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One of the land's most beautiful creatures. Blessed with such splendor and beauty, they flutter away from every forest or meadow; constantly showing the world with grace…

With such beauty, they fascinate even the loneliest of souls; thus, the myth of the butterflies had begun.

It was said that once you caught a butterfly, you could wish upon it and it will carry your wish to heavens so it can come true…

And this is where our story begins -- in a delicate butterfly, which carries a wish from a girl, whom all her life had suffered the pain of loneliness and despair.

Then, after a day of journey, the butterfly finally ends its course. Though, instead of the heavens, it stops at the hand of a boy who, hopefully, will make the girl's wish come true.

Two strangers now bound together by a wish made on a butterfly.

Yuri-chan's note: Revised version of my first fic. Please continue reading, reviewing and, hopefully, enjoying.