Takes place during and after Power Outage

Losing Your Mind by Ouvalyrin

The day Richie learned he was losing his mind was the day he might have gone crazy.

He thought he could feel it all leaving him, trickling out of his brain and into the air as invisible data streams he could no longer interpret, and he was scared. No more physics and rocket science and quantum mechanics and things he barely knew the name to anymore, back to the plain old way of doing things, of staying up late and studying for that B- he could barely hold onto, and he was forgetting the name and author of that book he was reading last night, speaking of which, what was it about?

He was terrified, he realized it, and he was panicking. Backpack barely responded to him, dumping him out of the air, V's powers flickered erratically before surrounding his hands with a barely there glow, and sweat was trickling down his forehead as he fought to keep even that much.

Oh God, he was scared. It was different for everyone else, he realized that, because their powers effected them physically. His were mental, and more than that, they came from him. He had figured it out, though now it took effort to understand it: the Bang had opened up parts of his brain, allowed him greater access to it. Einstein had only used about 5 of his brain, and look, everyone knew who he was. The cure shut off parts of his brain, and he was losing himself, and Richie understood that if he didn't do something he would drown in this panic.

He couldn't even think up a cure for the cure, and he had to do something so he got up and started kicking things, yelling and terrified and god, what was happening to him? He didn't want to go back to Richard Foley, who was goofy and okay, he wanted to stay Gear, who was goofy and okay and a super genius.

Virgil was beside him, talking about maybe this was all for the better, Daisy and Frieda wouldn't hate them, and with no more bang babies they wouldn't have to keep doing this. Richie didn't have to be a super genius to know Virgil was lying again, trying hard to look on the bright side, and well, he just couldn't appreciate it.

He was losing his mind.


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