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The Dark Witch and the Necromancer

By Heiko2003

Chapter 1 – Taking a turn

Harry stood in the kitchen and became more angry with every second. Aunt Marge was visiting Privet Drive again. The last three days had been horrible for him but he had restrained himself but this was way to much!

"Vernon don't take the blame for this freak! You tried your best to raise him to a fine man like your little Duddiekins here. His parents are responsible for that brat. I mean what result could have come out if you cross an alcoholic antisocial like this James with a whore?" Marge spat.

The Dursleys had kept a wary eye on him the whole time as he was watching and listening from the door between the kitchen and the living room. They blanched as he was shaking with rage now.

Even Marge turned her head to him visibly shocked as she felt the growing surge of power that was developing around him.

His green eyes began visibly to glow as he slowly walked over to her, his green eyes piercing her own.

She gulped as he asked in a quiet but icy voice: "Did you just call my mother a whore?"

She wasn't able to answer, she wasn't able to utter a word because she was frightened by the hate, the rage and the power he was emitting.

He flicked out his wand and pointed it at her.

"ANSWER ME YOU BITCH!" he yelled.

She was confused about the little stick, "What…?"

But Vernon had jumped up and interrupted her. He yelled: "You will do nothing of your freakish stuff here Boy!"

Harry turned around to him and flicked his wand at him without uttering a single sound. You could nearly feel and see how the magical surge that was surrounding the boy was lashing out at Vernon. He was blasted through the table and flew throughout the room were he at last crashed with a yelp into the wall. There he glided down unconsciously.

Slowly like in slow motion Harry turned back to Marge and smirked evilly.

"Well?" he asked.

Marge was frightened now. She didn't understand what had just happened here but she knew it was dangerous.

As she didn't answer his wand flicked to her and she was hit with a deeply red beam. She screamed loudly because she was in pain, pure and cutting pain. It lasted only for seconds but for her it was like an eternity. Harry was just as surprised as she was, because he had neither spoken a spell and not even thought about a specific spell to use. He had simply wanted to hurt her.

"I am waiting for an answer, bitch!" he snarled coldly.

"I…I…" she stammered.

"I? I what?" asked Harry coldly. He was visibly becoming impatient.

"I said…", she gulped now, "she was a whore." She whispered.

His eyes lit up light a match as his rage was fuelled further and he yelled: "CRUCIO!"

The pain was ten times worse as the last time and she lost consciousness after only seconds, but these seconds were worse then hell.

Harry turned around and swept his wand in a wide arc: "Obliviate!" he said quietly and the inhabitants of number four forgot everything.

Harry smirked again and said: "You were just discussing that you wanted to take Marge to her home and stay there until September first."

Some minutes later Vernon had awakened and they were gone and he was on his own.

As he cooled down he began to think quickly.

He had cast spells outside of his school. The ministry was probably already on their way to get him imprisoned. Adding to that he had just cast a dark spell, an unforgivable as well and successfully on the top!

If he was honest with himself, he had enjoyed it and his stupid fat aunt had deserved it. Nobody called his mother a whore!

Well, maybe he could give Voldemort and his stupid followers a taste of their own medicine?

If they got imprisoned they would be free after some days in hotel Azkaban, but they wouldn't if they were dead. His smile became evil. After his godfather was killed, he thought, he had nothing to lose anymore.

He contemplated what to do now and decided do go upstairs, pack and leave.

By the time he was done, it took only some minutes because he used spells to pack and shrink his possessions, he was wondering why he didn't get any owl. The last time it took only a minute to get it.

He shrugged and put on his cloak.

He took a last glance at his few letters from Dumbledore and his friends. They all said the same, leave under no circumstances, stay in the house and we are not able to really write to you for security reasons.

"Go fuck yourselves!" he muttered angrily and with a short jab of his wand, the letters burst into flames.

Eased by the fact that there was no letter from the ministry or Dumbledore he slowly and quietly walked down the street and successfully evaded the guards that were around his house for sure.

After some time he reached the park and he froze.

"What the hell…?" he muttered.

There were spells flying through the air, mostly red ones and from one figure some green AK's.

But all the fighting wizards wore black robes and white masks.

There was only on other person and that was a small girl in the age around four and she was cute with long black hair.

Well, there were lying some death people around her, most probably muggles and victims of a raid.

"Go out of the way, woman!" one of the Deatheaters bellowed in rage.

Another one yelled: "Rudolphus, get your insane wife out of the way or we kill her!"

"Lestrange? Protecting this girl?" Harry asked himself. He was stunned.

"Oh well! Guess I should help her." He mused, as he saw how she was hit with a cutting curse on her shoulder and blood began to leak out of a deep cut.

His eyes lit up again under his cloak and took a look of pure malice.

He pointed his wand at a rock in the size of half a car and flicked and swished his wand. The rock rose in the air and hovered three feet above the ground.

With another flick of his wand, it shot into the group of the Deatheaters like a cannonball.

The effect was murderous, literally. It hit two Deatheaters straight on their rib cages and buried them under it. Two others were hit and pushed hardly away. They fell on the ground and screamed.

Well, as far as Harry could see, they both had broken arms and at least one was unable to hold his wand.

"That was fun." Harry said to himself and flicked his wand again, "Reducto maximus!"

Two more Deatheaters were blasted away and landed in a bloody mess on the grass. Then the still invisible Harry fired curse after curse between the Deatheaters who ran around in circles like headless chicken. He killed with cutting, piercing and blasting curses all but two of the dark robed Deatheaters and didn't feel any remorse about. He did only have to look one time at all the muggle corpses surrounding the battle field to know, that the deserved it. The last two were frightened and busy looking from where the spells came. It was their last error, because two green beams of the death curse took them out. Seems that Bellatrix made short work of them.

As Harry looked in her direction, he noticed that she sank down to the grounds heavily breathing.

Harry strolled cautiously over to her and the small frightened girl.

"Who… who is there?" a visibly shaken Bellatrix asked.

"Me." Harry answered coolly and removed his cloak. Both women or girl in one case gasped.

"Potter." Lestrange groaned to weak to defend herself.

"Yeah, so I am called, ok sometimes it's boy or freak but who cares?"

Harry turned his eyes to the small girl, "Are you ok?"

She nodded shakily, "Any of these one your family?"

She shook her head, "No, Sir."

"Then go home! We will deal with them."

The small girl ran as fast as she could.

Harry glanced down at the female Deatheater, "What shall I do with you? You killed my godfather and you tortured the parents of a friend to insanity. Should I kill you too or should I show you that I can cast now a successful Cruciatus?"

"You did?" she asked, some kind of respect showed through her voice.

"Yeah, the fat sister of my uncle kept going on how useless I was and how pathetic my parents were. As she called my mother a whore, I snapped. At first, I had only the intention to hurt her and didn't use any incantation. Well, it did hurt her. The second time I actually used the crucio. She didn't last a second." He said without remorse.

"You have to be very powerful to do that. And spells without incantation are unheard of."

"You didn't answer my question." Harry coolly stated.

"Which was?"

"What to do with you."

"Let me tell you something first, please! I did NOT kill your godfather, at least I didn't want to." She added whispering.

"BUT YOU DID!" Harry yelled in outrage.

"I know." she said and Harry was shaken to hear her sob.

Curious he knelt down beside her and removed her mask. Tears were rolling down her cheeks.

"What's the matter with you? Don't tell me, you have regrets! You killed him!" he accused her.

"I CAST A STUNNER, YOU HEARTLESS BASTARD!" she screamed, "I… I… he was my cousin. The only Black who was really good. I… I was hoping, that he could help me out of that mess if I ever got rid of my hated husband." she added in a hard voice.

"I loved Sirius like a brother! And now… I killed him." She sobbed.

Harry didn't buy it for a second, "You are Voldemort's best and most insane Deatheater! Don't tell me you didn't want that!"

She stared hardly at him, "At first I was! But… I never wanted to marry this idiot! He stood beside me while the other Deatheaters raped me! But through the magical marriage contract I was unable to disobey him or to hurt him. And I never wanted to murder somebody or torture them to this point. I only ever wanted power. But not at this price!" she spat.

"He let them rape you? That Bastard! Which one is it?" Harry asked, his eyes once again gleaming in pure unadulterated rage and hate.

A shudder went down her spine when she saw the power behind those green eyes. Slowly she began to understand why the dark lord feared him.

She pointed with her hand to one of the two with the broken arm.

The Deatheater was slowly getting up.

Harry didn't even blink as he jabbed his wand in a small horizontal line and only muttered "Diffindo!"

Bellatrix gasped, as she saw the thin red line appearing on the neck on her husband. The line grew slightly before the blood began to leak out freely. After only seconds her husband sank back to the floor dead.

"See? Problem solved. Why did you marry him in the first place?" Harry asked.

"I didn't want it!" she yelled, "Hell, I wasn't even sixteen! My bloody aunt forced me to!"

"Ah, the beloved Mrs. Black." Harry sarcastically stated, "Me she rest in Hell!"

Then his green eyes again pierced her, "Now to you! I still don't know what to do with you! You didn't kill him intentionally but you did it nonetheless! You robbed me of my last family!"

She gulped and nodded, "I did. Kill me! It doesn't matter anyway. I can't and won't go back to HIM. It is no matter if you kill me now or they kill me later. I am probably dieing from the wound anyway."

Harry closed his eyes and muttered, "Bloody decisions! I don't think I can kill you one way or the other."

She looked surprised, "Well, forgive me if I had another impression for a moment!" she said sarcastically.

He looked at her questioningly, "What?"

"Look around you! Out of the dozen dead bodies around here, I only killed two! The rest goes on your account!"

"Well, now as you say it…" he said and looked around. His eyes became troubled for a moment but than it was like a curtain of pure ice that was pulled before these emerald green eyes, "They deserved it."

Then he suddenly looked to the heaven, "Bloody hell! Why didn't I get an owl? I mean I used magic all the evening?"

"Why should you? The ministry lifted the ban right after end of the term for third year up for the purpose of self defence." she replied slightly amused.


She scrutinized him as he scrutinized her.

"Besides Fudge convinced the Wizardgamot that the dark lord has to be defeated by any means and the Wizardgamot approved. That means you can freely use the Unforgiveables on him."

"That is good news. Well, let me take a look at you. Seems to me, that we are both outcasts. If I could only trust you not to betray me!" he added quietly.

He ripped her black silk robe open above the cut and inspected it. It was deep and much blood leaked out of it.

"Shit! I have to close that. I only read about healing spells in the last three weeks. Care to try it?" he asked.

"Do it! It can't become worse." she said weakly. She may have been tough but you could still see her suffering. It had to be worse than she let on.

Harry nodded and muttered the healing charm.

The wound stopped indeed to bleed and began to close itself slowly.

"That's better." He muttered and gave her a hand to help her up.

She gave him the uninjured hand and he pulled her up.

But she began to sway instantly.

He scowled, "You are in no condition to go anywhere."

"I know." She looked at him for a good while then she asked, "On which side are you?"

"On my own! I will kill Voldemort or die trying, but I can't rely on the old fool any more. As you can see, he didn't even inform me of the little fact that I am free to use magic. He knows, that I have to fight Voldemort, but he doesn't anything to train me and he keeps me purposely in the dark. I am through with him and my so called friends are not better. They have to had known it. So they can all go to hell."

She coughed sarcastically and nodded, "Good riddance." she muttered.

"What is with me? Would you sell me to the ministry or the order?" she asked seriously.

"Why should I? The ministry comes right after Riddle himself on my list."

He mustered her, "What about the Longbottoms?"


"Anything that might compromise you under the influence of veritas?"

She looked surprised and shook her head, "At least not that I know of. I did some horrible things but none of that is known and charged against me."
He got a wicked grin, "I see. I am going to do nothing to you apart from taking you with me and treat your wounds."

She nodded and fell on her knees.

Bellatrix drew a knife from her boot and cut it across her left palm.

Then she tapped the bloody wound with her wand and said, "I, Bellatrix Black former Lestrange, plead a witch's oath, that I am never going to hurt you, kill you, betray you or harm you in any way by my life."

Then she held her bloody palm up to him.

"What do I do to accept your oath?" he asked curiously.

"Make a cut to your left palm, lay it on mine and say that you accept. After that you have to heal the wounds."

He did it without hesitation, "I, Harry James Potter, accept your oath by your blood."

He felt a tingling sensation running trough the wound up to his heart. He closed the wound of Bellatrix and after that his own.

"You are a powerful witch, aren't you?"

She nodded sincerely.

"Could you check me on any surveillance charms and after that clean the area of our magical signature?"

She nodded weakly.

"There are tracking charms on you. I remove them, if you wish."

"Not now. Later."

She nodded and spoke a complicated incantation with a wide arc of his wand.

The whole area lit up in a red light for a moment but it faded quickly.

It seemed to have been too much for her because she sank again unconscious to the ground. Harry caught her and swore.

He took her wand and pocketed it beside his own. Then he gritted his teeth together and lifted her lithe form over his shoulder. She was as tall as he was but more slim and was weighing around 110 lbs.

He had trained for the last weeks, he had begun as soon as he was back from school. He had used Dudley's discarded weights when the whale was out of the house. But three weeks was not much time to gain some muscles. He had to endure her weight tough.

Harry covered them both with his cloak and carried her back to his house.

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