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"Through the Pharaoh's Eyes"

CHAPTER 1: "Senior Class Trip, Destination: Egypt"

It was a very unique and exciting day for the seniors of Domino high school, Not that it was never interesting on a day to day basis. You see; for there were always students challenging fellow classmates to duels during their breaks, or there might be some entertainment outside the back of the school; with some poor short, spiky haired kid, being ruffed up by bullies. There was even entertainment in the classroom practically everyday; when a certain tall brunette, would try to show his teacher down, by acting all big and mighty towards the instructor. However in the end; he'd only return to his seat, sighing in defeat. But now; right at the end of the year, there was a lot of commotion, and laughter, and excitement in the atmosphere. Even those who paid no attention to such things could not help but feel uplifted; even a little. The seniors at Domino high school were exceptionally zealous. Not only would this be their final year in high school; but they also had an end of the year "Class Trip" to look forward too.

But now a big decision had to be made. Where should they go? The Class Trip would most likely be expensive; no Senior Class Trip at Domino high school was ever cheap. The seniors were given time to decipher where they wanted to go for about a week; and then they had to make a decision. Some wanted to go to one of the largest water parks in their country, while others thought it would be nice to check out the "Sun Shine state" in America. But then it hit them. Why not go to Egypt? They had been learning all about this magnificent country for over a quarter of their school year now. Why not see the temples and ancient artefacts up close, rather than just seeing their pictures in the textbooks. Well at least the majority of the Senior Class thought this was a good idea. However, there were some who still wanted to go to the Water parks, or the State of Florida in America. So they all had to vote. And vote they did. Until they were all sitting in their class rooms, waiting for their Class Trip to be revealed over the intercom; in which their teachers told them it would only be a matter of minutes until they had their answer.

In one particular classroom sat a senior; who unfortunately was still short for his age. His beautiful amethyst eyes stared out the window at the basketball court. He sighed deeply, all the stress from the school year seeming to roll of his shoulders. He had three more weeks left of school, and then he was out. And now he had this really awesome Class Trip to look forward too.

"Oh, I do hope we go to Egypt", thought Yugi. Yami would love it there! And now that he has his own body, he can now fully appreciate the smell, touch, and taste, of things. He'll be able to feel the textures of the ancient artefacts that we discover! And he might even be able to discover new things from his past, and...

But it was at this moment that a kind and familiar voice interrupted Yugi's thoughts.

"Yugi, is everything alright? You seem so distant and silent."

Yugi turned from the window, and smiled at Yami. "Yeah. I'm fine. I was just thinking how wonderful it would be if the Class decided too go to Egypt."

Yami looked at his little hikari with a slight smile. "I was thinking about that too Yugi. Its not everyday One may get the opportunity to go to Egypt. And though I have not lived there for a few thousand years, I feel as though it is my home."

Yugi smiled, and nodded to Yami in understanding. Yugi found that he had a deep respect and admiration for the former Pharaoh, and he was eternally grateful that Yami had sworn to protect him. And through their trials of suffering throughout the years, their friendship grew, and Yugi thought that right now, he could not have a better friend.

Yami stared at the small teenager sitting beside him. He noticed that Yugi was deep in thought once again, as he was quite frequently these days. Yami wished that he knew what his little hikari was thinking; but now that he had his own body, he could no longer speak to Yugi using their mind link, nor could he read his thoughts. Yami remembered when he had first met his little angel. He was so small and fragile, his eyes so full of wonder and questions. Yami then remembered all the trials that they had faced together, and how quickly Yugi had grown and toughened up, because of their experiences. Though Yugi was still short for his age and cute, Yami found him to be much stronger and more independent. No longer having to count so much on the aid of others. Yami found that he cared for his little hikari very deeply, and he would never want any harm to befall him. He treasured their friendship, and he would not let anyone or anything tear them apart.

Yami was suddenly taken from his train of thought as he heard the sweet voice of his little light. "Oh, I do hope they make the announcement soon." said Yugi. "Having to wait like this is torture."

Yami smiled at his hikari's words. "Patients Yugi, the instructor said that it would only be a matter of time."

And he was right. After what may have been nearly thirty seconds; the intercom went on, immediately addressing the school: "attention all students, the votes for this years Senior class trip have been tallied, and we now have your destination chosen. Here are the votes as follows: "Crystal Stream Water Park" the largest water park in the entire country has a total of thirty votes"

There were a few cheers in the classroom, and some cheers could even be heard in a few neighbouring classrooms.

"Florida, the Sun Shine State in America has a total of fifty votes."

There was quite a bit more cheers this time, then the last; and Yugi felt that they had already lost their chance to go to Egypt.

"And Finally, Egypt; yes, this fine and fascinating country, with golden seas of sand, and Great pyramids, and... Oh yes (clears throat), sorry about that. As I was saying, Egypt has a grand total of ..."

It was at this moment that Yugi held in his breath, as well as the rest of the school it seemed. All accept Yami, who was only too calm about this.

"Egypt has a total of...Oh dear, I've seemed to drop my papers, just a moment please."

Yugi felt he was going to pass out from an anxiety attack, while Yami as well as the rest of the class were looking VERY much annoyed.

"Sorry about that folks. As I was saying, Egypt has a grand total of... seventy votes!

Suddenly a very loud cheer could be heard throughout the entire school, even by non seniors who found themselves caught up in all the excitement.

"Congratulations Senior class of 2005! YOU ARE GOING TO EGYPT!"

"YES!" Yugi cheered. "Yami where ACTUALLY going to Egypt!" He suddenly gave Yami a big hug.

Yami smiled. "I know, I've been wanting to do this for awhile, and now it's actually going to happen!"

Both Yami and Yugi then pulled apart quickly, in fear that other fellow classmates would get the wrong impression.

The bell suddenly rang; both Yami and Yugi looked at each other. "Come on Yami, lets go find the gang!"

"Right." said Yami, and they both hurried out of the classroom with high spirits; in search of their friends.

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