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Ch. 1

Asura Seray was an honorable jedi. She had been leading an army successfuly during the
Mandalorian war. She was trained with fellow jedi Revan in millitary tactics, and had once served in the sub Jedi council located on Mon Calamari.

At 26 years of age, she had gone far. Even for a jedi.

But after awhile, things had gone too far. As she led her troops through the ravaged moon of Dxun, a blood thirsty battle took place. She lost many lives. Including that of her padawan, Beck Drahl.

After the maclicous killing of Beck and the others, Asura felt a turn for the worse. She wanted out. She could feel her leader, Revan, shifting towards the dark-side. Her comrades now fed on the blood of battle instead of shying from it. It was twisting them. Manipulating them.

And she would have no part of it.

When most of her Rebulic troops were killed or sent to Revan's aid, Asura left. She helped her fellow wounded Jedi, Chaakwara along the way. It was their means to escape, to be lead to safety.

Chaakwara was a Wookie and could recieve medical attention from those of his kind at Kashyyyk, his home planet. Since Kashyyyk was close enough, they traveled together. Which also ensured Asura's resignation from the blood bath taking place across the galaxy.

After securing Chaakwara, Asura ventured out from the Wookie establishment and was infact subdued by three Mandalorian warriors. Apparently they had followed the two Jedi to the Wookie home planet.

Regrettably, she was led on a chase to the lower levels of Kashyyyk, where not even the Wookie's dared venture. But Asura was at her wits end. She no longer cared where the tide of battle took her as long as it didn't manipulate her mind as it did before. If she was to die, she would die with honor. Like a Jedi should.


Asura swung her lightsaber around for a moment, letting the eerie green glow it gave off awash over her. She look down at the two fallen Mandalorians.

They were tough, like most Mandalorians should be, but she had the upper hand. She looked around for the third one, the leader of the group.

He wasn't close enough to be in sight. Not that you could see much with the dense foliage, without her lightsaber her surroundings would be pitch-black. Feeling through the force she found him. He was around, but elusive. She couldn't quite put a finger on him.

She switched off her blade and the dank darkness of the surroundings fell around her. The creepiness of Kashyyyk's forest floor was now apparent. A few creatures scuttled behind her. Small cries of an animal lower on the food chain being devoured from a far resonated in the air. The forest floor wasn't in the least bit comforting.

She felt safe with having her Force ability. She tried to imagine what it would be like with out it. She cringed, in this'd be too frightening.

More local wildlife scurried around her. She stiffened, down here you couldn't be certain whether it could be savage or not.

Quietly, she felt around with the force. Letting her mind's eye take in the scene of things.

There was a large entrenched ravine to her left. In the dark it would be hard to notice such a thing. The size was overwhelming to start with. One wrong move and you'd be part of the Kashyyyk underbelly for the rest of your existence.

Plus there was something about this area that seemed untouched, uncontrolled. As if sentient beings had never been here, other than the crazed bottom dwelling animals.

Still, there was something out there...she could feel it.

"Got you now!" A voice growled from behind. Asura turned fast and before she could make another move, she heard the whoosh of the Mandalorian's swift kick and felt the toe of his boot hit her squarely in the chest.

Damn, Mandalorians.

"Ah!" Asura felt her self go backwards, toward the ravine. She tried reaching out to grab something, but it was all too quick.

The drop wasn't too harsh as she'd thought, though.

Eventually the ground hit her back and broke her fall. She slid down the side through dirt and muck and who knows what till she finally subsided at the very bottom.

"Ugh." She got up quickly. Then her head hit something solid. Ok, tonight was not her night.

She felt for what is was and pulled herself up, and unknowingly pressed down on the device. The thing pushed in like it was a button of some sort. And not twelve feet infront of her, a very large, very round object powered up. A blue light turned on as if it was starting a sequence. Plus it was humming with life.

Asura turned to look at the first device quizzically. It was nothing like she'd seen before. She looked through the force, through a second sight.

The device was covered with these buttons. They all depicted different star constellations. Some she recongized, others not so much.

She was too intriuged now, she pushed others. Until finally the large silver circle was brimming with energy. She looked back on the button holder and touched the center one.

Suddenly, without noticed, this 'gate' erupted and turned into a shimmery, blue...thing. Water was the first thing that came to mind when she looked at it. Though, not quite water. It was almost unexplainable.

It was a sight to be seen for sure, especially through the force. It also illuminated her surroundings to a large extent. Kashyyyk's undergrowth wasn't supposed to be seen with this much light.

Creatures scampered in all directions. Low-flying animals panicked about. She watched, awe inspired, as one creature flew through the shimmer and didn't appear on the other side.

A branch snapped behind her.

Oh, that's right. While being awe-struck she momentarily forgotten about her enemy at hand.

"Step away, Jedi." The gruff voice announced. "Once you're dead, this weapon will be ours."

Asura rolled her eyes and turned around.

"It's not a weapon."

"Oh yeah? Do I care what you think?" He asked, pulling out a blaster.

Now she just had to make up her mind. Worry about this annoying Mandalorian or take an extra look at the shiney beauty before her?

She wanted to go through it. Something about it called to her. It

It took a split second decision, but when push came to shove, Asura is a get-up and go person.

The power from it was wanning, she wanted through before it switched off. She turned fast and saumersalted over the dial out device. Through the gate she went.

When it came down to it...Asura had no realistic idea what she was getting herself into. But if she could desribe it in her own words, it would be like hitting lightspeed. More like, extreme lightspeed. Plus without the entity of the ship.

Just you and the wormwhole.

It was a humbling expirience to say the least. And it was over in moments. Soon her feet were on solid ground and the familliar smell of fresh air hit her nose.

She took a deep breath and glanced about. Her surroundings were much different than that of the previous planet. So different, it wasn't even laughable.

The area exuded peace compared to the ravenous jungle of Kashyyyk. A wave of calm hit her.

Even during the nighttime, this place was quaint and charming. A small grassy clearing for the gate and the 'button thing' and a quaint woodland area for the surroundings. Crickets sang in the background. A large moon hung over head like a trusty nightlight.

For a small moment in time, Asura felt serenity. She hadn't been to any planet recently that wasn't in the slighest bit wounded in battle or about to be wounded in battle.

Though she could be very wrong, nothing about this place exuded danger.

She walked around the gate to see the other side. After a few extra seconds, the gate turned off, giving a soft swishing sound. She looked through the now empty circle.

To her amazment infront of her was none other than the Mandalorian.

"Sithspawn!" Asura cursed aloud. "Don't you ever let up?"

Her looked over at her. His Mandalore armor shined an eeriness in the moons light and projected a shadow making him appear taller than he was.

Still Asura wasn't effected, she was annoyed to no end now.

"Where are we?" He asked with a sincere tone.

She shrugged. This place was definately foreign.

The force was slightly weaker than before. The presence was there, but it was a little faded. Yep, they were far. Very far.

Asura walked closer to him.

"Aren't you going to try to kill me?"

He gave her a sidelong glance. He seemed casual about the whole expirience epsecially in his elusive body suit armor. But she could tell he was nervous. She could sense it.

Asura laughed. "We're far from home." She stepped closer. "Far from Mandalore..."

She made sure to put emphasis on her last words.


He looked over at the dial out device. "We can get back." He shot her a glance. "You can get us back."

"Uh-huh...What makes you so sure? Besides, what if I don't want to go back? You followed me, remember?"

He seemed more nervous than ever. An uncomfortable silence grew between them. They were now in this alone, together.

But before either could speak up, the gate started to power up.

The Mandalorian jumped. "Somethings coming!"

"Yeah, really?"

Asura glanced over at the heavy wooded area near the edge of the clearing.

"Come on! Let's hide over there. We shouldn't have to deal with angry locals too early into this."

After jogging over to the woods, they got themselves situated and crouched behing a large tree.

He groaned. "Look what I've come to...I'm hiding out with a Jedi."

"Oh come on. This is exciting...kind of adventurous."

She felt him glare at her. Or as much as he could with his eyes behind his visor.

Within seconds, the newest gate travellers started coming through.

They weren't any creatures Asura had seen before.

From the illumination of the gate, she could see they were humanoid like. Long, pale hair. Pasty green-ish skin. In dire need of some sun exposure, no doubt.

They resembled Twi'lekk gone wrong, without the lekku on the head.

Something about them, though, struck Asura's curiousity. They moved as if they were suave or haughty. As if they knew or prided themselves as being on the upper hand of the local population. Plus, something about them seemed wrong. An underlying feeling.

Definately more than meets the eye.

"I've never seen their kind before." The Mandalorian said after awhile.

"Yeah, same here. Though we have to remember, we're not in Kashyyyk anymore...or our galaxy for that matter."

The latter part of her words, Asura knew for sure. It just didn't feel like their galaxy. For the first time, they were the aliens.

"Hmmm. Either way, they can help us." He started to get up but she grabbed his arm.

"No, wait! They don't look exactly friendly."

"Since when do you care about my safety?" He retorted snidely. "In any light...don't you want to get out of here?"

"Look, we have to stick together-"

Without noticed a large voice interupted:


Jakel seemed confused. "Did you understand that language?"

"No. But I can understand 'angry' when I hear it."

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