Yuki, I have decided, must be enlightened.

Yes, enlightened is the word. He must open his eyes to the wonders of brotherly love! And romantic love! And platonic love! And romantic love! He must embrace his feelings for young Honda-san, and I will supply all the lovely outfits necessary for them both to live happily ever after!

And he come pounding on the door of my shop with tears in his eyes, telling me how he has treasured his embroidered shirt, the one whose exquisite embellishment expresses my deep and lasting commitment to him as my hurting once-forgotten brother. And we will break the curse and the circle of hate and misunderstanding and pain and guilt and loss, and distance, and all will be simply delightful.

Whose leg, pray, am I to be pulling now? I adore deluding myself, I really do. I've been doing it all my life.

I've been told to be optimistic about him. And he is growing up. He doesn't believe I'm a fool – but he still sees the idiot. And I admit, the idiot is there for all to see.

And it seems things are moving.

But we're standing hardly any nearer than we were.