Chapter 1

"I'd like to recommend you to the Interstellar Academy, they could use a man like you."

No sooner had Captain Amelia said these words that Jim Hawkins was one of the choice candidates for the coming year of enrollment at the Academy. The Academy was for the galaxy's elite, accepting only 60 students galaxy-wide each year, every one of them graduating with the highest honors to become fine captains in the Royal Intergalactic Navy.

Jim's eyes swept over his letter of acceptance one more time, while sitting in Doctor Doppler's observatory, bathed in the glow of the etherium. Although he knew that after the Treasure Planet experience, he had more than proven himself, he could still hardly believe that he was going to a school for the elite, when just a year ago, he was failing all his classes and on the brink of being sent to juvenile hall. He was mulling over this, imagining what school life would be like there when his mother's call jolted him from his thoughts.

"Jim! The Dopplers are home!"

In one fluid move, Jim slid down the banister and landed just in time to come face to face with the bumbling doctor and his elegant wife.

"Jim, how wonderful to see you again! I was just thanking Sarah for the two of you taking care of our home while we were away on our honeymoon."

"Yes Mr. Hawkins, and congratulations on your acceptance to the Interstellar Academy, I foresee you'll make a fine cadet."

Muttering a bashful "thanks" to the couple, Jim raced to the kitchen where he helped his mother to bring out the sumptuous dinner she had prepared as a welcome home feast for the Doc and the Captain. The four of them settled around the table, exchanging the recent happenings on Montressor, how the rebuilding of the Benbow was going, and of fun-filled adventures in the Coral Galaxy, where Amelia recounted Delbert's multitudes of missteps and fumbles which led to some of the galaxy's most awkward situations.

Almost three hours later, Jim, sides aching from laughing at the animated recounts, peppered with morph's delightful imitations, had retired to his temporary room next to the observatory. He glanced at the calendar hanging on the opposite wall and realized with a start that the start of the school term was less than two weeks away.

"Well Morph, guess I better get packing." He addressed the hyperactive blob as it zoomed into his room, full up after eating all the leftovers from dinner.

"Better get packing!" It hiccupped, flying in circles round Jim's head before settling down on a shelf, watching Jim grab his limited wardrobe off their hangers and laying them out on his bed. Not being one for fashion, Jim surveyed his collection of green, brown and black shirts as well as his oversized jacket, nodded in satisfaction and proceeded to stuff them into an old suitcase.

He finally collapsed in bed after an hour, deciding that he still had a lot of time to pack over the next two weeks, and stared intently at the sloped ceiling, trying to devise a way of packing solar surfer parts as inconspicuously as possible.