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"Through the Pharaoh's Eyes"

Chapter three, Part 1: "Raised the Money, Now off To Egypt!"

It was nearing the end of the school day, and Yugi was restless. He tried to pay attention to the lesson, but every time he attempted to re-focus his attention on the teacher, his mind would begin to wonder to other things, such as his duel with Seto Kaiba.

He wondered how they would duel. After all, things were different now; Yami had his own body, so he could no longer duel with him as he did so often in the past. Suddenly Yugi grew doubtful as he came to a certain realization. It was because of Yami that he was even titled the "king of games," and now Yami could no longer fight his duel with him. Yugi knew that he was a good duelist, but not great. Not like Yami. Yami was the true "king of games." Yugi sighed. Why did he believe he even had a chance at beating Seto Kaiba by himself? Yugi remembered when he challenged Kaiba earlier on in the day. Some how he had gotten this sudden surge of confidence. He felt as though he could have challenged anyone at anytime and would have won. But why not now?

Yugi had been anxious all day at the idea of dueling Kaiba. But now, he no longer knew how he felt about the duel. All he knew was that he would try his hardest, and would do his best. Yugi only hoped that his best was good enough. After all, he was playing to keep his title, as well as the money for Egypt. He would not let Kaiba strip his title away from him. But most importantly, Yami was counting on him to win the duel. This was their chance to go to Egypt, and Yugi wasn't about to ruin it for himself or his best friend. Yugi sighed deeply. Talk about pressure.

When the last bell of the day had finally rung, Ryou did not waste any time. He quickly gathered his books and left the classroom. All afternoon he had been trying to think of ways of how he could raise the money for Egypt. He had racked his brain until something came into mind. Then it hit him! Immediately Ryou knew that there was no time to waste. There were only four days left until the due date, and Ryou refused to lose his opportunity to go to Egypt.

As Ryou was about to head out of the school, he remembered something. As if on a mission of high importance, Ryou immediately went in search of Marik. It was only after everyone had finally cleared the halls that Ryou found Marik standing at his locker, retrieving his books. As he approached Marik, he saw three giggling girls eyeing Marik as well as himself. They were whispering something to each other, and blushed when either teen made a glance in their direction. Ryou knew what sort of things they were probably whispering about, and personally, he didn't really care. He was use to all the attention he received from girls. Sometimes he'd find himself almost blushing when girls said the kinds of things they did to him. But right now, he was a little annoyed. He just wanted to talk to Marik, and the girls were a distraction. However as if on queue, they finally decided to leave, giggling as they passed both Marik and Ryou. Ryou took this time to approach Marik.

"Hey Marik, I need to talk to you." Ryou said quickly.

"Weren't those girls hot?" Marik said, still staring at the departing figures.

Ryou sighed and rolled his eyes in annoyance. "Marik, that's not important right now. Listen, did you see Malik today in any of your classes?"

"No, I think he skipped again. Why?"

Ryo sighed in relief. "Good, I believe Bakura did as well. I didn't see him in any of my classes today either."

Marik looked at Ryou with one eyebrow raised. "You're actually relieved that they skipped? I thought you always encouraged Bakura to go to school? Not to mention, you made him promise that he had to if he was going to start living with you."

"I know, but today I'm glad he chose not to listen to me."

"Why?" Marik asked still confused.

"Because Marik, if either Bakura or Malik found out that we were going to Egypt for our class trip what do you think they'd do? They both have their own bodies now, so what do you suppose they're capable of?"

Marik thought about this for a few moments before he responded. "I see your point."

Ryou only nodded in response.

"But what do you propose we do? Just because they both skipped today, doesn't mean they'll keep it up all week. They're bound to figure out that something's up eventually."

"Your right Marik. Which is why neither you nor I will tell them, no matter what they may threaten to do to us. It is crucial that we don't give them any idea that we're hiding something from them."

"Well. I don't know about Bakura, but Malik has a tendency to sense when I'm hiding something from him, and he's relentless until he finds out what it is."

"Alright, but the fact still remains Marik. We cannot tell them anything. We will have to find someway of keeping them from school for the next four days. But I doubt that'll be a problem, considering they both play hooky almost every other day."

Marik sighed. "So we have only four days to keep this secret from them right?"

"Right." Said Ryou.

"Well, good luck then. We're both gonna need it."

Téa turned to both Joey and Serenity as they all made their way out of the school and into her car.

"Ok guys, your both going to seriously need to practice, even when your not at my house."

Téa then turned to Serenity. "Serenity, you only have three days to learn what I've already learned in three weeks. So you're going to be very busy."

Serenity only nodded, worries etched across her pretty face.

"You'll be ok sis." Said Joey, seeing her concern. "At least you won't have to be a DJ. I still can't believe I agreed to that!"

"Joey, I'm doing this for you remember?" Téa said a little annoyed. "Now, I spoke to the principle today and told him all about my dance routine. He liked the idea, and said we could perform in the main auditorium in three days. That way when we raise the money, we can turn it in by the due date on the fourth day."

"Téa, how can you be so confident about this? What if this plan doesn't work?" asked Serenity.

Joey looked from his sister to Téa. Her doubts mirrored his own as well, so he patiently waited for Téa to respond.

Téa was silent for a moment, but then said boldly "Have faith that it will guys. I know it'll all work out in the end."

And with that, she drove her car out of the school's parking lot, and into the direction of her house.

Yugi sauntered out of the school, his mind still full of doubts and worry. He walked down the stairs, and there sat Yami, looking as if he were contemplating something. When Yami heard someone approaching, he looked up quickly. When he saw it was his little hikari, he smiled warmly and immediately approached him.

"Yugi, are you ready?" Yami said as he eyed his hikari curiously.

"Yea, I think so." Said Yugi, eyeing the ground beneath him with interest.

Yami knew right away that there was something wrong with his little light. Not only did his tone sound doubtful, but he also could not keep eye contact as he spoke, and Yami wondered; what brought upon this new change? Did Yugi regret challenging the CEO to a duel? He hoped not.

"Yugi, come with me." They both made their way onto the school's pavement, and headed in the direction of Kaiba's mansion.

"Yugi, tell me what's on your mind, I can see that something is bothering you."

Yugi sighed, but did not answer immediately. He could never hide his emotions from Yami. Yami could read him like a book if he wanted to, even though he could no longer read his thoughts. But Yugi knew that Yami cared about him deeply, and only wanted him to be happy. 'I can't have him worry about me.' Yugi thought. 'I have to tell him.'

"Yami, I appreciate you being concerned for me, but I don't want you to worry about me."

Yami eyed his hikari carefully, but then nodded his head in understanding. They were now walking on the sidewalk, and were at least a mile from Kaiba's house. Yami waited patiently for his hikari to speak again, and silently rejoiced when he heard his light's sweet voice.

"I remember when I first challenged Kaiba earlier today." Yugi began. "I felt confident, with no doubts in my mind. Because I knew we'd win."

Yugi then paused, waiting for Yami to respond. But the former pharaoh remained silent, and so Yugi continued.

"That's because at the time, I thought we'd both be dueling him. But then I came to the realization that you were no longer the spirit that would appear in my place whenever I needed your help."

Yami looked at his friend and spoke. "Yugi, I may not be able to fight your battles for you any more, but I can still fight them with you. I'll always be by your side to help you. I've sworn to protect you. Do you remember?"

Yugi finally made eye contact with Yami and smiled warmly. "Yes, I remember. I suppose I'm just doubtful because I'll be dueling alone this time."

"But Yugi, you'll do fine. Look how much you've grown in the past three years! I have full and complete faith in you Yugi. You can do this! Your not called the "king of games" for nothing."

"I'm only called the "king of games" because of you Yami! You're the reason I am the person I am today!"

It had finally come out. Yami now understood what was at the heart of the problem. He then stopped his walk and gently took Yugi by the shoulders. Then turning him around, he forced his light to look him in the eyes.

"Yugi, it's because of you that I was able to help you. You helped me become a great duelist with your love and compassion towards others. Do you remember the time when I was about to attack Kaiba, even when he had threatened to jump? Yugi, you wouldn't allow it! Even when you had to win the game to save your grandpa! Its because of your compassion Yugi, that you helped me change. I've never been the same since. I continue to change Yugi, because of you. You're the reason why I turned out to be a great duelist. So it's not because of me that you are the kind of person you are today, it's because of yourself that you've changed so wonderfully. You are the true "King of Games Yugi."

Yugi was silent, drinking in everything he just heard. Yami always seemed to say the right things, at the right time.

"Thank you Yami. However it's not just our title that's at steak today, it's also Egypt. I don't want you to lose your opportunity to go to Egypt because of me."

"I won't, because I have complete trust in you. Yugi if I doubted you for even a second, don't you think I would have asked you to let me duel Kaiba myself?" I know you can do this, and I'll be there to support you."

Yugi could not help the smile that spread across his handsome face. His confidence once again restored, he felt renewed with hope, and never more grateful than at this moment to have such a wonderful friend.

Yami looked at his hikari, and seeing the change in his features he smiled. "So, are you ready my friend?"

Yugi looked at Yami with bright-determined eyes; his smile spreading even further, he then nodded and said boldly, "Lets do this."

Seto Kaiba sat at his polished desk planning his strategy for the duel. He had been planning ever since Yugi voiced his challenge, and felt he had developed a nearly flawless strategy. Kaiba thought back to how boldly Yugi had challenged him at the school. Even Kaiba noticed a change in Yugi, but he wasn't about to make that known to anyone else. The CEO could see that Yami had some kind of influence on him, and that the two were growing closer in friendship. 'They might as well have been brothers.' He thought. 'Everyone knows they look related.' But that still did not change the fact that the little shrimp had dared to challenge him. He would make Yugi regret having challenged Seto Kaiba to a duel! Kaiba smiled to himself, 'and all Yami will be able to do is watch-

But it was at this moment that one of Kaiba's men knocked at the door, distracting him from his thoughts.

"Come in." The CEO said, a bit annoyed.

"I'm sorry to bother you sir, but Yugi Muto has arrived, along with his friend Yami."

Kaiba sighed, and rubbed his temples. "Lead them down to my dueling arena, I'll be there shortly."

"Yes sir." Said the man, closing the door as he left.

Kaiba got up from his seat, and retrieved his duel deck from the desk. 'This is it Yugi, by the end of the day, I'll be known as the "King of Games," and you will have suffered greatly. Kaiba then smirked to himself as he exited his study, closing the door on his way out.

Yami and Yugi found themselves being lead down into Kaiba's dueling arena. Neither of them spoke, as the other seemed to be in deep thought. Yami looked over to his little light. The change was definitely noticeable in Yugi's features and posture. Yami smiled as he saw his hikari's head held up high, determination etched in all his features. He was never more proud of his little hikari than he was at this moment. He only wished he could somehow be there with him in spirit as he use to be when he was trapped in Yugi's millennium item. He wanted to be there with him, not just supporting him on the sidelines. Then a thought came to him. Yami pulled out his dueling deck from his jacket pocket. He always brought his deck with him every where he went, as did Yugi. He quickly went through his cards and took out three monster cards, two magic cards, and two trap cards. Yami looked up from his deck as he realized they were entering the arena. Once inside, Yugi quickly took his place at the front of the arena. He then placed a hand in his pocket to retrieve his deck, and began to study it. Yami took this time to approach his hikari.

"Yugi, I want to speak with you before you begin."

Yugi immediately turned is full attention upon the former pharaoh, welcoming any advice his yami would give him.

"Here, I want you to have these for your duel." Yami then handed Yugi the seven cards he had retrieved from his deck earlier.

"I want you to be able to use these cards Yugi. So even though I cannot duel with you, I'll still be with you in a sense when you use these cards."

Yugi quickly looked through the cards, and smiled. "Your Dark Magician." He said softly. "Thank you."

Yami then placed a slender hand on his hikari's shoulder. "I trust you Yugi, now trust in the heart of the cards."

Yugi's expression was determined as he smiled and nodded. "I will."

It wasn't long after their exchange that Seto Kaiba appeared. He had come in from the other side of the arena, and was now taking his place opposite of Yugi. Yami took this time to move to the side of the arena, but still close enough to Yugi so he could continue to encourage him.

Kaiba looked at Yami and then to Yugi. He then smirked. "So are you ready to hand me your title shrimp?"

Yugi as well as Yami just glared at the CEO, but Yugi responded. "Are you really in such a hurry to lose Kaiba?"

Kaiba only continued to grin. This irked Yami more than he could explain, but he remained silent and continued to eye Kaiba warily.

"I wouldn't be so cocky if I were you shrimp." Kaiba said almost dangerously. "I've decided to throw in a little twist. You know that television equipment I said I'd have set up so that when I win, you would proclaim me as the new "King of Games?" I also said it would be live didn't I? Well, after all that work and money I thought, what the heck? Why not broadcast the entire duel live?" I'm sure you'd like that wouldn't you Yugi? Your not camera shy are you?" Asked Kaiba mockingly.

The truth was that Yugi was camera shy, but he wasn't about to admit that to Kaiba. However Yami knew, and the former pharaoh only hoped that Yugi wouldn't allow himself to be distracted. He couldn't afford to be; too much was at steak.

"Are you ready Yugi? We go on live in one minute." Said the CEO.

"Ready as I'll ever be." Said Yugi. He would not allow himself to be distracted. Yami was counting on him.

"10 seconds left." Kaiba said.

"Ok." Said Yugi confidently.

Kaiba then looked to the men by the camera equipment. One man did a five-second count down on his fingers to indicate when they'd go live: Five, four, three, two, and one.

Kaiba then turned back to Yugi. "Alright Yugi, Yami cannot help you this time. So show me what the true Yugi Muto can do."

Kaiba had said this somewhat mockingly, so he earned a hard glare from both Yami and Yugi.

"Don't worry, I will." Yugi said boldly.

Kaiba smirked at this remark and said, "Good. We both start with three thousand life points. And since you challenged me to the duel, I'll be generous and let you begin first. Ready?"

"You can do this Yugi, just trust in the heart of the cards." Yami said loudly. He may be on the sidelines, but he was going to support Yugi in any way he could.

Yugi nodded in agreement to his friend, and then turned back to Kaiba. "Ready."

"Alright then, let the game begin." Said Kaiba.

Then in unison they both said: "Lets Duel!"

Tristan closed the book that he had been reading for the past hour and raised his hands above his head, stretching. Deciding to take a break from reading, he then journeyed into the kitchen to the refrigerator. There he retrieved a bottle of water and some onigiri (riceballs), and went into the living room where he slumped on the couch. There he sat and ate, and every now and then he took a sip of his water.

Tristan naturally began to think of Serenity. He wandered how she was fairing at Téa's right now. Téa could be tough like a drill Sargent at times, and Tristan hoped that Serenity would be able to keep up with her. After all, when it came to dancing, Téa was a natural.

Tristan really looked forward to seeing Serenity dance, and he knew she'd be taught well, and that she was in good hands. Téa was a great friend, and a wonderful dancer. She never seemed to loose her optimism, no matter how hopeless a situation seemed. Tristan admired Téa for that.

Tristan then smiled to himself, he still couldn't believe that Téa had gotten Joey to be her DJ! The mere thought of the famous Joey Wheeler as a DJ was enough to amuse the mind, and so Tristan really looked forward to seeing Joey as a DJ almost as much as he wanted to see Serenity dance. He then chuckled to himself. At least in the end they'd all raise the money they needed for Egypt.

This thought made Tristan think of Ryou next. He hoped that Ryou had a plan set, and was now acting on it. Knowing Ryou, Tristan knew that the soft-spoken boy would not give up until he raised all the money he needed for Egypt. However, Tristan could not help but feel a little selfish. Even though he could not afford to give Ryou any money from his savings, he still wanted to help him in some way. Tristan thought on this for a moment longer. 'Maybe I could-'

Suddenly the phone rang, interrupting Tristan from his thoughts. He got up off the couch and grabbed the cordless phone from the kitchen. He then checked the caller id; and saw that it was Duke.

"Hey what's up Duke?"

"Quick, put on your television to channel 7!" Duke said almost breathlessly.

"Ok, why?" questioned Tristan.

"Just do it Tristan, you'll find out soon."

Without another word, Tristan did as he was told and put on the television to channel 7. What he saw made him gasp. It was Yugi dueling Kaiba! Now Tristan remembered how Yugi said he had challenged Kaiba to a duel. But Tristan imagined that it would either be both Yami and Yugi dueling together, or just Yami. But not Yugi! Not by himself, and certainly not on live television!

Finally Tristan found his voice and spoke into the receiver. "Duke, did Yugi say anything about his duel with Kaiba being live?"

"No, I don't recall him saying anything like that. And somehow, I don't think he knew it was going to be live either. Look at his face!"

Tristan's eyes were already glued onto the television, but he took a closer look at Yugi, who was making his next move. Yugi looked nervous, as some sweat trickled from his brow and down his neck. He seemed nervous, but he looked determined.

"I think your right Duke. But why is Yugi dueling? I thought Yami would be the one dueling. Is Yugi even ready to duel Seto Kaiba by himself?"

"Well apparently he is since he's dueling! Yami must have full trust in Yugi to let him duel like that by himself. After all, there's a lot at stake for them, not just Egypt."

"Right. But where do you suppose Yami is?"

"Well, I don't think he'd leave Yugi for even a second in a situation like this, so he's probably there. The cameras are just not panned on him."

Tristan was silent for a moment and watched the TV. Kaiba had just summoned his Blue Eyes White Dragon, and was about to attack one of Yugi's monsters that were on the field. Kaiba then ordered his Blue Eyes to attack, but in the middle of its attack Yugi summoned one of his trap cards; redirecting the attack to Kaiba's Blue Eyes, destroying the monster. Kaiba looked very displeased.

"Well Duke, it seems that Yugi has everything under control." Tristan said while smiling. "Just take a look at his life points. So far Yugi's in the lead by five hundred."

"Yea, I just hope Yugi can continue to keep the lead. Hey, let me come over to your place, that way we can watch this together. I'd rather not talk on the phone while I'm watching this."

"Gotcha. See you in five minutes." Then he hung up the phone, and continued to watch the screen.

"Yugi, I hope you know what your doing." Tristan said, while taking a sip from his water.

Ryou walked heavily back into his house, exhausted from his long day's work. Ever since he had gotten out of school that day, he had been going house to house in his neighborhood asking people if they needed their lawns mowed or their dogs walked. Ryou did whatever needed to be done. And his efforts were not fruitless. He earned a total of one hundred fifty dollars, and guaranteed jobs for the next day.

Ryou was exhausted, but a little relieved. He now had a grand total of one thousand, one hundred fifty dollars. The thousand he had saved up since the beginning of the year, and the one hundred fifty that he raised that day. However, he still had eight hundred fifty left to raise for the trip. Ryou sighed. This was going to require a lot of hard work from him, in such a small amount of time. However, Ryou had yet another plan up his sleeve, but he knew he'd have to wait till tomorrow to put it into action. It was already early evening and Ryou still had some homework to do.

Ryou slowly went up the stairs to his room. He remembered that when he had first gotten home that day, he had not seen Bakura. However, he doubted that his chances this time would be so lucky. His thoughts were proven correct as he entered his room and found Baruka lying on his bed watching TV.

"Bakura, what are you doing in my room?" asked Ryou in annoyance.

"What does it look like I'm doing? I'm watching TV you baka."

Ryou sighed in frustration, and walked over to Bakura. He snatched the remote control from him before the tomb robber even had time to react. He then clicked the TV off.

"Hey, I was watching that!"

"Bakura, there is a TV down stairs, go watch your program down there!"

"But I like it better in here!" argued Bakura

"But this is my room, I have homework to do!"

"Well, I'm not leaving. If you want me to, you'll have to make me."

"Bakura, you have no consideration at all. Why don't you go over to Malik's house and bother him! You two have been hanging out quite a bit lately anyway."

Bakura seemed to consider this at first, but then shook his head in response. "Nah, I enjoy messing with you too much to pass this opportunity."

Ryou only glared at Bakura, tossing the remote control on the bed. "Baka."

Bakura only smirked and turned the TV back on.

Ryou sighed and placed his homework on his desk. He then sat down and began to read the assigned text he had for homework. However, it wasn't long into his reading that the tomb robber interrupted him.

"So, what are you reading?" Bakura asked almost playfully.

Ryou sighed, but did not remove his eyes from the text. "Nothing that would interest you."

As if in agreement, Bakura quickly changed the subject. "So why did you come home so late tonight?"

Ryou stiffened at the question. He did not expect Bakura to pick up on that so easily. But he couldn't tell him what he'd been doing all day. If he did, Bakura would eventually make the connection to Egypt. And Ryou couldn't have that.

"I went to a friends house today. I'm entitled to that aren't I?"

"Really, whose house?" Asked Bakura.

"This is not an interrogation Bakura, I don't have to answer your questions. Not to mention that it's my business what I decide to do in my free time, not yours."

"Hmmm really." Bakura said suspiciously. "Would you like me to make this into an interrogation? Now I'm a little curious." He said with a devious smile.

Ryou grew nervous. He knew full well what Bakura would do to him if he kept on evading his questions like this, but he could not tell him, not even under torture. Bakura's form of "interrogation" was not necessarily dangerous, but it involved quite a bit of discomfort, and Ryou knew he'd eventually tell Bakura everything if the tomb robber chose to question him in his fashion. Malik was the same way. Ryou could not help but wonder how Marik was fairing with his yami. He hoped he was at least doing better then him.

"Well, what'll it be Ryou? Will you tell me freely?"

Instead of answering Bakura's question, Ryou got up from the desk and took the remote control away from Bakura. He then started switching channels, in an attempt to distract Bakura. He then stopped on channel seven as he noticed Bakura eyeing him closely and almost dangerously.

"If this is your sad attempt to keep me distracted Ryou, I'm afraid it won't work."

However Ryou made no reply. Instead his eyes were glued to the television, his mouth split partly open. Bakura thought this unusual, especially for Ryou. So he turned his attention to the TV.

Bakura couldn't believe it. Yugi Muto was dueling Seto Kaiba by himself, and was in the lead. However, his life points were now down to one thousand, while Kaiba's were down to six hundred. But where was Yami, and why wasn't he dueling Kaiba himself?

Ryou was the first to speak. "Yugi never said the duel would be live on television! What's going on?"

Bakura took a glance at Ryou. "More importantly," He said. "Why is Yugi dueling Seto Kaiba to begin with?"

Téa made three sandwiches and poured three glasses of ice tea, then with Joey and Serenity's help, they were brought to the table. The three sat down gladly, and began to eat. They were all exhausted from their five-hour practice, and welcomed the small break with no complaint.

After a few minutes of silence, Téa finally spoke. "Serenity, you did really well today."

Serenity smiled weakly, she was relieved that the dance practice was over for the day. She had enjoyed the lesson, however, she did not know until today how truly difficult it was to learn a complicated dance routine in just three days! But Serenity still enjoyed the experience all the same. She had tried some new dance moves that proved to be difficult to perform at first, but in the end, she was able to have her body perform them.

But what Serenity found she enjoyed the most was when her brother tried at his first attempt of DJ. At first Joey kept slipping up, and mumbling most of his words to the songs that Téa had picked out for him. But after some amused laughter from Serenity, and a brief scolding from Téa, Joey finally let loose and actually did pretty decent.

"I have to agree with you Téa." Joey said, as he took big bites from his sandwich hungrily. "Serenity you did great today, I'm really proud of you."

"Thanks Joey, You didn't do too bad your self. Pretty soon, you'll be a great DJ!"

Téa nodded in agreement. "Alright, so we have two more days from now to practice the routine and have it ready for the student body. I think we made a lot of progress today guys, lets just make sure we keep up with it for the next two days ok? So please practice at home every opportunity you get."

Serenity sighed, "I will Téa, but I also have exams to study for, so I'll me immensely busy this week. But I'll practice."

Téa looked at Serenity brightly. "Serenity, I really appreciate you working so hard for my dance routine, as well as you Joey. I promise guys, our efforts will not be in vain." She then smiled and left the table, washing her dishes and then placed them in the dish drainer. Serenity and Joey did the same when they finished their dinner, and then joined Téa out in the living room.

"Hey, do you guys want to relax and watch some TV before you have to go?"

"I suppose I could afford a few minutes." Said Serenity before she sat on the couch, making her self-comfortable.

Joey just shrugged and joined both Téa and Serenity on the couch.

Téa flipped through the channels, quickly passing channel seven and going onto eight and nine. But then she paused and quickly changed the TV back to channel seven. She gasped, and gaped at the TV, as did Joey and Serenity.

"I can't believe it." Said Téa. "Its Yugi!"

Marik sat at the kitchen table, while he indulged himself with a bowl of ice cream. He had been studying for his exams for most of the day. However, he was frequently distracted by the noise coming from Malik's room, so he found he could not focus on his studies any longer. He wondered what his Yami did up there from a day to day basis. Maybe it was some sort of project his yami was constructing, but then Marik wondered why Malik would even devote himself to any kind of work that would require him to lift a finger for more than five minutes. Marik ruled out the possibility of it being a school project, but found himself even more at a loss. Eventually someday he was sure he'd find out. In the meantime, Marik just kept his distance from his yami. Especially at times when Malik eyed him as if he were some sort of lab rat, fit for experimentation purposes.

Marik finished his ice cream, and put his bowl in the sink. He then went into the living room and picked up a book to read that he found on the table, and sat comfortably on the couch. It wasn't long until Malik sauntered down the stairs nosily, joining Marik in the living room and plopping on the couch. He then grabbed the remote control and clicked on the TV, and started switching through the channels.

Marik looked up from his book and glared at Malik. "Excuse me, but I'm trying to read if you haven't noticed." Marik said annoyed.

Malik just shrugged his shoulders in response. "Yea I noticed, but I want to watch some TV. So go read in your room."

Marik just sighed, and rolled his eyes in annoyance. He then got off the couch and began to make his way out of the living room. However, just before he was about to climb the stairs he heard Malik speak again.

"So, what are you hiding from me?" Malik said turning his full attention on Marik.

"Excuse me?" Asked Marik.

"You know full well what I'm talking about Marik, don't play games with me."

"What makes you think I'm hiding something from you Malik?" Marik was now growing nervous, how could he have allowed himself to be read so easily? He mentally kicked himself for his careless action.

"Well lets see, you didn't fight back just now when I interrupted you from your book, and told you to go read somewhere else. In fact, you started to leave peacefully. You never let me off that easy Marik. Not to mention you've been avoiding me all day. You only do that whenever there's something you don't want me to know. So what are you hiding from me?"

"I swear its nothing Malik. Now let me go upstairs and read my book."

Marik began climbing the stairs, however just before he got to the top, Malik had caught up to him and grabbed him by the arm. Malik then proceeded to yank Marik's arm in back of him, and slowly began to twist it. Marik cried out in pain, but Malik only smiled, whispering in his ear.

"I want you to tell me what your hiding Marik. Now you can do this the easy way, or the hard way. Malik then emphasized his last words by twisting Marik's arm even tighter, earning yet another cry from the teenager. "Your choice Marik." Malik said softly, still grinning.

"I'm not hiding anything from you Malik!" Marik said through clenched teeth.

"Really? Well we'll just have to find out won't we? I think it's about time that you see the project I've been working on for the past three weeks."

Malik then proceeded to take a struggling Marik to his room. Suddenly Marik stopped struggling and stood perfectly still against Malik.

"Malik stop!" Marik said quickly. "Do you hear that?"


"On the TV down stairs, I thought I heard… no it can't be."

"What did you hear?" Asked Malik, now a little curious himself.

A moment passed in silence when Marik heard the same voices again on the TV.

"No, it can't be. Malik let go of me, I have to see what's going on."

Malik's curiosity was at its peek, and so he let go of Marik and hurried down the stairs. Marik followed him back into the living room where the television was set on channel seven. As they both watched the screen intently, Marik knew that the voice he had heard just a few seconds ago was Yugi. Though Marik couldn't understand why it was Yugi dueling Seto Kaiba and not Yami, and on live television for that matter. However, he was even more grateful that Malik was momentarily distracted. Marik breathed a sigh of relief. He was safe from his yami's relentless questioning, for now.

It had been four hours since their duel had started, and Yugi found himself struggling just to stand, as yet another blow was done directly towards his life points. He now had only two hundred life points left, while Kaiba had three hundred. At first Yugi was in the lead for most of the duel. However, later on in the game, Kaiba decided to change his strategy and began to attack Yugi, like a wolf that tore at its prey. Yugi was now weak, and every inch of his body ached. Kaiba had been relentless in his attacks, and he showed no sign of ending either.

Kaiba only smiled at Yugi's pain, he wanted to teach the teen a lesson for even thinking he could challenge him to a duel. The CEO then spoke: "It's your turn Yugi, give me your best shot." He said while grinning.

Yugi slowly began to steady himself, the pain in his legs increasing, but he tried to ignore it. His eyes glaring at the CEO, he then pulled the next card out from his deck.

"I summon- " But before he could finish, pain seared through his entire body, and he dropped to his knees. Tears and sweat streamed down his fair face as he clenched his teeth in pain.

Kaiba stared at Yugi with a slight grin on his face. "Hurts doesn't it? Almost unbearable isn't it?" He asked in a silky voice. "That's how I felt when you first stripped me of my title Yugi. You deserve this pain."

"Kaiba what's going on?" Yami questioned angrily.

"It's simple really." Kaiba said, clearly enjoying the writhing site before him. "When I had my monster attack your little friend over there, not only did it wipe out some of his life points, but it also released its special effect. And I think it's pretty obvious what that effect was."

Yami glared daggers at Kaiba. He wanted so badly to go to his hikari and tell him that everything was going to be all right. But Kaiba wouldn't allow it. Yami had already attempted before, but the CEO threatened that if he took another step closer to Yugi, Yugi would have to automatically forfeit the game, and Kaiba would be the winner. As difficult as it was for the former pharaoh, he had to keep his distance from Yugi. Yami then turned back to the CEO.

"Kaiba, how do you expect him to complete his turn if he's in so much pain? He can't even get off his knees!"

"Well you see, that's the beauty of my monster's special ability." Said Kaiba. "If Yugi can't get off his knees, and duel me while he's standing, then he automatically looses the duel."

"You can't do that Kaiba!" said Yami angrily.

Kaiba grinned at the former pharaoh, "I think I just did." He then turned back to Yugi who was hunching over in pain.

"You have five more minutes Yugi, if you can't stand and summon anything in that time, then I win."

Yugi could only glare at Kaiba. His teeth clenched together, and his body trembling in pain that seemed to increase by the minute. He tried to make an attempt to stand, but he fell back on his knees hard. He tried again, but the pain was becoming unbearable.

Yami looked at his little hikari, seeing Yugi on his knees and in pain was almost too much for him to bare. Yugi had tried so hard during the entire duel, and Yami could not be more proud. But the idea that his friend was attacked so unfairly angered him, and he found that he despised Kaiba more than he could ever say for causing his little light such pain. But time now was of the essence, and Yami had to do something quick.

"Yugi, you must stand up! I know it hurts, but if you let Kaiba succeed, he'll win the duel! Be strong Yugi, you can beat this, show the entire world how strong you really are!"

Yugi turned his tear-streaked face in his friend's direction. He nodded his head, and slowly tried to stand up. At first he nearly fell back onto his knees, but he steadied himself and managed to stand upright. His legs still shaking slightly from the pain, Yugi turned to look at Kaiba, while glaring at him.

Kaiba couldn't believe it. He stared in shock at the trembling but steady form in front of him. However, he immediately composed himself, closing his eyes as if indifferent to the situation.

"Alright, make your move." He said.

"Gladly." Said Yugi.

Yami smiled at his hikari, Yugi was growing up.

Yugi took a moment to look at the card he had drawn from his deck earlier. He smiled to himself. It was Yami's Dark Magician. He could almost feel Yami's presence within the card, and that gave him strength.

'Now, Kaiba is at three hundred life points, with one monster on the field, along with a trap card. His monster has a total of two thousand points. However, if I summon the Dark Magician, He'll have a total of two thousand five hundred attack points. But if I attack his monster, he'll probably use his trap card to stop the attack. But if he does use his trap card, I'll activate mine, and redirect my attack to his monster. Then once his monster is destroyed, I can use the remainder of my attack points to wipe out the rest of his life points. I could end this duel right now.'

Yugi smiled to himself, and said loudly "I summon the Dark Magician!"

Yami smiled, it was because of Yugi's faith in the heart of the cards that enabled him to draw his Dark Magician at just the right moment.

"Dark Magician, destroy his monster and wipe out the rest of his life points!"

The Dark Magician immediately did what he was told. However, just before he could attack, Kaiba activated his trap card just as Yugi predicted and redirected his attack on Yugi. Yugi however, only smiled and activated his trap card as well, forcing the attack back on Kaiba's monster and his life points. The Dark Magician first destroyed Kaiba's only monster on the field, then went for Kaiba. Striking him, and wiping out the rest of his life points.

Kaiba lost. He couldn't believe he lost again.

Yami gave a loud cheer, "You did it Yugi, I knew you could do it!" The former pharaoh then ran over to Yugi and embraced his hikari.

Yugi smiled, "I couldn't have done it without your support Yami." He then gasped as Yami hugged him tighter.

Yami noticed this little action, and stepped back, while releasing Yugi. "I'm sorry, are you still in pain?"

Yugi shook his head. "No. The pain receded once Kaiba's life points reached zero. I had just realized that we were still on live television that's all.

Yami and Yugi then turned to Kaiba who apparently had been watching their whole exchange. Yugi looked at the CEO, and said boldly: "Kaiba, I think it's about time that you keep to our deal. We would appreciate it if you gave us the money for our class trip."

Kaiba glared at the two look a likes with disdain, clearly not wanting to do what he promised. However, his expression began to soften slowly and he sighed. "Would you like cash or check?"

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