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Chapter 23 – Evil press and the new life

The next day the papers announced the wedding of Harry to his beloved Bellatrix and it caused an uproar in the public. The worst had been the Daily Prophet of course. Hermione got the paper and looked at it to find some mentioning of her and the honours she and her friends had received the previous day. Of course, all the honoured people were mentioned but not in the front page. That was covered with another article and she blanched, as she read it.

"What's wrong?" Harry asked suspiciously.

He, together with Dumbledore had decided to wait for the answer regarding the decision about his Transfiguration NEWT and if he got it, he would leave for holiday with his wife.

"These bastards!" Hermione gasped.

The unusual cursing of the strict head girl granted her the attention of the rest of the Gryffindor-Table.

Harry snatched the paper out of her hands and began to read the article himself.

The unthinkable happened!

Boy who lived married Deatheater!

Unknown to the public at some time during the last week the most eligible bachelor of the wizarding world had married.

But he didn't marry a proper nice young witch, no he wed an older woman and a known Deatheater as well. How could the nice and caring young man marry such a devious dark witch?

We all know how she and her former husband Rudolphus Lestrange had tortured the Longbottoms to insanity and she is known for many other crimes as well. She was the most feared Deatheater and it is rumoured that she had been the right hand of the dark lord himself. Why would the young and innocent teenager marry such an evil woman?

There is only one possible answer, he was bewitched by her! Surely this questionable woman knows enough dark curses and forbidden potions to bend his will to her bidding. So ask yourself, if this relationship is legitimate! We think if it had been they wouldn't have done it secretly.

M. Orion

Daily Prophet

To say that Harry was fuming as he read it would be a serious understatement. He was already angry beyond any reason after the first paragraph. The Gryffindors gulped and got away from him.

Dumbledore, who had also just read the article looked concerned to the black haired teenager who was already fighting for control.

But as he finished the article, he exploded in rage.

His eyes lit up in an inner fire, his hair was blowing in an non existent breeze and you could feel the raw magic building around him.

And then it happened, all china exploded as well as every single window in the great hall.

The teachers reacted instantly and tried to protect the students from the shards of the glass but to their astonishment, not a single shard reached the students. Instead they hovered a moment in the air until they flew back to their origins and repaired themselves.

Harry got quietly up from his place and strode over to the teachers table. He moved with the silent grace of a predatory cat and emitted impeding danger.

"Where?" Harry asked in a cold cutting voice.

Dumbledore tried to calm Harry down, "Harry, please be reasonable!"

His eyes lit up again, "I will when they respect me! Tell me where I can find these bastards! NOW!" Harry bellowed.

Hermione called over to him, "They are at Diagon Alley Number 55!"

Harry turned to her and nodded his thanks.

She smirked satisfied as she sat down, "They got that coming for a long time." She said with a devious glint.

Ron chuckled, "Note to myself, never anger this beautiful girl."

She smiled at him, "I'm not that bad!"

Ron winked at her and continued to look at Harry who had closed his eyes and suddenly disappeared with an ear shattering crack.

"That is impossible!" gasped Hermione.

"That is Harry for you." Ron said, shrugged and continued to eat breakfast.

The enraged teenager reappeared next to the entrance of the large building. The doors flew open with a bang as he entered and made his way up to the offices. He arrived in a large office with multiple desks where people were busy writing.

They looked up as they felt the wave of raw magic radiating from the teen.

"Who is Orion?" he asked in a deathly whisper.

They gulped nervously and tried to hide behind their folders and papers.

"I will this ask only one time and better you answer me or I will blow up the whole place!" Harry bellowed.

Finally an older woman pointed towards one desk with a shaking hand.

Harry took one look at the man and strode over to him.

The man was around forty and had brown greased hair and looked over to him with a dishonest smile.

"How can I help you, Mr. Potter?" he asked in a slimy voice.

Harry smirked, "Where is your boss?"

The man pointed to a large double door in the back.

"Well, you could open the door for me then." Harry said with a devious glint in his emerald eyes.

"You have no appointment, I fear." The man answered instantly.

"You can announce me then." Harry said, drew his wand and flicked it once.

The slimy reporter was flung like a rocket through the large door and blew it from it's hinges.

Without another word Harry walked through the destroyed entrance and stepped over the whimpering reporter.

Harry looked smiling at the director and sat down on a leather armchair.

"What… what do you want?" the bald man stammered shocked.

"Two things… and I promise you, you WILL regret it, if they are not taken care of EXACTLY as I want." Harry said in a steely voice.

"First, you will fire this filth instantly." Harry demanded.

"You can't…"


"You will do as I say or I will simply buy this excuse of a newspaper and close it down!" Harry threatened the director and the man knew that this was not an empty threat.

"You will fire him and will also announce it in the paper tomorrow. Then you will take back this shit you have written about my wife! She is no Deatheater and in the past she was forced to be. You knew that very well you asshole and you know, that she was freed of all charges! You write nothing but lies and denounce a proven member of the wizarding world and a hero as well. She has risked her life to safe your sorry fat arse!

You also know, that nobody can force me to do anything. I'm immune to the Imperious and my mind is completely shielded! So you will take back this shit about her forcing me into this marriage or there will be hell to pay! I do love her with all my heart! We are soulmates you slimy git! You will write an excuse towards her and you will do it as the headline or I will challenge you to a wizarding duel of honour and make you pay and AFTER that, I will let my wife have a turn as well! I don't believe you would want that. Did I make myself clear?"

The director blanched with every word the enraged teenager said and nodded eagerly. The boy had defeated the dark lord, nobody sane would want to duel him and the same went for his wife.

"If you ever write a disrespectful word about my wife or me again, I will rip off your head and shit into your throat!" Harry said and it was clear, that he meant every word of it.

Harry got then up and bent down to the shaking reporter. He grabbed his collar and pulled him up with one hand, empowered by his now cold rage.

"If I ever see you again, I will show you the true meaning of pain and that is going to let a Deatheater's torture look like a child's play!"

Harry emitted a truly dark powerful aura as he said that and looked disgusted as the formerly so snobbish arrogant man wet himself.

With that he let go of the reporter and went to the door.

He stopped and turned around, "Make no mistake, guys! I will still take you two and the Prophet itself in regress for that blatant public slander."

With that he apparated out of the office and directly to the attorneys who freed Bellatrix for him.

Both older men greeted him with a satisfied smirk.

"We guess you will take action against the Prophet?"

Harry nodded with hard eyes, "I already paid them a visit and… well… showed them my displeasure about the article. Still, I want them charged!"

Mr. Webster nodded, "Of course. If you trust us, we will take care of that mess."

"You have proven yourself to me. I trust you with this." Harry said and shook the hands of both men, before he disapparated back to Hogwarts.

There he was awaited by his concerned wife.

He hugged her gently and kissed her.

"Where have you been?" she asked him.

"Oh, I visited the Daily Prophet and told them, that I'm not amused about their article."

"What? What have you done?" she asked reproachfully.

"I looked for this Orion-Guy and got him to open the door and announce me to the director. And I told the director my feelings about the article." Harry said with a smirk.
"There is more to that!" Bella said sternly, "Spill it!"

"Well, I flung this piece of shit through the door which took care of the opening and announcement." Harry said grinning.

Bella pouted, "And you have all the fun without me?"

"Next time, I take you with me. What is with you? Are you alright?"

She placed her arms around his neck and smiled, "Well, my hero already defended my virtue and honestly I don't care much about what people think of me. The only thing that bothered me was the lie, that my feelings for you and yours for me aren't real."

"You know, that they are." Harry said honestly, "Well, do you want to know some details?"

"You bet!" she said and he recounted the event in more detail. She laughed heartily as he told her that the reporter wet himself and she kissed her husband passionately for that.

She left shortly after that and Harry attended the rest of the classes of the day. Nobody held it against him, that he had missed some classes of the day and all were curious what happened.

They found out the next day, as a article with an excuse took all the front page and as demanded the headline was an excuse to Bella. Most of the students laughed as they read that the reporter who had written the article had been fired.

Dumbledore had received the approvement for his NEWT in Trasnfiguration at the end of the week and called Harry into his office.

The teenager didn't know the reason for his calling yet and wondered about that.

He knocked on the door and Dumbledore called him in.

„Sit down, Harry!" the old man said with twinkling eyes.

„How can I help you?" Harry asked with a curious look.

„Oh, you don't need to help me. I called you to tell you, that you have now your third NEWT which is in Transfiguration. It is an outstanding of course."

Harry'green eyes lit up and he smiled, „These are wonderful news, professor."

„I can imagine." Dumbledore said with a smile, „Now, I suggest, you say goodbye to your friends, Harry and then be on your way. Will you come to the graduation ceremony?"

„Of course, Sir. We are wizards, aren't we. We can pop over from virtually any point of the world." Harry answered.

„Naturally, at least for a wizard with your exceptional power."

„If you say so."

„Then... be on your way and I wish you a nice holiday."

„Thank you." Harry said and got up.

He met his friends in the Gryffindor tower.

„What is up?" Ron asked.

„Well, Dumbledore got the approvement for my Transfiguration-Newt. I will leave you now." Harry said.

The three Gryffindors looked undecided if they should be happy for him or sad, that he left them.

„I know, it is on short notice." Harry sighed.

Hermione smiled, „You deserve some time for your own, Harry. You also need to be together with your wife now and enjoy your honeymoon."

Ginny nodded supportingly, „Please greet her from us, alright?"

Harry nodded and smiled, „I will do that."

Ron gave him a manly hug, „Have fun, Harry and greet your wife..." he made a face, „Wow, that is strange... your wife." Ron said and grinned, „And the next thing you are telling us is that she is pregnant."

Hermione coughed to hide a laugh.

„What?" Ron asked.

Harry looked questioningly to Hermione, „You didn't tell him?"

„I figured you would want to do that yourself."

„Oh no! Don't tell me..." Ron gasped.

„Well, Bella is already pregnant." Harry said with a smile.

Ginny and Ron stared at him, „You're kidding, right?"

„No, it is true and there is nothing that would make me more happy." Harry replied proudly.

Ginny hugged him, „Congratulations."

„Thank you."

„Yeah, congratulations... I think." Ron said uncertainly.

„Well, I better go now." Harry said and stood up.

He waved his hand and disappeared in a black cloud.

After they all had shuddered Ron said, „Sometime in the future he will forget how to walk."

The girls chuckled at this and tried to guess where they would spend their honeymoon.

Well, they went to the other properties. At first they spent a week at the flat in New York and enjoyed the big city. They visited the Liberty Statue, the World Trade Centre, the Empire State Building and of course Tiffanys where Harry bought a set of beautiful ear rings for his wife. After that they spent another week in Texas at their ranch and finally they visited their cottage at Mallorca, where they enjoyed a quiet holiday at the beach.

But more importantly they spent much time together, quietly holding each other, kissing and cuddling at the beach in the warm sun and for once, they didn't care about anything but themselves and their love. And the darkness caused by their suffering and usage of black magic that had a firm grip around both hearts and souls began finally to fade away.

Then came the last day before the graduation.

It was a sunny say and the both decided that they would enjoy the last day in Mallorca properly.

Hand in hand they walked down the small path to their private beach. It was placed in a secluded bay at the rocky coast of the Spanish Island.

Harry laid out a comfy blanket on the warm sand and placed their bag at the side of it. His wife discarded the top of her bikini and was now only covered by the small black string thong.

Once more Harry adored the beauty of his wife and pulled her gently to him and kissed her passionately. His right hand moved down and grabbed her sexy backside.

She moaned slightly as she felt his reaction to their nearly uncovered closeness.

Gently he moved his left hand from her back to her front and stroked her soft naked breast.

She sighed and pulled him down to the blanket.

"I wanted to go swimming, Harry, but you make that impossible as so often in the last days." she said with a seductive smile.

"And you don't like that?" he asked knowingly.

"No… I love it. You let me feel beautiful and sexy… adored." she said contently.

Harry smiled and leaned over her. He moved his face down that it hovered only millimetres over her lips, "Because you are beautiful and sexy." then he kissed her full of passion and love.

"Make love to me!" she demanded in a moan.

And he did. They took their time and enjoyed their quiet time together.

As they were finished, they laid next to each other and relaxed. Bella was still lying on her back and Harry laid on his side and faced the woman he loved. Again he let his eyes travel over her lithe well build body and adored every small curve of it. Over the time with him, she had lost all traces of Azkaban. She had put some flesh back on her bones and had got a healthy tan again. Adding to that was a glow which was caused by her pregnancy and made her even more beautiful.

She followed his eyes until her eyes landed on her stomach. A small curvature was there now and she laid her hand on it.

Harry looked into her eyes and smiled.

"Are you happy?" he asked.

She nodded, "More than that, Harry. I… I couldn't even dream of how I'm feeling now. You... you gave me so much and showed me love, Harry. I can never tell you how much that all means to me."

"It isn't necessary, because I feel the same about you." He laid his hand on hers and also felt her stomach, "I love you, with all my heart and forever."

She turned around on her side, hugged him and kissed him.

They laid in this position for some minutes before she got up, "I want to swim now."

"I come with you." He said and followed her into the warm water.

As they came back and sat down again, both looked over the moving water.

"I will miss that all, the peace, the time with you and this place." She sighed.

"Who would have thought that you would say something like this one day." Harry said smiling and hugged her, "I'm so glad that you allow yourself to feel true emotions now, love."

"And only you are the reason I changed so much, Harry." She replied honestly.

"Well, we are only back for the graduation, Love. We can come back here after that. We only have to be back in August."

She smiled, "You are right. What about your friends?"

"They will enjoy their time also together." He said, "And maybe they can visit us, if that would be alright with you."

"Of course. Could… could Cissy come also over one day?"

"Sure. But do make sure, she doesn't stay too long. I want still time with you alone." Harry said grinning.

"We aren't alone anymore." She said smiling and once again stroked her stomach.

"I know." Harry answered and kissed his wife.

At the graduation they both stood out with their fine expensive clothing and this time both were once again celebrated as the heroes of the war.

They took it calmly as they were relaxed from their honeymoon.

Of course they were hunted by reporters and asked silly questions and also ones about planned childs.

"No comment." Was Harry's answer to most of the questions, "That are private matters." or to the children he answered, "You will see it if that happens."

They both celebrated with his friends and as he had guessed, they all had made plans for their last holiday. But they all agreed to meet at Harrys beach house eventually.

And so their last summer after school went by relaxing and quiet.

They met once with Harrys friends, once with Narcissa and they went once over to the Weasleys.

But soon it was over and they got ready for their new job.

So they arrived on time at the old castle and both had a fond look in their eyes, as they entered the grounds.

"I will never cease to like this castle." Harry said quietly.

"Same for me. But we don't need to as we work now here. We only have to break the curse of the teaching post in DADA." she joked.

"We will, if not we alternate both." Harry chuckled.

"Good idea."

The last weeks of the holidays went by quickly. The agreement with Harry and Bella had been, that they told no one about their new job, that it wouldn't leak to any of the students. So they hadn't told their friends about it. That all because Dumbledore's spleen with the DADA post. But the look on their younger friends faces like Ginny or Collin would be worth it.

They had also made some special plans for the first lessons of the students which were very much caused by their both special sense of humour.

So at the evening of September first, they stood a little bit annoyed in front of the door to the great hall and waited for their announcement.

Finally they heard the magical empowered voice of the headmaster.

"And now I give you your new teacher in DADA and her assistant!"

Harry winked at his wife and they both pulled their hoods up. Both wore pure black cloaks for the special occasion and like his Dark Avenger cloak both had shadowing and voice altering charms on their hoods.

He waved his wand once and the door banged forcefully open.

The hall was quiet like a grave as the both tall intimidating figures glided over to the teachers table while emitting an aura of darkness and evilness.

Nobody dared to move or mutter a word. All gaped at the both people who would even scare Deatheaters and even Dumbledore looked somewhat surprised but his twinkle was back quick enough.

Dumbledore looked questioningly at the two and they turned around as they stood in front of the table. They pulled their hoods down as one and grinned at the gathered students.

"I give you Bellatrix Potter as your new teacher!" Dumbledore announced and slowly the students began to clap, starting with Ginny and some other of the Gryffindors they knew of course until it grew into a thundering applause.

As they calmed down Dumbledore continued, "I don't think I need to introduce her husband Harry Potter. He will assist her to improve the practical part of education and he will sit in during most of her classes."

Again the applause was deafening and Harry winked at Ginny as they both sat down with smooth movements.

Ginny felt happy that her two friends were teaching here.

Collin leaned over, "They are creepy. They move like Dementors and look worse than Deatheaters."

"Yeah. They are cool." Ginny answered to the astonishment of the other Gryffindors.

One of the small first years asked full of fear: "Will they hurt us?"

Collin laughed, "Are you kidding? That is Harry Potter, the boy who lived and the man who killed the dark lord! He is a hero, our saviour! Why would he hurt us?"

The timid boy relaxed visibly and began to enjoy the feast.

Ginny shook her head and said, "I wouldn't be too sure about that Collin. I mean he had changed at the climax of the war. You also shouldn't underestimate Bella, I mean Professor Potter." she corrected herself.

Collin gulped, "Uhm, right. But they are teachers. What could they do?"

"Well they could teach us not to underestimate dark or black wizards as they both were ones." Another friend of Ginny pointed out.

"Well, we will see it soon."

Ginny and her friends met at their table the next day. They became their schedule the next day.

"Guess we will find out now." Ginny said grinning. She looked forward to the lesson with her friend Harry and his wife.

"Are you happy about the lesson or because you have the lesson together with your new boyfriend?"

Ginny grinned even more as she realised, that they had together with Ravenclaw where her boyfriend Marc Willnius was coming from.

They chatted happily as they eat their breakfast and Ginny hurried as it rang for the first lesson.

She met her friend at the corridor and kissed him gently.

Bellatrix had seen that and pointed it out to her husband.

He smirked evilly "That will make it even more interesting."

Bella nodded with a mischievous glint in her eyes.

Some minutes later Ginny and the rest of the seventh year Gryffindors and Ravenclaws were entering the class room.

They wondered as their teacher wasn't there as it rang to the beginning of the lesson.

Just as the students began to chatter, the door exploded and Bellatrix flew in and hit the wall. She glided down unconsciously and her wand rolled out of her lifeless hands.

Ginny jumped up instantly, her wand drawn and moved cautiously up to the front of the class.

"CRUCIO" bellowed a reverberating voice and a dark red beam flew through the entrance of the classroom and hit a spot directly above the head of their teacher.

The class gasped but Ginny grabbed her wand more firmly. Luna stood up as well and joined her.

A dark tall wizard covered by a hood and a blood red mask glided into the classroom. He laughed in an eerie way.

"What do we have here? Innocent students! That will be fun!"

Then he shoot a whole barrage of curses at the students of the class. They were frightened to the bone and didn't realise that all the curses flew over their heads even if it was by mere inches.

Only Ginny and Luna put up shields and deflected the multi coloured beams.

"What is that? Heroes?" the dark wizard snickered. One swish of his wand shattered the shield of Luna and another flick and a red beam hit her and took her out.

"LUNA!" Ginny screamed and attacked now the intruder with vigour.

She cast a whole series of spells at the enemy: "STUPOR! EXPILLARMUS! INCARCERUS! REDUCTO! REDUCTO! DIFFINDO!"

The dark wizard deflected all of the hexes but the last one.

A deep cut appeared on his left arm and cut the black robe and the skin beneath it.

"Shit! This one is a wild one!" the wizard taunted her and ignored the blood which leaked out of his wound and dripped on the ground.

He duelled her now more concentrated and seemed to have fun with her. But finally he simply shattered her shield too and cast a fast series of "Explliarmus! Incarcerus! Accio Ginny!"

The red head lost her wand, got bound by magical ropes and flew over to the dark wizard who caught her around her small petite waist.

Then he stroked her chin and other parts of her face while she struggled against his grip in terror.

The wizard took one look and laughed at the stunned class. He bellowed one single curse and all the remaining students got bound by ropes. Then he turned back to the girl in his arms.

"What a cute wild cat! We will have so much fun! Are you this agile during sex?"

Some of the female students fainted while some shrieked.

"Let her alone!" one of the males shouted.

"What do we have here? An admirer?" the dark wizard asked amused and looked over to Marc Willnius.

"Well, what a pity. You let your girl fight alone while you were pissing your pants? You had the chance to protect her! Now you will have to watch while I have my way with this cutie here."

Then the wizard laughed and laid her on the teachers table.

He stroked her face again and let his hand wander over her body. He didn't touch her in one private region of course.

"Play with me Gin!" the wizard whispered into her ear as he leaned down while his back was to the class.

"Harry?" she whispered back.

"Sure. Who else?" he said grinning.

She sighed and relaxed but nodded.

"Oh what a hot body!" Harry said louder and Ginny let out a blood curling scream.

"HELP ME!" she pleaded.

Harry laughed at the struggling class. He conjured a dagger and moved it over her body only touching her clothes.

"We will have to remove this clothing first." he taunted the class and made a huge show around it.

Suddenly Marc let out a scream of pure anger and hate.

With a bang his ropes were torn and he jumped up.

He brandished his wand and bellowed "Reducto!"

Harry brought his wand up just in time and conjured a simple Protego. But the red shield shattered into pieces on impact and he was hurled into the wall where he landed with a sickening crunch.

Instantly Bellatrix and Ginny were up and knelt down beside him.

"Are you alright?" Bellatrix asked her husband.

Harry groaned and nodded.

He stood up and took his red mask down. His green eyes lit up as he stared at the shocked student who had cast the curse.

"Oh shit!" Marc gasped as he saw who had been beneath the red mask.

"You bloody bastard!" Harry growled and most of the still bound class flinched under his icy voice.

"So.. Sorry Mister Potter." Marc stammered.

"What are you sorry for! Explain!" Harry demanded and strode over to him. He towered before the student who visibly blanched.

"For... for cursing you, Sir." Marc winced.
"WHAT?" Harry yelled and Marc backed away.

"You should be sorry, but not for hitting me with that excellent reductor you brat! How could you sit down at your place while your girlfriend was fighting? Are you a bloody coward or what? You don't deserve that wonderful girl behind me! If I ever see such a poor action of you again, I will show you some real cursing! You may be my student or more precise the student of my wife. But Ginny is a very special friend to me and I won't stand by if such a poor excuse of a boyfriend is letting her down. Did I made myself clear?"

Marc nodded eagerly and looked apologizing towards his girlfriend who smiled happily at Harry.

Some of the students snickered and Harry's head flew around.

"You stupid brats! What are you snickering about? You are even more worthless! One Deatheater could take out single handed a whole class! You are seventh years for gods sake! You should be able to defend yourself by now! Two girls were the only ones who fought! That is unbearable! You should be placed back in third maybe even in second year and take all the classes again!" Harry growled enraged.

Then he yelled at the frightened class: "Be happy that you don't learn from me because I would beat the shit out of you!"

Then he went back to his wife and muttered: "Your brats!"

She sneered, "Poor excuses for students that much is clear. Why are you so lazy? Do you think because Voldemort is dead there is peace? There are still enough Deatheaters out there and if one dark wizard could take you all out who didn't even use a dark curse I have no hope for your future! The next dark lord will be up in months if this shit continues! Voldemort... STOP FLINCHING YOU BRATS! He is DEAD!" she yelled, "Voldemort has only killed so much wizards because nobody but some few wizards like Harry here stood up against him. If all wizards would have united where ever a dark robed wizard showed up, he wouldn't have gathered so much power in the first place! Keep that in mind! When you leave this class you will be ready to take on a deatheater even if we have to work night and day so WORK HARD!"

She turned to Harry and asked: "Deal with the points please because I didn't see all what happened!"

Harry turned around and sneered, "I shall give them points? Are you mad? I will tell you what! 10 Points FROM everyone who is still bound! As you see, you can overcome a magical binding by sheer will. Marc here was enraged and wanted to help his girlfriend, at least after he had realised the danger she was in. Empowered by emotions like love, hate or anger, our magic becomes stronger. Love is the strongest emotion for that. As we all could see, he shattered even my shield. Surely it was a shield cast in hurry but he did it nonetheless and his reductor wasn't even empowered. You are also all cowards! If you all had fired one single Stupor at least one would probably have hit me. I should give you all detentions but I would have to deal with you and one lesson is enough! I should give you to Filch and I WILL do that if something like that happens again."

Ginny had in the mean time revived Luna and helped her up.

Harry turned to the two of them and smiled, "Well at least the two of you fought and you fought well. Twenty points for Luna for her outstanding bravery and skill."

Then he turned to Ginny who had her eyes locked nervously on his wound which was still bleeding. He followed her look and shook his head, "You are a feisty one, Ginny." he said amused.

Bella only realised now that he was bleeding. He slapped him on his head: "Why didn't you say something?"

He shrugged, "It is only a small wound and I had to berate this brats first."

She grinned and nodded, "Alright, I forgive you!" She cast a healing charm on his wound and he turned back to Ginny.

"Well, what shall I do with you?" he asked her.

"Don't kill me, that is all I ask." she answered cheekily.

He laughed, "Why should I do that? Well let's see. You fought me and stood up to me, that are twenty points as well. You even hit me once which will be another ten points. You also engaged me in a proper duel which proved to be really good and if I had been a lousy deatheater you may even had won against me, let's say another ten points for an outstanding show of skill, bravery and power."

She smiled at this and he said proudly, "You deserve it."

Then he turned to Marc: "Heed my warning boy! Now from the teachers view which has to be objective. You did break your bindings and you effectively took me out. If you had come after me, you would have won the fight with a simple stunner. You didn't stand up to me in the first way so you get no points for that. But you showed exceptional power under stress, you tried to save you girl finally and as I said you took me out. For that display of power and skill I award you twenty points. Any objections?"

He shook his head.

"Well, free these brats!" Harry commanded the students and sat down at the front wall of the class, "Your show!" Harry said to his wife.

Bella sighed, "They aren't worth my time."

The students gulped. They had lessons from Moody in the term before and thought they were quite good after his teaching, but their illusions had been shattered effectively. While Moody had been a hard and demanding teacher, they didn't even want to think what Bellatrix and Harry were then.

"Okay, something like that may happen again and unannounced but with variations of course. Every of these tests will count as test. Of course there will still be written tests. So keep up your studies and practise your skill! If you show no improvement in my class, I will take it as personal insult and I promise you, you don't want THAT!"

The students nodded eagerly.

"So, any questions about the spells used here?"

Collin raised his hand.

"Mr. Creevy?"

"Professor Potter, Prof... oh bloody hell! I mean your husband told something about the reductor of Marc had not been empowered. How do we cast an empowered one?"

"Haven't you heard of empowered spells so far?" she asked incredulously.

"No, Professor." Colin answered.

"Oh well." she sighed, "You can empower nearly every spell. You add the word 'forte' or 'maximus' to your spell and another wand movements depending on the spell. But you have to be fairly powerful to cast a 'forte'-class spell and even more so to cast a maximized spell. The needed power is depending of the power the spell need in the basic version. For instance not even Harry should be able to maximize a killing curse, not that it would make any sense in the first place. But he can cast easily a maximized reductor. I would guess Marc could cast a forte-class reductor if he would want to protect Ginny. Ginny... hmm... she could maybe even cast a maximized spell without a threat. We will try it! Marc, come forward!"

She showed the class the wand movements needed to add to the basic ones. Then she conjured a target dummy for him and ordered him to cast the spell.

He couldn't get it right and Bella said sternly, "Concentrate and try it again!"

This time the wand lit up, but the spell was still not released properly.

"Twirl the wand at the end of the second movement." Harry said absently.

Marc nodded determined and repeated his action. This time the spell was cast and the dummy exploded forcefully.

"Yeah!" Marc yelled.

"Five Points for Ravenclaw. Ginny now you!"

She cast the forte-class reductor at her first try and both teachers smiled.

"Now the maximized one, Ginny. The movements are as this..." Bellatrix explained patiently.

Ginny nodded determined and got it down at her third try, again after a correction of Harry.

"Five points to Gryffindor!"

Ginny swayed slightly as she got back to her place.

"As you can see, the spell took much out of Ginny." Bella explained, "It needs a lot power from a wizard to cast spells at this level. You can train your power somewhat with the repeated use of such spells but it won't make a huge difference."

She looked over the class, "Anyone who would want to try a maximized reducto?"

Some tried it but only Luna got it right or was powerful enough. But at least the half of the class managed to cast a forte-reducto.

They released the class with the words: "If we find out you told anyone about our introduction, there will be hell to pay!"

Nobody dared to mutter a word about it until all classes were through with it. But then it was the topic number one through the school. They had done this test only with fifth years up, they had done a edited version for third and fourth years but with first and second years they had done normal lessons but still drilled the importance of this subjects into the heads of the students.

The following staff meeting proved to be quite interesting.

"Harry, Bellatrix!" Minerva scolded them sternly, "My house has never lost so many points in one day under my tutelage!"

"Yes, the same for my house!" Sprout added.

Flitwick nodded but was still his happy self.

Professor Vector who was the interim replacement as head of Slytherin nodded as well, "At least all houses lost around the same points."

"Thank Dumbledore for that!" Harry growled.

The aged headmaster corrected him with twinkling eyes, "Harry, please call me Albus! And why am I responsible for this?"

"Because you hired incompetent teachers for DADA in the past with few exceptions. Out of all students from fifth to seventh year only Ginny, Luna, one Hufflepuff and two Slytherins even tried to fight a Deatheater. One other student tried to rescue his girl who would be Marc Willnius. All the others were to afraid or simply incompetent and that will stop!" Harry said determined.

Dumbledore chuckled, "Well at least now we seem to have two competent teachers."

"Will you continue this behaviour?" McGonagall asked concerned.

"We will do what is necessary." Bellatrix said grinning.

"Yeah, and if they don't begin to learn, I will chase them personally into the forest to teach them." Harry growled.

Dumbledore chuckled, "Don't forget, you have been a student like them only months ago."

Harry sent him a dark look which erased the twinkling in the eyes of the headmaster, "Thanks to your meddling I was never a student like them so stop talking like an insane old coot!"

McGonagall gasped but one look of Bella silenced her.

Dumbledore looked down ashamed, "I know and I'm sorry for that."

"Stop that! It is past!" Harry growled and rolled his eyes.

The following months the students showed mysteriously a vast improvement in DADA and some other fake-attacks proved to be more educating for the students as they tried to fight back. Harry and Bella attacked every time in unsuspected patterns. One time they attacked both, another time Harry attacked in a variance of an outfit as a dark menacing lord or one time Bella interrupted a lecture and attacked suddenly the stunned students, but still, they fought back. They even let some dark creatures loose on the students but under very tight controlled circumstances. They both had the control all the time, but the students didn't know it and fought for their live.

After the fake-attacks Harry and Bellatrix analysed their reactions and so the students learned much much more than they ever could have from the normal schedule provided from the ministry.

As the winter came nearer, everyone could see, that the now very prominent DADA-teacher was pregnant. Her belly was now round and large and showed it very clearly.

Towards the end of the term, she still taught the class but more and more she kept sitting at the teachers table while Harry did the practical part.

More and more Harry took the guidance of the classes and finally Bellatrix only listened to what Harry had to say and decided about points and homeworks. The pair proved to be quite an accomplished team now. They divided the tests between them and only needed half the time to mark them as did all the other teachers.

The love between Harry and Bellatrix only grew with every day they lived together.

After their work they would sit together and tried to imagine how their child would be.

They still didn't knew what sex it was. They knew that Poppy knew but they had decided to wait until the birth to find out.

Harry and Bellatrix had much fun looking for names for both sexes and teased each other very much.

And now after more than a year, Harry still combed her black shiny hair every morning and she still enjoyed it very much. After that he would hold her and feel her round belly for the small movements of their child.

Every time it moved, turned or kicked they would look at each other and smile full of love for each other and their unborn child.

They were happy, that the term was finally over and moved to the Gryffindor Manor to finally find some quiet time for each other and relax as much it was possible with the impeding birth.

They had finally given the floo address and access to their closest friends and Poppy of course.

And finally shortly before the beginning of the new term it happened.

Harry and Bella were enjoying a quiet lunch as Bella gasped in pain.

Harry looked concerned at her, "It is beginning?"

She nodded, "My water has just broken." she said.

"I get Poppy, Love." Harry said calmly.

She nodded. Both were still calm because they knew it would still take some time.

Harry led her up to their bedroom after he had called the nurse.

She arrived five minutes later. Bella was already in her nightgown and the nurse examined her.

"You were right. It is time, Mrs. Potter."

"Please, call me Bellatrix!" she sighed and winced during the next contraction.

They came in shorter and shorter intervals and Harry never left her side.

It was the early evening as Poppy said determined, "The birth will happen soon, Bellatrix. Now breathe!"

Bellatrix was already sweat covered and Harry held her hand firmly.

She breathed in short loud gasps and winced from time to time in the growing pain of the contractions.

"Now push!" the nurse ordered.

Bellatrix let out a short scream and cursed, "I will make you pay for that, Potter!"

Then she screamed again.

Harry only smiled and dried the sweat on her forehead.

"Come on, Talon! I thought you were strong!" he taunted her lovingly.

She grinned, "I'm strong you brat!"

Poppy smiled at their antics and asked her to push again.

Some painful minutes after that the nurse hold a screaming little bundle in her hands and put it in a warm blanket. Then she gave it to Harry who took it carefully with beaming and moist eyes.

"Congratulations. It is a son." Poppy said.

Bella smiled, "Can I have him?"

"No, let Harry hold him."

"Why?" Bella asked and pouted.

"Because, you are not finished yet." Poppy said smiling.

"What?" Bella and Harry asked together.

Bella turned to her husband, "I should put a Crucio on you for that!"

"Now. Now. No swearing in front of the children." Harry teased her and she smiled before he turned to Poppy and nodded.

She pressed some times more and mere minutes after that, a second even louder little bundle came to the daylight.

"There," Poppy said and handled it to it's mother, "that is your daughter."

"We have twins." Harry whispered deeply moved.

"I congratulate you." Poppy said with moist eyes.

"Thank you." Harry said and hugged his wife carefully.

She kissed him with beaming blue eyes and they shined from love and affection.

"May I ask what will you name them?" Poppy asked.

"Well, we thought about Darien Sirius Potter and..." Harry said,

"Michelle Lily Potter." Bellatrix continued smiling.

Poppy smiled as well and nodded. She took now the time and examined the newly mother as well as the two babies. After that she cleaned up the mess caused from the birth.

"Your babies as well as you Bellatrix are absolutely healthy. I would suggest a day rest for you. Harry can take care of the childs during that. After that, you can get up, Bellatrix. Do you come to Hogwarts with the start of the new term or will Harry come alone?"

Bella took only a short look at the green eyes filled with longing and hope and smiled, "I will come with him of course. I can still help him with the grading and the preparation of the classes and I don't want to separate him from the two angels here."

Harry kissed her gently, "Thank you."

"Harry, I know how much you care about me and the two little ones here of course. I would never do that to you. And I would also miss you too much."

"Well then. I will be on my way." Poppy said and got up.

Harry led her back to the fireplace, "Thank you, Poppy." Harry said honestly.

"Every time, Harry." Poppy said smiling before she disappeared.

Harry took Darien up to his mother and went back down to make some firecalls.

The next days were filled with visits of their friends and surprisingly the first one was Narcissa.

She came the very evening of the birth.

She stumbled out of the fireplace and Harry caught her securely.

She smiled sheepishly at Harry.

"Excuse me, Harry. I know, Bella and you need some rest, but I didn't want to come over when all the others are here."

Harry smiled, "No problem. Please, follow me!"

He led her up to the bedroom and opened the door, "Bella, you have a visitor." he said gently.

"What? Today? Who dares..." her words died on her lips as her sister stepped sheepishly in the room.

"CISSY!" she squealed and instantly both babies began to cry.

Harry chuckled and went over to his wife. He took one of his childs without looking and got Michelle in his arms. He hold her gently and cradled her gently.

She became quiet very quickly.

Bella calmed her son down as well in the meantime.

"You have twins?" Narcissa asked astounded.

"Yes, a boy and a girl." Harry said proudly.

"How did you call them?" Narcissa asked.

"Michelle Lily and Darien Sirius." Bellatrix answered.

Narcissa looked with a hint of longing at the babies.

Harry smiled and asked, "Do you want to take her?"

She looked surprised at the dark haired young man and nodded.

Harry gave her the small child gently and looked with beaming eyes over to his wife who looked thankfully at him.

"Thank you." Narcissa said deeply moved.

"No problem." Harry said and smiled, "I guess, as we have now two of them, we need another godmother. What do you think, darling?" he asked his wife. She was shocked and could only nod with a thankful look.

"Narcissa?" Harry asked with a smile.

"You... you want to make me her godmother?"

"Of course! Would you be alright with Remus as her Godfather?" Harry asked in a pleading voice. It showed the blond haired woman, that he would indeed discard this thought if she would decline and find another godfather. But she was also well aware now, that Remus Lupin was a fine man even if he was a werewolf.

She gulped and nodded, "I have no problems with that, Harry. I never thanked you for what you did to my sister. I have never seen her more happy than together with you and that with the first day I saw you two together. I had my concerns but that was all for nothing. You two are so different but still a perfect pair. You healed her wounds and I thank you for that. You make her happy and I thank you even more. But you also showed her true love, even if I didn't want to accept it in the first place but even if I would be blind I still would see it now. And I can't even begin to thank you for that. You two belong to each other, I can see that now and I wished, I had a husband like you."

Harry smiled, "You have still the chance, Narcissa. Don't sell yourself short!"

She nodded and smiled, "Whom do you want to have for Darien?"

"Hermione and Ron." Bellatrix answered, "But together with Ginny."

"I guessed as much."

Of course, the Weasley's, Remus, Tonks and all the other friends visited over the days and congratulated the pair. Hermione and Ginny shared the job of the godmother for Darien and together with Ron they were more then happy to be named godparents. Remus was surprised to be called as godfather for Michelle and even more so, as he learned, that the godmother was none other than Narcissa and that she knew, that he would be named as godfather. She visited again at the same time at him and was nothing but friendly towards him.

Together Harry and Bella moved shortly afterwards to Hogwarts right on time for the beginning of the second term.

Dumbledore had of course to make an announcement.

"Well, as all of you know, our esteemed DADA teacher was pregnant and gave birth to two wonderful children. But on the bad side I have to tell you, that she isn't able to teach you in this term."

Firstly the students had celebrated the news of the new born childs but now they were quiet.

"We knew that of course as we hired her and your new teacher will be her husband, Harry James Potter."

Harry smirked at them and his look promised a hard second term.

Most of the older years gulped but the little ones clapped and shouted loudly. They had got to known him as patient, funny and competent teacher and loved him as they did with his wife.

Finally the older ones began to clap as well and gave him a standing ovation. They all knew of course that he was a hero and were happy for his two new childs of course and that was more so for Ginny and Luna of course.

But they were grounded again, as they stepped into his first class in the new term and he regarded him with a wicked glint in his eyes.

"Now, that my wife isn't here to cuddle you nitwits... let the real fun begin." he said in a foreboding voice and let his dark powerful aura run over the gathered students.

Ginny and Luna looked at each other and groaned: "Oh Shit!"

The end.

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