something I forgot when I left home."

Hallie and Kristina were waiting at the gate for thirty minutes when Annie walked up to them. Hallie was facing away when Annie asked, "So Hal, how's it going?"

Hallie slightly jumped from being startled. She then quickly faced Annie and said, "I'm doing good as long as you don't give me a heart attack."

"Oh sorry," said Annie.

"Annie this is my roommate Kristina Carpenter. Kristina this is my sister Annie."

"Wow, if you two dye your hair alike, you two would look like twins," said Kristina.

"We get that a lot," said Hallie. "Kristina if you'll excuse Annie and me, I would like to talk to her in private."

"Of course," said Kristina.

Hallie motioned into the direction she wanted to go and said, "Annie, this way."

Kristina watched as Annie and Hallie walked away.

While walking away Annie whispered. "Hal, you didn't tell Kristina that we're twins?"

"We just met yesterday and I didn't know if she can be trusted to keep what we are doing a secret."

"I understand."

After walking into the women's restroom Annie and Hallie exchanged clothes. They quickly told each other what the other needed to know. They then exchanged watches and lockets. Hallie put on the wig.

"I think we are all set," said Hallie.

"Wait, we better swap cell phones, ID's, and credit cards," said Annie.

"Good idea." They reached into their purses. "Oh Annie, don't use my visa. I got it maxed out."

"Hal, why do you always max out your credit cards before making a payment?"

As they exchanged the items Hallie said, "I make payments."

"Not enough to keeps your balance down. So how much are on your other cards?"

"I'm not really sure. There should be enough for whatever you may want though. Just to make sure I will make payments on all of them."

"Hallie, please don't max out my credit cards."

"Annie relax, I would never do that to you."

A few minutes later Hallie and Annie were walking up to Kristina.

"We are all set," said Hallie.

"So Annie how long do you have before your plane leaves again?" asked Kristina.

Hallie said while pretending to be Annie, "I'm not quite sure. I should go and check to see when my plane leaves for California."

Annie looked at Hallie in a confused manner. She then asked, "Annie, for what reason would you be going to California?"

Hallie looked at Kristina and said, "Father asked me to check something for him at the vineyard. Did you think I came here all the way from London just to give you what you forgot?"

"I knew you were going to California, but I just didn't know why," said Annie.

"Hallie, you and Kristina don't have to wait here," said Hallie. "I will be fine."

"I will see you again soon," said Annie. Annie and Hallie hugged for a second. Hallie then watched Annie and Kristina as they walked away.

A few minutes later Kristina was backing out of her parking spot. As she was putting the car into drive, music from a cell phone sounded. Annie didn't realize right away that it was Hallie's cell phone.

"Are you going to answer your phone?" asked Kristina.

"Of course," said Annie as she reached for the phone. "I thought I had it set on a different ring style. Hello."

"Annie, it's me," said Hallie. "I need to tell you don't play poker on campus."

"I know that, that is a rule with every campus."

"Well, at Harvard they take that rule very seriously. If I get caught playing poker again I will get kicked out."

"Thanks for the warning. Do I need to warn you?"

Kristina looked at Annie in a curious manner.

"Annie, I promise I won't do anything to get you kicked out."

"I hope not. So when does your plane leave?"

"I will be leaving in two hours. I will call you when I get to London."

"Okay, I will talk to you then. Bye.

As Annie was putting her phone away Kristina asked, "So when does your sister leave?"

"Her plane leaves in a few minutes," said Annie.

"So Hallie, which one of you is older, you or Annie?"

"Actually, you were right when you said that Annie and I looked like twins," said Annie. "Annie dyes her hair to make herself look different from me."

"So you and Annie are twins." Kristina then noticed wig hairs on Annie's shoulder.

"Yes," said Annie.

"Hallie, I think Annie is dyeing her hair too much."

"What do you mean?"

"You have a few strands of Annie's hair on your shoulder."

Annie collected the wig hairs. She missed two strands as it stuck to the car seat. As Annie was rolling down the window she said, "I will let Annie know not to dye her hair as much." She then tossed the wig hairs out the window.